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Optimizing the integration of express bus services with micro-mobility: a case study 1-gen-2024 Malucelli, FedericoPascoal, MartaSchettini, Tommaso +
A pattern-based timetabling strategy for a short-turning metro line 1-gen-2024 Schettini, TommasoGendreau, MichelJabali, OlaMalucelli, Federico
Dynamic routing for the Electric Vehicle Shortest Path Problem with charging station occupancy information 1-gen-2024 Jabali, OMalucelli, F +
Optimization of E-bike networks 1-gen-2024 Belotti, PietroErrico, FaustoMalucelli, Federico +
An Iterated Local Search Metaheuristic for the Capacitated Demand-Driven Timetabling Problem 1-gen-2023 Schettini, TGendreau, MJabali, OMalucelli, F
Scheduling a pick and place packaging line 1-gen-2023 Schettini, TMalucelli, FRamalhinho, H
The balanced p-median problem with unitary demand 1-gen-2023 Croci D.Jabali O.Malucelli F.
An Enhanced Path Planner for Electric Vehicles Considering User-Defined Time Windows and Preferences 1-gen-2023 Cubillos, MaximilianoJabali, OlaMalucelli, FedericoTresoldi, Emanuele +
Locating and Sizing Electric Vehicle Chargers Considering Multiple Technologies 1-gen-2023 Schettini, TommasoFumero, FrancescaJabali, OlaMalucelli, Federico +
Perspective Chapter: Teaching Intuition and Creativity - An Interdisciplinary and Playful Approach 1-gen-2022 Federico Malucelli +
The electric vehicle shortest path problem with time windows and prize collection 1-gen-2022 Jabali, OlaMalucelli, FedericoPascoal, Marta +
Demand-Driven Timetabling for a Metro Corridor Using a Short-Turning Acceleration Strategy 1-gen-2022 Schettini, TJabali, OMalucelli, F
The Long-Haul Transportation Problem with Refueling Deviations and Time-Dependent Travel Time 1-gen-2022 F. FumeroO. JabaliF. Malucelli +
A Benders decomposition algorithm for demand-driven metro scheduling 1-gen-2022 Schettini T.Jabali O.Malucelli F.
First experiences of creativity in mathematics for a primary school in Italy 1-gen-2022 F. Malucelli +
Metro Scheduling for Special Events 1-gen-2021 Tommaso SchettiniOla JabaliFederico Malucelli
The Single-Line Design Problem for Demand-Adaptive Transit Systems: A Modeling Framework and Decomposition Approach for the Stationary-Demand Case 1-gen-2021 F. Malucelli +
Empowering optimization skills through an orienteering competition 1-gen-2021 Federico MalucelliTommaso Schettini +
A personalized walking bus service requiring optimized route decisions: A real case 1-gen-2021 Tresoldi E.Malucelli F. +
Making high school students aware of optimization through games and puzzles 1-gen-2020 Malucelli, Federico +
Prime esperienze di creatività in matematica per una scuola primaria 1-gen-2019 F. Malucelli +
Delay and disruption management in local public transportation via real-time vehicle and crew re-scheduling: a case study 1-gen-2019 Malucelli, FedericoTresoldi, Emanuele
Designing Pedibus Lines: a Path Based Approach 1-gen-2018 Malucelli, FedericoTRESOLDI, EMANUELENONATO, MADDALENA
A special VRP arising in the optimization of waste disposal: a real case 1-gen-2018 R. AringhieriM. BruglieriF. MalucelliM. Nonato
The quadratic shortest path problem: Complexity, approximability, and solution methods 1-gen-2018 Malucelli, Federico +
On the design of leisure devoted cycling networks 1-gen-2018 GIOVANNINI, ALESSANDROMALUCELLI, FEDERICONONATO, MADDALENA
Intuizione e creatività: la forza del gioco 1-gen-2017 MALUCELLI, FEDERICO +
A Benders Decomposition Approach for the Symmetric TSP with Generalized Latency Arising in the Design of Semiflexible Transit Systems 1-gen-2017 MALUCELLI, FEDERICO +
Cycle-tourist network design 1-gen-2017 GIOVANNINI, ALESSANDROMALUCELLI, FEDERICO +
Optimization based planning of Pedibus lines: an arc based approach 1-gen-2017 Malucelli, FedericoNonato, MaddalenaTresoldi, Emanuele
Solving a home health care routing problem through iterated local search: the real case of Ferrara 1-gen-2016 GALVANI, MARTARAMALHINHO, HELENAMALUCELLI, FEDERICO
A generalized Gilmore-Lawler procedure for the Quadratic Assignment Problem 1-gen-2016 ROSTAMI, BORZOUMALUCELLI, FEDERICO
Lower bounding procedure for the asymmetric quadratic traveling salesman problem 1-gen-2016 ROSTAMI, BORZOUMALUCELLI, FEDERICOBELOTTI, PIETRO LUIGIGUALANDI, STEFANO
Lower bounds for the Quadratic Minimum Spanning Tree Problem based on reduced cost computation 1-gen-2015 MALUCELLI, FEDERICO +
An application of constraint solving for home health care 1-gen-2015 MALUCELLI, FEDERICO +
On the quadratic shortest path problem 1-gen-2015 ROSTAMI, BORZOUMALUCELLI, FEDERICOFREY, DAVIDE ARCHIMEDE +
Designing single origin-destination itineraries for several classes of cycle-tourists 1-gen-2015 MALUCELLI, FEDERICOGIOVANNINI, ALESSANDRO +
Delay Management in Public Transportation: Service Regularity Issues and Crew Re-scheduling 1-gen-2015 GUALANDI, STEFANOMALUCELLI, FEDERICOTRESOLDI, EMANUELE +
A revised reformulation-linearization technique for the quadratic assignment problem 1-gen-2014 ROSTAMI, BORZOUMALUCELLI, FEDERICO
Content-Aware Planning Models for Information-Centric Networking 1-gen-2014 MANGILI, MICHELECAPONE, ANTONIOMALUCELLI, FEDERICO +
Designing optimal routes for cycle-tourists 1-gen-2014 MALUCELLI, FEDERICONONATO, MADDALENAGIOVANNINI, ALESSANDRO +
Constraint Programming-based Column Generation 1-gen-2013 GUALANDI, STEFANOMALUCELLI, FEDERICO
A survey on planning semi-flexible transit systems: Methodological issues and a unifying framework 1-gen-2013 MALUCELLI, FEDERICO +
A graph optimization approach to item-based collaborative filtering 1-gen-2013 ROSTAMI, BORZOUCREMONESI, PAOLOMALUCELLI, FEDERICO
Quadratic TSP: A lower bounding procedure and a column generation approach 1-gen-2013 ROSTAMI, BORZOUMALUCELLI, FEDERICOBelotti, Pietro +
Resource Constrained Shortest Paths with a Super Additive Objective Function 1-gen-2012 GUALANDI, STEFANOMALUCELLI, FEDERICO
Improving Quality and Efficiency in Home Health Care: an application of Constraint Logic Programming for the Ferrara NHS unit 1-gen-2012 MALUCELLI, FEDERICO +
Hyperbolic set covering problems with competing ground-set elements 1-gen-2012 AMALDI, EDOARDOMALUCELLI, FEDERICO +
Designing the master schedule for demand -adaptive transit systems 1-gen-2012 MALUCELLI, FEDERICO +
A simple branching scheme for vertex coloring problems 1-gen-2012 MALUCELLI, FEDERICOGUALANDI, STEFANO
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