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Mechanism and performance evaluation of secondary regeneration of asphalt 1-gen-2024 M. CrispinoM. KetabdariE. Toraldo +
Safety Impact Prediction of Redesigning National Roads Crossing Residential Areas: An Italian Case Study 1-gen-2024 Maurizio CrispinoMisagh KetabdariArianna AntoniazziEmanuele Toraldo +
Estimating vehicle braking distance over wet and rutted pavement surface through back-propagation neural network 1-gen-2024 J. JiangM. KetabdariM. CrispinoE. Toraldo
Inductive systems for electric vehicles: Optimization of the charging units embedded into road pavement 1-gen-2023 C. NodariM. KetabdariM. CrispinoE. Toraldo
Aviation risk assessment: Analyzing the critical boundary conditions that can affect the risk of runway-related accidents 1-gen-2023 M. KetabdariC. NodariM. CrispinoE. Toraldo
Airport noise emission: Models’ comparison and application on a real case study 1-gen-2023 M. KetabdariF. NasserzadehM. CrispinoE. Toraldo
Safety aspects of e-scooters in urban areas: Preliminary results on citizens' perception, users' behavior and role of pavement 1-gen-2023 A. AntoniazziE. DavoliC. NodariM. Crispino
Effect of crumb rubber and reclaimed asphalt pavement on viscoelastic property of asphalt mixture 1-gen-2023 Emanuele ToraldoMaurizio CrispinoMisagh Ketabdari +
Assessing the Impact of Rutting Depth of Bituminous Airport Runway Pavements on Aircraft Landing Braking Distance during Intense Precipitation 1-gen-2023 Emanuele ToraldoMisagh KetabdariMaurizio Crispino +
Effect of recycled concrete aggregate features on adhesion properties of asphalt mortar-aggregate interface 1-gen-2022 Maurizio CrispinoMisagh Ketabdari +
Influence of Embedded Charging Units Characteristics on Long-Term Structural Behavior of E-Roads 1-gen-2022 claudia nodariMisagh KetabdariMaurizio CrispinoEmanuele Toraldo
Fatigue effects of embedding electric vehicles Charging Units into electrified road 1-gen-2022 Nodari C.Crispino M.Toraldo E.
From Traditional to Electrified Urban Road Networks: The Integration of Fuzzy Analytic Hierarchy Process and GIS as a Tool to Define a Feasibility Index—An Italian Case Study 1-gen-2022 claudia nodarimaurizio crispinoemanuele toraldo
Analyzing the bearing capacity of materials used in arresting systems as a suitable risk mitigation strategy for runway excursions in landlocked aerodromes 1-gen-2021 M. KetabdariE. ToraldoM. Crispino
Assessing the impact of the slopes on runway drainage capacity based on wheel/path surface adhesion conditions 1-gen-2021 Ketabdari M.Toraldo E.Crispino M.
Laboratory investigation on the use of recycled materials in bituminous mixtures for dense-graded wearing course 1-gen-2021 Nodari, ClaudiaCrispino, MaurizioToraldo, Emanuele
Numerical Prediction Model of Runway-Taxiway Junctions for Optimizing the Runway Evacuation Time 1-gen-2021 Ketabdari M.Crispino M.Toraldo E. +
Structural Analysis of Bituminous Road Pavements Embedding Charging Units for Electric Vehicles 1-gen-2021 Nodari C.Crispino M.Toraldo E. +
Analytical Optimization Model to Locate and Design Runway-Taxiway Junctions 1-gen-2021 Ketabdari M.Toraldo E.Crispino M. +
Evaluating the interaction between engineered materials and aircraft tyres as arresting systems in landing overrun events 1-gen-2020 Ketabdari M.Toraldo E.Crispino M.Lunkar V.
Numerical Risk Analyses of the Impact of Meteorological Conditions on Probability of Airport Runway Excursion Accidents 1-gen-2020 Ketabdari M.Toraldo E.Crispino M.
Bituminous Mixtures with High Environmental Compatibility: Laboratory Investigation on the Use of Reclaimed Asphalt and Steel Slag Aggregates 1-gen-2020 Nodari C.Crispino M.Toraldo E.
Investigation on the compaction temperature effect on reactivating aged bitumen of 100% RAP mixtures 1-gen-2019 Toraldo E.Mariani E.Crispino M. +
Probability contour map of landing overrun based on aircraft braking distance computation 1-gen-2019 Ketabdari M.Crispino M. +
Risk management in infrastructure companies 1-gen-2019 M. CrispinoM. Ketabdari +
Improving runway strip performance to fulfill international requirements through eco-efficient soil treatments: Case study of a major italian airport 1-gen-2018 Crispino M.Toraldo E. +
Sensitivity analysis of influencing factors in probabilistic risk assessment for airports 1-gen-2018 Ketabdari, MisaghGiustozzi, FilippoCrispino, Maurizio
Application of rejuvenators and virgin bitumen to restore physical and rheological properties of RAP binder 1-gen-2017 Toraldo E.Crispino M. +
Comparative investigation on the reinforcing effects of polymer-based fiber into bituminous mixtures 1-gen-2017 Toraldo E.Mariani E.Crispino M.
Deterioration trends of asphalt pavement friction and roughness from medium-term surveys on major Italian roads 1-gen-2017 Crispino M.Toraldo E. +
Metodologie innovative per la costruzione di pavimentazioni in cls - seconda parte 1-gen-2016 CRISPINO, MAURIZIOGIUSTOZZI, FILIPPO
Investigation on the combined effect of fibers and cement on the mechanical performance of foamed bitumen mixtures containing 100% RAP 1-gen-2016 ASHOURI TAZIANI, EHSANTORALDO, EMANUELEGIUSTOZZI, FILIPPOCRISPINO, MAURIZIO
Recycling practices for airport pavement construction: Valorisation of on-site materials 1-gen-2016 MAGNONI, MARCOTORALDO, EMANUELEGIUSTOZZI, FILIPPOCRISPINO, MAURIZIO
Recycled concrete mixes for slip-form paving of roads and airports 1-gen-2016 CRISPINO, MAURIZIOTORALDO, EMANUELEGIUSTOZZI, FILIPPOMARIANI, EDOARDO
Laboratory investigation on mechanical performance of cold foamed bitumen mixes: Bitumen source, foaming additive, fiber-reinforcement and cement effect 1-gen-2015 MARTINEZ ARGUELLES, GILBERTOGIUSTOZZI, FILIPPOCRISPINO, MAURIZIO +
Metodologie innovative per la costruzione di pavimentazioni in cls - prima parte 1-gen-2015 CRISPINO, MAURIZIOGIUSTOZZI, FILIPPO
Using polymers to improve the rutting resistance of asphalt concrete 1-gen-2015 CRISPINO, MAURIZIO +
Experimental study on the effects of fine sand addition on differentially compacted pervious concrete 1-gen-2015 BONICELLI, ALESSANDRAGIUSTOZZI, FILIPPOCRISPINO, MAURIZIO
Laboratory investigation into the effects of fibres and bituminous emulsion on cement-treated recycled materials for road pavements 1-gen-2015 TORALDO, EMANUELEMARIANI, EDOARDOCRISPINO, MAURIZIO
Mix Design of Polymer-Modified and Fiber-Reinforced Warm-Mix Asphalts with High Amount of Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement: Achieving sustainable and high-performing pavements 1-gen-2015 GIUSTOZZI, FILIPPOCRISPINO, MAURIZIOTORALDO, EMANUELEMARIANI, EDOARDO
Evaluating the effect of reinforcing fibres on pervious concrete volumetric and mechanical properties according to different compaction energies 1-gen-2015 BONICELLI, ALESSANDRAGIUSTOZZI, FILIPPOCRISPINO, MAURIZIO +
Experimental investigation into the thermal behavior of wearing courses for road pavements due to environmental conditions 1-gen-2015 TORALDO, EMANUELEMARIANI, EDOARDOALBERTI, SUSANNACRISPINO, MAURIZIO
Investigation on the functional and mechanical performance of differentially compacted pervious concrete for road pavements 1-gen-2014 BONICELLI, ALESSANDRAGIUSTOZZI, FILIPPOCRISPINO, MAURIZIO +
Investigating physical and rheological properties of foamed bitumen 1-gen-2014 GIUSTOZZI, FILIPPOCRISPINO, MAURIZIO +
Effects of foam agents on foaming processes and physical and rheological properties of bitumens 1-gen-2014 CRISPINO, MAURIZIOGIUSTOZZI, FILIPPOTORALDO, EMANUELE +
Environmental Analysis of Asphast Pavement Maintenance Using Modified Binders in Developing Countries: Case Study in Bogotà, Colombia. 1-gen-2013 CRISPINO, MAURIZIOGIUSTOZZI, FILIPPO +
Indagine sperimentale sulle fibre nei calcestruzzi drenanti 1-gen-2013 CRISPINO, MAURIZIOGIUSTOZZI, FILIPPOBONICELLI, ALESSANDRA
Environmental Impact Analysis of Low Carbon Road Foundation Layers 1-gen-2013 GIUSTOZZI, FILIPPOCRISPINO, MAURIZIO +
Photocatalytic Suspension for Road Pavements: Investigation on Wearing and Contaminant Effects 1-gen-2013 BROVELLI, CLAUDIOCRISPINO, MAURIZIO
Cross-Asset Resource Allocation Framework for Achieving Performance Sustainability 1-gen-2013 GIUSTOZZI, FILIPPOCRISPINO, MAURIZIO +
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