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Association Between Variations in Kinematic Indexes of Manual Dexterity and Mu Rhythm Desynchronization Changes After Action Observation and Motor Imagery 1-gen-2024 Temporiti F.Calcagno A.Coelli S.Bianchi A. M.Galli M. +
Handedness-Dependent Brain Networks Re-organization During Visuo-Motor Task Execution 1-gen-2024 Calcagno A.Coelli S.Temporiti F.Galli M.Bianchi A. M. +
EEG connectivity in functional brain networks supporting visuomotor integration processes in dominant and non-dominant hand movements 1-gen-2024 Coelli, StefaniaCorda, MartinaGalli, ManuelaBianchi, Anna Maria +
Cyclogram-based evaluation of inter-limb gait symmetry in Prader-Willi Syndrome 1-gen-2024 Cerfoglio, SerenaMarrone, FlaviaGalli, ManuelaCimolin, Veronica +
Motor and Respiratory Tele‐Rehabilitation in Patients with Long COVID‐19 after Hospital Discharge: An Interventional Study 1-gen-2024 Serena CerfoglioManuela GalliVeronica Cimolin +
Brain wave behavior in children with down syndrome following cortical neuromodulation combined with sensorimotor stimulation: observational study 1-gen-2024 Cimolin, VeronicaGalli, Manuela +
Bioimpedance Vector Analysis-Derived Body Composition Influences Strength and Power in Alpine Skiers 1-gen-2024 Bertozzi, FilippoCamuncoli, FedericaSimoni, GretaGalli, ManuelaTarabini, Marco +
Early sleep after action observation plus motor imagery improves gait and balance abilities in older adults 1-gen-2024 Temporiti, FedericoBianchi, Anna MariaGalli, Manuela +
Selecting methods for a modular EEG pre-processing pipeline: An objective comparison 1-gen-2024 Coelli S.Calcagno A.Temporiti F.Reali P.Galli M.Bianchi A. M. +
The relationship between jump and sprint performance in preschool children 1-gen-2024 BERTOZZI, FilippoCAMUNCOLI, FedericaGALLI, ManuelaTARABINI, Marco
Event-Related Desynchronization Analysis During Action Observation and Motor Imagery of Transitive Movements 1-gen-2023 Coelli S.Calcagno A.Temporiti F.Galli M.Bianchi A. M. +
Motor performances evaluation of female soccer players from AC Trento Women 1-gen-2023 Villa GiacomoGalli ManuelaCimolin Veronica +
Design, realization, control, and validation of a smart tether system for a robotic guide for blind and visually impaired users 1-gen-2023 Marcello FarinaPanita RattamasanaprapaiPaolo MarsonFederica CamuncoliManuela Galli
On the relationship between flexibility and jump performance across age and sex: A 15-season retrospective longitudinal study on 229 alpine ski racers 1-gen-2023 Bertozzi, FilippoCamuncoli, FedericaGalli, ManuelaTarabini, Marco +
Inertial-based Six-Minute Walking Test Assessment in Post-Covid Patients: Preliminary Results 1-gen-2023 Cerfoglio, SerenaGalli, ManuelaCimolin, Veronica +
Quantitative comparison between male and female soccer players motor performance 1-gen-2023 Villa, GiacomoGalli, ManuelaCimolin, Veronica +
An automated system for the design of orthopaedic insoles 1-gen-2023 Marrone, FlaviaFabris, Davide MariaGalli, ManuelaGiberti, HermesTarabini, Marco +
Forward and Backward Walking: Multifactorial Characterization of Gait Parameters 1-gen-2023 Donno L.Monoli C.Frigo C. A.Galli M.
Influence of Foot Morphology on the Center of Pressure Pattern in Patients with Down Syndrome 1-gen-2023 Ferrario, CristinaTarabini, MarcoPau, MassimilianoGalli, Manuela +
Kinematic evaluation and reliability assessment of the Nine Hole Peg Test for manual dexterity 1-gen-2023 Temporiti, FedericoMandaresu, SerenaCalcagno, AlessandraCoelli, StefaniaBianchi, Anna MariaGalli, Manuela +
Cervical Range of Motion Assessment through Inertial Technology: A Validity and Reliability Study 1-gen-2023 Donno, LuciaCimolin, VeronicaGalli, Manuela +
A Wireless Body Sensor Network for Cardiorespiratory Monitoring During Cycling 1-gen-2023 Angelucci, AlessandraCamuncoli, FedericaBertozzi, FilippoGalli, ManuelaTarabini, MarcoAliverti, Andrea +
Differences in cortical reorganization during visuo-motor tasks executed with the dominant and non-dominant hands 1-gen-2023 Calcagno A.Coelli S.Temporiti F.Galli M.Bianchi A. M. +
Anticipatory postural adjustments and kinematic analysis of step ascent and descent in adults with Down syndrome 1-gen-2023 Ferrario, CTarabini, MGalli, M +
Age-Associated Changes on Gait Smoothness in the Third and the Fourth Age 1-gen-2023 Cerfoglio, SerenaGalli, ManuelaCimolin, Veronica +
The Simultaneous Assessment of Time and Motion Response during Dual Tasks 1-gen-2023 Flavia, MarroneLucia, DonnoAntonia, LopresideMarco, TarabiniManuela, Galli +
Assessing Sport-Related Physical Fitness in Young Alpine Ski Racers: A Proposed Framework for Longitudinal Testing 1-gen-2023 Bertozzi, FilippoCamuncoli, FedericaSimoni, GretaGalli, ManuelaTarabini, Marco +
A Study on the Intersection of Ground Reaction Forces during Overground Walking in Down Syndrome: Effects of the Pathology and Left-Right Asymmetry 1-gen-2023 Sole, CGalli, M +
Tele-Rehabilitation Interventions for Motor Symptoms in COVID-19 Patients: A Narrative Review 1-gen-2023 Cerfoglio, SerenaGalli, ManuelaCimolin, Veronica +
Evaluation of Upper Body and Lower Limbs Kinematics through an IMU-Based Medical System: A Comparative Study with the Optoelectronic System 1-gen-2023 Cerfoglio, SerenaGalli, ManuelaCimolin, Veronica +
Towards a More Inclusive Society: The Social Return on Investment (SROI) of an Innovative Ankle–Foot Orthosis for Hemiplegic Children 1-gen-2023 Di Francesco, AndreaPinelli, MariaLettieri, EmanueleToletti, GiovanniGalli, Manuela
Hip Joint Contact Forces are Lower in People with Femoroacetabular Impingement Syndrome During Squat Tasks 1-gen-2023 Perrone, MattiaGalli, Manuela +
Synchronized Cyclograms to Assess Inter-Limb Symmetry during Gait in Women with Anorexia and Bulimia: A Retrospective Study 1-gen-2023 Cerfoglio, SerenaMarrone, FlaviaGalli, ManuelaCimolin, Veronica +
Technological Solutions for Human Movement Analysis in Obese Subjects: A Systematic Review 1-gen-2023 Manuela GalliVeronica CimolinNicola Francesco Lopomo +
Assessment of an IMU-Based Experimental Set-Up for Upper Limb Motion in Obese Subjects 1-gen-2023 Cerfoglio, SerenaLopomo, Nicola FrancescoGalli, ManuelaCimolin, Veronica +
Assessment of functional mobility and gait during a timed up and go test in adults with total blindness 1-gen-2023 Galli, ManuelaOliveira, Claudia Santos +
Effects of Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation Combined with Treadmill Training on Kinematics and Spatiotemporal Gait Variables in Stroke Survivors: A Randomized, Triple-Blind, Sham-Controlled Study 1-gen-2023 Cimolin, VeronicaGalli, Manuela +
The smart body concept as a demonstration of the overarching utility and benefits of 3D avatars in retail, health and wellbeing: an accuracy study of body measures from 3D reconstruction 1-gen-2023 Cimolin, VeronicaTarabini, MarcoGalli, Manuela +
Effectiveness of a home-based telerehabilitation program for post-Covid patients: preliminary results 1-gen-2023 Cerfoglio S.Galli M.Cimolin V. +
Early sleep after action observation and motor imagery training boosts improvements in manual dexterity 1-gen-2023 Temporiti, FedericoCalcagno, AlessandraCoelli, StefaniaBianchi, Anna MariaGalli, Manuela +
Action Observation Therapy Before Sleep Hours: An EEG Study 1-gen-2022 Calcagno, ACoelli, STemporiti, FMandaresu, SGalli, MBianchi, A M +
Use of inertial sensor system for upper limb motion analysis in obese subjects: preliminary setting and analysis 1-gen-2022 R. MonfriniV. CimolinM. GalliN. F. Lopomo
Selecting a pre-processing pipeline for the analysis of EEG event-related rhythms modulation 1-gen-2022 Coelli, SCalcagno, ATemporiti, FMandaresu, SGalli, MBianchi, A M +
Brain Asymmetry and Its Effects on Gait Strategies in Hemiplegic Patients: New Rehabilitative Conceptions 1-gen-2022 Cimolin, VeronicaCerfoglio, SerenaGalli, Manuela +
Effects of the Interference of Sensory Systems on Postural Control in Congenitally Blind Subjects 1-gen-2022 Galli, Manuela +
Wearable technologies for monitoring aquatic exercises: A systematic review 1-gen-2022 Monoli, CeciliaGalli, Manuela +
Kinect-Based Assessment of Lower Limbs during Gait in Post-Stroke Hemiplegic Patients: A Narrative Review 1-gen-2022 Cerfoglio, SerenaGalli, ManuelaCimolin, Veronica +
A wearable system for respiratory signal filtering based on activity: a preliminary validation 1-gen-2022 Angelucci, ACamuncoli, FGalli, MAliverti, A
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 50 di 475
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