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Design thinking for entrepreneurship: An explorative inquiry into its practical contributions 1-gen-2023 G. CarellaC. CautelaM. MelazziniX. PeiF. Schmittinger
The projects’ impacts and trajectories: the relationship between research topics and impact pathways 1-gen-2022 Marzia MortatiXue Pei
Context of the analysis and methodology 1-gen-2022 I. MarianiP. BolzanA. De RosaV. FerraroM. MortatiX. PeiF. RizzoD. Spallazzo
A Systemic Approach to Proximity Through Design for Relations 1-gen-2022 C. SediniS. D'AmbrosioX. PeiF. Zurlo
Skilful and mobile for living well by governing complexity. 1-gen-2022 F. ZurloD. MaurerX. Pei
How to teach design thinking to non design students: enablers and barriers to transfer design research practices. 1-gen-2021 G. CarellaM. MelazziniX. PeiC. CautelaM. Mortati
A research through design practice to envision home scenarios in the post-Covid-19 future 1-gen-2021 x. PeiD. MaurerC. SediniF. Zurlo
Co-designing with vulnerable social groups: LONGEVICITY project 1-gen-2020 Carla SediniXue PeiFrancesco Zurlo
Design for enabling bottom-up creative thinking in organisations through shaping the workplace 1-gen-2020 Xue PEIDaniela MAURERFrancesco ZURLO
Co-designing a walkable city for the elderly through system thinking approach 1-gen-2019 X. PeiC. SediniF. Zurlo
Co-designing per il rebranding di una fondazione italiana. Co-designing for rebranding an Italian foundation. 1-gen-2019 X. PeiF. Zurlo
Building an Age-friendly City for Elderly Citizens through Co-designing an Urban Walkable Scenario 1-gen-2019 X. PEIC. SEDINIf. zurlo
Developing Design Capabilities in the Third Sector. Leveraging Social Transformation through a Designerly Organisational Design Approach 1-gen-2018 Xue Pei
Mapping of the competitive advanced models and services in Cultural and Creative Industries 1-gen-2018 Xue PeiArianna VignatiRenato OconeClaudia PinnaMonica Rossi
Future Retail for Kids: Emerging Changes and Design Opportunities 1-gen-2018 Xue PeiArianna VignatiLuca FoisOCONE, RENATOMichele Melazzini
Making Visible: Valuating the Impacts of Design Intervention for Social Cooperative 1-gen-2017 Xue PeiFrancesco ZurloArianna VignatiLuca FoisMichele Melazzini
E-LEARNING AND DESIGN PRACTICE. Tools and methods for professional learning of strategic design approach 1-gen-2017 Vignati, AriannaFois, LucaMelazzini, MicheleXue, PeiZurlo, Francesco
Design-led Approaches as Catalyst for New Paradigm: Social engagement for empowering vulnerable communities and organisations 1-gen-2016 PEI, XUEZURLO, FRANCESCO
Social Design Management: Design As An Organisational Tool For Social Business Development 1-gen-2016 PEI, XUEZURLO, FRANCESCO
Service Innovation as Empowerment: Co-Design Mobility for Transport Services with ‘Hard to Reach’ Communities 1-gen-2016 PEI, XUE +
Design and Gamification for Reshaping Relations and Services in Social Cooperatives 1-gen-2016 MELAZZINI, MICHELEPEI, XUEVIGNATI, ARIANNAZURLO, FRANCESCO +
Rethinking about Fashion Design Towards Cultural Sustainability 1-gen-2015 DECKER, LUCIEPEI, XUE
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 23 di 23
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