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Photocell-Based Optofluidic Device for Clogging-Free Cell Transit Time Measurements 1-gen-2024 Storti, FilippoBonfadini, SilvioBondelli, GaiaVurro, VitoLanzani, Guglielmo +
Hydrogen-Assisted Thermal Treatment of Electrode Materials for Electrochemical Double-Layer Capacitors 1-gen-2024 Gentile, MatteoBellani, SebastianoLanzani, Guglielmo +
Nanoparticelle di poli(3-esiltiofene)ossidato per il trattamento delle malattie degenerative della retina 1-gen-2023 S. PerottoG. LanzaniF. Di MariaJ. Barsotti +
Perspectives of ultrafast hyperspectral imaging in Scanning Electron Microscopy 1-gen-2023 Alberto TagliaferriAbbas Kosari MehrMohamed ZaghloulWenzheng CaoHao ChenGabriele IrdeVittorio SalaGiulio CerulloGiovanni IsellaGuglielmo LanzaniMaurizio ZaniAnjam KhursheedSilvia Pietralunga
Time-resolved 2D mapping of surface photovoltages and charge dynamics in semiconductors by SEM 1-gen-2023 Silvia PietralungaGabriele IrdeVittorio SalaMaurizio ZaniAnnamaria PetrozzaGuglielmo LanzaniAlberto Tagliaferri +
The light-dependent pseudo-capacitive charging of conjugated polymer nanoparticles coupled with the depolarization of the neuronal membrane 1-gen-2023 Chiaravalli, GretaSacco, RiccardoLanzani, Guglielmo +
An Iminostilbene Functionalized Benzimidazoline for Enhanced n‐Type Solution Doping of Semiconducting Polymers for Organic Thermoelectrics 1-gen-2023 Coco, GiuliaLanzani, Guglielmo +
Photoreactivity of Thiophene-Based Core@Shell Nanoparticles: The Effect of Photoinduced Charge Separation on In Vivo ROS Production 1-gen-2023 Perotto, SaraLanzani, Guglielmo +
Core–Shell Architecture in Poly(3-hexylthiophene) Nanoparticles: Tuning of the Photophysical Properties for Enhanced Neuronal Photostimulation 1-gen-2023 Barsotti, JonathanPerotto, SaraD’Andrea, CosimoCerullo, GiulioLanzani, Guglielmo +
Skeletal muscle cells opto-stimulation by intramembrane molecular transducers 1-gen-2023 Venturino, IlariaVurro, VitoBonfadini, SilvioPerotto, SaraSesti, ValentinaBertarelli, ChiaraLanzani, Guglielmo +
Light-triggered cardiac microphysiological model 1-gen-2023 Vurro, VSesti, VBertarelli, CLanzani, G +
Optofluidic Flow Cytometer with In-Plane Spherical Mirror for Signal Enhancement 1-gen-2023 Bonfadini, SilvioAloisio, LudovicoStorti, FilippoSimoni, FrancescoLanzani, Guglielmo +
Membrane Order Effect on the Photoresponse of an Organic Transducer 1-gen-2023 Vurro, VitoBondelli, GaiaMagni, AriannaSesti, ValentinaPaternò, Giuseppe MariaBertarelli, ChiaraD'Andrea, CosimoLanzani, Guglielmo +
Optical modulation of excitation-contraction coupling in human-induced pluripotent stem cell-derived cardiomyocytes 1-gen-2023 Vurro, VitoFederici, BeatriceSesti, ValentinaAntognazza, Maria RosaBertarelli, ChiaraLanzani, Guglielmo +
Membrane Targeted Azobenzene Drives Optical Modulation of Bacterial Membrane Potential 1-gen-2023 Bondelli, GaiaSesti, ValentinaBertarelli, ChiaraLanzani, GuglielmoPaternò, Giuseppe Maria +
Tamm Plasmon Resonance as Optical Fingerprint of Silver/Bacteria Interaction 1-gen-2023 Bertolotti, PietroPerotto, SaraMarangi, FabioLanzani, GuglielmoScotognella, FrancescoPaternò, Giuseppe Maria +
Insight on the Intracellular Supramolecular Assembly of DTTO: A Peculiar Example of Cell‐Driven Polymorphism 1-gen-2023 Aloisio, LudovicoFleitas, Ariel GarcíaVenturino, IlariaVurro, VitoMagni, AriannaD'Andrea, CosimoPaternò, Giuseppe MariaLanzani, Guglielmo +
Nanoparticle-based organic polymer retinal prostheses: modeling, solution map and simulation 1-gen-2023 Chiaravalli, GretaLanzani, GuglielmoSacco, RiccardoSalsa, Sandro
Modulation of Mechanosensitive Potassium Channels by a Membrane-targeted Nongenetic Photoswitch 1-gen-2023 Vurro, VitoSesti, ValentinaBertarelli, ChiaraPaternò, Giuseppe MariaLanzani, Guglielmo +
Excited states engineering enables efficient near-infrared lasing in nanographenes 1-gen-2022 Paterno G. M.Guizzardi M.Scotognella F.Lanzani G. +
Resonant Enhancement of Polymer-Cell Optostimulation by a Plasmonic Metasurface 1-gen-2022 Perotto, SaraPaternò, Giuseppe MariaLanzani, Guglielmo +
Light-induced charge generation in polymeric nanoparticles restores vision in advanced-stage retinitis pigmentosa rats 1-gen-2022 Di Marco, SChiaravalli, GCupini, SAttanasio, MSacco, RLanzani, G +
Indium Selenide/Indium Tin Oxide Hybrid Films for Solution‐Processed Photoelectrochemical‐Type Photodetectors in Aqueous Media 1-gen-2022 Bellani, SebastianoLanzani, GuglielmoKriegel, Ilka +
Azobenzene photoisomerization probes cell membrane viscosity 1-gen-2022 Magni A.Paterno G. M.Sesti V.D'Andrea C.Bertarelli C.Lanzani G. +
Femtosecond Laser???Induced Refractive Index Patterning in Inorganic/Organic Hybrid Films 1-gen-2022 Silvio BonfadiniTommaso NicoliniFilippo StortiGuglielmo Lanzani +
Materials for Organic Bioelectronics 1-gen-2022 Paternò, Giuseppe M.Lanzani, Guglielmo
The impact of Tamm plasmons on photonic crystals technology 1-gen-2022 Guglielmo LanzaniFrancesco ScotognellaGiuseppe Maria Paternò +
Dynamical imaging of local photovoltage at semiconductor surface by photo-assisted ultrafast scanning electron microscopy 1-gen-2021 Mohamed ZaghloulSilvia M. PietralungaGabriele IrdeVittorio SalaGiulio CerulloHao ChenGiovanni IsellaGuglielmo LanzaniMaurizio ZaniAlberto Tagliaferri
Fluorescent probes for optical investigation of the plasma membrane 1-gen-2021 Bondelli G.Paterno G. M.Lanzani G.
Sterilization of Semiconductive Nanomaterials: The Case of Water-Suspended Poly-3-Hexylthiophene Nanoparticles 1-gen-2021 Bondelli G.Lanzani G.Di Maria F. +
The impact of bacteria exposure on the plasmonic response of silver nanostructured surfaces 1-gen-2021 Paternò, Giuseppe M.Ross, Aaron M.Dalla Vedova, NicholasBondelli, GaiaMoscardi, LilianaScotognella, FrancescoLanzani, Guglielmo +
The physics of plasma membrane photostimulation 1-gen-2021 Paterno G. M.Vurro V.Lanzani G. +
Photoelectrochemistry and Drift-Diffusion Simulations in a Polythiophene Film Interfaced with an Electrolyte 1-gen-2021 Chiaravalli, GretaManfredi, GiovanniSacco, RiccardoLanzani, Guglielmo
Large Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons as Graphene Quantum Dots: from Synthesis to Spectroscopy and Photonics 1-gen-2021 Paterno G. M.Lanzani G.Scotognella F. +
Incorporating a molecular antenna in diatom microalgae cells enhances photosynthesis 1-gen-2021 Molotokaite E.D'Andrea C.Lanzani G. +
Molecular Design of Amphiphilic Plasma Membrane-Targeted Azobenzenes for Nongenetic Optical Stimulation 1-gen-2021 Vurro V.Bondelli G.Sesti V.Paterno G. M.Lanzani G.Bertarelli C. +
Stimuli-responsive photonic crystals 1-gen-2021 Moscardi L.Lanzani G.Paterno G. M.Scotognella F.
Bringing Microbiology to Light: Toward All-Optical Electrophysiology in Bacteria 1-gen-2021 Paterno G. M.Bondelli G.Lanzani G.
Edible Electronics: The Vision and the Challenge 1-gen-2021 Melloni F.Lanzani G. +
Bringing the interaction of silver nanoparticles with bacteria to light 1-gen-2021 Dalla Vedova, NicholasLanzani, GuglielmoScotognella, FrancescoPaternò, Giuseppe Maria +
A sub-150-nanometre-thick and ultraconformable solution-processed all-organic transistor 1-gen-2021 Barsotti, JonathanMelloni, FilippoLanzani, Guglielmo +
Near-Infrared Lasing in Four-Zigzag Edged Nanographenes by 1D versus 2D Electronic π-Conjugation 1-gen-2021 Ross A. M.Paterno G. M.Scotognella F.Lanzani G. +
Shedding Light on Thermally Induced Optocapacitance at the Organic Biointerface 1-gen-2021 Chiaravalli G.Paterno G. M.Lanzani G.D'Andrea C. +
Probing the photophysics of lead-halide hybrid perovskite junctions under very intense optical irradiance 1-gen-2020 Silvia M. PietralungaGabriele IrdeVittorio SalaMaurizio ZaniAnnamaria PetrozzaGuglielmo LanzaniAlberto Tagliaferri +
Design of 1D photonic crystals for colorimetric and ratiometric refractive index sensing 1-gen-2020 Dalla Vedova N.Lanzani G.Scotognella F.Paterno G. M. +
Towards a Chipless and Wireless Passive System for Real‐Time Encoding of the Bladder Volume 1-gen-2020 Filippo MelloniGiorgio E. BonacchiniGuglielmo LanzaniMario Caironi
Biocompatibility of a Conjugated Polymer Retinal Prosthesis in the Domestic Pig 1-gen-2020 Di Marco S.Di Paolo M.Desii A.Lanzani G. +
A hybrid P3HT-Graphene interface for efficient photostimulation of neurons 1-gen-2020 Manfredi G.Lanzani G. +
Dual Amplified Spontaneous Emission and Lasing from Nanographene Films 1-gen-2020 Paternò, Giuseppe M.Ross, Aaron M.Scotognella, FrancescoD’Andrea, CosimoLanzani, Guglielmo +
Clinical translation of nanoparticles for neural stimulation 1-gen-2020 Lanzani G. +
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