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Trend detection of annual and seasonal rainfall in Calabria (Southern Italy) In corso di stampa MANCINI, MARCO +
Precipitation change in Southern Italy linked to global scale oscillation indexes In corso di stampa MANCINI, MARCO +
Monitoring Discharge in Vegetated Floodplains: A Case Study of the Piave River 1-gen-2023 Herrera Gómez, VerónicaRavazzani, GiovanniMancini, Marco +
An empirical rainfall threshold approach for the civil protection flood warning system on the Milan urban area 1-gen-2023 Gambini, EnricoCeppi, AlessandroRavazzani, GiovanniMancini, Marco +
Irrigation efficiency optimization at multiple stakeholders' levels based on remote sensing data and energy water balance modelling 1-gen-2023 Corbari ChiaraMancini Marco
A double two-sources energy-water balance model for improving evapotranspiration estimates and irrigation management in fruit trees fields 1-gen-2023 Corbari, CPaciolla, NMancini, M +
Time continuous two-source energy-water balance modelling of heterogeneous crops: FEST-2-EWB 1-gen-2023 Paciolla, NCorbari, CMancini, M
Impact of aerodynamic temperature on ET estimates of Mediterranean irrigated crops from an energy-water balance model 1-gen-2023 Paciolla, NCorbari, CMancini, M
A fully coupled crop-water-energy balance model based on satellite data for maize and tomato crops yield estimates: The FEST-EWB-SAFY model 1-gen-2022 Corbari, CBen Charfi, IMancini, M +
Integrating process-related information into an artificial neural network for root-zone soil moisture prediction 1-gen-2022 Chiara CorbariMarco Mancini +
SOL40: Forty Years of Simulations under Climate and Land Use Change 1-gen-2022 Ceppi, AlessandroGambini, EnricoLombardi, GabrieleRavazzani, GiovanniMancini, Marco
Weekly Monitoring and Forecasting of Hydropower Production Coupling Meteo-Hydrological Modeling with Ground and Satellite Data in the Italian Alps 1-gen-2022 Chiara CorbariGiovanni RavazzaniGabriele LombardiMarco Mancini +
Optimizing irrigation water use efficiency for tomato and maize fields across italy combining remote sensing data and the aquacrop model 1-gen-2021 Corbari C.Ben Charfi I.Mancini M.
Modeling of Water Distribution under Center Pivot Irrigation Technique 1-gen-2021 Ben Charfi I.Corbari C.Mancini M. +
Multi-source hydrological data products to monitor high asian river basins and regional water security 1-gen-2021 Mancini M.Corbari C.Paciolla N. +
Proximal-Sensing-Powered Modelling of Energy-Water Fluxes in a Vineyard: A Spatial Resolution Analysis 1-gen-2021 Paciolla, NicolaCorbari, ChiaraMancini, Marco +
Evapotranspiration estimates from an energy-water-balance model calibrated on satellite land surface temperature over the Heihe basin 1-gen-2021 Paciolla N.Corbari C.Jia L.Mancini M. +
Evapotranspiration Estimates at High Spatial and Temporal Resolutions from an Energy–Water Balance Model and Satellite Data in the Capitanata Irrigation Consortium 1-gen-2020 Corbari, ChiaraMancini, Marco +
Irrigation and precipitation hydrological consistency with smos, smap, esa-cci, copernicus ssm1km, and amsr-2 remotely sensed soil moisture products 1-gen-2020 Paciolla N.Corbari C.Mancini M. +
Effect of the three gorges dam on total suspended sediments from modis and landsat satellite data 1-gen-2020 Di Trapani A.Corbari C.Mancini M.
A study of an algorithm for the surface temperature forecast: From road ice risk to farmland application 1-gen-2020 Ceppi A.Corbari C.Ravazzani G.Mancini M. +
A comparative assessment of the estimates of the saturated hydraulic conductivity of two anthropogenic soils and their impact on hydrological model simulations 1-gen-2020 Feki M.Ravazzani G.Ceppi A.Mancini M. +
Smart irrigation forecast using satellite LANDSAT data and meteo-hydrological modeling 1-gen-2019 Corbari, ChiaraCeppi, AlessandroTELESCA, VITOMancini, Marco +
Multi-satellite data of land surface temperature, lakes area, and water level for hydrological model calibration and validation in the Yangtze river Basin 1-gen-2019 Corbari C.Mancini M. +
Effects of Model Horizontal Grid Resolution on Short- and Medium-Term Daily Temperature Forecasts for Energy Consumption Application in European Cities 1-gen-2019 Ceppi A.Ercolani G.Mancini M. +
Intercomparison of remote-sensing based evapotranspiration algorithms over amazonian forests 1-gen-2019 Corbari, ChiaraMancini, Marco +
Review of Time-of-Concentration Equations and a New Proposal in Italy 1-gen-2019 Ravazzani G.Boscarello L.Mancini M. +
Real time monitoring of hydrological variables for operative landfill stability and percolation flux control 1-gen-2018 Mancini M.Ceppi A.Ravazzani G.Feki M. +
Impact of infiltration process modeling on soil water content simulations for irrigation management 1-gen-2018 Feki, MounaRavazzani, GiovanniCeppi, AlessandroMilleo, GiuseppeMancini, Marco
Simulating the Influence of Buildings on Flood Inundation in Urban Areas 1-gen-2018 Ravazzani, GiovanniMancini, Marco +
From deterministic to probabilistic forecasts: The ‘shift-target’ approach in the milan urban area (Northern Italy) 1-gen-2018 LOMBARDI, GABRIELECeppi, AlessandroRavazzani, GiovanniMancini, Marco +
Influence of soil hydraulic variability on soil moisture simulations and irrigation scheduling in a maize field 1-gen-2018 FEKI, MOUNARavazzani, GiovanniCeppi, AlessandroMancini, Marco
From (cyber)space to ground: New technologies for smart farming 1-gen-2017 RAVAZZANI, GIOVANNICORBARI, CHIARACEPPI, ALESSANDROFEKI, MOUNAMANCINI, MARCO +
An integrated model for Ex-ante evaluation of flood damage to residential building 1-gen-2017 Mancini, MarcoLOMBARDI, GABRIELEMattia, SergioOppio, AlessandraTORRIERI, FRANCESCA
Hourly weather forecasts for gas turbine power generation 1-gen-2017 Ceppi, A.Ercolani, G.Mancini, M. +
RAMS sensitivity to grid spacing and grid aspect ratio in Large-Eddy Simulations of the dry neutral Atmospheric Boundary Layer 1-gen-2017 CORBARI, CHIARAMANCINI, MARCO +
Improving the Xin'anjiang hydrological model based on mass-energy balance 1-gen-2017 Corbari, ChiaraMancini, Marco +
Assessing crop coefficients for natural vegetated areas using satellite data and eddy covariance stations 1-gen-2017 Corbari, ChiaraRavazzani, GiovanniMancini, Marco +
A weekly indicator of surface moisture status from satellite data for operational monitoring of crop conditions 1-gen-2017 Corbari, ChiaraMancini, Marco +
Assessing Climate Impacts on Hydropower Production: The Case of the Toce River Basin 1-gen-2016 RAVAZZANI, GIOVANNIMANCINI, MARCO +
Effect of intense short rainfall events on coastal water quality parameters from remote sensing data 1-gen-2016 CORBARI, CHIARAMANCINI, MARCO +
Potentialities of ensemble strategies for flood forecasting over the Milano urban area 1-gen-2016 RAVAZZANI, GIOVANNICEPPI, ALESSANDROMANCINI, MARCO +
A spatial model for the economic evaluation of flood risks | [Un modello spaziale di valutazione economica del rischio alluvioni] 1-gen-2016 MATTIA, SERGIOOPPIO, ALESSANDRATORRIERI, FRANCESCAMANCINI, MARCO
Regionalization of flow-duration curves through catchment classification with streamflow signatures and physiographic-climate indices 1-gen-2016 BOSCARELLO, LAURA ANNARAVAZZANI, GIOVANNIMANCINI, MARCO +
RAMS and WRF sensitivity to grid spacing in large-eddy simulations of the dry convective boundary layer 1-gen-2015 ERCOLANI, GIULIACORBARI, CHIARAMANCINI, MARCO +
Multi-scales and multi-satellites estimates of evapotranspiration with a residual energy balance model in the Muzza agricultural district in Northern Italy 1-gen-2015 CORBARI, CHIARAMANCINI, MARCO +
Benchmark analysis of forecasted seasonal temperature over different climatic areas 1-gen-2015 Ceppi A.Ercolani G.Mancini M. +
An integrated Hydrological Model for Assessing Climate Change Impacts on Water Resources of the Upper Po River Basin 1-gen-2015 RAVAZZANI, GIOVANNISENATORE, ALFONSOMANCINI, MARCO +
Can satellite land surface temperature data be used similarly to ground discharge measurements for distributed hydrological model calibration? 1-gen-2015 CORBARI, CHIARAMANCINI, MARCO +
Assessing climate impacts on hydropower production of toce alpine basin 1-gen-2015 RAVAZZANI, GIOVANNIMANCINI, MARCO +
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