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ETICHETTA ANTICONTRAFFAZIONE PER L’AUTENTICAZIONE DI BENI 1-gen-2023 C. CasariA. FacibeniS. PeggianiA. VidaleC. BertarelliA. Milani
Erbium and thulium on MgO(100)/Ag(100) as candidates for single atom qubits 1-gen-2023 Reale, S.Casari, C. S. +
Nanostructured ZnxMn3‒xO4 thin films by pulsed laser deposition: A spectroscopic and electrochemical study towards the application in aqueous Zn-ion batteries 1-gen-2023 Andrea MacrelliValeria RussoBenedetto BozziniGianlorenzo BussettiCarlo S. CasariAndrea Li Bassi +
Interface coupling in Au-supported MoS2–WS2 heterobilayers grown by pulsed laser deposition 1-gen-2023 P. D'AgostaF. TuminoV. RussoA. Li BassiC. S. Casari
Pulsed laser ablation in liquid of sp-carbon chains: Status and recent advances 1-gen-2022 Marabotti, PietroPeggiani, SoniaVidale, AlessandroSpartaco Casari, Carlo
A single liquid chromatography procedure to concentrate, separate and collect size-selected polyynes produced by pulsed laser ablation in water 1-gen-2022 Sonia PeggianiAnna FacibeniPietro MarabottiAlessandro VidaleCarlo S. Casari +
Electron-phonon coupling and vibrational properties of size-selected linear carbon chains by resonance Raman scattering 1-gen-2022 Marabotti, PTommasini, MCastiglioni, CSerafini, PPeggiani, SLi Bassi, ARusso, VCasari, C S +
Vibrational properties of graphdiynes as 2D carbon materials beyond graphene 1-gen-2022 Serafini, PMilani, ATommasini, MCastiglioni, CBottani, CECasari, CS +
Stable and Solution-Processable Cumulenic sp-Carbon Wires: A New Paradigm for Organic Electronics 1-gen-2022 Pecorario S.Vurro V.Jiang M.Losi T.Sun B.Casari C. S.Caironi M. +
In situ surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy to investigate polyyne formation during pulsed laser ablation in liquid 1-gen-2022 P. MarabottiS. PeggianiA. FacibeniP. SerafiniV. RussoA. Li BassiC. S. Casari +
Large Area Growth and Phase Selectivity of MoTe2 Nanosheets through Simulation-Guided CVD Tellurization 1-gen-2022 Ghomi S.Casari C. S. +
Identifying Efficient Cooling Approach of Cylindrical Lithium-Ion Batteries 1-gen-2022 Ghosh S.Casari C. S. +
Nanoparticle-enhanced Multifunctional Nanocarbons- Recent Advances on Electrochemical Energy Storage Applications 1-gen-2022 Subrata GhoshAndrea MacrelliCarlo S. Casari +
Steric hindrance in the on-surface synthesis of diethynyl-linked anthracene polymers 1-gen-2022 F. TuminoA. RabiaA. Li BassiC. S. Casari +
Interface-Driven Assembly of Pentacene/MoS2 Lateral Heterostructures 1-gen-2022 F. TuminoA. RabiaA. Li BassiC. S. Casari +
Thiophene-Based Conjugated Acetylenic Polymers with Dual Active Sites for Efficient Co-Catalyst-Free Photoelectrochemical Water Reduction in Alkaline Medium 1-gen-2021 Milani A.Casari C. +
Vibrational and nonlinear optical properties of amine-capped push-pull polyynes by infrared and Raman spectroscopy 1-gen-2021 Pietro MarabottiAlberto MilaniAndrea LucottiLuigi BrambillaMatteo TommasiniChiara CastiglioniCarlo Spartaco Casari +
Hydrophilic Character of Single-Layer MoS2 Grown on Ag(111) 1-gen-2021 F. TuminoM. RuggeriV. RussoA. Li BassiC. S. Casari +
Topology-dependent conjugation effects in graphdiyne molecular fragments 1-gen-2021 Serafini P.Milani A.Tommasini M.Bottani C. E.Casari C. S.
Graphdiynes interacting with metal surfaces: First-principles electronic and vibrational properties 1-gen-2021 Milani A.Tumino F.Casari C. S. +
Raman and IR spectra of graphdiyne nanoribbons 1-gen-2020 Serafini P.Milani A.Tommasini M.Castiglioni C.Casari C. S.
Light management in TiO2 thin films integrated with Au plasmonic nanoparticles 1-gen-2020 M. GhidelliL. MascarettiB. R. BricchiV. RussoC. S. CasariA. Li Bassi +
Corrigendum to “One-pot synthesis and characterization of polyynes end-capped by biphenyl groups (α,ω-biphenylpolyynes)” (Carbon (2018) 126 (232–240), (S0008622317309818), (10.1016/j.carbon.2017.09.098))> 1-gen-2020 Milani A.Casari C. S. +
Structural, Electronic, and Vibrational Properties of a Two-Dimensional Graphdiyne-like Carbon Nanonetwork Synthesized on Au(111): Implications for the Engineering of sp-sp2 Carbon Nanostructures 1-gen-2020 Rabia, AndiTumino, FrancescoMilani, AlbertoRusso, ValeriaBassi, Andrea LiLucotti, AndreaAchilli, SimonaCasari, Carlo S. +
A Field-Effect Transistor Based on Cumulenic sp-Carbon Atomic Wires 1-gen-2020 Scaccabarozzi A. D.Milani A.Peggiani S.Pecorario S.Caironi M.Casari C. S. +
Solvent-dependent termination, size and stability in polyynes synthesis by laser ablation in liquids 1-gen-2020 Sonia PeggianiPietro MarabottiAnna FacibeniPatrick SerafiniAlberto MilaniValeria RussoAndrea Li BassiCarlo Spartaco Casari +
Size-selected polyynes synthesised by submerged arc discharge in water 1-gen-2020 Peggiani S.Facibeni A.Milani A.Serafini P.Lucotti A.Tommasini M.Fazzi D.Castiglioni C.Russo V.Li Bassi A.Casari C. S. +
In situ synthesis of polyynes in a polymer matrix via pulsed laser ablation in a liquid 1-gen-2020 Sonia PeggianiAnna FacibeniAlberto MilaniChiara CastiglioniValeria RussoAndrea Li BassiCarlo S. Casari
Nature of Point Defects in Single-Layer MoS2 Supported on Au(111) 1-gen-2020 Francesco TuminoCarlo Spartaco CasariAndrea Li Bassi +
Linear Carbon: From 1D Carbyne to 2D Hybrid sp-sp2 Nanostructures Beyond Graphene 1-gen-2019 Alberto MilaniAndrea Li BassiValeria RussoMatteo TommasiniCarlo S. Casari
A combined morphological and electrochemical characterization of carbon electrodes in vanadium redox flow batteries: Insights into positive and negative electrode performance 1-gen-2019 Cecchetti, M.Messaggi, M.Donazzi, A.Facibeni, A.Russo, V.Casari, C. S.Bassi, A. LiCasalegno, A.Zago, M.
Structure modulated charge transfer in carbon atomic wires 1-gen-2019 A. MilaniV. BarbieriA. FacibeniV. RussoA. Li BassiA. LucottiM. TommasiniC. S. Casari +
Pulsed laser deposition of single-layer MoS2 on Au(111): from nanosized crystals to large-area films 1-gen-2019 Francesco TuminoCarlo S. CasariMatteo PassoniValeria RussoAndrea Li Bassi
Integrated Au/TiO 2 nanostructured photoanodes for photoelectrochemical organics degradation 1-gen-2019 Matarrese R.Ghidelli M.Mascaretti L.Bricchi B.Russo V.Casari C.Li Bassi A.Nova I. +
Scanning tunneling microscopy and Raman spectroscopy of polymeric sp-sp2 carbon atomic wires synthesized on the Au(111) surface 1-gen-2019 RABIA, ANDITumino, FrancescoMilani, AlbertoRusso, ValeriaLi Bassi, AndreaAchilli, SimonaCasari, Carlo S +
Excitation Wavelength- and Medium-Dependent Photoluminescence of Reduced Nanostructured TiO2 Films 1-gen-2019 L. MascarettiV. RussoA. LucottiC. S. CasariA. Li Bassi +
Fingerprints of sp1 Hybridized C in the near-edge X-ray absorption spectra of surface-grown materials 1-gen-2018 Milani, AlbertoCasari, Carlo Spartaco +
Hierarchical TiO2-based nanostructures prepared by Pulsed Laser Deposition (PLD) for photoelectrochemical (PEC) water splitting 1-gen-2018 R. MatarreseI. NovaM. GhidelliB. R. BricchiL. MascarettiA. Li BassiC. CasariV. Russo +
One-pot synthesis and characterization of polyynes end-capped by biphenyl groups (alpha,omega-biphenylpolyynes) 1-gen-2018 Milani, AlbertoCasari, Carlo S. +
Engineering plasmonic nanostructured surfaces by pulsed laser deposition 1-gen-2018 Matteo GhidelliLuca MascarettiBeatrice Roberta BricchiValeria RussoCarlo Spartaco CasariAndrea Li Bassi +
Carbyne: from the elusive allotrope to stable carbon atom wires 1-gen-2018 Casari, C. S.Milani, A.
Assembly and soldering procedure of non-stabilized YBCO coils for 1000 A SFCL 1-gen-2018 A. Li BassiC. S. Casari +
Integration of plasmonic Au nanoparticles in TiO2 hierarchical structures in a single-step pulsed laser co-deposition 1-gen-2018 BRICCHI, BEATRICE ROBERTAGHIDELLI, MATTEOLuca MascarettiValeria RussoCarlo Spartaco CasariGiancarlo TerraneoALESSANDRI, IVANOAndrea Li Bassi +
Timing for the evolution of blisters during graphite anion intercalation 1-gen-2017 Rossella YivlialinGianlorenzo BussettiLuca MagagninChiara CastiglioniMatteo TommasiniLuigi BrambillaAndrea Li BassiCarlo Spartaco CasariMatteo PassoniLamberto Duo'
Blister evolution timing during graphite anion intercalation: a new interpretative model 1-gen-2017 Rossella YivlialinGianlorenzo BussettiLuca MagagninChiara CastiglioniMatteo TommasiniLuigi BrambillaAndrea Li BassiCarlo Spartaco CasariMatteo PassoniLamberto Duo'
Preparation and optimization of TiO2 photoanodes fabricated by pulsed laser deposition for photoelectrochemical water splitting 1-gen-2017 MATARRESE, ROBERTONOVA, ISABELLALI BASSI, ANDREACASARI, CARLO SPARTACORUSSO, VALERIA +
Hydrogen-treated hierarchical titanium oxide nanostructures for photoelectrochemical water splitting 1-gen-2017 MASCARETTI, LUCAFERRULLI, SIMONAMAZZOLINI, PIEROCASARI, CARLO SPARTACORUSSO, VALERIAMATARRESE, ROBERTONOVA, ISABELLATERRANEO, GIANCARLOLI BASSI, ANDREA +
Synthesis and characterization of plasmonic hierarchical systems by integration of TiO2 nanostructured films with Au nanoparticles for photocatalytic applications 1-gen-2017 Matteo GhidelliLuca MascarettiTarek Afifi AfifiBeatrice BricchiValeria RussoCarlo CasariRoberto MatarreseIsabella NovaAndrea Li Bassi
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