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Extracting standard naval routes from AIS data: Insights from an In-Depth Analysis of the Arctic Region 1-gen-2023 C. FrancalanciP. Giacomazzi
Big Data and AI Pipeline Framework: Technology Analysis from a Benchmarking Perspective 1-gen-2022 Chiara Francalanci +
Raising Environmental Alerts in the Arctic Region by Analyzing Pollution Data from Sentinel 5p 1-gen-2022 Chiara FrancalanciPaolo Giacomazzi +
Benchmarking AyraDB next-generation database on Davinci-1 super-computer 1-gen-2022 Chiara FrancalanciPaolo GiacomazziPaolo Ravanelli +
CIME: Context-aware geolocation of emergency-related posts 1-gen-2022 Scalia G.Francalanci C.Pernici B.
Applying Space Data to the Analysis of the Economic Impact of Covid-19 Restrictions 1-gen-2021 C. FrancalanciP. GiacomazziP. Ravanelli +
Literature Search Habits of MIS Academics: Empirical Evidence on the Discovery of Impactful Research 1-gen-2020 Chiara FrancalanciPaolo Giacomazzi
Building the databench workflow and architecture 1-gen-2020 Pernici B.Francalanci C. +
Bridging the Gap Between Technical and Business Benchmarking 1-gen-2019 Francalanci ChiaraGiacomazzi PaoloPernici Barbara
E2mC: Improving rapid mapping with social network information 1-gen-2019 Francalanci C.Pernici B.Scalia G. +
Relating Big Data Business and Technical Performance Indicators 1-gen-2018 Barbara PerniciChiara FrancalanciAngela Geronazzo +
Geolocating social media posts for emergency mapping 1-gen-2018 Barbara PerniciChiara FrancalanciSCALIA, GABRIELE +
Digital Information Asset Evaluation: A Case Study in Manufacturing 1-gen-2018 Cappiello, CinziaFrancalanci, Chiara +
Talking about places: Considering context in geolocation of images extracted from tweets 1-gen-2018 Chiara FrancalanciBarbara PerniciGabriele Scalia +
Exploratory spatio-temporal queries in evolving information 1-gen-2018 Francalanci, C.Pernici, B.Scalia, G.
Data integration and quality requirements in emergency services 1-gen-2018 FRANCALANCI, CHIARAPERNICI, BARBARA
Exploratory spatio-temporal queries in evolving information 1-gen-2017 FRANCALANCI, CHIARAPERNICI, BARBARASCALIA, GABRIELE
The E2mC Project: An Innovative Approach to Combine Social Media and Crowdsourcing for Rapid Mapping 1-gen-2017 C. FrancalanciB. PerniciG. Scalia +
Motori di ricerca e indicatori bibliometrici di impatto: quanto è importante trovare contenuti interessanti online? 1-gen-2017 C. FrancalanciP. Giacomazzi
E2mC: Improving Emergency Management Service Practice through Social Media and Crowdsourcing Analysis in Near Real Time 1-gen-2017 Chiara FrancalanciBarbara PerniciGabriele Scalia +
E2mC: Improving Rapid Mapping with Social Network Information 1-gen-2017 FRANCALANCI, CHIARAPERNICI, BARBARASCALIA, GABRIELE +
Influence-based Twitter browsing with NavigTweet 1-gen-2017 Francalanci C. +
IMEXT: a method and system to extract geolocated images from Tweets - Analysis of a case study 1-gen-2017 FRANCALANCI, CHIARAScalia, GabrielePERNICI, BARBARA +
Evaluating the Economic Implications of Information Systems: A Formal Model of Information Processing Capacity 1-gen-2016 FRANCALANCI, CHIARAGIACOMAZZI, PAOLO
Data Management Technologies and Applications 1-gen-2015 FRANCALANCI, CHIARA +
Representing Social Influencers and Influence using Power-Law Graphs 1-gen-2015 FRANCALANCI, CHIARA +
Discovering Social Influencers with Network Visualization: Evidence from the Tourism Domain 1-gen-2015 FRANCALANCI, CHIARA +
Torcia: a decision-support collaborative platform for emergency management 1-gen-2015 FRANCALANCI, CHIARAGIACOMAZZI, PAOLO
Torcia: una piattaforma collaborativa per la gestione delle emergenze 1-gen-2015 FRANCALANCI, CHIARAGIACOMAZZI, PAOLO
NavigTweet: A Visual Tool for Influence-Based Twitter Browsing 1-gen-2015 FRANCALANCI, CHIARA
A visual analysis of social influencers and influence in the tourism domain 1-gen-2015 FRANCALANCI, CHIARA
Social Influence and Influencer Analysis: A Visual Perspective 1-gen-2015 FRANCALANCI, CHIARA
DATA 2014 - Data Management Technologies and Applications 1-gen-2014 FRANCALANCI, CHIARA +
Le mobile app: sfide tecniche e modelli economici 1-gen-2014 Chiara, FrancalanciPaolo, GiacomazziPoli, Alessandro
A visual approach to the empirical evaluation of social influence 1-gen-2014 FRANCALANCI, CHIARA
Usare i social media in applicazioni predittive 1-gen-2014 FRANCALANCI, CHIARAGIACOMAZZI, PAOLO
Measuring the Web reputation impact of events: preliminary evidence from a city brand listening project 1-gen-2013 BRUNI, LEONARDOFRANCALANCI, CHIARAGIACOMAZZI, PAOLO
The Relationship Among Volumes, Specificity, and Influence of Social Media Information 1-gen-2013 BRUNI, LEONARDOFRANCALANCI, CHIARAGIACOMAZZI, PAOLOMERLO, FRANCESCOPOLI, ALESSANDRO
Energ-IT: A Methodology for the Incremental Green Design of Data Centers 1-gen-2013 CAPRA, EUGENIOCREMONESI, PAOLOFRANCALANCI, CHIARAMERLO, FRANCESCOPAROLINI, NICOLA
A Benchmarking Methodology to Assess the Energy Performance of MIS Applications 1-gen-2013 BESSI, MARCOFRANCALANCI, CHIARA
The Role of Multimedia Content in Determining the Virality of Social Media Information 1-gen-2012 BRUNI, LEONARDOFRANCALANCI, CHIARAGIACOMAZZI, PAOLO
Semantic Sentiment Analyses Based on Reputations of Web Information Sources 1-gen-2012 CAPPIELLO, CINZIAFRANCALANCI, CHIARAMATERA, MARISTELLA +
The role of multimedia content in determining the virality of social media information: an empirical analysis in the tourism domain 1-gen-2012 BRUNI, LEONARDOFRANCALANCI, CHIARAGIACOMAZZI, PAOLO +
Influence e social network: rassegna e casi di studio 1-gen-2012 BRUNI, LEONARDOFRANCALANCI, CHIARAGIACOMAZZI, PAOLO
Informing observers: quality-driven filtering and composition of web 2.0 sources 1-gen-2012 CAPPIELLO, CINZIAFRANCALANCI, CHIARAMATERA, MARISTELLAPICOZZI, MATTEO +
Measuring application software energy efficiency 1-gen-2012 Chiara FrancalanciEugenio Capra +
Is software “green”? Application development environments and energy efficiency in open source applications. 1-gen-2012 CAPRA, EUGENIOFRANCALANCI, CHIARA +
A capacity and value based model for data architectures adopting integration technologies 1-gen-2011 CAPPIELLO, CINZIAFRANCALANCI, CHIARA +
Dynamic memoization for energy efficiency in financial applications 1-gen-2011 AGOSTA, GIOVANNICAPRA, EUGENIOFRANCALANCI, CHIARA +
Semi-automated methods for the annotation and design of a semantic network designed for sentiment analysis of social web content 1-gen-2011 BARBAGALLO, DONATOBRUNI, LEONARDOFRANCALANCI, CHIARAGIACOMAZZI, PAOLO
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