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Design and Evaluation of Cross-Domain Recommender Systems 1-gen-2022 Dacrema, Maurizio FerrariCremonesi, Paolo +
Offline Evaluation of Recommender Systems in a User Interface With Multiple Carousels 1-gen-2022 Ferrari Dacrema, MaurizioFelicioni, NicolòCremonesi, Paolo
Analyzing and improving stability of matrix factorization for recommender systems 1-gen-2022 Bernardis C.Cremonesi P. +
An Evaluation Study of Generative Adversarial Networks for Collaborative Filtering 1-gen-2022 Pérez Maurera, Fernando BenjamínFerrari Dacrema, MaurizioCremonesi, Paolo
From Data Analysis to Intent-based Recommendation: an Industrial Case Study in the Video Domain 1-gen-2022 Bernardis CesareDacrema Maurizio FerrariMaurera Peréz Fernando BenjaminQuadrana MassimoCremonesi Paolo +
Towards Feature Selection for Ranking and Classification Exploiting Quantum Annealers 1-gen-2022 Ferrari Dacrema M.Nembrini R.Cremonesi P. +
Evaluating the job shop scheduling problem on a D-wave quantum annealer 1-gen-2022 Carugno, CostantinoFerrari Dacrema, MaurizioCremonesi, Paolo
Measuring the User Satisfaction in a Recommendation Interface with Multiple Carousels 1-gen-2021 Felicioni N.Ferrari Dacrema M.Cremonesi P.
Feature selection for recommender systems with quantum computing 1-gen-2021 Nembrini R.Ferrari Dacrema M.Cremonesi P.
Progress in Recommender Systems Research: Crisis? What Crisis? 1-gen-2021 Cremonesi, Paolo +
On the instability of embeddings for recommender systems: the case of matrix factorization 1-gen-2021 Bernardis C.Cremonesi P. +
A Troubling Analysis of Reproducibility and Progress in Recommender Systems Research 1-gen-2021 Dacrema, Maurizio FerrariBoglio, SimoneCremonesi, Paolo +
On the application of Transformers for estimating the difficulty of Multiple-Choice Questions from text 1-gen-2021 Benedetto L.Cremonesi P.Aradelli G.Turrin R. +
Eigenvalue perturbation for item-based recommender systems 1-gen-2021 Bernardis C.Cremonesi P.
NFC: a deep and hybrid item-based model for item cold-start recommendation 1-gen-2021 Bernardis C.Cremonesi P.
Cgptuner: A contextual gaussian process bandit approach for the automatic tuning of it configurations under varying workload conditions 1-gen-2021 Cereda S.Valladares SCremonesi P +
Measuring the ranking quality of recommendations in a two-dimensional carousel setting 1-gen-2021 Felicioni N.Ferrari Dacrema M.Perez Maurera F. B.Cremonesi P.
Optimizing the selection of recommendation carousels with quantum computing 1-gen-2021 Ferrari Dacrema M.Felicioni N.Cremonesi P.
A Methodology for the Offline Evaluation of Recommender Systems in a User Interface with Multiple Carousels 1-gen-2021 Felicioni N.Ferrari Dacrema M.Cremonesi P.
A Collaborative Filtering Approach for the Automatic Tuning of Compiler Optimisations 1-gen-2020 Cereda S.Palermo G.Cremonesi P. +
Introducing a framework to assess newly created questions with natural language processing 1-gen-2020 Benedetto L.Turrin R.Cremonesi P. +
Outfit completion and clothes recommendation 1-gen-2020 Prato G.Sallemi F.Cremonesi P. +
R2DE: A NLP approach to estimating IRT parameters of newly generated questions 1-gen-2020 Benedetto L.Turrin R.Cremonesi P. +
Recommender Systems Leveraging Multimedia Content 1-gen-2020 Deldjoo Y.Cremonesi P. +
Methodological Issues in Recommender Systems Research (Extended Abstract) 1-gen-2020 Ferrari Dacrema M.Cremonesi P. +
Critically Examining the Claimed Value of Convolutions over User-Item Embedding Maps for Recommender Systems 1-gen-2020 Ferrari Dacrema M.Cremonesi P. +
ContentWise Impressions: An Industrial Dataset with Impressions Included 1-gen-2020 Perez Maurera F. B.Ferrari Dacrema M.Cremonesi P. +
Estimating confidence of individual user predictions in item-based recommender systems 1-gen-2019 Bernardis C.Ferrari Dacrema M.Cremonesi P.
Rexy, a configurable application for building virtual teaching assistants 1-gen-2019 Benedetto L.Cremonesi P.
A virtual teaching assistant for personalized learning 1-gen-2019 Benedetto L.Cremonesi P. +
Towards evaluating user profiling methods based on explicit ratings on item features 1-gen-2019 Deldjoo Y.Dacrema M. F.Cremonesi P. +
Movie genome: alleviating new item cold start in movie recommendation 1-gen-2019 Deldjoo, YasharFERRARI DACREMA, MAURIZIOCEREDA, STEFANOCremonesi, Paolo +
Are we really making much progress? A worrying analysis of recent neural recommendation approaches 1-gen-2019 Dacrema, Maurizio FerrariCremonesi, Paolo +
Audio-visual encoding of multimedia content for enhancing movie recommendations 1-gen-2018 Deldjoo, YasharCremonesi, Paolo +
Tutorial: Sequence-aware Recommendation 1-gen-2018 Quadrana, MassimoCremonesi, Paolo
Using visual features based on MPEG-7 and deep learning for movie recommendation 1-gen-2018 Deldjoo, YasharElahi, MehdiQuadrana, MassimoCremonesi, Paolo
Tutorial: Sequence-aware recommender systems 1-gen-2018 Quadrana, MassimoCremonesi, Paolo +
A novel graph-based model for hybrid recommendations in cold-start scenarios 1-gen-2018 BERNARDIS, CESAREMaurizio Ferrari DacremaPaolo Cremonesi
Deriving item features relevance from collaborative domain knowledge 1-gen-2018 Ferrari Dacrema M.Gasparin A.Cremonesi P.
Eigenvalue analogy for confidence estimation in item-based recommender systems 1-gen-2018 M. Ferrari DacremaP. Cremonesi
User Preference Sources: Explicit vs. Implicit Feedback 1-gen-2018 Cremonesi, PaoloGarzotto, FrancaFerrari Dacrema, Maurizio
MMTF-14K: A multifaceted movie trailer feature dataset for recommendation and retrieval 1-gen-2018 Deldjoo, YasharCremonesi, Paolo +
Content-Based Multimedia Recommendation Systems: Definition and Application Domains 1-gen-2018 Y. DeldjooCREMONESI, PAOLO +
Content-based multimedia recommendation systems: Definition and application domains 1-gen-2018 Deldjoo, YasharCremonesi, Paolo +
Sequence-aware recommender systems 1-gen-2018 Quadrana, MassimoCremonesi, Paolo +
Toward a new fashion concepts design tool: The vMannequin framework 1-gen-2017 CREMONESI, PAOLOGARZOTTO, FRANCAGRIBAUDO, MARCOPIAZZOLLA, PIETRO +
Deriving Item Features Relevance from Past User Interactions 1-gen-2017 Cella, LeonardoCereda, StefanoQuadrana, MassimoCremonesi, Paolo
Estimate features relevance for groups of users 1-gen-2017 CEREDA, STEFANOCELLA, LEONARDOPaolo Cremonesi
The importance of song context in music playlists: Enabling recommendations in the long tail 1-gen-2017 Quadrana, MassimoCremonesi, Paolo +
Kernalized collaborative contextual bandits 1-gen-2017 Cella, LeonardoCremonesi, Paolo +
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