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Receiving external equity following successfully crowdfunded technological projects: an informational mechanism In corso di stampa Colombo M. G. +
The long-term effects of loan guarantees on SME performance 1-gen-2023 Bertoni, FabioColombo, Massimo G.
The dark side of signals: Patents protecting radical inventions and venture capital investments 1-gen-2023 Colombo M. G.Guerini M. +
Exploring the Acquisitive Growth Strategies of SMEs: The Case of Life Science European Start-ups 1-gen-2022 Daniela SilvestriKeivan AghasiMassimo G. Colombo
Exploring the Acquisitive Growth Strategies of SMEs: The Case of Life Science European SMEs 1-gen-2022 Daniela SilvestriKeivan AghasiMassimo G. Colombo
Exploring the Acquisitive Growth Strategies of SMEs: The Case of Life Science European Start-ups 1-gen-2022 Daniela SIlvestriKeivan AghasiMassimo G. Colombo
What drives the valuation of entrepreneurial ventures? A map to navigate the literature and research directions 1-gen-2022 Colombo M. G.Montanaro B. +
The “first match” between high-tech entrepreneurial ventures and universities: the role of founders’ social ties 1-gen-2022 Colombo M. G.Guerini M.Rossi C. +
Digitization in the Market for Entrepreneurial Finance: Innovative Business Models and New Financing Channels 1-gen-2021 Colombo M. G. +
The effects of firm financialization on human resource management: How financialization affects the design of managerial jobs 1-gen-2021 Colombo M. G. +
Dynamic capabilities and high-tech entrepreneurial ventures’ performance in the aftermath of an environmental jolt 1-gen-2021 Colombo M. G.Piva E.Rossi C. +
What drives the delegation of innovation decisions? The roles of firm innovation strategy and the nature of external knowledge 1-gen-2021 Massimo G. ColomboCristina Rossi-Lamastra +
The CEO beauty premium: Founder CEO attractiveness and firm valuation in initial coin offerings 1-gen-2021 Colombo M. G. +
Digital technologies and the changing entrepreneurial finance landscape: Status quo and perspectives for future research, 1-gen-2021 E. UghettoA. CroceM. Colombo +
Signal sequences: Venture Capital, IPO and Valuation of Entrepreneurial Ventures at Acquisitions 1-gen-2021 M. G. ColomboB. Montanaro
Post‐Acquisition Retention of Target Founder‐CEOs: Looking Beneath the Surface 1-gen-2021 Colombo, Massimo G.Rossi‐Lamastra, Cristina +
Crowdfunding for Entrepreneurs 1-gen-2020 Buttice V.Colombo M. G.
Start-ups launched by recent STEM university graduates: The impact of university education on entrepreneurial entry 1-gen-2020 Colombo M. G.Piva E.
Entrepreneurial Finance 1-gen-2020 F. TencaV. Buttice'M. G. ColomboA. CroceM. GueriniG. Giudici
Signaling in entrepreneurial ventures’ acquisitions: the combined effect of venture capital backing with the choice to go through IPO before being acquired 1-gen-2020 M. G. ColomboB. Montanaro
The changing patterns of venture capital investments in Europe 1-gen-2019 Colombo M. G.Tenca F. +
The organziational design of entrepreneurial ventures 1-gen-2019 M. G. ColomboC. Rossi‐Lamastra +
The governance of entrepreneurial ecosystems 1-gen-2019 Colombo, Massimo G. +
The role of Governmental Venture Capital in the Venture Capital ecosystem: An organizational ecology perspective 1-gen-2019 M. G. Colombo +
Investors’ Decision Under Limited Information: Passion of the Entrepreneur as a Signal of Commitment 1-gen-2019 silvia stroemassimo colombo
The geography of venture capital and entrepreneurial ventures’ demand for external equity 1-gen-2019 Colombo, Massimo G. +
Knowledge misappropriation risks and contractual complexity in entrepreneurial ventures’ non-equity alliances 1-gen-2019 M. ColomboE. Piva
Green oriented crowdfunding campaigns: Their characteristics and diffusion in different institutional settings 1-gen-2019 Butticè V.Colombo M. G.Fumagalli E.Orsenigo C.
Signaling in science-based IPOs: The combined effect of affiliation with prestigious universities, underwriters, and venture capitalists 1-gen-2019 Colombo, Massimo G. +
Accelerators: Insights for a research agenda 1-gen-2018 C. RossiM. G. Colombo +
Entrepreneurial finance: a growing discipline in researchers’ agenda 1-gen-2018 G. GiudiciM. G. Colombo
New players in entrepreneurial finance and why they are there 1-gen-2018 Colombo, Massimo G. +
Industry specificity and the effect of internal social capital in reward‐based crowdfunding 1-gen-2018 V. ButticèM. G. Colombo
Financing green in crowdfunding 1-gen-2017 BUTTICE', VINCENZOColombo M. G.Fumagalli E.Orsenigo C.
Organizing for Radical Innovation: Exploring Novel Insights 1-gen-2017 Colombo, Massimo G.Rossi-Lamastra, Cristina +
Acquisitions of small high-tech firms as a mechanism for external knowledge sourcing: The integration-autonomy dilemma 1-gen-2017 COLOMBO, MASSIMO GAETANOROSSI, CRISTINA +
Patterns of Mergers and Acquisitions in Cultural and Creative Industries: Evidence from Europe 1-gen-2017 M. G. ColomboV. Sadr
Delegation from the CEO to Top Executive: The Role of Workload and Decision-Specific Knowledge 1-gen-2017 Massimo ColomboCristina Rossi LamastraPaola Rovelli
Serial Crowdfunding, Social Capital, and Project Success 1-gen-2017 BUTTICE', VINCENZOCOLOMBO, MASSIMO GAETANO +
Venture Capital Investments in Europe and Portfolio Firms' Economic Performance: Independent Versus Corporate Investors 1-gen-2017 COLOMBO, MASSIMO GAETANO +
Learning-By-Being-Acquired: Post-Acquisition R&D Team Reorganization and Knowledge Transfer 1-gen-2016 Massimo Gaetano Colombo +
The impact of patenting on the size of high-tech firms: the role of venture capital and product market regulation 1-gen-2016 COLOMBO, MASSIMO GAETANOSHAFIZADEH KHOOLENJANI, MOHAMMADMEHDI
Governmental venture capital for innovative young firms 1-gen-2016 COLOMBO, MASSIMO GAETANO +
Swimming with sharks in Europe: When are they dangerous and what can new ventures do to defend themselves? 1-gen-2016 COLOMBO, MASSIMO GAETANO +
The organizational design of high-tech entrepreneurial ventures 1-gen-2016 COLOMBO, MASSIMO GAETANOROSSI, CRISTINAMATASSINI, BEATRICE
How high-tech entrepreneurial ventures cope with the global crisis: changes in product innovation and internationalization strategies 1-gen-2016 COLOMBO, MASSIMO GAETANOPIVA, EVILAROSSI, CRISTINA +
The participation of new technology-based firms in EU-funded R&D partnerships: The role of venture capital 1-gen-2016 COLOMBO, MASSIMO GAETANO +
Open business models and venture capital finance 1-gen-2016 COLOMBO, MASSIMO GAETANOROSSI, CRISTINA +
Internal social capital and the attraction of early contributions in crowdfunding 1-gen-2015 COLOMBO, MASSIMO GAETANOFRANZONI, CHIARAROSSI, CRISTINA
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 50 di 514
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