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Wind tunnel hardware-in-the-loop experiments about the global response of a 15 MW floating wind turbine 1-gen-2023 Fontanella, A.Facchinetti, A.Belloli, M.
Condition monitoring of vertical track alignment by bogie acceleration measurements on commercial high-speed vehicles 1-gen-2023 La Paglia, ICarnevale, MCorradi, RDi Gialleonardo, EFacchinetti, A +
Control of an integrated lateral and roll suspension for a high-speed railway vehicle 1-gen-2023 Egidio Di GialleonardoAlan FacchinettiStefano Bruni
Modeling the coupled aero-hydro-servo-dynamic response of 15 MW floating wind turbines with wind tunnel hardware in the loop 1-gen-2023 Fontanella, AlessandroFacchinetti, AlanDaka, ElioBelloli, Marco
Acceleration-based condition monitoring of track longitudinal level using multiple regression models 1-gen-2023 La Paglia I.Di Gialleonardo E.Facchinetti A.Corradi R. +
Analysis and modelling of the dynamic stiffness up to 400 Hz of an air spring with a pipeline connected to a reservoir 1-gen-2023 Facchinetti, A.Bruni, S. +
Leveraging machine learning to predict rail corrugation level from axle-box acceleration measurements on commercial vehicles 1-gen-2023 Hassanieh, WFacchinetti, ACarman, MBocciolone, MSomaschini, C +
A Methodology to Estimate Railway Track Conditions from Vehicle Accelerations Based on Multiple Regression 1-gen-2023 La Paglia I.Di Gialleonardo E.Facchinetti A.Corradi R. +
Track continuous monitoring using vehicle dynamic measurements from the commercial fleet 1-gen-2022 Ivano La PagliaEgidio Di GialleonardoAlan Facchinetti
Influence of train roof boundary layer on the pantograph aerodynamic uplift: A proposal for a simplified evaluation method 1-gen-2022 Brambilla E.Facchinetti A.Rocchi D. +
Wind tunnel investigation of the aerodynamic response of two 15 MW floating wind turbines 1-gen-2022 Fontanella, AlessandroFacchinetti, AlanDi Carlo, SimoneBelloli, Marco
Fiber optic system to extend the measuring frequency range of pantograph contact force 1-gen-2022 Calvanese L.Facchinetti A. +
Monitoring of Alignment Level (AL)and Cross Level (CL) Track Geometry Irregularities from Onboard Vehicle Dynamics Measurements Using Probabilistic Fault Classifier 1-gen-2022 De Rosa A.Di Gialleonardo E.Facchinetti A.Bruni S. +
Analysis of the axial and transversal stiffness of an air spring suspension of a railway vehicle: mathematical modelling and experiments 1-gen-2022 Facchinetti, ABruni, S +
Design of an aeroelastic physical model of the DTU 10MW wind turbine for a floating offshore multipurpose platform prototype 1-gen-2021 Muggiasca S.Taruffi F.Fontanella A.Di Carlo S.Facchinetti A.Belloli M. +
Monitoring of lateral and cross level track geometry irregularities through onboard vehicle dynamics measurements using machine learning classification algorithms 1-gen-2021 De Rosa A.Berg M.Di Gialleonardo E.Facchinetti A.Bruni S. +
Experimental validation of a wave elevation observer on a floating wind turbine model 1-gen-2021 Di Carlo S.Fontanella A.Facchinetti A.Muggiasca S.Taruffi F.Belloli M.
A new methodology to study the pantograph–catenary dynamics in curved railway tracks 1-gen-2020 Facchinetti A. +
A hybrid methodology for wind tunnel testing of floating offshore wind turbines 1-gen-2020 Belloli M.Facchinetti A.Fontanella A.Taruffi F.Zasso A. +
Methodological and Technical Aspects of a Two-Degrees-of-Freedom Hardware-In-the-Loop Setup for Wind Tunnel Tests of Floating Systems 1-gen-2020 Belloli, MarcoFacchinetti, Alan +
Semi-active Dampers for Multiple Pantograph Operation 1-gen-2020 Bruni, StefanoCarnevale, MarcoFacchinetti, Alan
Analysis of FOWT dynamics in 2-DOF hybrid HIL wind tunnel experiments 1-gen-2020 Facchinetti A.Fontanella A.Taruffi F.Belloli M. +
SISTEMA DI SMORZATORE SEMI-ATTIVO PER PANTOGRAFI FERROVIARI 1-gen-2019 F. RipamontiA. CollinaS. BruniM. CarnevaleA. Facchinetti
Dynamics of the Pantograph-Catenary System 1-gen-2019 Stefano BruniGiuseppe BuccaAndrea CollinaAlan Facchinetti
Numerical and experimental wind tunnel analysis of aerodynamic effects on a semi-submersible floating wind turbine response 1-gen-2019 Fontanella A.Taruffi F.Facchinetti A.Belloli M. +
Large Aeroelastic Model of a Floating Offshore Wind Turbine: Mechanical and Mechatronics Design 1-gen-2019 Muggiasca, SaraFontanella, AlessandroTARUFFI, FEDERICOFacchinetti, AlanBelloli, Marco +
Hybrid HIL Testing of Floating Wind Turbines Within LIFES50+ Project 1-gen-2019 Bernini, L.Facchinetti, A.Fontanella, A.Giberti, H.Zasso, A.Belloli, M. +
A 6-dofs hardware-in-the-loop system for wind tunnel tests of floating offshore wind turbines 1-gen-2019 Fontanella A.Taruffi F.Facchinetti A.Belloli M. +
Pantograph-catenary interaction in curved railway tracks 1-gen-2019 A. Facchinetti +
Numeric analysis of pantograph-catenary interaction in curved railway tracks 1-gen-2018 A. Facchinetti +
The effect of train roof boundary layer on pantograph uplift force 1-gen-2018 Giuseppe BuccaMarco CarnevaleAlan FacchinettiDaniele Rocchi
6-DOF hydrodynamic modelling for wind tunnel hybrid/hil tests of FOWT: The real-time challenge 1-gen-2018 Bayati, IlmasFacchinetti, AlanFontanella, AlessandroBelloli, Marco
A wind tunnel/HIL setup for integrated tests of Floating Offshore Wind Turbines 1-gen-2018 Bayati, I.Facchinetti, A.FONTANELLA, ALESSANDROBelloli, M. +
Pantograph-catenary interaction: recent achievements and future research challenges 1-gen-2018 Bruni, StefanoBucca, GiuseppeCarnevale, MarcoCollina, AndreaFacchinetti, Alan
Unsteady aerodynamic forces on a railway pantograph and their influence on pantograph-catenary dynamic interaction 1-gen-2018 M. CarnevaleA. FacchinettiF. RobustelliD. Rocchi
Procedure to assess the role of railway pantograph components in generating the aerodynamic uplift 1-gen-2017 CARNEVALE, MARCOFACCHINETTI, ALANROCCHI, DANIELE
A 6DOF/Hil setup for wind tunnel hybrid tests on a 1/75 scale model of a 10 MW floating wind turbine 1-gen-2017 Bayati, IlmasBelloli, MarcoFacchinetti, Alan +
Wind tunnel 2-DOF hybrid/HIL tests on the OC5 floating offshore wind turbine 1-gen-2017 Bayati, IlmasBelloli, MarcoFacchinetti, Alan
Assessment of current collection quality of ETR1000-V300 Zefiro pantograph: an innovative measurement set-up and test results 1-gen-2016 BUCCA, GIUSEPPECARNEVALE, MARCOCOMOLLI, LORENZOFACCHINETTI, ALAN +
Evaluation of aerodynamic effects on pantograph contact force by means of Computational Fluid Dynamics 1-gen-2016 CARNEVALE, MARCOFACCHINETTI, ALANROCCHI, DANIELE
Hardware in the Loop Testing as a Tool for Pantograph Virtual Homologation 1-gen-2016 FACCHINETTI, ALANBRUNI, STEFANO
A study of the factors affecting flange-climb derailment in railway vehicles 1-gen-2016 DIANA, GIORGIOBRUNI, STEFANODI GIALLEONARDO, EGIDIOCORRADI, ROBERTOFACCHINETTI, ALAN
Computational fluid dynamics as a means of assessing the influence of aerodynamic forces on the mean contact force acting on a pantograph 1-gen-2016 CARNEVALE, MARCOFACCHINETTI, ALANROCCHI, DANIELE +
Assessing Aerodynamic Effects on a Railway Pantograph by means of Computational Fluid Dynamics 1-gen-2016 CARNEVALE, MARCOFACCHINETTI, ALANROCCHI, DANIELE
Special issue on the pantograph–catenary interaction benchmark 1-gen-2015 FACCHINETTI, ALANBRUNI, STEFANO
Overhead Line Diagnostic System for High Speed PantographsProceedings of the Second International Conference on Railway Technology: Research, Development and Maintenance 1-gen-2014 CARNEVALE, MARCOCOLLINA, ANDREAFACCHINETTI, ALANGASPARETTO, LIVIO
Electronic differential for tramcar bogies: system development and performance evaluation by means of numerical simulation 1-gen-2014 BARBERA, ANDREA NATALEBUCCA, GIUSEPPECORRADI, ROBERTOFACCHINETTI, ALANMAPELLI, FERDINANDO LUIGI
Active carbody roll control in railway vehicles using hydraulic actuation 1-gen-2014 COLOMBO, EDOARDO FILIPPODI GIALLEONARDO, EGIDIOFACCHINETTI, ALANBRUNI, STEFANO
Study of an active hydraulic anti-roll device for high-speed railway vehicles 1-gen-2013 COLOMBO, EDOARDO FILIPPODI GIALLEONARDO, EGIDIOFACCHINETTI, ALANBRUNI, STEFANO
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