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Variable Kinematics Models for Advanced Composite Plates 1-gen-2022 Vescovini, R.Dozio, L. +
A framework based on physics-informed neural networks and extreme learning for the analysis of composite structures 1-gen-2022 Yan, C. A.Vescovini, R.Dozio, L.
Sublaminate variable kinematics shell models for functionally graded sandwich panels: Bending and free vibration response 1-gen-2022 Gorgeri, A.Vescovini, R.Dozio, L.
Analysis of Lightweight Structures Using Physics Informed Neural Networks 1-gen-2021 Yan, C. A.Vescovini, R.Dozio, L.
Analysis of Thin-Walled Composite Structures Using Physics-Informed Neural Networks and Extreme Learning 1-gen-2021 Vescovini, R.Yan, C. A.Dozio, L.
Analysis of Variable Stiffness Structures Using Physics Informed Neural Networks 1-gen-2021 Yan, C. A.Vescovini, R.Dozio, L.
Dynamic response of viscoelastic multiple-core sandwich structures 1-gen-2021 Vescovini, R.Dozio, L. +
Pre-buckling and Buckling Analysis of Variable-Stiffness, Curvilinearly Stiffened Panels 1-gen-2020 Vescovini, R.Dozio, L. +
Physics-Informed Neural Networks for the Analysis of Composite Structures 1-gen-2020 Yan, C. A.Vescovini, R.Dozio, L.
A Semi-Analytical Approach for the Analysis of Variable-Stiffness Panels with Curvilinear Stiffeners 1-gen-2020 Vescovini, RiccardoDozio, Lorenzo +
Analyse numérique des structures sandwiches viscoélastiques à dérivées fractionnaires / Numerical analysis of viscoelastic sandwich structures by a fractional derivative model 1-gen-2019 Dozio, L. +
Fast analysis of panels with curvilinear stringers 1-gen-2019 Vescovini, RiccardoDozio, Lorenzo +
Free-vibration analysis of sandwich panels with viscoelastic cores using a Ritz based variable kinematics approach and a fractional derivatives model 1-gen-2019 Dozio, Lorenzo +
Analysis of Functionally Graded Carbon Nanotubes Reinforced Composite Panels Using Sublaminate Variable-Kinematics Models 1-gen-2019 Gorgeri, A.Dozio, L.Vescovini, R.
Pre-Buckling and Buckling Response of Composite Curvilinearly Stiffened Panels 1-gen-2019 Vescovini, R.Dozio, L. +
Structural and acoustic response of finite sandwich plates by using sublaminate models with variable kinematics 1-gen-2019 Dozio, L.Vescovini, R. +
Efficient post-buckling analysis of variable-stiffness plates using a perturbation approach 1-gen-2019 Vescovini, R.Dozio, L. +
Analysis of multiple-core sandwich cylindrical shells using a sublaminate formulation 1-gen-2019 Gorgeri A.Vescovini R.Dozio L.
Analysis of post-buckled variable stiness panels using Ritz and Koiter's method 1-gen-2018 R. VescoviniL. Dozio +
Bending and free vibration of FG-CNTRC panels using a variable-kinematic approach 1-gen-2018 Gorgeri, A.Vescovini, R.Dozio, L.
Sublaminate Variable-Kinematic Models for Vibroacoustic Analysis of Composite Trim Panels 1-gen-2018 Dozio, L.Vescovini, R. +
On the application of the Ritz method to free vibration and buckling analysis of highly anisotropic plates 1-gen-2018 Vescovini, R.Dozio, L. +
Thermal Buckling Behaviour of Thin and Thick Variable-Stiffness Panels 1-gen-2018 Vescovini, R.Dozio, L.
Analysis of Monolithic and Sandwich Panels Subjected To Non-Uniform Thickness-Wise Boundary Conditions 1-gen-2018 Vescovini, RiccardoDozio, Lorenzo
The Ritz – Sublaminate Generalized Unified Formulation approach for piezoelectric composite plates 1-gen-2018 Dozio, LorenzoVescovini, Riccardo +
Buckling and wrinkling of anisotropic sandwich plates 1-gen-2018 Vescovini, RiccardoDozio, Lorenzo +
An investigation over the effects of anisotropy on the convergence of the Ritz method for thin and thick composite plates 1-gen-2017 VESCOVINI, RICCARDODOZIO, LORENZO +
Analysis of Plates and Sandwich Structures Subjected to Non-Classical Boundary Conditions 1-gen-2017 VESCOVINI, RICCARDODOZIO, LORENZO +
Transferring an Earth-based adaptive optics technology to space telescopes 1-gen-2017 Dozio, L.Mantegazza, P. +
Thermal Buckling Response of Laminated and Sandwich Plates using Refined 2-D Models 1-gen-2017 VESCOVINI, RICCARDODOZIO, LORENZO +
Extension to Piezoelectric Plates of the Ritz Sublaminate Generalized Unified Formulation Approach 1-gen-2017 DOZIO, LORENZOVESCOVINI, RICCARDO +
A Sublaminate Generalized Unified Formulation for buckling and wrinkling of sandwich plates 1-gen-2016 DOZIO, LORENZOVESCOVINI, RICCARDO +
Mechanical Response of Composite Plates by Means of a Sublaminate Generalized Unied Formulation and Ritz Solution 1-gen-2016 DOZIO, LORENZOVESCOVINI, RICCARDO +
An Analysis Tool for Composite Plates Based on the Ritz Method and a Sublaminate Generalized Unified Formulation 1-gen-2016 DOZIO, LORENZOVESCOVINI, RICCARDO +
Dynamic Analysis of Multilayered Plates with Viscoelastic Layers Using a Sublaminate Generalized Unified Formulation 1-gen-2016 DOZIO, LORENZOVESCOVINI, RICCARDO +
Variable kinematic finite element models of multilayered composite plates coupled with acoustic fluid 1-gen-2016 DOZIO, LORENZO +
Bending analysis of composite laminated and sandwich structures using sublaminate variable-kinematic Ritz models 1-gen-2016 DOZIO, LORENZOVESCOVINI, RICCARDO +
A hierarchical formulation of the state-space Levy's method for vibration analysis of thin and thick multilayered shells 1-gen-2016 DOZIO, LORENZO
A fully consistent linearized model for vibration analysis of rotating beams in the framework of geometrically exact theory 1-gen-2016 INVERNIZZI, DAVIDEDOZIO, LORENZO
A Variable-Kinematic Model for Variable Stiffness Plates: Vibration and Buckling Analysis 1-gen-2016 VESCOVINI, RICCARDODOZIO, LORENZO
Higher-Order Solutions for Buckling and Vibration Analysis of Variable Stiffness Plates 1-gen-2015 VESCOVINI, RICCARDODOZIO, LORENZO
Refined Buckling Analysis of Composite Plates Under Various Boundary Conditions 1-gen-2015 DOZIO, LORENZOVESCOVINI, RICCARDO
Exact Vibration Solutions of Refined Theories of Variable Order for Laminated and FGM Plates and Shells 1-gen-2015 DOZIO, LORENZO
Damped Vibrations of Plates with Viscoelastic Treatments: Analytical and Ritz Solutions Based on Hierarchical Layerwise Models 1-gen-2015 DOZIO, LORENZOSPALLUTO, ALBERTOMANTEGAZZA, PAOLOGHIRINGHELLI, GIANLUCA
Transferring an Earth-Based Adaptive Optics Technology to Space Telescopes 1-gen-2015 DOZIO, LORENZOMANTEGAZZA, PAOLO +
The vk-Ritz Method for Bending, Vibration and Buckling Analysis of Heterogeneous Multilayered Plates 1-gen-2015 DOZIO, LORENZOVESCOVINI, RICCARDOSPALLUTO, ALBERTO +
Modal characteristics of rotating composite plates 1-gen-2015 INVERNIZZI, DAVIDEDOZIO, LORENZO
Prediction of Natural Frequencies of Laminated Curved Panels Using Refined 2-D Theories in the Spectral Collocation Method 1-gen-2015 MOHAZZAB, AMIR HOSSEINDOZIO, LORENZO
A Spectral Collocation Solution for In-Plane Eigenvalue Analysis of Skew Plates 1-gen-2015 MOHAZZAB, AMIR HOSSEINDOZIO, LORENZO
Exact Refined Buckling Solutions for Laminated Plates Under Uniaxial and Biaxial Loads 1-gen-2015 VESCOVINI, RICCARDODOZIO, LORENZO
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