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Synthesizability of Filtenna Arrays with Uniform Quality Factor 1-gen-2024 Matteo OldoniGian Guido GentiliGiuseppe MacchiarellaCristina D’Asta +
Properties of Triplets with Complex Reflection Zeros 1-gen-2024 Matteo OldoniGiuseppe Macchiarella +
A Frequency-Variant Coupling Structure for Inline Rectangular Waveguide Filters 1-gen-2023 Macchiarella, GiuseppeOldoni, Matteo +
Synthesis of Simplified Cross Coupled Blocks with All Positive Couplings 1-gen-2023 Macchiarella, GiuseppeOldoni, Matteo +
A General Procedure for the Computation of the Transversal Coupling Matrix 1-gen-2023 G. MacchiarellaM. Oldoni
Filtenna array design via a lossy coupled-resonators filter approach 1-gen-2023 Oldoni, MatteoGentili, Gian GuidoMacchiarella, GiuseppeD’Asta, Cristina +
The TE201 Waveguide Singlet: A Design Approach Based on Charts 1-gen-2023 D'Asta, CristinaMacchiarella, GiuseppeGentili, Gian Guido
Analytical Derivation of Scattering and Admittance Rational Functions from Coupling Matrix 1-gen-2023 Oldoni, MatteoMacchiarella, GiuseppeGentili, Gian GuidoD'Asta, Cristina
Double Notch Filter for GSM-R Applications with Wide Upper Passband 1-gen-2023 Macchiarella, GiuseppeGuido Gentili, GianOldoni, MatteoD’Asta, Cristina +
Path Filters: A Class of True Inline Topologies with Transmission Zeros 1-gen-2022 MacChiarella G. +
Dimensioning Criteria for TE201 Waveguide Singlet 1-gen-2021 D'Asta, CristinaMacchiarella, GiuseppeGentili, Gian Guido
A New Resonant Coupling Structure for Inline Waveguide Filters with Transmission Zeros 1-gen-2021 MacChiarella G. +
Synthesis and Design of Quasi-Canonical Planar Filters Comprising Cascaded Frequency-Variant Blocks 1-gen-2021 MacChiarella G. +
Compact SIW filters with transmission zeros: A review and current trends 1-gen-2021 MacChiarella G. +
Unified Analytical Synthesis of Cascaded n-Tuplets Filters Including Nonresonant Nodes 1-gen-2021 Mejillones, Steven CaicedoOldoni, MatteoMacchiarella, GiuseppeD'Amico, MicheleGentili, Gian Guido +
Design of Inline Waveguide Filters With Frequency-Variant Couplings Producing Transmission Zeros 1-gen-2021 Macchiarella, GiuseppeGentili, Gian GuidoSilvestri, Lorenzo +
The Extracted-Zero: A Practical Solution for Transmission Zeros in Wideband Filters 1-gen-2021 MacChiarella G. +
A True Inline Coaxial-Cavity Filter with Two Symmetric Zeros 1-gen-2021 MacChiarella G. +
A Novel Realization of Fully Canonical and Pseudo-elliptic Wideband Waveguide Filters 1-gen-2021 MacChiarella G. +
Extended Path Filter Configurations 1-gen-2021 MacChiarella G. +
An Application-Oriented Design Procedure for Cascaded-Block Extracted-Pole Filters 1-gen-2021 Macchiarella G. +
Passivity and Maximum Quality Factor Assessment in Lossy 2-port Transfer Functions 1-gen-2021 Oldoni M.Caicedo Mejillones S.Macchiarella G. +
A synthesis-based design procedure for waveguide duplexers using a stepped E-plane bifurcated junction 1-gen-2020 Macchiarella G.Gentili G. G. +
Design of Waveguide Filters with Cascaded Singlets through a Synthesis-Based Approach 1-gen-2020 Macchiarella G.Gentili G. G. +
A Novel Coupling Structure for Inline Realization of Cross-Coupled Rectangular Waveguide Filters 1-gen-2020 Macchiarella G. +
Cooking Microwave Filters: Is Synthesis Still Helpful in Microwave Filter Design? 1-gen-2020 MacChiarella G. +
Accurate Synthesis of Extracted-Pole Filters by Topology Transformations 1-gen-2020 Mejillones, Steven CaicedoOldoni, MatteoMacchiarella, GiuseppeD'Amico, MicheleGentili, G. G. +
Accurate Modeling of Stubs Used as Resonant Coupling Elements in SIW Filters 1-gen-2020 Macchiarella, GiuseppeGentili, G. G. +
Alternative Solutions for Reducing the Undesired Coupling Effect in Stub Loaded Microstrip Filters for Ka-Band Applications 1-gen-2020 Macchiarella, G +
Analytical Synthesis of Fully Canonical Cascaded-Doublet Prototype Filters 1-gen-2020 Mejillones, Steven CaicedoOldoni, MatteoMacchiarella, Giuseppe +
Design of Ka-Band Tunable Filters in Rectangular Waveguide with Constant Bandwidth 1-gen-2020 MacChiarella G. +
Stopband singlet: A novel structure implementing resonating couplings 1-gen-2020 Macchiarella G.Gentili G. +
Design of extracted-pole filters: An application-oriented synthesis approach 1-gen-2020 Macchiarella G. +
Multilayer Full Polarization Conversion Transpolarizing Structures 1-gen-2019 M. KHOSRONEJADG. G. GENTILIG. MACCHIARELLA
Advanced Direct Synthesis Approach for High Selectivity In-Line Topology Filters Comprising N - 1 Adjacent Frequency-Variant Couplings 1-gen-2019 Macchiarella G. +
Design of a Planar, High Isolation Diplexer in Ku Band for Application to SmartLNB 1-gen-2018 MacChiarella, GiuseppeGentili, Gian GuidoPoliti, Marco +
Design of In-Line Filters With Strongly Coupled Resonator Triplet 1-gen-2018 Macchiarella G. +
The Strongly-Coupled Resonator Triplet 1-gen-2018 MacChiarella, Giuseppe +
Half-mode SIW Filters with Resonant Couplings Implementing Transmission Zeros 1-gen-2018 MacChiarella, Giuseppe +
A Direct Matrix Synthesis for In-Line Filters with Transmission Zeros Generated by Frequency-Variant Couplings 1-gen-2018 MacChiarella, Giuseppe +
Estimation of improved performance of filters and diplexers using new aluminium alloys 1-gen-2018 Macchiarella, Giuseppe +
Pseudoelliptic Combline Filter in a Circularly Shaped Tube 1-gen-2018 MacChiarella, Giuseppe +
A Technique for Spurious Suppression in Substrate Integrated Waveguide Filters 1-gen-2018 Macchiarella, G +
Design of in-line filters with transmission zeros using strongly coupled resonators pairs 1-gen-2018 Macchiarella, Giuseppe +
A Design Methodology for Fully Canonic NRN Filters in Coaxial Technology 1-gen-2017 Macchiarella, G +
A novel class of half-mode SIW filters with extracted poles 1-gen-2017 Macchiarella, Giuseppe +
Synthesis of Cross-Coupled Filters with Frequency-Dependent Couplings 1-gen-2017 Macchiarella, Giuseppe +
A compact waveguide filtering structure with transmission zeros for multi-beam satellites 1-gen-2017 Macchiarella, G. +
Novel dual open-loop ring resonator for compact planar filters 1-gen-2016 MACCHIARELLA, GIUSEPPE +
Direct Synthesis of Complex Loaded Chebyshev Filters in a Complex Filtering Network 1-gen-2016 MACCHIARELLA, GIUSEPPE +
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