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Hybrid prognosis of drill-bits based on direct inspection 1-gen-2024 Bernini, LucaMalguzzi, UgoAlbertelli, PaoloMonno, Michele
Investigation of the influence of the AWJ-specific energy on the cutting kerf profile on aluminium 6082 1-gen-2024 Perotti F.Monno M.Annoni M.
Hybrid prognostics to estimate cutting inserts remaining useful life based on direct wear observation 1-gen-2024 Bernini L.Malguzzi U.Albertelli P.Monno M.
Simulation of the effects of cryogenic liquid nitrogen jets in Ti6Al4V milling 1-gen-2023 Albertelli P.Strano M.Monno M.
Mechanistic force model for double-phased high-feed mills 1-gen-2023 Bernini L.Albertelli P.Monno M.
Applicability of abrasive waterjet cutting to irradiated graphite decommissioning 1-gen-2023 Perotti F.Mossini E.Macerata E.Annoni M.Monno M.
Robust tool condition monitoring in Ti6Al4V milling based on specific force coefficients and growing self-organizing maps 1-gen-2023 Bernini L.Albertelli P.Monno M.
Mill condition monitoring based on instantaneous identification of specific force coefficients under variable cutting conditions 1-gen-2023 Bernini L.Albertelli P.Monno M.
A novel application of cryogenics in dieless sheet metal piercing 1-gen-2023 Albertelli P.Mussi V.Monno M.
Assessment of milling condition by image processing of the produced surfaces 1-gen-2022 Carbone N.Bernini L.Albertelli P.Monno M.
Development of generalized tool life model for constant and variable speed turning 1-gen-2022 Albertelli P.Mussi V.Monno M.
Continuous multi-angle variation (CMAV) for faster roundness correction in centreless grinding 1-gen-2022 Safarzadeh H.Monno M.
A novel prognostics solution for machine tool sub-units: The hydraulic case 1-gen-2021 Bernini, LucaWaltz, DavidAlbertelli, PaoloMonno, Michele
Effect of metal foam on vibration damping and its modelling 1-gen-2021 Albertelli P.Esposito S.Mussi V.Goletti M.Monno M.
Innovative applications of abrasive waterjet for irradiated graphite dismantling and decommissioning 1-gen-2021 E. MOSSINIF. PEROTTIM. ANNONIM. MONNOE. MACERATAM. MARIANI +
Experimental study of abrasive waterjet cutting for managing residues in no-tillage techniques 1-gen-2021 Perotti F.Annoni M.Monno M.Mussi V. +
Experimental investigation of the effects of cryogenic cooling on tool life in Ti6Al4V milling 1-gen-2021 Albertelli P.Mussi V.Strano M.Monno M.
Manufacturing and performance of 3D printed plastic tools for air bending applications 1-gen-2021 Rane K.Strano M.Monno M. +
Roundness prediction in centreless grinding using physics-enhanced machine learning techniques 1-gen-2021 Safarzadeh, HosseinLeonesio, MarcoBianchi, GiacomoMonno, Michele
Energy assessment of different cooling technologies in Ti-6Al-4V milling 1-gen-2021 Albertelli, PaoloMonno, Michele
Extrusion-based additive manufacturing of forming and molding tools 1-gen-2021 Strano M.Rane K.Farid M. A.Mussi V.Monno M. +
An experimental investigation on Inconel 718 interrupted cutting with ceramic solid end mills 1-gen-2021 Parenti, PaoloPuglielli, FrancescoGoletti, MassimoAnnoni, MassimilianoMonno, Michele
A review of prognostics and health management of machine tools 1-gen-2020 Baur M.Albertelli P.Monno M.
Surface morphology prediction model for milling operations 1-gen-2020 M. TortaP. AlbertelliM. Monno
Sheet metal bending with flexible tools 1-gen-2019 Zaragoza, Veronica GeraldineStrano, MatteoIorio, LorenzoMonno, Michele
CFD and experimental analysis of the coolant flow in cryogenic milling 1-gen-2019 Albertelli, PaoloLucchini, TommasoMonno, MicheleMussi, Valerio +
Estimation of cutting and friction coefficients in dry and cryogenic milling through experiments and simulations 1-gen-2019 Albertelli P.Strano M.Monno M. +
Development of a generalized process-based observer for indirect monitoring of cutting force and tool vibration in milling 1-gen-2019 Albertelli, PaoloMonno, Michele
Development of a generalized chatter detection methodology for variable speed machining 1-gen-2019 Albertelli, PaoloBraghieri, LucaTorta, MattiaMonno, Michele
Development of a chatter detection methodology for variable spindle speed milling 1-gen-2018 BRAGHIERI, LUCAAlbertelli pTorta mMonno m
Recent Advances in Simulation of Flow in Cryogenic Cooling for Hard-to-Cut Materials 1-gen-2018 Ehsanallah TahmasebiPaolo AlbertelliTommaso LucchiniMichele Monno
Cost-Efficient Aluminum Open-Cell Foams: Manufacture, Characterization, and Heat Transfer Measurements 1-gen-2018 Monno, MicheleNegri, DanielaMussi, ValerioAghaei, PedramGroppi, GianpieroTronconi, EnricoStrano, Matteo
Experimental investigation of energy saving opportunities in tube bending machines 1-gen-2017 ALBERTELLI, PAOLOSTRANO, MATTEOMONNO, MICHELE
Upgraded stability analysis of milling operations by means of advanced modeling of tooling system bending 1-gen-2017 ALBERTELLI, PAOLOTORTA, MATTIASORTINO, DARIO MARIAMONNO, MICHELE +
Rapid Tools Compensation in Sheet Metal Stamping Process 1-gen-2016 IORIO, LORENZOSTRANO, MATTEOMONNO, MICHELE
Interaction between metallurgical state and process parameters on AWJ kerf 1-gen-2016 MONNO, MICHELERAVASIO, CHIARAVIGANÒ, FRANCESCO +
Model-based broadband estimation of cutting forces and tool vibration in milling through in-process indirect multiple-sensors measurements 1-gen-2016 ALBERTELLI, PAOLOGOLETTI, MASSIMOTORTA, MATTIASALEHI, MEHDIMONNO, MICHELE
Design of Deformable Tools for Sheet Metal Forming 1-gen-2016 IORIO, LORENZOSTRANO, MATTEOMONNO, MICHELE +
Abrasive waterjet intensifier model for machine diagnostics 1-gen-2015 FERRETTI, GIANNIMONNO, MICHELESCAGLIONI, BRUNOGOLETTI, MASSIMOGRASSO, MARCO LUIGI
Development of a Die Compensation Algorithm for Sheet Metal Stamping With Deformable Tools 1-gen-2015 IORIO, LORENZOSTRANO, MATTEOMONNO, MICHELE
Indirect model based estimation of cutting force and tool tip vibrational behavior in milling machines by sensor fusion 1-gen-2015 SALEHI, MEHDIALBERTELLI, PAOLOGOLETTI, MASSIMORIPAMONTI, FRANCESCOTOMASINI, GISELLA MARITAMONNO, MICHELE
A model-based approach for online estimation of surface waviness in roll grinding 1-gen-2015 PARENTI, PAOLOLEONESIO, MARCOBIANCHI, GIACOMO DAVIDEMONNO, MICHELE +
Advanced Process Control for Improving Surface finishing in Traverse Grinding 1-gen-2015 PARENTI, PAOLOLEONESIO, MARCOBIANCHI, GIACOMO DAVIDEMONNO, MICHELE +
Economical comparison of cryogenic vs. Traditional turning of Ti-6Al-4V: A case study 1-gen-2015 TIRELLI, STEFANOCHIAPPINI, ELIOSTRANO, MATTEOMONNO, MICHELESEMERARO, QUIRICO
Effect of workpiece heat treatment on surface quality of AWJ kerf 1-gen-2015 MONNO, MICHELEPELLEGRINI, GIUSEPPERAVASIO, CHIARA
Procedures for Damping Properties Determination in Metal Foams to Improve FEM Modeling 1-gen-2014 GOLETTI, MASSIMOMUSSI, VALERIOROSSI, ANDREAMONNO, MICHELE
Multiphysics Modeling of a Metal Foam 1-gen-2014 MONNO, MICHELE +
On the Foamability of AlSi12 Precursors Prepared by High Velocity Compaction 1-gen-2014 NEGRI, DANIELAMUSSI, VALERIOMONNO, MICHELE +
Diffuse Interface Models for Metal Foams 1-gen-2014 MONNO, MICHELEREPOSSI, ELISABETTAVERANI, MARCO +
Experimental comparison between traditional and cryogenic cooling conditions in rough turning of Ti-6Al-4V 1-gen-2014 TIRELLI, STEFANOCHIAPPINI, ELIOSTRANO, MATTEOMONNO, MICHELESEMERARO, QUIRICO
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