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Link Workers in Social Prescribing for Young People Work: A Case Study From Sheffield Futures 1-gen-2024 I. FarinaM. BertottiC. MasellaD. Sangiorgi
Exploring Interactions in the Co-production of Social Care Services with Vulnerable Citizens 1-gen-2024 Eleonora GheduzziCristina Masella +
Bridging the gap between caregiver demand and service offering: a multi-method and multi-stakeholder study in Italy 1-gen-2023 Alberto ManginiEleonora GheduzziCristina Masella +
Task Shifting in home care nurses: an Italian multiple-case study 1-gen-2023 Gheduzzi, EleonoraMasella, Cristina +
How To Gather Public Value Co-Created In Primary Care Services: The Adoption Of Public Service Logic In Italy 1-gen-2023 Eleonora GheduzziCristina Masella
Guiding the health and social care integration cross health organizations in Milan: from theory to practice 1-gen-2023 Eleonora GheduzziCristina MasellaMaria PiccoFederica Segato
Engagement as a Goal and Process for Improving Support for Informal Caregivers: The Cremona Beside Caregiver Project 1-gen-2023 Gheduzzi, EleonoraMasella, Cristina +
Investigating Integration of Formal and Informal Care in Primary and Community Care 1-gen-2022 F. De LucaG. CostaE. GheduzziC. Masella
Adopting Public Service Logic in Analysing Primary Care Services 1-gen-2022 Eleonora GheduzziGiuliana CostaFederico De LucaEmanuele LettieriCristina Masella
The third sector organizations as mediators in the primary care system in Italy: identifying barriers and facilitating factors for integration 1-gen-2022 Federico De LucaGiuliana CostaEleonora GheduzziCristina Masella
Health Service Ecosystem perspective in Primary Care: Barriers in the co-creation with informal careers 1-gen-2022 Federico De LucaEleonora GheduzziLuca LazzariniGiuliana CostaCristina Masella
Development of a Novel Coding Scheme to Explore Interactions in the Co-Production of Public Services with Priority Populations 1-gen-2022 Eleonora GheduzziCristina Masella +
Studying the Experience of Care Through Latent Class Analysis: An Application to Italian Neonatal Intensive Care Units 1-gen-2022 Spezia, NicolaSoncin, MaraMasella, CristinaAgasisti, Tommaso
Metaprogetto delle strutture sanitarie territoriali 1-gen-2022 S. CapolongoM. BuffoliM. GolaS. MangiliA. BrambillaE. BrusamolinS. ArruzzoliY. YuC. MasellaE. GheduzziM. Picco
Metaprogetto per Case della Comunità e Ospedali di Comunità. Criteri di progettazione architettonico-funzionale e organizzativi [Meta 2 e 3]. 1-gen-2022 S. CapolongoM. BuffoliM. GolaSilvia MangiliA. BrambillaE. BrusamolinS. ArruzzoliY. YuC. MasellaE. GheduzziM. Picco
Integration of task shifting practices into the nursing role at the community and home care level 1-gen-2021 M. PiccoE. GheduzziC. Masella
Farina, I. Masella, C. Sangiorgi, D. (2021) Positioning Social Prescribing in the scenario of community-based interventions for the transformation of mental health services for children, adolescents and young people: a review. Book of Abstract “Health Management: managing the present and shaping the future” European Health Management Association (EHMA) Annual Conference, 2021, pg. 29 1-gen-2021 I. FarinaC. MasellaD. Sangiorgi
How to prevent and avoid barriers in co-production with family carers living in rural and remote area: an Italian case study 1-gen-2021 eleonora GheduzziCristina MasellaNiccolò Morelli +
Cremona Beside Caregivers: una ricerca per assistere chi assiste 1-gen-2021 Eleonora GheduzziCristina Masella +
Proposals for the enhancement of the PNRR in healthcare 1-gen-2021 Masella C. +
What does the patient have to say? Valuing the patient experience to improve the patient journey 1-gen-2021 Masella, Cristina +
Place4Carers: a multi-method participatory study to co-design, piloting, and transferring a novel psycho-social service for engaging family caregivers in remote rural settings 1-gen-2021 E. GheduzziN. MorelliC. Masella +
Comparing the adoption of co-production in health and welfare contexts 1-gen-2020 Eleonora GheduzziRaffaella GualandiCristina Masella
SosCaregivers: piloting of a psycho-social service for family caregiver in a hard-to-reach setting 1-gen-2020 Eleonora GheduzziCristina Masella +
The Italian Case of Lecco Innovation Living Lab: Stakeholders' Needs and Activities to Contribute to the Technological Innovation Process in Healthcare 1-gen-2020 C. MasellaL. Marone
Facilitating co-production in public services: Empirical evidence from a co-design experience with family caregivers living in a remote and rural area 1-gen-2020 Eleonora GheduzziCristina Masella +
Electronic medical records implementation in hospital: An empirical investigation of individual and organizational determinants 1-gen-2020 Lettieri E.Gastaldi L.Masella C.Tartaglini D. +
Challenges and potential improvements in hospital patient flow: the contribution of frontline, top and middle management professionals 1-gen-2020 Masella C. +
Place4Carers: a mixed-method study protocol for engaging family caregivers in meaningful actions for successful ageing in place 1-gen-2020 Eleonora GheduzziCristina Masella +
Riqualificare la rete ospedaliera partendo dal coinvolgimento della popolazione: l’esperienza lombarda di ATS Montagna. 1-gen-2019 F. RealeE. GheduzziC. Masella +
Place4Carers: a co-design socio-psychological service to sustain caregivers’ role in the ageing in place process 1-gen-2019 C. MasellaE. Gheduzzi +
WhatsApp in hospital? An empirical investigation of individual and organizational determinants to use 1-gen-2019 Benedictis, Anna DeLettieri, EmanueleMasella, CristinaGastaldi, Luca +
Implementing co-production in mental health organizations 1-gen-2019 Gheduzzi E.Masella C. +
Improving hospital patient flow: a systematic review 1-gen-2019 Masella, Cristina +
Co-produced services for family caregivers 1-gen-2019 GHEDUZZI, ELEONORAC. Masella
Family caregivers: the necessity of new ecosystem 1-gen-2019 E. GheduzziC. Masella
Exploring the hospital patient journey: What does the patient experience? 1-gen-2019 Gualandi, RaffaellaMasella, Cristina +
Action Research as a Method to Find Solutions for the Burden of Caregiving at Hospital Discharge 1-gen-2019 Reale F.Masella C. +
Exploring and Managing Digital Innovation in Teaching Hospitals 1-gen-2018 Lettieri, EmanueleGastaldi, LucaMasella, Cristina +
Coproduction in mental health organizations: how to make it work 1-gen-2018 E. GheduzziC. Masella +
Managing the Primary Care of the Future: Evidence, Gaps, and Desiderata from Italy 1-gen-2018 masella cristina +
Myth #2: The Healthcare System Can Be Fixed by Clever Social Engineering 1-gen-2018 E. LettieriC. Masella +
Managing the Primary care of the future: evidence, gaps, and desiderata from Italy 1-gen-2017 SEGATO, FEDERICAMASELLA, CRISTINA
Telemedicine services: how to make them last over time 1-gen-2017 SEGATO, FEDERICAMASELLA, CRISTINA
Stratified cost-utility analysis of C-Leg versus mechanical knees: Findings from an Italian sample of transfemoral amputees 1-gen-2017 LETTIERI, EMANUELEMASELLA, CRISTINA +
Integrated care in action: opening the "black box" of implementation 1-gen-2017 SEGATO, FEDERICAMASELLA, CRISTINA
Trends in heart failure hospitalizations, patient characteristics, in-hospital and 1-year mortality: A population study, from 2000 to 2012 in Lombardy 1-gen-2017 Paganoni, Anna MariaIeva, FrancescaMasella, Cristina +
The Role of Telemedicine and EHR in Supporting Care Pathways in the Management of Chronic Illness: The Experiences of the Lombardy Region 1-gen-2017 MASELLA, CRISTINA
Innovating hospital patient flow: an experience based co-design study 1-gen-2016 GUALANDI, RAFFAELLASEGATO, FEDERICAMASELLA, CRISTINALETTIERI, EMANUELE
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