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Multi-fidelity reduced-order surrogate modelling 1-gen-2024 Conti, PaoloManzoni, AndreaFrangi, Attilio +
High Sensitivity Mems Z-Axis Accelerometer with In-Plane Differential Readout 1-gen-2023 Zega, ValentinaFrangi, Attilio +
A New High-Sensitivity Differential X-Axis FM Accelerometer 1-gen-2023 Zega, ValentinaFrangi, AttilioNastri, RiccardoLangfelder, Giacomo +
Reduced order modeling of parametrized systems through autoencoders and SINDy approach: continuation of periodic solutions 1-gen-2023 Paolo ContiGiorgio GobatStefania FrescaAndrea ManzoniAttilio Frangi
High-order direct parametrisation of invariant manifolds for model order reduction of finite element structures: application to generic forcing terms and parametrically excited systems 1-gen-2023 Frangi A. +
Reduced order modeling of geometrically nonlinear rotating structures using the direct parametrisation of invariant manifolds 1-gen-2023 Frangi, Attilio +
Modelling the Periodic Response of Micro-Electromechanical Systems through Deep Learning-Based Approaches 1-gen-2023 Fresca S.Frangi A. +
Nonlinear model order reduction of resonant piezoelectric micro-actuators: An invariant manifold approach 1-gen-2023 Frangi A. +
Reduced Order Modeling of Nonlinear Vibrating Multiphysics Microstructures with Deep Learning-Based Approaches 1-gen-2023 Gobat, GiorgioFresca, StefaniaManzoni, AndreaFrangi, Attilio
ON-MEMS-CHIP Compact Temperature Sensor for Large-Volume, Low-Cost Sensor Calibration 1-gen-2023 Frigerio, PaoloFagnani, AndreaZega, ValentinaFrangi, AttilioLangfelder, Giacomo +
A Defect-Based MEMS Phononic Crystal Slab Waveguide in Electronic Circuits 1-gen-2023 Zega, VGazzola, CBuffoli, ALangfelder, GFrangi, A +
Investigation of Quasi-Periodic Solutions in Nonlinear Oscillators Featuring Internal Resonance 1-gen-2022 Gobat GiorgioFrangi Attilio +
Planar GRIN lenses: Numerical modeling and experimental validation 1-gen-2022 Marco AntonacciEmanuele RivaAttilio FrangiAlberto CoriglianoValentina Zega
One-to-one internal resonance in a symmetric MEMS micromirror 1-gen-2022 Opreni A.Furlan M.Bursuc A.Frangi A. +
High order direct parametrisation of invariant manifolds for model order reduction of finite element structures: application to large amplitude vibrations and uncovering of a folding point 1-gen-2022 Opreni A.Frangi A. +
Deep learning-based reduced order models for the real-time simulation of the nonlinear dynamics of microstructures 1-gen-2022 Fresca, SGobat, GFrangi, AManzoni, A +
Frequency combs in a MEMS resonator featuring 1:2 internal resonance: ab initio reduced order modelling and experimental validation 1-gen-2022 Gobat, GZega, VFrangi, A +
Reduced order modeling of nonlinear microstructures through Proper Orthogonal Decomposition 1-gen-2022 Gobat G.Opreni A.Fresca S.Manzoni A.Frangi A.
A novel low-frequency multi-bandgaps metaplate: Genetic algorithm based optimization and experimental validation 1-gen-2022 Panahi, EmadFrangi, AttilioZega, Valentina +
Fast and Accurate Predictions of MEMS Micromirrors Nonlinear Dynamic Response Using Direct Computation of Invariant Manifolds 1-gen-2022 Opreni, AndreaFrangi, Attilio +
A Defect-Based MEMS Phononic Crystal Slab Waveguide 1-gen-2022 Zega V.Gazzola C.Buffoli A.Langfelder G.Frangi A. +
Planar GRIN Lenses for MEMS Energy Harvesters: A Macroscale Proof of Concept 1-gen-2022 Zega, VAntonacci, MFrangi, ACorigliano, ARiva, E
A Lagrangian fluid–structure interaction approach for the simulation of airbag deployment 1-gen-2022 Cremonesi M.Frangi A.Perego U. +
An Arbitrary Lagrangian Eulerian Approach for Estimating Energy Dissipation in Micromirrors 1-gen-2022 Di Cristofaro D.Cremonesi M.Frangi A. +
Linear and Nonlinear Mechanics in MEMS 1-gen-2022 Claudia ComiAlberto CoriglianoAttilio FrangiValentina Zega
Reduced Order Modelling in a Mems Arch Resonator Exhibiting 1:2 Internal Resonance 1-gen-2022 V. ZegaG. GobatA. Frangi +
Defect-based MEMS phononic crystal slab waveguide 1-gen-2021 Valentina ZegaChiara GazzolaA. Frangi +
Model order reduction for the analysis of large arrays of piezoelectric micromachined ultrasonic transducers in water 1-gen-2021 Massimino, GianlucaCorigliano, AlbertoFrangi, Attilio +
Electro-mechanical validation of a resonant MEMS mirror with PZT actuation and PZR sensing 1-gen-2021 Opreni A.Frangi A. +
Reduced order modelling and experimental validation of a MEMS gyroscope test-structure exhibiting 1:2 internal resonance 1-gen-2021 Gobat G.Zega V.Frangi A. +
A fast boundary-finite element approach for estimating anchor losses in Micro-Electro-Mechanical System resonators 1-gen-2021 Aimi, A.Frangi, A. +
Backbone curves, Neimark-Sacker boundaries and appearance of quasi-periodicity in nonlinear oscillators: application to 1:2 internal resonance and frequency combs in MEMS 1-gen-2021 Gobat G.Frangi A. +
Analysis of the nonlinear response of piezo-micromirrors with the harmonic balance method 1-gen-2021 Opreni A.Frangi A. +
Reduced order models for geometrically nonlinear structures: Assessment of implicit condensation in comparison with invariant manifold approach 1-gen-2021 Frangi, Attilio +
Modeling Material Nonlinearities in Piezoelectric Films: Quasi-Static Actuation 1-gen-2021 Opreni A.Frangi A. +
Model order reduction based on direct normal form: application to large finite element MEMS structures featuring internal resonance 1-gen-2021 Opreni A.Frangi A. +
Experimental Evidence of Mechanical Frequency Comb in a Quad-Mass Mems Structure 1-gen-2021 Gobat, GiorgioZega, ValentinaFrangi, Attilio +
Mems resonators: Numerical modeling 1-gen-2020 Zega V.Frangi A.Opreni A.Gattere G.
Interpolation Based Reduced Order Modelling for Non-linearities in MEMS 1-gen-2020 Gobat, GiorgioFrangi, AttilioZega, Valentina
The first three-dimensional printed and wet-metallized coriolis mass flowmeter 1-gen-2020 Gaffuri Pagani L.Carulli P.Zega V.Suriano R.Bernasconi R.Frangi A.Levi M.Magagnin L.Langfelder G.
Thermal Stability of DETF MEMS Resonators: Numerical Modelling and Experimental Validation 1-gen-2020 Zega V.Opreni A.Mussi G.Gattere G.Langfelder G.Frangi A. +
Snap-through buckling mechanism for frequency-up conversion in piezoelectric energy harvesting 1-gen-2020 Speciale A.Ardito R.Frangi A. A. +
Piezoelectric Micromirrors with Geometric and Material Nonlinearities: Experimental Study and Numerical Modeling 1-gen-2020 Opreni, AndreaFrangi, AttilioMerli, Massimiliano +
Nonlinear Response of PZT-Actuated Resonant Micromirrors 1-gen-2020 Frangi A.Opreni A. +
On the simulation of the hysteresis loop of polycrystalline PZT thin films 1-gen-2020 Fedeli, PatrickCuneo, FedericoMagagnin, LucaNobili, LucaFrangi, Attilio +
An Outlook on Potentialities and Limits in Using Epitaxial Polysilicon for MEMS Real-Time Clocks 1-gen-2020 Mussi, GiorgioBestetti, MarcoZega, ValentinaFrangi, AttilioGattere, GabrieleLangfelder, Giacomo
Numerical Modelling of Non-Linearities in MEMS Resonators 1-gen-2020 Zega V.Frangi A. +
Reduced Order Modelling for geometric non-linearities in MEMS 1-gen-2019 A. FrangiV. ZegaG. Gobat
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