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Does the combination of sustainable business model patterns lead to truly sustainable business models? Critical analysis of existing frameworks and extensions 1-gen-2023 N. AbdelkafiJ. XuM. PeroF. CicculloA. Masi
Exploring the potential of business models for sustainability and big data for food waste reduction 1-gen-2022 Ciccullo F.Fabbri M.Abdelkafi N.Pero M.
Revisiting the servitization-sustainability link: A case study in the professional printing supply chain 1-gen-2022 Abdelkafi, NizarPero, MargheritaMasi, Antonio +
Business models for electric vehicles: Literature review and key insights 1-gen-2022 Abdelkafi N. +
Supply Chains and Business Models in the Covid-19 era: Insights from the luxury industry 1-gen-2022 Abdelkafi N.Pero M. +
Understanding ICT Standardization - Principles and Practice 1-gen-2021 N. Abdelkafi +
Improving sustainability performance of the Italian professional printers supply chain 1-gen-2021 Pero M.Fabbri M.Masi A.Abdelkafi N. +
A Literature-Based Exploration of Servitization in Engineer-to-Order Companies 1-gen-2021 Masi A.Pero M.Abdelkafi N.
Modularity and operational efficiency in engineer to order companies: a study in the machine tool industry 1-gen-2021 Masi A.Pero M.Abdelkafi N.
On the impact of blockchain technology on business models and supply chain management 1-gen-2020 Xu J.Abdelkafi N.Pero M.
Multi-sided platforms 1-gen-2019 N. Abdelkafi +
Die Wechselwirkungen zwischen Supply Chain und Business Model Innovationen: Ergebnisse einer Interviewstudie 1-gen-2019 N. AbdelkafiM. Pero +
Multi-sided Platforms in the Sharing Economy – A Case Study Analysis for the Development of a Generic Platform 1-gen-2019 Abdelkafi N. +
Opportunities and challenges of Higher Education institutions in Europe: An analysis from a business model perspective 1-gen-2019 Abdelkafi N. +
Supply Chain Innovation-Driven Business Models: Exploratory Analysis and Implications for Management 1-gen-2018 Abdelkafi, NizarPero, Margherita
A framework for the Alignment of New Product Development and Supply Chains 1-gen-2010 PERO, MARGHERITA EMMA PAOLAAbdelkafi N.SIANESI, ANDREA +
Aligning new product development and supply chains: development of a theoretical framework and analysis of case studies 1-gen-2010 N. AbdelkafiPERO, MARGHERITA EMMA PAOLA +
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