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Local labour market conditions and the spatial mobility of science and technology university students: evidence from Italy In corso di stampa FRATESI, UGOLENZI, CAMILLA +
Firm Competitiveness, Specialisation, and Employment Growth: Territorial Level Relationships 1-gen-2023 Fantechi, FedericoFratesi, Ugo
Economic resilience and regionally differentiated cycles: Evidence from a turning point approach in Italy 1-gen-2023 Fratesi, U +
Spatial patterns of territorial competitiveness: The role of peripherality, urbanization and physical geography 1-gen-2023 Fratesi, Ugo +
Border Effects on firm's productivity: The role of peripherality and territorial capital 1-gen-2023 Fantechi, FFratesi, U
Per un’alleanza tra centralità e perifericità 1-gen-2022 fratesi ugo
L’impatto territoriale delle politiche d’investimento regionale: un’analisi input-output territorializzata del piano Lombardia 1-gen-2022 fratesi
The role of Cohesion Policy for sustaining the resilience of European regional labour markets during different crises 1-gen-2022 Fratesi U. +
One policy, different effects: Estimating the region-specific impacts of EU cohesion policy 1-gen-2022 Fratesi U. +
Administrative capacity and the territorial effects of EU support to firms: a two-step analysis 1-gen-2022 Fratesi U.Perucca G. +
Measuring competitiveness differentials inside the same region: a propensity-score matching approach 1-gen-2022 Fantechi F.Fratesi U.
L’identificazione delle priorità nelle politiche di competitività regionale: un’analisi per la Lombardia con il Regional Competitiveness Index 1-gen-2021 u. Fratesi +
Politiche per la competitività regionale e specializzazione intelligente nelle regioni sviluppate 1-gen-2021 fratesi
Assessing Smart Specialisation: Policy Implementation Measures 1-gen-2021 u. Fratesi +
Politiche regionali per la competitività e l’innovazione: ruolo, evoluzione e sfide 1-gen-2021 fratesi
Az intelligens szakosodási stratégia támogatása rendszerdinamikai modell segítségével (Supporting a smart specialization strategy using a system dynamics model) 1-gen-2021 U. Fratesi +
Regional Policy Out of the Trade-off: Justifications and Current Challenges 1-gen-2021 fratesi
Regions in a time of pandemic 1-gen-2020 Fratesi U. +
Contextualizing regional policy impact: A contribution to more effective policy-making 1-gen-2020 Fratesi U.
Territorial resilience and competitiveness policies: lombardy in programming period 2007-2013 1-gen-2020 Fratesi U. +
Rethinking regions in turbulent times 1-gen-2020 Fratesi U. +
EU Regional Policy Effectiveness and the Role of Territorial Capital 1-gen-2020 u. FratesiG. Perucca
Employment volatility in lagging and advanced regions: The Italian case 1-gen-2020 Fratesi U. +
Fighting Gravity: Institutional Changes and Regional Disparities in the EU 1-gen-2020 R. CamagniR. CapelloS. CerisolaU. Fratesi
The influence of the local context on the implementation and impact of EU Cohesion Policy 1-gen-2019 Fratesi U.Perucca G. +
Who welcomes them? Determinants of the spatial distribution of asylum seekers in Italy 1-gen-2019 Fratesi U. +
Investigating the Spatial Patterns of Regional Fiscal Residua in Italy 1-gen-2019 U. Fratesi +
EU regional development policy and territorial capital: A systemic approach 1-gen-2019 Ugo FratesiGiovanni Perucca
Back to the member states? Cohesion Policy and the national challenges to the European Union 1-gen-2019 Fratesi U. +
Regional Determinants of Economic Resilience 1-gen-2018 U. Fratesi +
Breaking Down the Border: Physical, Institutional and Cultural Obstacles 1-gen-2018 Capello, RobertaCaragliu, AndreaFratesi, Ugo
Transitions in Regional Economic Development 1-gen-2018 U. Fratesi +
Skill matching as a determinant of the mobility of Italian graduates 1-gen-2018 U. FratesiC. Lenzi +
Measuring border effects in European cross-border regions 1-gen-2018 Capello, RobertaCaragliu, AndreaFratesi, Ugo
The Geography of Asylum Seekers and Refugees in Europe 1-gen-2018 U. Fratesi +
Territorial capital and the resilience of European regions 1-gen-2018 FRATESI, UGOPERUCCA, GIOVANNI
The regional costs of market size losses in a EU dismembering process 1-gen-2018 Capello, RobertaCaragliu, AndreaFratesi, Ugo
Compensation Modes of Border Effects in Cross-Border Regions 1-gen-2018 R. CapelloA. CaragliuU. Fratesi
The EU cohesion policy and the factors conditioning success and failure: evidence from 15 regions 1-gen-2017 u. fratesi +
Regional Upgrading in Southern Europe: Spatial Disparities and Human Capital 1-gen-2017 u. fratesi +
Advances in Regional Growth Forecasting Models: Conceptual Challenges and Methodological Responses 1-gen-2017 CAPELLO, ROBERTACARAGLIU, ANDREA ANTONIOFRATESI, UGO
Global reversal, regional revival? 1-gen-2017 Fratesi, Ugo +
Territorial Capital and EU Cohesion Policy 1-gen-2017 FRATESI, UGOPERUCCA, GIOVANNI
The impact of European Cohesion Policy in different contexts 1-gen-2017 Fratesi, Ugo +
The role of functions in economic underperformance of southern European regions 1-gen-2017 u. fratesi
Regional Upgrading in Southern Europe: a General Framework 1-gen-2017 u. fratesi +
Modeling Regional Growth between Competitiveness and Austerity Measures: The MASST3 Model 1-gen-2017 CAPELLO, ROBERTACARAGLIU, ANDREA ANTONIOFRATESI, UGO
The Dynamics of Regional Competitiveness 1-gen-2017 u. fratesi
Classic books in regional studies: an introduction to the 50th Anniversary Book Review Collection 1-gen-2017 Fratesi, Ugo
The crisis and regional employment in Europe: What role for sheltered economies? 1-gen-2016 FRATESI, UGO +
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 50 di 134
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