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Fracture Behavior of Three-Dimensional-Printable Cementitious Mortars in Very Early Ages and Hardened States 1-gen-2024 K. S. KompellaA. MarcucciF. Lo MonteM. LeviL. Ferrara
PLA Feedstock Filled with Spent Coffee Grounds for New Product Applications with Large-Format Material Extrusion Additive Manufacturing 1-gen-2024 Paramatti, MartinaRomani, AlessiaLevi, Marinella +
Characterization of PLA feedstock after multiple recycling processes for large-format material extrusion additive manufacturing 1-gen-2024 Romani, AlessiaCiurnelli, MattiaLevi, Marinella +
Thermally Conductive and Electrically Insulating Polymer-Based Composites Heat Sinks Fabricated by Fusion Deposition Modeling 1-gen-2024 Bagatella, SimoneCavallaro, MarcoSuriano, RaffaellaLevi, Marinella +
Materials Libraries: designing the experiential knowledge transfer through prototyping 1-gen-2023 Alessia RomaniValentina RognoliMarinella Levi
Speculative tinkering on circular design materials through 3D printing 1-gen-2023 Romani, AlessiaRognoli, ValentinaLevi, Marinella
Sustainable Development Goals Enabled by Additive Manufacturing: A Design Perspective 1-gen-2023 Romani, AlessiaLevi, MarinellaRognoli, Valentina
Fostering circular materials within the design practice: materials and product library system 1-gen-2023 Alessia RomaniValentina RognoliMarinella Levi
Versatile and non-cytotoxic GelMA-xanthan gum biomaterial ink for extrusion-based 3D bioprinting 1-gen-2023 Iervolino F.Belgio B.Potere F.Suriano R.Boschetti F.Mantero S.Levi M. +
Self-activating metal-polymer composites for the straightforward selective metallization of 3D printed parts by stereolithography 1-gen-2023 Credi, CaterinaBernasconi, RobertoLevi, MarinellaMagagnin, Luca
Aerosol Jet Printing of a Benzocyclobutene-Based Ink as Adhesive Material for Wafer Bonding Application 1-gen-2023 Iervolino F.Suriano R.Levi M. +
Biomass waste materials through extrusion-based additive manufacturing: A systematic literature review 1-gen-2023 Romani, AlessiaSuriano, RaffaellaLevi, Marinella
Recycling Glass and Carbon Fibers for Reusable Components in the Automotive Sector through Additive Manufacturing 1-gen-2023 ALESSIA ROMANIRaffaella SurianoMarinella Levi +
Design for and with visual impairments through 3D printing: a case study from the covid-19 pandemic 1-gen-2023 ALESSIA ROMANIFederica MattiuzzoMarinella Levi
A Study of Early Age Shear Properties of 3D Printable Cementitious Mixes with Fiber Reinforcements 1-gen-2023 Kasyapa Kompella, SriramMarcucci, AndreaMonte, Francesco LoLevi, MarinellaFerrara, Liberato +
Recycled polycarbonate and polycarbonate/acrylonitrile butadiene styrene feedstocks for circular economy product applications with fused granular fabrication-based additive manufacturing 1-gen-2023 Romani, AlessiaLevi, Marinella +
Unveiling the Hidden Properties of Tomato Peels: Cutin Ester Derivatives as Bio-Based Plasticizers for Polylactic Acid 1-gen-2023 G. RighettiM. LeviS. TurriR. Suriano +
A comparative study of hardened-state mechanical properties of 3D printed and conventionally cast Fibre Reinforced Concrete 1-gen-2022 S. KompellaF. Lo MonteM. LeviL. Ferrara +
Patient-specific palatal obturator prosthesis from DICOM files through low-cost 3D printing: A case study 1-gen-2022 Romani A.Levi M. +
Improving User Experience of Assistive Technology Through Codesign and 3D Printing: A Case Study from Cancer Treatments 1-gen-2022 Romani, AlessiaLevi, Marinella +
Additive Manufacturing of Electrically Conductive Nanocomposites Filled with Carbon Nanotubes 1-gen-2022 Iervolino, FLevi, MSuriano, R +
Early Age Shear and Tensile Fracture Properties of 3D Printable Cementitious Mortar to Assess Printability Window 1-gen-2022 Marcucci, AndreaLo Monte, FrancescoLevi, MarinellaFerrara, Liberato +
Additive Manufacturing of Recycled Composites 1-gen-2022 Andrea MantelliAlessia RomaniRaffaella SurianoMarinella LeviStefano Turri
Material Library System for Circular Economy: Tangible-Intangible Interaction for Recycled Composite Materials 1-gen-2022 Alessia RomaniFabio PrestiniRaffaella SurianoMarinella Levi
Composite Finishing for Reuse 1-gen-2022 Alessia RomaniRaffaella SurianoAndrea MantelliMarinella Levi +
Metallization of Recycled Glass Fiber-Reinforced Polymers Processed by UV-Assisted 3D Printing 1-gen-2022 Romani, AlessiaLevi, MarinellaTurri, StefanoSuriano, Raffaella +
Hybrid additive manufacturing of a piezopolymer-based inertial sensor 1-gen-2022 Roberto BernasconiDavood HatamiHossein Nouri HosseinabadiValentina ZegaAlberto CoriglianoRaffaella SurianoMarinella LeviGiacomo LangfelderLuca Magagnin
Design, Materials, and Extrusion-Based Additive Manufacturing in Circular Economy Contexts: From Waste to New Products 1-gen-2021 A. RomaniV. RognoliM. Levi
Improving cell seeding efficiency through modification of fiber geometry in 3D printed scaffolds 1-gen-2021 Mainardi, Valerio LucaBianchi, ElenaDubini, GabrieleLevi, Marinella +
UV-Assisted 3D Printing of Polymer Composites from Thermally and Mechanically Recycled Carbon Fibers 1-gen-2021 Mantelli, AndreaRomani, AlessiaSuriano, RaffaellaDiani, MarcoColledani, MarcelloTurri, StefanoLevi, Marinella +
Direct Ink Writing of Recycled Composites with Complex Shapes: Process Parameters and Ink Optimization 1-gen-2021 Mantelli A.Romani A.Suriano R.Levi M.Turri S.
Layer-by layer fabrication of hydrogels microsystems for controlled drug delivery from untethered microrobots 1-gen-2021 Bernasconi R.Pizzetti F.Rossetti A.Levi M.Rossi F.Magagnin L. +
Carbon additive effect on the electrochemical performances of inkjet printed thin-film Li4Ti5O12 electrodes 1-gen-2021 Viviani P.Gibertini E.Iervolino F.Levi M.Magagnin L.
Inkjet Printing of a Benzocyclobutene-Based Polymer as a Low-k Material for Electronic Applications 1-gen-2021 Iervolino F.Suriano R.Levi M. +
Effect of different physical cross-linkers on drug release from hydrogel layers coated on magnetically steerable 3D printed microdevices 1-gen-2021 Bernasconi R.Pizzetti F.Rossetti A.Perugini R.Nova A.Levi M.Rossi F
3D integration of pH-cleavable drug-hydrogel conjugates on magnetically driven smart microtransporters 1-gen-2021 Roberto BernasconiEmanuele MauriArianna RossettiStefano RimondoRaffaella SurianoMarinella LeviAlessandro SacchettiLuca MagagninFilippo Rossi +
Indirect 3D Printing of recycled glass fibres from end-of-life products: towards a design engineering approach to circular design 1-gen-2021 A. RomaniM. Levi
Metallization of Thermoplastic Polymers and Composites 3D Printed by Fused Filament Fabrication 1-gen-2021 Romani, AlessiaMantelli, AndreaTurri, StefanoLevi, MarinellaSuriano, Raffaella +
Nanostructured polypyrrole layers implementation on magnetically navigable 3D printed microdevices for targeted gastrointestinal drug delivery 1-gen-2020 Bernasconi R.Fouladvari N.Invernizzi M.Levi M.Magagnin L. +
Near-visible stereolithography of a low shrinkage cationic/free-radical photopolymer blend and its nanocomposite 1-gen-2020 Suriano R.Turri S.Levi M. +
Additive re-manufacturing of mechanically recycled end-of-life glass fiber-reinforced polymers for value-added circular design 1-gen-2020 Romani A.Mantelli A.Suriano R.Levi M.Turri S.
The first three-dimensional printed and wet-metallized coriolis mass flowmeter 1-gen-2020 Gaffuri Pagani L.Carulli P.Zega V.Suriano R.Bernasconi R.Frangi A.Levi M.Magagnin L.Langfelder G.
Parametric Design for Online User Customization of 3D Printed Assistive Technology for Rheumatic Diseases 1-gen-2020 Romani A.Levi M.
Additive manufacturing of geopolymers modified with microalgal biomass biofiller fromwastewater treatment plants 1-gen-2019 Levi M.Turri S. +
Magnetically navigable 3D printed multifunctional microdevices for environmental applications 1-gen-2019 Bernasconi R.Credi C.Levi M.Magagnin L. +
Circular Design for Value-added Remanufactured End-of-Life composite material via additive manufacturing technology 1-gen-2019 A. RomaniA. MantelliM. Levi
CoDesign, Stampa 3D e Medicina per la Progettazione di Prodotti personalizzabili d'Uso Quotidiano 1-gen-2019 A. RomaniF. BasciuV. FaustiG. RavalliA. MantelliM. Levi +
Remanufacturing of end-of-life glass-fiber reinforced composites via UV-assisted 3D printing 1-gen-2019 Mantelli A.Levi M.Turri S.Suriano R.
Human subjective response to aluminum coating surfaces 1-gen-2019 Ajovalasit M.Suriano R.RIDOLFI, SARACIAPPONI, RICCARDOLevi M.Turri S.
The First 3D-Printed and Wet-Metallized Three-Axis Accelerometer with Differential Capacitive Sensing 1-gen-2019 Zega V.Invernizzi M.Bernasconi R.Cuneo F.Langfelder G.Magagnin L.Levi M.Corigliano A.
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 50 di 312
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