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Soot formation in combustion of spherically symmetric isolated fuel droplets with different initial diameters 1-gen-2024 Nobili, AndreaFrassoldati, AlessioFaravelli, TizianoCuoci, Alberto
Detailed speciation of biomass pyrolysis products with a novel TGA-based methodology: the case-study of cellulose 1-gen-2024 Piazza, VeronicaFrassoldati, AlessioLietti, LucaFaravelli, TizianoBeretta, Alessandra +
Multicomponent droplet evaporation in a geometric volume-of-fluid framework 1-gen-2024 Cipriano, EdoardoSaufi, Abd EssamadeFrassoldati, AlessioFaravelli, TizianoCuoci, Alberto +
Chemical kinetics of SARA fractions pyrolysis: Resins 1-gen-2024 Frassoldati, AlessioFaravelli, Tiziano +
Estimation of third body efficiencies from experimental data: Application to hydrogen combustion 1-gen-2023 Bertolino, A.Frassoldati, A.Cuoci, A. +
Unraveling the complexity of pyrolysates from residual fuels by Py-GCxGC-FID/SCD/TOF-MS with an innovative data processing method 1-gen-2023 Frassoldati, AlessioFaravelli, Tiziano +
Oxygen effects on soot formation in H2/n-heptane counterflow flames 1-gen-2023 Nobili, AndreaPelucchi, MatteoCuoci, AlbertoFrassoldati, AlessioFaravelli, Tiziano +
H2 from biofuels and carriers: A concerted homo-heterogeneous kinetic model of ethanol partial oxidation and steam reforming on Rh/Al2O3 1-gen-2023 Troisi, VPiazza, VStagni, AFrassoldati, AGroppi, GBeretta, A
Experimental and numerical investigation of ester droplet combustion: Application to butyl acetate 1-gen-2023 Cuoci, AlbertoFrassoldati, Alessio +
A comprehensive kinetic framework for solid carbon deposition and hydrogen production from the pyrolysis of light hydrocarbons streams 1-gen-2023 Serse, FrancescoDing, ZhaobinBracconi, MauroMaestri, MatteoNobili, AndreaGiudici, ClarissaFrassoldati, AlessioFaravelli, TizianoCuoci, AlbertoPelucchi, Matteo
Chemistry of nitrogen oxides (NOx) formation in flameless combustion 1-gen-2022 Stagni, AlessandroFrassoldati, AlessioPelucchi, MatteoFaravelli, Tiziano
Combustion characteristics and detailed simulations of surrogates for a Tier II gasoline certification fuel 1-gen-2022 Cuoci A.Frassoldati A. +
On the influence of NO addition to dimethyl ether oxidation in a flow reactor 1-gen-2022 Pelucchi M.Cuoci A.Frassoldati A.Stagni A.Faravelli T. +
On the Impact of the Equator Principles Compliance: Supporting the Decision Making in Projects 1-gen-2022 Frassoldati AlessioMicheli Guido +
Dimethyl ether oxidation analyzed in a given flow reactor: Experimental and modeling uncertainties 1-gen-2022 Stagni A.Pelucchi M.Frassoldati A.Faravelli T. +
Road Tunnels Operation: Effectiveness of Emergency Teams as a Risk Mitigation Measure 1-gen-2022 F. BorghettiA. FrassoldatiM. Derudi +
Experimental and computational investigation of the influence of iso-butanol on autoignition of n-decane and n-heptane in non-premixed flows 1-gen-2022 Cuoci A.Frassoldati A.Mehl M. +
Automatically generated detailed and lumped reaction mechanisms for low- and high-temperature oxidation of alkanes 1-gen-2022 Faravelli T.Frassoldati A. +
Experimental and kinetic modeling study of α-methylnaphthalene laminar flame speeds 1-gen-2022 Nobili A.Pratali Maffei L.Pelucchi M.Mehl M.Frassoldati A. +
Kinetics mechanism of asphaltenes liquid-phase pyrolysis 1-gen-2021 Alessio FrassoldatiTiziano Faravelli +
Safety in Road Tunnels: Analysis of Fire Accident Location inside the Gran Sasso Tunnel in Italy 1-gen-2021 F. BorghettiA. FrassoldatiM. Derudi +
An evolutionary, data-driven approach for mechanism optimization: theory and application to ammonia combustion 1-gen-2021 Bertolino A.Stagni A.Frassoldati A.Pelucchi M.Cavallotti C.Faravelli T. +
Kinetic modeling of the ignition of droplets of fast pyrolysis bio-oil: Effect of initial diameter and fuel composition 1-gen-2021 Stagni A.Frassoldati A.Cuoci A.Faravelli T. +
Theoretical and kinetic modeling study of chloromethane (CH3Cl) pyrolysis and oxidation 1-gen-2021 Pelucchi M.Cavallotti C.Frassoldati A.Ranzi E.Faravelli T. +
The chemistry of chemical recycling of solid plastic waste via pyrolysis and gasification: State-of-the-art, challenges, and future directions 1-gen-2021 Pelucchi M.Cuoci A.Mehl M.Frassoldati A.Faravelli T. +
Carrier-phase DNS of detailed NOx formation in early-stage pulverized coal combustion with fuel-bound nitrogen 1-gen-2021 Bagheri G.Stagni A.Frassoldati A.Faravelli T. +
Interface-resolved simulation of the evaporation and combustion of a fuel droplet suspended in normal gravity 1-gen-2021 Saufi, A. E.Frassoldati, A.Faravelli, T.Cuoci, A.
Simulating combustion of a seven-component surrogate for a gasoline/ethanol blend including soot formation and comparison with experiments 1-gen-2021 Cuoci A.Mehl M.Frassoldati A. +
OptiSMOKE++: A toolbox for optimization of chemical kinetic mechanisms 1-gen-2021 Bertolino A.Cuoci A.Faravelli T.Frassoldati A. +
On the combustion and sooting behavior of standard and hydro-treated jet fuels: An experimental and modeling study on the compositional effects 1-gen-2021 Pelucchi M.Pejpichestakul W.Frassoldati A.Mehl M. +
Chemical Kinetics of Asphaltene Pyrolysis 1-gen-2021 Frassoldati A.Faravelli T. +
Tunnel Risk Analysis: a Quantitative Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Emergency Teams Inside the A24 and A25 Motorway Tunnels 1-gen-2020 f. borghettim. DerudiA. Frassoldati +
Safety in Road Tunnels: Accident Data Analysis of the Italian Motorway A24 and A25 1-gen-2020 f. Borghettia. frassoldatim. Derudi +
Comprehensive kinetic study of combustion technologies for low environmental impact: MILD and OXY-fuel combustion of methane 1-gen-2020 Bagheri G.Ranzi E.Pelucchi M.Frassoldati A.Faravelli T. +
The role of composition in the combustion of n-heptane/iso-butanol mixtures: experiments and detailed modelling 1-gen-2020 Cuoci A.Frassoldati A. +
Kinetic modeling of a standard jet fuel oxidation in a flow reactor 1-gen-2019 M. MehlM. PelucchiA. CuociA. Frassoldati +
Road Tunnels - An Analytical Model for Risk Analysis 1-gen-2019 F. BorghettiM. DerudiA. Frassoldati +
Evaporation of multicomponent fuel droplets in buoyancy driven convection 1-gen-2019 Abd Essamade SaufiAlessio FrassoldatiTiziano FaravelliAlberto Cuoci +
Modeling of Thermochemical Conversion of Biomasses 1-gen-2019 Frassoldati, Alessio.Ranzi, Eliseo.
Consequence analysis of the accidental scenarios 1-gen-2019 Borghetti F.Derudi M.Frassoldati A. +
An optimized core mechanism for H2/CO combustion in mild-like conditions 1-gen-2019 A. BertolinoA. Frassoldati +
Towards a better understanding of the combustion of oxygenated aromatic hydrocarbons. Comparing benzene, toluene, phenol and anisole with ignition delay times in a rapid compression machine 1-gen-2019 Luna Pratali MaffeiMatteo PelucchiTiziano FaravelliAlessio Frassoldati +
Theoretical and kinetic modelling study of the oxidation of oxygenated aromatic hydrocarbons: reaction classes and rate rules 1-gen-2019 L. Pratali MaffeiW. PejpichestakulM. PelucchiC. CavallottiA. FrassoldatiT. Faravelli +
The role of preferential vaporization in Fast Pyrolysis Bio Oil (FPBO) droplets evaporation 1-gen-2019 A. E. SaufiA. FrassoldatiT. FaravelliA. Cuoci
Queue formation model 1-gen-2019 Borghetti F.Derudi M.Frassoldati A. +
Preface 1-gen-2019 Borghetti F.Derudi M.Frassoldati A. +
Tunnel infrastructure measures, equipment and management procedures 1-gen-2019 Borghetti F.Derudi M.Frassoldati A. +
Distribution model of potentially exposed users 1-gen-2019 Borghetti F.Derudi M.Frassoldati A. +
Calculation of the F-N curve and the expected damage value 1-gen-2019 Borghetti F.Derudi M.Frassoldati A. +
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