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Functionalized magnesium alloys obtained by superplastic forming process retain osteoinductive and antibacterial properties: An in-vitro study 1-gen-2024 Chiesa, Roberto +
Antibacterial titanium dioxide coatings for CoCrMo orthopaedic implants 1-gen-2023 D'Agostino, ABertolini, MBono, NPavarini, MTarsini, PCandiani, GDe Nardo, LChiesa, R
Electrophoretic deposition of gentamicin and chitosan into titanium nanotubes to target periprosthetic joint infection 1-gen-2023 Della Fara, GretaChiesa, Roberto +
Enhanced Embedding of Cations into Titanium Surfaces by AC Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation for Osteointegrated Implants 1-gen-2023 Pavarini, MatteoMoscatelli, MonicaChiesa, RobertoVariola, Fabio +
Smart Methylcellulose Hydrogels for pH-Triggered Delivery of Silver Nanoparticles 1-gen-2022 Bonetti, LorenzoFiorati, AndreaD’Agostino, AgnesePelacani, Carlo MariaChiesa, RobertoFarè, SilviaDe Nardo, Luigi
Graphene oxide (GO) decorated on multi-structured porous titania fabricated by plasma electrolytic oxidation (PEO) for enhanced antibacterial performance 1-gen-2021 Chiesa R.Candiani G.Tarsini P. +
Optimization of Cu and Zn co-doped PEO titania coatings produced in a novel borate-based electrolyte for biomedical applications 1-gen-2021 Pavarini M.Moscatelli M.De Nardo L.Chiesa R.
Mesoporous zirconia surfaces with anti-biofilm properties for dental implants 1-gen-2021 D'Agostino, AgneseTana, FrancescaSerafini, AndreaChiesa, RobertoDe Nardo, Luigi +
Influence of frequency and duty cycle on the properties of antibacterial borate-based PEO coatings on titanium for bone-contact applications 1-gen-2021 Pavarini M.Moscatelli M.Candiani G.Tarsini P.De Nardo L.Chiesa R. +
Metal substrate with antibacterial and osteointegrative properties for implantology applications 1-gen-2020 Roberto Chiesa +
Low-bulk density aggregate in thermoformed composite material 1-gen-2020 Cigada AlbertoChiesa RobertoDel Curto BarbaraTanzi Maria CristinaFarè SilviaSanti Romina
Graphene nanoplatelets composite membranes for thermal comfort enhancement in performance textiles 1-gen-2020 Bonetti L.Fiorati A.Serafini A.Masotti G.Tana F.D'Agostino A.Draghi L.Altomare L.Chiesa R.Fare' S.Rizzi L. G.De Nardo L. +
Micro-structured patches for dermal regeneration obtained via electrophoretic replica deposition 1-gen-2020 Altomare L.Bonetti L.Chiesa R.Boschetti F.De Nardo L. +
Gentamicin-Loaded TiO2 Nanotubes as Improved Antimicrobial Surfaces for Orthopedic Implants 1-gen-2020 Draghi L.Preda V.Moscatelli M.Chiesa R. +
Aggregato a bassa densità apparente in materiale composito termoformato 1-gen-2019 CIGADA ALBERTOCHIESA ROBERTODEL CURTO BARBARATANZI MARIA CRISTINAFARE' SILVIASANTI ROMINA
Bactericidal activity of gallium-doped chitosan coatings against staphylococcal infection 1-gen-2019 Draghi L.Fare S.Chiesa R.De Nardo L. +
Laser versus LED polymerization: Comparison of in vitro preventive sealing procedures 1-gen-2019 Chiesa R. +
Ca-doped zirconia mesoporous coatings for biomedical applications: A physicochemical and biological investigation 1-gen-2019 Tana F.D'Agostino A.Serafini A.Variola F.Bono N.Chiesa R.De Nardo L. +
Metallurgical Gallium Additions to Titanium Alloys Demonstrate a Strong Time-Increasing Antibacterial Activity without any Cellular Toxicity 1-gen-2019 Chiesa R. +
Antimicrobial thin films based on ayurvedic plants extracts embedded in a bioactive glass matrix 1-gen-2017 CANDIANI, GABRIELEPASTORI, NADIAMOSCATELLI, MONICACHIESA, ROBERTO +
Metal substrate modified with silicon based biomimetic treatment having antibacterial property for the osteointegration thereof technical field 1-gen-2016 CHIESA, ROBERTOCIGADA, ALBERTO +
Osteogenic response and osteoprotective effects in vivo of a nanostructured titanium surface with antibacterial properties 1-gen-2016 CHIESA, ROBERTO +
The effect of silver or gallium doped titanium against the multidrug resistant Acinetobacter baumannii 1-gen-2016 DELLA VALLE, CINZIACHIESA, ROBERTO +
Data in support of Gallium (Ga3+) antibacterial activities to counteract E. coli and S. epidermidis biofilm formation onto pro-osteointegrative titanium surfaces 1-gen-2016 DELLA VALLE, CINZIAPEZZOLI, DANIELECANDIANI, GABRIELECHIESA, ROBERTO +
Effect of etching on the composition and structure of anodic spark deposition films on titanium 1-gen-2016 DIAMANTI, MARIA VITTORIAPEDEFERRI, MARIAPIAMOSCATELLI, MONICADEL CURTO, BARBARACHIESA, ROBERTO +
Biofilm formation on titanium implants counteracted by grafting gallium and silver ions 1-gen-2015 CHIESA, ROBERTO +
Manufacture of self-standing film useful in e.g. biosensor, involves carrying out electrochemical/electrophoretic deposition of macromolecules on working electrode, and removing self-standing film of variable and controlled thickness 1-gen-2014 DE NARDO, LUIGIALTOMARE, LINACIGADA, ALBERTOCHIESA, ROBERTO +
Orthopedic biomaterialsSuccessful Techniques for Total Hip Replacement 1-gen-2014 CHIESA, ROBERTO +
Nanostructured Calcium Phosphates for Biomedical Applications 1-gen-2014 DE NARDO, LUIGICHIESA, ROBERTO +
Influence of Exofacial Protein Sulfhydryls and Intracellular Glutathione on Transfection Process of SS14 Bioreducible Lipoplexes 1-gen-2013 MALLOGGI, CHIARA DILETTACHIESA, ROBERTOCANDIANI, GABRIELE +
Cationic Polymers for Gene Delivery: Influence of the Most Prominent Biochemical Parameters on Transfection Behavior 1-gen-2013 MALLOGGI, CHIARA DILETTACHIESA, ROBERTOCANDIANI, GABRIELE +
Parameters influencing the transfection behavior of commercially sourced cationic polymers 1-gen-2013 MALLOGGI, CHIARA DILETTATALLARITA, ELENACHIESA, ROBERTOCANDIANI, GABRIELE +
The Biofilm Formation onto Implants and Prosthetic Materials May Be Contrasted Using Gallium (3+) 1-gen-2013 CHIESA, ROBERTO +
Processo per la realizzazione di film self standing a base di macromolecole di origine naturale o sintetica caratterizzati da micro-pattern a porosità controllata 1-gen-2013 CIGADA, ALBERTODE NARDO, LUIGIALTOMARE, LINACHIESA, ROBERTO +
Mesenchymal stem cell differentiation on electrochemically modified titanium: an optimized approach for biomedical 
The yin of exofacial protein sulfhydryls and the yang of intracellular glutathione in in vitro transfection with SS14 bioreducible lipoplexes 1-gen-2013 CHIESA, ROBERTOCANDIANI, GABRIELE +
In vitro effects of a chemically modified titanium surface on ethanol-exposed osteoblasts. 1-gen-2013 CHIESA, ROBERTO +
Lipid-Based Nanoparticles as Nonviral Gene Delivery Vectors 1-gen-2013 CHIESA, ROBERTOCANDIANI, GABRIELE +
Metal substrate modified with silicon based biomimetic treatment having antibacterial property for the osteointegration thereof 1-gen-2012 CHIESA, ROBERTOCIGADA, ALBERTO +
Development of copolymers for gene delivery: influence of degree of grafting on transfection behavior 1-gen-2012 MALLOGGI, CHIARA DILETTACHIESA, ROBERTOVOLONTERIO, ALESSANDROCANDIANI, GABRIELE +
Influence of degree of grafting on transfection behavior of chitosan-graft-bPEI copolymers 1-gen-2012 CANDIANI, GABRIELEMALLOGGI, CHIARA DILETTACHIESA, ROBERTOVOLONTERIO, ALESSANDRO +
Comparative screening of cationic polymers for gene delivery and optimization of transfection parameters 1-gen-2012 MALLOGGI, CHIARA DILETTACHIESA, ROBERTOCANDIANI, GABRIELE +
Copolymers for gene delivery: influence of the degree of grafting on transfection effectiveness 1-gen-2012 MALLOGGI, CHIARA DILETTACHIESA, ROBERTOVOLONTERIO, ALESSANDROCANDIANI, GABRIELE +
Biomimetic, Bioresponsive, and Bioactive Materials: Integrating Materials with Tissue 1-gen-2012 Chiesa R.Cigada A.
We still have a long way to go to effectively deliver genes! 1-gen-2012 CHIESA, ROBERTODE NARDO, LUIGICANDIANI, GABRIELE +
Electrochemically deposited gentamicin-loaded calcium phosphate coatings for bone tissue integration 1-gen-2012 ALTOMARE, LINACANDIANI, GABRIELECIGADA, ALBERTOCHIESA, ROBERTODE NARDO, LUIGI +
A novel antibacterial modification treatment of titanium capable to improve osseointegration 1-gen-2012 DELLA VALLE, CINZIACIGADA, ALBERTOCANDIANI, GABRIELECHIESA, ROBERTO +
Morphology tuning of chitosan films via electrochemical deposition 1-gen-2012 ALTOMARE, LINADRAGHI, LORENZACHIESA, ROBERTODE NARDO, LUIGI
Bone tissue, cellular, and molecular responses to titanium implants treated by anodic spark deposition 1-gen-2012 CHIESA, ROBERTODELLA VALLE, CINZIA +
Chitosan-graft-branched polyethylenimine copolymers as biocompatible gene vectors 1-gen-2011 PEZZOLI, DANIELEMALLOGGI, CHIARA DILETTACHIESA, ROBERTOVOLONTERIO, ALESSANDROCANDIANI, GABRIELE +
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