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Designing global trade and logistics channels: a focus on the Chinese food and beverage market 1-gen-2023 Prataviera L. B.Melacini M.
Synchronisation of material flows in mass-customised production systems: a literature-based classification framework and industrial application 1-gen-2023 Napoleone A.Moretti E.Macchi M.Melacini M.
Empowering freight transportation through Logistics 4.0: a maturity model for value creation 1-gen-2023 Tiziana ModicaClaudia ColicchiaElena TappiaMarco Melacini
How can logistics service providers foster supply chain collaboration in logistics triads? Insights from the Italian grocery industry 1-gen-2023 Lorenzo Bruno PratavieraMarco Melacini +
Blurred lines: the timeline of supply chain resilience strategies in the grocery industry in the time of Covid-19 1-gen-2023 Maria Concetta CarissimiLorenzo Bruno PratavieraAlessandro CreazzaMarco MelaciniFabrizio Dallari
Mitigating barriers to surplus food donation in Italian retail and food service 1-gen-2022 G. BartezzaghiC. ColicchiaP. GarroneM. MelaciniA. PeregoA. Rizzuni
Why does omni-channel allow retailers to foster supply chain resilience? Evidence from sequential mixed methods research 1-gen-2022 Elena TappiaGuang SongMarco Melacini +
Global distribution network design: exploration of facility location driven by tax considerations and related cross-country implications 1-gen-2022 Prataviera L.Melacini M. +
Assessing the environmental impact of logistics sites through CO2eq footprint computation 1-gen-2022 PEROTTI S.MELACINI M. +
Food Waste Causes in Fruit and Vegetables Supply Chains 1-gen-2022 Giulia BartezzaghiAlessia CattaniPaola GarroneMarco MelaciniAlessandro Perego
Heading for Tomorrow: Resilience Strategies for Post-COVID-19 Grocery Supply Chains 1-gen-2022 Lorenzo Bruno PratavieraAlessandro CreazzaMarco MelaciniFabrizio Dallari
A performance model for mobile robot-based part feeding systems to supermarkets 1-gen-2022 Emilio MorettiElena TappiaMarco Melacini +
What drives the adoption of Logistics 4.0 by Logistics Service Providers? An Innovation Diffusion Theory perspective 1-gen-2021 Modica T.Colicchia C.Tappia E.Melacini M.
Integrating estimated time of arrival in truck scheduling: a real time-reactive model and application 1-gen-2021 Modica TizianaTappia ELenaColicchia ClaudiaMelacini Marco
Green warehousing: Exploration of organisational variables fostering the adoption of energy-efficient material handling equipment 1-gen-2021 Modica T.Perotti S.Melacini M.
E-fulfilment in grocery retailing: Design insights for a store-based distribution system 1-gen-2021 Rasini M.Tappia E.Melacini M.
Exploring the application of machine learning to the assembly line feeding problem 1-gen-2021 Emilio MorettiElena TappiaMarco Melacini +
Scheduling Mobile Robots in Part Feeding Systems 1-gen-2021 Moretti EmilioTappia ElenaMelacini Marco
Selecting Part Feeding Policies with a Combined Optimization-Machine Learning Approach 1-gen-2021 Emilio MorettiElena TappiaMarco Melacini +
Start-up-driven innovation for logistics: a classification framework 1-gen-2021 L. PRATAVIERAS. PEROTTIM. MELACINI
Exploring the relationship between the adoption of lithium-ion battery forklifts and warehouse organisational patterns 1-gen-2020 Colicchia CMelacini M.Modica T.Perotti S.Tappia E.
Postponement Strategies for Global Downstream Supply Chains: A Conceptual Framework 1-gen-2020 Prataviera, Lorenzo BrunoPerotti, SaraMelacini, MarcoMoretti, Emilio
A Simulation Analysis of Part Feeding to Assembly Stations with Vertical Robotic Storage and Retrieval Systems 1-gen-2020 E. TappiaE. MorettiM. Melacini
Logistics 4.0 in the transportation process: from the conceptualization to a research agenda 1-gen-2020 T. ModicaC. ColicchiaM. MelaciniS. PerottiE. Tappia
Usage of Hough Transform for Expiry Date Extraction via Optical Character Recognition 1-gen-2019 Scazzoli D.BARTEZZAGHI, GIULIAMagarini M.Melacini M.Marcon M. +
SIVEQ: an Integrated System for the Valorization of Surplus Food 1-gen-2019 D. ScazzoliG. BartezzaghiA. SilvestroM. MagariniM. MelaciniG. Verticale
Evolution of Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) in the Logistics 4.0 landscape: a classification framework and empirical insights 1-gen-2019 M. MelaciniMORETTI, EMILIOS. PerottiL. B. PratavieraE. Tappia
Market knowledge’s impact on global trade channel design and logistics outsourcing: European companies targeting the Chinese food and beverage market 1-gen-2019 L. B. PratavieraS. PerottiM. Melacini
Integrated storage-order picking systems: Technology, performance models, and design insights 1-gen-2019 Tappia E.Melacini M. +
Types of logistics outsourcing and related impact on the 3PL buying process: empirical evidence 1-gen-2018 G. MarchetM. MelaciniS. Perotti +
Business logistics models in omni-channel: a classification framework and empirical analysis 1-gen-2018 Marchet G.Melacini M.Perotti S.Rasini M.Tappia E.
A Critical Comparison of Alternative Distribution Configurations in Omni-Channel Retailing in Terms of Cost and Greenhouse Gas Emissions 1-gen-2018 M. MelaciniE. Tappia
E-fulfilment and distribution in omni-channel retailing: a systematic literature review 1-gen-2018 Melacini M.Perotti S.Rasini M.Tappia E.
Corporate food donations: altruism, strategy or cost saving? 1-gen-2018 S. SertP. GarroneM. MelaciniA. Perego
Donations of Surplus Food: Corporate Philanthropy Meets Operations 1-gen-2017 GARRONE, PAOLA MARIAMELACINI, MARCOPEREGO, ALESSANDRO +
Omnicanalità, Green e Partnership: la logistica cambia volto 1-gen-2017 Marco MelaciniElena TappiaDamiano Frosi +
Designing logistics in omni-channel retailing: drivers behind company distribution configurations 1-gen-2017 m. melacinis. perottim. rasinie. tappia
Surplus food redistribution: a conceptual franework 1-gen-2017 melacini marcorasini monicasedef sert
Measuring and reducing food waste along the supply chain: evidence from Italy 1-gen-2017 Paola GarroneMarco MelaciniAlessandro PeregoSedef Sert
Global supply chain network design: a literature review and research agenda 1-gen-2017 M. MelaciniS. PerottiL. B. PratavieraE. Tappia
Value Creation Models in the 3PL Industry: What 3PL Providers Do to Cope with Shippers’ Requirements 1-gen-2017 MARCHET, GINOMELACINI, MARCOPEROTTI, SARASASSI, CHIARATAPPIA, ELENA
Assessing efficiency and innovation in the 3PL industry: an empirical analysis 1-gen-2017 MARCHET, GINOMELACINI, MARCOSASSI, CHIARATAPPIA, ELENA
Modeling, Analysis, and Design Insights for Shuttle-based Compact Storage Systems 1-gen-2017 TAPPIA, ELENAMELACINI, MARCO +
Logistics in omni-channel retailing: modelling and analysis of three distribution configurations 1-gen-2017 G. MarchetM. MelaciniS. PerottiM. RasiniE. Tappia
Shaping the international logistics strategy in the internationalisation process 1-gen-2016 MARCHET, GINOMELACINI, MARCOPEROTTI, SARATAPPIA, ELENA
Is cost saving a driver of corporate giving? 1-gen-2016 SERT, SEDEFGARRONE, PAOLA MARIAMELACINI, MARCOPEREGO, ALESSANDRO
L’innovazione tecnologica e digitale per una logistica sempre più SMART 1-gen-2016 MARCHET, GINOMELACINI, MARCOFROSI, DAMIANO +
Surplus food redistribution for social purposes: The case of Coop Lombardia 1-gen-2016 SERT, SEDEFGARRONE, PAOLA MARIAMELACINI, MARCOPEREGO, ALESSANDRO
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