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Two Phase Bubble Columns: the Determinants of the Flow Regime Transitions 1-gen-2024 Varallo N.Besagni G.Mereu R.Inzoli F.
Performance investigation on the bypass ejector for a proton exchange membrane fuel cell system 1-gen-2024 Besagni G.Mereu R.Inzoli F. +
Role of Methanogenesis and Sulfate Reduction in Lifetime Performance of Hydrogen Storage in Depleted Gas Reservoirs 1-gen-2023 Ranaee, E.Inzoli, F.Guadagnini, A.
Experimental study of a R290 variable geometry ejector 1-gen-2023 Besagni G.Inzoli F.Fingas R. +
Experimental and numerical study on the ejector containing condensable species in the secondary flow for PEM fuel cell applications 1-gen-2023 Besagni G.Mereu R.Inzoli F. +
Experimental study of a R290 variable geometry ejector 1-gen-2022 Giorgio BesagniFabio InzoliRafal Fingas +
The influence of Variable Geometry Control on a R290 Ejector Refrigeration System 1-gen-2022 Besagni G.Inzoli F.
Sensitivity-based Parameter Calibration of Single- and Dual-continuum Coreflooding Simulation Models 1-gen-2022 Ranaee E.Inzoli F.Riva M.Guadagnini A.
Assessment and uncertainty quantification of onshore geological CO2 storage capacity in China 1-gen-2022 Ranaee E.Khattar R.Inzoli F.Blunt M. J.Guadagnini A.
Multi-scale performance evaluation of ejector refrigeration systems 1-gen-2021 Besagni G.Inzoli F.Guedon G. R. +
Computational fluid-dynamics modelling of supersonic ejectors: Screening of modelling approaches, comprehensive validation and assessment of ejector component efficiencies 1-gen-2021 Besagni G.Guedon G. R.Inzoli F. +
Analysis of the performance of a crude-oil desalting system based on historical data 1-gen-2021 Ranaee E.Keshavarzian S.Riva M.Inzoli F.Guadagnini A. +
Multi-scale evaluation of ejector performances: The influence of refrigerants and ejector design 1-gen-2021 Besagni G.Guedon G. R.Inzoli F. +
Computational fluid dynamic modelling of supersonic ejectors: comparison between 2D and 3D modelling 1-gen-2021 Besagni G.Inzoli F.Guedon G. R. +
Implementation of Three-Phase Black-Oil Reservoir Models Assisted by Micro-Scale Analyses 1-gen-2020 Ranaee, EhsanGuédon, Gaël RaymondMoghadasi, LeiliInzoli, FabioRiva, MonicaGuadagnini, Alberto +
Refrigerant selection for ejector refrigeration systems: A multiscale evaluation 1-gen-2020 Besagni G.Guedon G. R.Inzoli F. +
Experimental study of the liquid velocity and turbulence in a large-scale air-water counter-current bubble column 1-gen-2020 Besagni G.Inzoli F. +
Multiphase numerical modeling of a pilot-scale bubble column with a fixed poly-dispersity approach 1-gen-2020 Hosseini, AshkanMereu, RiccardoCanu, SalvatoreInzoli, Fabio +
Combining two- And three-phase coreflooding experiments for reservoir simulation under WAG practices 1-gen-2020 Moghadasi L.Ranaee E.Inzoli F.Guadagnini A. +
Le opportunità per le imprese: sostenibilità, innovazione, efficienza 1-gen-2019 Fabio InzoliMaurizio MasiFerruccio Resta
On the scale-up criteria for bubble columns 1-gen-2019 Besagni G.Inzoli F. +
The pseudo-homogeneous flow regime in large-scale bubble columns: experimental benchmark and computational fluid dynamics modeling 1-gen-2019 Besagni, GiorgioInzoli, Fabio +
Experimental study of liquid velocity profiles in large-scale bubble columns with particle tracking velocimetry 1-gen-2019 Besagni G.Inzoli F. +
Prediction of bubble size distributions in large-scale bubble columns using a population balance model 1-gen-2019 Besagni G.Inzoli F.
Hysteresis effects of three-phase relative permeabilities on black-oil reservoir simulation under WAG injection protocols 1-gen-2019 Ranaee, EhsanInzoli, FabioRiva, MonicaGuadagnini, Alberto
Feedback Between Gravity and Viscous Forces in Two-phase Buckley-Leverett Flow in Randomly Heterogeneous Permeability Fields 1-gen-2019 P. AlikhaniA. GuadagniniF. Inzoli
Scale-resolving CFD modeling of a thick wind turbine airfoil with application of vortex generators: Validation and sensitivity analyses 1-gen-2019 Mereu R.PASSONI, STEFANOInzoli F.
Design and thermoeconomic analysis of a multi-effect desalination unit equipped with a cryogenic refrigeration system 1-gen-2019 Inzoli F.Rocco M. +
Bubble sizes and shapes in a counter-current bubble column with pure and binary liquid phases 1-gen-2019 Besagni G.Inzoli F.
Pore-scale velocities in three-dimensional porous materials with trapped immiscible fluid 1-gen-2019 Guedon G. R.Inzoli F.Riva M.Guadagnini A.
Numerical modelling of flashing flow phase change in convergent-divergent nozzle: A sensitivity analysis 1-gen-2019 Mereu R.Besagni G.Dossena V.Inzoli F. +
Propagation to reservoir simulation of uncertainty associated with three-phase relative permeability models with hysteresis 1-gen-2018 E. RanaeeF. InzoliM. RivaA. Guadagnini +
Analysis of flow field design on vanadium redox flow battery performance: Development of 3D computational fluid dynamic model and experimental validation 1-gen-2018 MESSAGGI, MIRKOCANZI, PATRIZIOMereu, R.Baricci, A.Inzoli, F.Casalegno, A.Zago, M.
Effect of gas sparger design on bubble column hydrodynamics using pure and binary liquid phases 1-gen-2018 Besagni, G.Gallazzini, L.Inzoli, F.
Computational fluid-dynamic modeling of the mono-dispersed homogeneous flow regime in bubble columns 1-gen-2018 Giorgio BesagniGaël R. GuédonFabio Inzoli
The bubble shape in contaminated bubbly flows: Results for different NaCl concentrations in purified water 1-gen-2018 Besagni G.Inzoli F. +
Two-phase bubble columns: A comprehensive review 1-gen-2018 Besagni G.Inzoli F. +
Numerical assessment of water alternating gas practices in the presence of hysteresis effects on relative permeability 1-gen-2018 Ranaee E.Inzoli F.Riva M.Cominelli A.Guadagnini A. +
Editorial: 5th micro and nano flows conference 2016 1-gen-2018 Inzoli, FabioMereu, Riccardo
Computational Fluid Dynamics Modeling of Flashing Flow in Convergent-Divergent Nozzle 1-gen-2018 Dang Le, QuangMereu, RiccardoBesagni, GiorgioDossena, VincenzoInzoli, Fabio
The Borexino Thermal Monitoring & Management System and simulations of the fluid-dynamics of the Borexino detector under asymmetrical, changing boundary conditions 1-gen-2018 Mereu, R.Inzoli, F. +
On the scale-up criteria for bubble columns 1-gen-2017 Besagni G.Inzoli F +
Prediction of bubble size distributions in large-scale bubble columns using computational fluid dynamics 1-gen-2017 Besagni G.Inzoli F +
Novel gas holdup and regime transition correlation for two-phase bubble columns 1-gen-2017 Besagni, G.Inzoli, F.
The effect of liquid phase properties on bubble column fluid dynamics: Gas holdup, flow regime transition, bubble size distributions and shapes, interfacial areas and foaming phenomena 1-gen-2017 BESAGNI, GIORGIOINZOLI, FABIO
Computational Fluid-Dynamic modeling of the pseudo-homogeneous flow regime in large-scale bubble columns 1-gen-2017 BESAGNI, GIORGIOINZOLI, FABIO +
Gas holdup and flow regime transition in spider-sparger bubble column: Effect of liquid phase properties 1-gen-2017 BESAGNI, GIORGIOINZOLI, FABIODE GUIDO, GIORGIAPELLEGRINI, LAURA ANNAMARIA
Application of an integrated lumped parameter-CFD approach to evaluate the ejector-driven anode recirculation in a PEM fuel cell system 1-gen-2017 BESAGNI, GIORGIOMEREU, RICCARDOINZOLI, FABIOCHIESA, PAOLO
Acid gas removal from natural gas by water washing 1-gen-2017 DE GUIDO, GIORGIAPELLEGRINI, LAURA ANNAMARIABESAGNI, GIORGIOINZOLI, FABIO
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