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Adapting feature selection in gene expression-based classification for higher biological interpretability 1-gen-2023 S. MongardiS. CascianelliM. Masseroli
Gene co-expression network analysis for identifying cell populations in RNA-seq patient-derived xenografts 1-gen-2023 Tome SimoneCascianelli SilviaMasseroli Marco. +
Machine learning for multi-label subtyping: a key to dissecting intra-tumor heterogeneity at the bulk sample level 1-gen-2023 Silvia CascianelliMarco Masseroli
Biologically-driven feature selection for improved functional interpretability of gene expression data analysis 1-gen-2023 S. MongardiS. CascianelliM. Masseroli
Non-negative Matrix Tri-Factorization for data integration and knowledge inference on breast cancer subtyping 1-gen-2023 Silvia CascianelliGaia CeddiaMarco Masseroli. +
Multi-label transcriptional classification of colorectal cancer reflects tumor cell population heterogeneity 1-gen-2023 Silvia CascianelliChiara BarberaMarco Masseroli +
Supervised Relevance-Redundancy assessments for feature selection in omics-based classification scenarios 1-gen-2023 Cascianelli, SilviaGalzerano, AriannaMasseroli, Marco
RGMQL: scalable and interoperable computing of heterogeneous omics big data and metadata in R/Bioconductor 1-gen-2022 Cascianelli, SilviaMasseroli, Marco +
Gene expression-based multi-label classification to face colorectal cancer heterogeneity and provide biologically and clinically relevant traits 1-gen-2022 Cascianelli SMasseroli M +
Accurate and highly interpretable prediction of gene expression from histone modifications 1-gen-2022 Frasca, FabrizioMatteucci, MatteoLeone, MicheleMasseroli, Marco +
Predicting Drug Synergism by Means of Non-Negative Matrix Tri-Factorization 1-gen-2022 Pinoli P.Ceddia G.Ceri S.Masseroli M.
Genomic data integration and user-defined sample-set extraction for population variant analysis 1-gen-2022 Alfonsi, TommasoBernasconi, AnnaCanakoglu, ArifMasseroli, Marco
Identification, semantic annotation and comparison of combinations of functional elements in multiple biological conditions 1-gen-2022 Leone M.Masseroli M. +
Statistical and machine learning methods to investigate mutations in RAS-mutated colorectal cancer patients 1-gen-2022 Cascianelli SMasseroli M +
An integrated, scalable framework for identification and quantification of tandem duplications in DNA sequencing data 1-gen-2022 Sergi AMasseroli M. +
Machine learning to discover genes predictive of RAS-mutated cases in mutational profiles of colorectal cancer patients. 1-gen-2022 Cascianelli SMasseroli M. +
META-BASE: a Novel Architecture for Large-Scale Genomic Metadata Integration 1-gen-2022 Bernasconi, AnnaCanakoglu, ArifMasseroli, MarcoCeri, Stefano
Investigating Deep Learning based Breast Cancer Subtyping using Pan-cancer and Multi-omic Data 1-gen-2022 Cascianelli S.Canakoglu A.Carman M.Nanni L.Pinoli P.Masseroli M. +
Gene function finding through cross-organism ensemble learning 1-gen-2021 M. Masseroli +
Supervised machine learning for the assessment of Chronic Kidney Disease advancement 1-gen-2021 Ventrella P.Masseroli M. +
Investigating transcript isoform RNA-seq data and machine learning techniques for breast cancer subtyping 1-gen-2021 Cascianelli SMasseroli M. +
A novel computational framework for the identification of the TD-plus phenotype in high grade serous ovarian cancer 1-gen-2021 Sergi AMasseroli M +
Predictive modeling of gene expression regulation 1-gen-2021 Matteucci M.Masseroli M. +
The road towards data integration in human genomics: players, steps and interactions 1-gen-2021 Bernasconi, AnnaCanakoglu, ArifMasseroli, MarcoCeri, Stefano
Federated sharing and processing of genomic datasets for tertiary data analysis 1-gen-2021 A. CanakogluP. PinoliA. GulinoL. NanniM. MasseroliS. Ceri
Computational analysis of fused co-expression networks for the identification of candidate cancer gene biomarkers 1-gen-2021 Pidò, SaraCeddia, GaiaMasseroli, Marco
A review on viral data sources and search systems for perspective mitigation of COVID-19 1-gen-2021 Bernasconi, AnnaCanakoglu, ArifMasseroli, MarcoPinoli, PietroCeri, Stefano
Boosting perspectives for breast cancer intrinsic subtyping on RNA-sequencing data 1-gen-2020 S CascianelliM Masseroli +
Evaluating Deep Semi-supervised Learning for Whole-Transcriptome Breast Cancer Subtyping 1-gen-2020 Cascianelli, SilviaCristovao, FranciscoCanakoglu, ArifCarman, MarkNanni, LucaPinoli, PietroMasseroli, Marco
OpenGDC: Unifying, Modeling, Integrating Cancer Genomic Data and Clinical Metadata 1-gen-2020 Bernasconi, AnnaCanakoglu, ArifCeri, StefanoMasseroli, Marco +
Network modeling and analysis of normal and cancer gene expression data 1-gen-2020 G. CeddiaSara PidoM. Masseroli
Search and comparison of (epi)genomic feature patterns in multiple genome browser tracks 1-gen-2020 Ceri S.Masseroli M. +
Exposing and characterizing subpopulations of distinctly regulated genes by k-plane regression 1-gen-2020 F. FrascaM MatteucciM Masseroli +
Matrix Factorization-based Technique for Drug Repurposing Predictions 1-gen-2020 Ceddia, GaiaPinoli, PietroCeri, StefanoMasseroli, Marco
Hybrid evolutionary framework for selection of genes predicting breast cancer relapse 1-gen-2020 L PerinoS CascianelliM Masseroli
SMfinder: Small molecules finder for metabolomics and lipidomics analysis 1-gen-2020 Leone M.D'oro P.Masseroli M. +
Association rule mining to identify transcription factor interactions in genomic regions 1-gen-2020 Ceddia, GaiaMartino, Liuba NausicaaParodi, AliceSecchi, PiercesareMasseroli, Marco +
Machine learning for RNA sequencing-based intrinsic subtyping of breast cancer 1-gen-2020 Cascianelli S.Masseroli M. +
Biological and Medical Ontologies: Disease Ontology (DO) 1-gen-2019 A. BernasconiM. Masseroli
Computational analysis and comparison of gene networks from TCGA normal and cancer data 1-gen-2019 G. CeddiaSara PidoM. Masseroli
Biological and Medical Ontologies: Systems Biology Ontology (SBO) 1-gen-2019 A. BernasconiM. Masseroli
Biological and Medical Ontologies: PRotein Ontology (PRO) 1-gen-2019 D. ChiccoM. Masseroli
Genomic big data management, modeling and computing 1-gen-2019 M MasseroliP PinoliA CanakogluA BernasconiA GulinoL NanniS Ceri +
Analysis of Gene Regulatory Networks Inferred from ChIP-seq Data 1-gen-2019 Stamoulakatou E.Piccardi C.Masseroli M.
Using GMQL-web for querying, downloading and integrating public with private genomic datasets 1-gen-2019 Bernasconi A.Ceddia G.Masseroli M. +
Comparing classic, deep and semi-supervised learning for whole-transcriptome breast cancer subtyping 1-gen-2019 A CanakogluM CarmanS CascianelliL NanniP PinoliM Masseroli +
Network-based approach to identify new indications for existing drugs in the DrugBank database 1-gen-2019 G CeddiaP PinoliM Masseroli
Biological and Medical Ontologies: Introduction 1-gen-2019 Masseroli M
Biological and Medical Ontologies: Integrative Bioinformatics 1-gen-2019 Masseroli M
De novo sequence-based method for ncRPI prediction using structural information 1-gen-2019 M LeoneM GalvaniM Masseroli
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 50 di 339
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