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Analysis of ball milling time to produce self-lubricating copper-tungsten disulfide composite: best trade-off between tribological performance and electrical properties 1-gen-2024 M. FreschiM. Di VirgilioL. AndenaM. MarianiN. LecisG. Dotelli +
Variability of the declared recycled content by changing allocation methods: A case study on plastic waste recycling 1-gen-2024 Dotelli, Giovanni +
Effect of mechanical recycling on short glass fibre reinforced polyamide 6,6 from post-industrial waste 1-gen-2024 Salvi, A.Marano, C.Briatico Vangosa, F.Dotelli, G. +
A Study on the Cradle-to-Gate Environmental Impacts of Automotive Lithium-ion Batteries 1-gen-2024 Dotelli, Giovanni +
Life cycle assessment of biostimulant production from algal biomass grown on piggery wastewater 1-gen-2024 Rossi, SimoneStampino, Paola GalloFicara, ElenaDotelli, Giovanni +
Prospective LCA of Next-Generation Cells for Electric Vehicle Applications 1-gen-2024 Dotelli, Giovanni +
Innovative composite membranes based on PBI and GO/SGO as possible electrolytes for electrochemical devices 1-gen-2023 M. Di VirgilioA. Basso PeressutS. LatorrataG. Dotelli
Novel PBI/GO Composites for Potential Use in Proton Exchange Membrane Electrochemical Devices 1-gen-2023 M. Di VirgilioA. Basso PeressutS. LatorrataG. Dotelli
Non-Conventional Hybrid Microporous Layers for Enhanced Performance and Durability of PEM Fuel Cells 1-gen-2023 Latorrata, SaverioMariani, MarcoBasso Peressut, AndreaDotelli, Giovanni +
The Green Value Engineering Methodology: A Sustainability-Driven Project Management Tool for Capital Projects in Process Industry 1-gen-2023 Rosengart, AlessandroSalvi, AlessandroDotelli, Giovanni +
Cognitive Digital Twin Framework for Life Cycle Assessment Supporting Building Sustainability 1-gen-2023 Dotelli, Giovanni +
The potential environmental benefit of the ecodesign approach: a case study in the footwear industry 1-gen-2023 Nicolas BertoldoGiovanni Dotelli +
Reduced Graphene Oxide/Waste-Derived TiO2 Composite Membranes: Preliminary Study of a New Material for Hybrid Wastewater Treatment 1-gen-2023 Basso Peressut, AndreaCristiani, CinziaDotelli, GiovanniDotti, AnnaLatorrata, Saverio +
Reduced graphene oxide/waste-derived TiO2 composite membranes: a new material for hybrid wastewater treatment 1-gen-2023 Anna DottiAndrea Basso PeressutSaverio LatorrataCinzia CristianiGiovanni DotelliAna Bahamonde
Study of Innovative GO/PBI Composites as Possible Proton Conducting Membranes for Electrochemical Devices 1-gen-2023 Di Virgilio, MatteoBasso Peressut, AndreaLatorrata, SaverioDotelli, Giovanni +
Can TEMPO-Oxidized Cellulose Nanofibers Be Used as Additives in Bio-Based Building Materials? A Preliminary Study on Earth Plasters 1-gen-2023 Gallo Stampino, PaolaRiva, LauraCaruso, MarcoRahman, Imran AbdulMarti-Rujas, JavierDotelli, GiovanniPunta, Carlo +
Impact of Different LCI Modelling Scenarios on the LCA Results, A Case Study for the Automotive Sector 1-gen-2023 Dotelli G. +
End-of-Life Impact on the Cradle-to-Grave LCA of Light-Duty Commercial Vehicles in Europe 1-gen-2023 Dotelli G. +
Hemplime Blocks: Innovative Solution for Green Buildings in Italy 1-gen-2023 Moletti, CDaniotti, BDotelli, G +
Biopolymers impact on hygrothermal properties of rammed earth: from material to building scale 1-gen-2023 Dotelli G. +
Hygrothermal behaviour of hemp-lime walls: the effect of binder carbonation over time 1-gen-2023 Moletti C.Dotelli G. +
Environmental and health-related external costs of meat consumption in Italy: estimations and recommendations through life cycle assessment 1-gen-2023 Dotelli G. +
Development and characterization of crosslinked PPO-based anion exchange membranes for AEM fuel cells 1-gen-2023 Basso Peressut, AndreaMontagna, JoeleMoretti, PaolaArrigoni, AlessiaLatorrata, SaverioBertarelli, ChiaraDotelli, Giovanni
ORGANO-CLAYS MODIFIED WITH WASTE-DERIVED COLLAGENHYDROLYSATE FOR HEAVY METALS CAPTURE 1-gen-2023 Guagliano MariannaBellotto MaurizioCristiani CinziaDotelli GiovanniMesto Ernesto +
Holistic Approach for Assessing Buildings’ Environmental Impact and User Comfort from Early Design: A Method Combining Life Cycle Assessment, BIM, and Active House Protocol 1-gen-2023 Nicole Di SantoLeidy Guante HenriquezGiovanni DotelliMarco Imperadori
Functional and Environmental Performances of Novel Electrolytic Membranes for PEM Fuel Cells: A Lab-Scale Case Study 1-gen-2023 M. Di VirgilioA. Basso PeressutS. LatorrataG. Dotelli +
Considering the environmental impact of circular strategies: A dynamic combination of material efficiency and LCA 1-gen-2023 Salvi A.Arosio V.Dotelli G. +
LCA of a Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle Considering Different Power System Architectures 1-gen-2023 Gottardo, GianmarcoBasso Peressut, AndreaColnago, SilviaLatorrata, SaverioPiegari, LuigiDotelli, Giovanni
Comparative Life Cycle Assessment of Rammed Earth Stabilized with Different Biopolymers 1-gen-2023 Gallo Stampino P.Caruso M.Dotelli G. +
Lysozyme–Mineral Clay Systems: Comparison of Interaction for Controlled Release in Feed Application 1-gen-2023 Marianna GuaglianoGiovanni DotelliErnesto MestoElena StaltariCinzia Cristiani +
A Commercial Clay-Based Material as a Carrier for Targeted Lysozyme Delivery in Animal Feed 1-gen-2023 Marianna GuaglianoCinzia CristianiGiovanni DotelliErnesto Mesto +
Concrete with Organic Waste Materials as Aggregate Replacement 1-gen-2023 Bertoldo, NicolasDotelli, Giovanni +
Tuning the Parameters of Cu−WS2 Composite Production via Powder Metallurgy: Evaluation of the Effects on Tribological Properties 1-gen-2023 Freschi, MarcoMariani, MarcoLecis, NoraDotelli, Giovanni +
Development and characterization of crosslinked PPO-based anion exchange membranes for AEM fuel cells 1-gen-2022 A. Basso PeressutJ. MontagnaP. MorettiA. ArrigoniS. LatorrataC. BertarelliG. Dotelli
Life Cycle Assessment of Composite Materials: a literature review 1-gen-2022 Ballarin P.Dotelli G.
Environmental Impact Evaluations of automotive Lithium-ion Batteries’ first and second life 1-gen-2022 S. ColnagoG. Dotelli
Life Cycle Assessment Overview on Polyhydroxyalkanoates 1-gen-2022 L. RoninG. Dotelli
EV LIBs towards circular economy: literature review of electric vehicle lithium-ion batteries LCA for a circular economy implementation 1-gen-2022 M. FervorariM. ColledaniG. Dotelli
Graphene oxide-naphthalene sulfonate blends as possible proton exchange membranes 1-gen-2022 M. Di VirgilioA. Basso PeressutS. LatorrataM. MarianiG. Dotelli
Mechanical and Microstructural Characterization of Rammed Earth Stabilized with Five Biopolymers 1-gen-2022 Moletti C.Dotelli G.Caruso M. +
Investigation of Sulfonated Graphene Oxide as the Base Material for Novel Proton Exchange Membranes 1-gen-2022 A. Basso PeressutM. Di VirgilioA. BombinoS. LatorrataG. Dotelli +
Capture and Release Mechanism of Ni and La Ions via Solid/Liquid Process: Use of Polymer-Modified Clay and Activated Carbons 1-gen-2022 Cinzia CristianiGiovanni DotelliPaola Gallo StampinoSaverio Latorrata +
Investigation of second phase concentration effects on tribological and electrical properties of Cu–WS2 composites 1-gen-2022 Freschi M.Di Virgilio M.Mariani M.Andena L.Lecis N.Dotelli G. +
Aging effect on the variation of Li-ion battery resistance as function of temperature and state of charge 1-gen-2022 Barcellona S.Colnago S.Dotelli G.Latorrata S.Piegari L.
The Twelve Principles of Green Tribology: Studies, Research, and Case Studies—A Brief Anthology 1-gen-2022 Freschi M.Dotelli G. +
Analysis of the Adsorption-Release Isotherms of Pentaethylenehexamine-Modified Sorbents for Rare Earth Elements (Y, Nd, La) 1-gen-2022 M. Di VirgilioS. LatorrataC. CristianiG. Dotelli
Physico-Mechanical Properties of Metal Matrix Self-Lubricating Composites Reinforced with Traditional and Nanometric Particles 1-gen-2022 Marco FreschiAlessia ArrigoniLuca AndenaChiara CastiglioniGiovanni Dotelli +
Greenhouse gas implications of extending the service life of PEM fuel fells for automotive applications: a life cycle assessment 1-gen-2022 Valeria ArosioAndrea Basso PeressutSaverio LatorrataGiovanni Dotelli +
Data on roof renovation and photovoltaic energy production including energy storage in existing residential buildings 1-gen-2022 Melià, PacoDotelli, Giovanni +
Lanthanum captured in montmorillonite: Evidence of inner-sphere complexes from X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy investigations 1-gen-2022 Cristiani C.Dotelli G. +
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 50 di 455
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