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Time-Resolved Imaging of Femtosecond Laser-Induced Plasma Expansion in a Nitrogen Microjet 1-gen-2022 Ciriolo A. G.Crippa G.Devetta M.Frezzotti A.Comelli D.Valentini G.Osellame R.Vozzi C.Stagira S. +
Performances of a portable Fourier transform hyperspectral imaging camera for rapid investigation of paintings 1-gen-2022 Candeo A.Ardini B.Ghirardello M.Valentini G.Calligaro T.Manzoni C.Comelli D. +
Compressed sensing in fluorescence microscopy 1-gen-2022 Calisesi G.Ghezzi A.Ancora D.D'Andrea C.Valentini G.Farina A.Bassi A.
Light sheet fluorescence microscopy for the investigation of blood-sucking arthropods dyed via artificial membrane feeding 1-gen-2022 ten Bosch L.Candeo A.Bassi A.Valentini G.Gerhard C. +
Integrated optical device for Structured Illumination Microscopy 1-gen-2022 Calvarese, MCandeo, ACalisesi, GCeccarelli, FValentini, GOsellame, RBragheri, FBassi, A +
Multispectral compressive fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy with a SPAD array detector 1-gen-2021 Ghezzi A.Farina A.Bassi A.Valentini G.Labanca I.Acconcia G.Rech I.D'Andrea C.
Auto-correlation for multi-view deconvolved reconstruction in light sheet microscopy 1-gen-2021 Ancora, DanieleValentini, GianlucaPifferi, Antonio GiovanniBassi, Andrea
A novel photoluminescence hyperspectral camera for the study of artworks 1-gen-2021 Ghirardello M.Manzoni C.Gironda M.Alberti R.Valentini G.Comelli D. +
Time-resolved multi-spectral wide-field fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy with a SPAD array detector 1-gen-2021 Alberto GhezziAndrea BassiGianluca ValentiniIvan LabancaGiulia AcconciaIvan RechCosimo D'Andrea +
An investigation into the synthesis of cadmium sulfide pigments for a better understanding of their reactivity in artworks 1-gen-2021 Ghirardello M.Comelli D.Toniolo L.Dellasega D.Nessi L.Cantoni M.Valentini G.Nevin A. +
Beyond multi view deconvolution for inherently aligned fluorescence tomography 1-gen-2021 Ancora D.Valentini G.Pifferi A.Bassi A.
Multispectral FLIM microscope based on compressive sensing acquisition 1-gen-2021 Alberto GhezziAndrea BassiGianluca ValentiniIvan LabancaGiulia AcconciaIvan RechCosimo D'Andrea +
Time-resolved multispectral fluorescence imaging system based on compressed sensing (Conference Presentation) 1-gen-2020 Cosimo D'AndreaAndrea FarinaGiulia AcconciaIvan LabancaLaura Di SienoAndrea BassiGianluca ValentiniIvan Rech
Photoluminescence excited at variable fluences: A novel approach for studying the emission from crystalline pigments in paints 1-gen-2020 Ghirardello M.Valentini G.Toniolo L.Comelli D. +
Experimental study on the link between optical emission, crystal defects and photocatalytic activity of artist pigments based on zinc oxide 1-gen-2020 Artesani A.Toniolo L.Valentini G.Comelli D. +
The structural bases for agonist diversity in an Arabidopsis thaliana glutamate receptor-like channel 1-gen-2020 Candeo A.Valentini G.Bassi A. +
The multi-analytical in situ analysis of cadmium-based pigments in plastics 1-gen-2020 Ghirardello M.Nevin A.Valentini G.Comelli D. +
Determination of crystal phases in mixed TiO2 paint films by non-invasive optical spectroscopies 1-gen-2020 Artesani A.Mosca S.Valentini G.Comelli D. +
Optical characterization of porcine tissues from various organs in the 650-1100 nm range using time-domain diffuse spectroscopy 1-gen-2020 Lanka P.Valentini G.Pifferi A. +
Time-resolved multi-dimensional fluorescence imaging using a Digital-Micromirror-Device and a SPAD-Array detector 1-gen-2020 Andrea FarinaLaura Di SienoGiulia AcconciaAngelo GulinattiGianluca ValentiniIvan RechCosimo D'Andrea
Three-dimensional bright-field microscopy with isotropic resolution based on multi-view acquisition and image fusion reconstruction 1-gen-2020 Calisesi G.Candeo A.Farina A.D'Andrea C.Magni V.Valentini G.Bassi A. +
Photoluminescence imaging of modern paintings: there is plenty of information at the microsecond timescale 1-gen-2020 Ghirardello M.Valentini G.Toniolo L.Alberti R.Gironda M.Comelli D.
Understanding the Dynamics of Fluorescence Emission during Zeolite Detemplation Using Time Resolved Photoluminescence Spectroscopy 1-gen-2020 Valentini G.Candeo A. +
Beyond the visible: The Viterbo Crucifixion panel painting attributed to Michelangelo Buonarroti 1-gen-2020 Perri A.Comelli D.Valentini G.Manzoni C. +
Fourier-transform hyperspectral imaging system 1-gen-2019 D. PolliA. BassiG. CerulloC. ManzoniG. ValentiniF. PredaA. Perri
Device and method for detecting time-resolved optical data 1-gen-2019 C. D'AndreaA. FarinaG. Valentini +
Time-Gated Photoluminescence Microscopy as an Emerging Method for the Study of Paint Cross-Sections 1-gen-2019 Alessia ArtesaniAustin NevinGianluca ValentiniDaniela Comelli +
A hyperspectral camera based on a birefringent ultrastable common-path interferometer 1-gen-2019 Perri A.Preda F.Polli D.Comelli D.Valentini G.Cerullo G.Manzoni C. +
A hyperspectral camera for conservation science, based on a birefringent ultrastable common path interferometer 1-gen-2019 Perri A.Comelli D.Valentini G.Polli D.Cerullo G.Manzoni C. +
Compressive sensing time-domain Raman spectrometer for depth sensing of diffusive media 1-gen-2019 Lacerenza, MicheleKonugolu Venkata Sekar, SanathanaValentini, GianlucaD'Andrea, CosimoPifferi, Antonio +
An adaptive scheme for diffuse-optical tomography based on combined structured-light illumination and single-pixel camera detection 1-gen-2019 Bassi, AndreaValentini, GianlucaArridge, SimonD'Andrea, Cosimo +
Egyptian blue pigment in East Mediterranean wall paintings: A study of the lifetime of its optical infrared emission 1-gen-2019 Comelli D.Valentini G.Mosca S.Nevin A. +
Spatially modulated illumination allows for light sheet fluorescence microscopy with an incoherent source and compressive sensing 1-gen-2019 CALISESI, GIANMARIACASTRIOTTA, MICHELECandeo, AlessiaD'Andrea, CosimoValentini, GianlucaFarina, AndreaBassi, Andrea +
Combined photoluminescence and Raman microscopy for the identification of modern pigments: explanatory examples on cross-sections from Russian avant-garde paintings 1-gen-2019 Artesani A.Ghirardello M.Mosca S.Nevin A.Valentini G.Comelli D.
Fluorescence lifetime imaging of intracellular magnesium content in live cells 1-gen-2019 Candeo, AlessiaD'Andrea, CosimoValentini, GianlucaTaroni, Paola +
Degradation of Cadmium Yellow Paint: New Evidence from Photoluminescence Studies of Trap States in Picasso's Femme (époque des "demoiselles d'Avignon") 1-gen-2019 Comelli D.Ghirardello M.Valentini G.Nevin A. +
Monitoring metal ion leaching in oil-ZnO paint systems with a paramagnetic probe 1-gen-2019 Artesani A.Tana F.Comelli D.Nevin A.Valentini G. +
An exploratory study for the non-invasive detection of metal soaps in paintings through optical coherence tomography 1-gen-2019 Artesani A.Comelli D.Valentini G.Nevin A. +
A hyperspectral microscope based on an ultrastable common-path interferometer 1-gen-2019 Candeo, A.Valentini, G.Bassi, A.Cerullo, G.Manzoni, C. +
Hyperspectral imaging with a TWINS birefringent interferometer 1-gen-2019 Perri A.Comelli D.Valentini G.Preda F.Polli D.Cerullo G.Manzoni C. +
In vivo light sheet fluorescence microscopy of calcium oscillations in arabidopsis thaliana 1-gen-2019 ROMANO ARMADA, NELICandeo A.Valentini G.Bassi A. +
Novel time-resolved camera based on compressed sensing 1-gen-2019 Farina A.Candeo A.Dalla Mora A.Bassi A.Lussana R.Villa F.Valentini G.D'Andrea C. +
Sistema di imaging iperspettrale a trasformata di Fourier 1-gen-2018 D. PolliA. BassiG. CerulloG. ValentiniF. PredaA. PerriC. Manzoni
Dispositivo e metodo per rilevare dati ottici risolti nel tempo 1-gen-2018 C. D'AndreaS. ArridgeG. ValentiniA. Farina
In situ imaging, elemental and molecular spectroscopy for the analysis of the construction and painting of a Late Period coffin at the Egyptian Museum of Cairo 1-gen-2018 Mosca, SaraBELLEI, SARAFrizzi, TommasoGIRONDA, MICHELEValentini, GianlucaNevin, AustinComelli, Daniela +
New insights into the complex photoluminescence behaviour of titanium white pigments 1-gen-2018 Artesani, AlessiaMosca, SaraNevin, AustinValentini, GianlucaComelli, Daniela +
First principles study of the optical emission of cadmium yellow: Role of cadmium vacancies 1-gen-2018 Nevin, AustinComelli, DanielaValentini, Gianluca +
Effects of Photodeposited Gold vs Platinum Nanoparticles on N,F-Doped TiO2 Photoactivity: A Time-Resolved Photoluminescence Investigation 1-gen-2018 Candeo, AlessiaD'Andrea, CosimoValentini, Gianluca +
A Hyperspectral Camera for Remote Sensing based on a Birefringent Ultrastable Common-Path Interferometer 1-gen-2018 Antonio PerriDario PolliDaniela ComelliGianluca ValentiniGiulio CerulloCristian Manzoni +
Frequency Offset Raman Spectroscopy (FORS) for subsurface probing of highly scattering media 1-gen-2018 Sekar, Sanathana Konugolu VenkataMosca, SaraTaroni, PaolaValentini, GianlucaCubeddu, RinaldoPifferi, Antonio +
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 50 di 262
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