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Flexible methanol and hydrogen production from biomass gasification, with negative emissions 1-gen-2022 Poluzzi, AlessandroGuandalini, GiulioRomano, Matteo Carmelo
Techno-economic assessment of enhanced Biogas&Power-to-SNG processes with high-temperature electrolysis integration 1-gen-2022 Colbertaldo P.Guandalini G.
Impianto a doppio letto fluido con differenziale di pressione 1-gen-2022 matteo carmelo romanogiulio guandalini +
Flexible Power & Biomass-to-Methanol plants: Design optimization and economic viability of the electrolysis integration 1-gen-2022 Poluzzi A.Guandalini G.Guffanti S.Elsido C.Moioli S.Martelli E.Groppi G.Romano M. C. +
Dynamic Modeling of a PEM Fuel Cell Power Plant for Flexibility Optimization and Grid Support 1-gen-2022 Crespi, ElenaGuandalini, GiulioCampanari, Stefano +
Design and partial-load operation of a reversible Solid Oxide Cell system with molten salts thermal storage 1-gen-2022 Ficili M.Colbertaldo P.Guandalini G.Campanari S.
Energy storage with Power-to-Power systems relying on photovoltaic and hydrogen: modelling the operation with secondary reserve provision 1-gen-2022 Crespi, E.Colbertaldo, P.Guandalini, G.Campanari, S.
Flexible methanol and hydrogen production from biomass gasification with negative emissions 1-gen-2022 Poluzzi, AGuandalini, GRomano, MC
Novel Methodology to Assess Advanced Biofuel Production at Regional Level: Case Study for Cereal Straw Supply Chains 1-gen-2022 Guandalini, GiulioManzolini, Giampaolo +
Flexible Power and Biomass-To-Methanol Plants With Different Gasification Technologies 1-gen-2022 Poluzzi, A.Guandalini, G.Guffanti, S.Martinelli, M.Moioli, S.Martelli, E.Groppi, G.Romano, M. C. +
Development of benchmark scenarios for sector coupling in the Italian national energy system for 100% RES supply to power and mobility 1-gen-2021 Colbertaldo, PaoloGuandalini, GiulioCampanari, Stefano
Simulations of a flexible 100 kWelPEM Fuel Cell power plant for the provision of grid balancing services 1-gen-2021 Crespi E.Guandalini G.Campanari S.
Participation of a PV power plant to the Italian Ancillary Service Market via a hydrogen-based power-to-power system: economic impact of Secondary Frequency Reserve provision 1-gen-2021 Elena CrespiGiulio GuandaliniPaolo ColbertaldoStefano Campanari
Design of hybrid power-to-power systems for continuous clean PV-based energy supply 1-gen-2021 Crespi E.Colbertaldo P.Guandalini G.Campanari S.
Sizing and operation of energy storage by Power-to-Gas and Underwater Compressed Air systems applied to offshore wind power generation 1-gen-2021 Crespi, ElenaColbertaldo, PaoloSilva, PaoloGuandalini, Giulio +
Modelling and optimization of a flexible hydrogen-fueled pressurized PEMFC power plant for grid balancing purposes 1-gen-2021 E. CrespiG. GuandaliniS. Campanari +
10. Renewable power-to-hydrogen systems and sector coupling power-mobility 1-gen-2021 Campanari, StefanoColbertaldo, PaoloGuandalini, Giulio
The Potential of Power and Biomass-to-X Systems in the Decarbonization Challenge: a Critical Review 1-gen-2021 Poluzzi A.Guandalini G.d'Amore F.Romano M. C.
Balancing a High-Renewables Electric Grid with Hydrogen-Fuelled Combined Cycles: A Country Scale Analysis 1-gen-2020 Colbertaldo, PaoloGuandalini, GiulioCrespi, ElenaCampanari, Stefano
“Potential carbon efficiency” as a new index to track the performance of biofuels production processes 1-gen-2020 Poluzzi A.Guandalini G.Romano M. C.
European regions suitability for advanced biofuel production. Cases scenarios for residual biomass supply chains 1-gen-2020 G. GuandaliniG. Manzolini +
Preliminary design and performance assessment of an underwater compressed air energy storage system for wind power balancing 1-gen-2020 M. AstolfiG. GuandaliniP. Silva +
Energy performance and well-to-wheel analysis of different powertrain solutions for freight transportation 1-gen-2020 Guandalini G.Iora P. +
A Novel Approach for the Economic Evaluation of New CO2 Capture Technologies for Power Plants 1-gen-2019 Guandalini, GiulioRomano, Matteo Carmelo +
Hydrogen for High-RES Energy Sector Integration: Comparison of End-Use Pathways 1-gen-2019 P. ColbertaldoG. GuandaliniS. Campanari
Design Optimization of a Heat Recovery ORC for a Novel Biomass to Methanol Plant 1-gen-2019 Elsido C.Martelli E.Astolfi M.Guandalini G.Romano M. C.
Sorption Enhanced Gasification (SEG) of Biomass with CO2 Capture for the Production of Synthetic Natural Gas (SNG) and DME for Transport Sector with Negative Emissions 1-gen-2019 Poluzzi, AlessandroGuandalini, GiulioRomano, Matteo Carmelo +
Sizing of integrated solar photovoltaic and electrolysis systems for clean hydrogen production 1-gen-2019 P. ColbertaldoG. GuandaliniG. LozzaS. Campanari
Supply of solar electricity to uninterruptible loads via seasonal storage with Power-to-Power systems 1-gen-2019 E. CrespiP. ColbertaldoG. GuandaliniS. Campanari
Preliminary design and performance assessment of an underwater CAES system (UW-CAES) for wind power balancing 1-gen-2019 Astolfi M.Guandalini G.Hirn A.Silva P.Campanari S. +
Fuel cells: Opportunities and challenges 1-gen-2019 Campanari S.Guandalini G.
Modeling, Development, and Testing of a 2 MW Polymeric Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cell Plant Fueled With Hydrogen From a Chlor-Alkali Industry 1-gen-2019 Campanari, StefanoGuandalini, Giulio +
A sequential approach for the economic evaluation of new CO 2 capture technologies for power plants 1-gen-2019 Guandalini, GiulioRomano, Matteo C. +
Preliminary Simulation Study and Heat Integration of a Highly Intensified and Flexible Process for Bio-DME and Electricity Production 1-gen-2018 Cristina ElsidoGiulio GuandaliniMatteo RomanoEmanuele Martelli
Well-to-wheel driving cycle simulations for freight transportation: Battery and hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles 1-gen-2018 Guandalini G.Campanari S.
Modeling, development and preliminary testing of a 2 mw pem fuel cell plant fueled with hydrogen from a chlor-alkali industry 1-gen-2018 Campanari S.Guandalini G. +
Modelling the integrated power and transport energy system: The role of power-to-gas and hydrogen in long-term scenarios for Italy 1-gen-2018 Colbertaldo, PaoloGuandalini, GiulioCampanari, Stefano
The role of hydrogen mobility in fulfilling EU 2050 targets on GHG emissions reduction 1-gen-2017 Paolo ColbertaldoGiulio GuandaliniStefano Campanari
Long-term P2G and hydrogen potential in an integrated energy system: coupling of power grid and mobility in Italy 1-gen-2017 Colbertaldo PaoloGuandalini GiulioCampanari Stefano
Long-term power-to-gas potential from wind and solar power: A country analysis for Italy 1-gen-2017 Guandalini, G.Campanari, S. +
Dynamic modeling of natural gas quality within transport pipelines in presence of hydrogen injections 1-gen-2017 GUANDALINI, GIULIOCOLBERTALDO, PAOLOCAMPANARI, STEFANO
Simulation of a 2 MW PEM Fuel Cell Plant for Hydrogen Recovery from Chlor-Alkali Industry 1-gen-2017 Guandalini G.Foresti S.Campanari S. +
Long-term power-to-gas potential for recovering excess energy from renewables: Italian case 1-gen-2016 GUANDALINI, GIULIOCAMPANARI, STEFANO +
Comparison of battery and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles for freight transportation through WTW driving cycle simulations 1-gen-2016 CAMPANARI, STEFANOGUANDALINI, GIULIOMANZOLINI, GIAMPAOLO +
Comparative assessment and safety issues in state-of-the-art hydrogen production technologies 1-gen-2016 GUANDALINI, GIULIOCAMPANARI, STEFANOVALENTI, GIANLUCA
Modeling of 2-MW co-generative PEM fuel cell for hydrogen recovering from Chlorine industry 1-gen-2016 GUANDALINI, GIULIOFORESTI, STEFANOCAMPANARI, STEFANO +
Wind power plant and power-to-gas system coupled with natural gas grid infrastructure: Techno-economic optimization of operation 1-gen-2015 GUANDALINI, GIULIOCAMPANARI, STEFANO
Dynamic Quality Tracking of Natural Gas and Hydrogen Mixture in a Portion of Natural Gas Grid 1-gen-2015 GUANDALINI, GIULIOCOLBERTALDO, PAOLOCAMPANARI, STEFANO
Modeling of a MW scale PEM fuel cell power plant integrated in industrial chlor-alkali process 1-gen-2015 GUANDALINI, GIULIOFORESTI, STEFANOCAMPANARI, STEFANO +
Power-to-gas plants and gas turbines for improved wind energy dispatchability: Energy and economic assessment 1-gen-2015 GUANDALINI, GIULIOCAMPANARI, STEFANOROMANO, MATTEO CARMELO
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 50 di 53
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