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Impact of the ADC Nonlinearities on X-ray Spectral Analysis and Correction Techniques 1-gen-2023 Castoldi, A.Ghisetti, M.Guazzoni, C.Porro, M. +
On-beam Qualification of the First Depfet Ladder of the DSSC X-ray Imager 1-gen-2023 Castoldi, A.Ghisetti, M.Guazzoni, C.Porro, M. +
Qualification of a Smart Rad-Hard Fast Detection System for Radioactive Ion Beam Tagging and Diagnostics 1-gen-2023 Castoldi, A.Guazzoni, C. +
Simulation of the Induced Signals in SiC Detectors for Radioactive Ion Beam Tagging 1-gen-2023 Castoldi, A.Guazzoni, C.
Mass identification by means of Energy-Time-of-Flight technique using large area silicon detector in a 4π array: The CHIMERA case 1-gen-2023 Cardella, G.Castoldi, A.Guazzoni, C. +
Feasibility Study of the Use of Operational Amplifiers as Forward Gain Stages in Charge Preamplifiers and Shaping Filters for Radiation Detectors 1-gen-2023 Castoldi A.Guazzoni C. +
Photon-shot-noise-limited transient absorption soft X-ray spectroscopy at the European XFEL 1-gen-2023 A. CastoldiC. FioriniS. MaffessantiM. Porro +
Qualification of the X-ray spectral performance of the DEPFET pixels of the DSSC imager 1-gen-2023 Castoldi A.Ghisetti M.Guazzoni C.Maffessanti S.Porro M. +
A 64k pixel CMOS-DEPFET module for the soft X-rays DSSC imager operating at MHz-frame rates 1-gen-2023 Maffessanti S.Castoldi A.Fiorini C. +
The interplay of local electron correlations and ultrafast spin dynamics in fcc Ni 1-gen-2023 Castoldi A.Fiorini C.Porro M. +
The ASTAROTH project 1-gen-2023 Castoldi A.Guazzoni C. +
NArCoS: The new hodoscope for neutrons and charged particles 1-gen-2023 Castoldi A.Guazzoni C. +
Nonequilibrium sub–10 nm spin-wave soliton formation in FePt nanoparticles 1-gen-2022 Castoldi A. +
Design of a novel smart rad hard fast detection system for Radioactive Ion Beam Tagging and Diagnostics 1-gen-2022 A. Castoldi +
Calibration strategy and experimental qualification of the first DEPFET pixel sensors of the DSSC camera 1-gen-2022 M. GhisettiA. CastoldiC. GuazzoniS. MaffessantiM. Porro +
Calibration of the Non-linear Response of the First Ladder of the DSSC Camera with Soft X-rays at the European XFEL 1-gen-2022 A. CastoldiM. GhisettiS. MaffessantiM. Porro +
Impact of X-ray Spectra Modeling on Gain and Noise Determination in High-dynamic Range Detection Systems 1-gen-2022 M. GhisettiA. Castoldi
Calibration methods for charge integrating detectors 1-gen-2022 Mezza D.Castoldi A. +
Megahertz-rate ultrafast X-ray scattering and holographic imaging at the European XFEL 1-gen-2022 Porro M.Maffessanti S.Fiorini C.Castoldi A. +
Highlights from CHIMERA Collaboration 1-gen-2022 Cardella, GCastoldi, AGuazzoni, CSicari, V +
The ASTAROTH Project: enhanced low-energy sensitivity to Dark Matter annual modulation 1-gen-2022 A. CastoldiM. GhisettiC. Guazzoni +
Feasibility Study of a Smart Rad-hard Fast Detection System for Radioactive Ion Beam Tagging and Diagnostics 1-gen-2021 Castoldi A.Guazzoni C. +
Observation of fluctuation-mediated picosecond nucleation of a topological phase 1-gen-2021 Castoldi A.Maffessanti S.Porro M. +
The MiniSDD-Based 1-Mpixel Camera of the DSSC Project for the European XFEL 1-gen-2021 Porro M.Castoldi A.Fiorini C.Guazzoni C.Maffessanti S. +
Ultimate Performance of the FARCOS Detection System 1-gen-2021 Castoldi A.Guazzoni C.Parsani T.Sicari V. L. +
Widening the Application Range of the FARCOS Frontend Electronics 1-gen-2020 Castoldi A.Guazzoni C.Sicari V. L. +
Assessment of the Non-Linear Response of DEPFET Sensors with Signal Compression 1-gen-2020 A. CastoldiC. GuazzoniS. MaffessantiM. Porro +
MariX, an advanced MHz-class repetition rate X-ray source for linear regime time-resolved spectroscopy and photon scattering 1-gen-2019 BERTUCCI, MICHELEBROGGI, MORENO FRANCESCOCanella, F.Castoldi, A.Coluccelli, N.DEL VECCHIO, ANGELOFiorini, C.Galzerano, G.Ghiringhelli, G.Giannotti, D.Groppi, F.Guazzoni, C.Laporta, P.LEONI, SIMONELORIA, TIZIANA ANTONIAMERONI, CLAUDIA DOMENICAMoretti Sala, M.PAPARELLA, ROCCOPAROLI, BRUNOPinotti, E.Pullia, A.Puppin, E.Ramponi, R.RUSSO, PAOLOTagliaferri, A. +
The FARCOS detection system: the first application in a real experiment 1-gen-2019 G. CardellaA. CastoldiC. GuazzoniT. ParsaniV. L. Sicari +
A Detection Module for Hard X-ray Spectroscopy Based on an In-Schottky CdTe Detector 1-gen-2018 A. CastoldiC. GuazzoniPIRANI, ENID +
Integration of the GET electronics for the CHIMERA and FARCOS devices 1-gen-2018 Cardella G.Castoldi A.Guazzoni C.Parsani T.Previdi F. +
Implementation and Qualification of the FARCOS Frontend Electronics 1-gen-2018 A. CastoldiC. GuazzoniT. ParsaniV. L. Sicari
Performance at Cryogenic Temperatures of an Ultra Low Noise CMOS Front-end for Fano-limited X-ray Spectroscopy 1-gen-2018 Liu C.Castoldi A.Bertuccio G.Gandola M.Sammartini M.Mele F.
Peak-shape Fitting in Presence of Trapping Effects in High-Z Detectors 1-gen-2018 Pirani E.Castoldi A.
Germanium Drift Detectors: from the Idea to the Device 1-gen-2018 A. CastoldiC. GuazzoniS. Maffessanti +
256 Channel Antialiasing Filter with Selectable Parameters and Differential Input to be Coupled with the GET Frontend Electronics: Design and Performance 1-gen-2018 A. CastoldiC. GuazzoniT. ParsaniG. Cardella +
Qualification of a high-resolution on-chip injection circuit for the calibration of the DSSC X-ray imager for the European XFEL 1-gen-2018 A. CastoldiC. GuazzoniS. MaffessantiP. Fischer +
Multi-color Imaging of NP in Phantoms towards Theranostic Imaging of Tumours 1-gen-2018 Andrea CastoldiChiara Guazzoni +
Results and recent advances with the CHIMERA and FARCOS detectors 1-gen-2018 Cardella G.Castoldi A.Guazzoni C.Parsani T. +
Versatile multi-channel CMOS frontend with selectable full-scale dynamics from 100 MeV up to 2.2 GeV for the readout of detector's signals in nuclear physics experiments 1-gen-2018 Castoldi A.Guazzoni C.Parsani T.
Architecture of the FARCOS detection system and first beam experiments 1-gen-2018 G. CardellaA. CastoldiC. GuazzoniS. MaffessantiT. ParsaniF. PrevidiSICARI, VINCENZO LORIS +
Study of Systematic and Statistical Uncertainty in Offset, Noise, and Gain Determination of the DSSC Detector for the European XFEL 1-gen-2017 Andrea CastoldiChiara GuazzoniStefano Maffessanti +
256-channel differential to single ended antialiasing filter for pulse shape analysis in nuclear physics experiments 1-gen-2017 A. CastoldiCHANG, PENGFEIC. GuazzoniT. ParsaniG. Cardella +
Present status of the FARCOS detection system 1-gen-2017 G. CardellaA. CastoldiC. GuazzoniS. MaffessantiT. ParsaniF. Previdi +
Characterization of an NTD Double-Sided Silicon Strip Detector Employing a Pulsed Proton Microbeam 1-gen-2017 Parsani, T.Riccio, F.Castoldi, A.Guazzoni, C. +
Validation of the calibration strategy of the DSSC X-ray imager with a pulsed proton beam 1-gen-2017 A. CastoldiC. GuazzoniS. Maffessanti +
First on-beam tests of the FARCOS frontend electronics 1-gen-2017 G. CardellaA. CastoldiC. GuazzoniS. MaffessantiT. Parsani +
DSSC Prototype Ladder Operation and Performance Study at PETRA III / P04 1-gen-2017 Andrea CastoldiCarlo FioriniFISCHER, PETERAndrea GrandeChiara GuazzoniStefano Maffessanti +
2 GeV full-scale energy range charge preamplifier for Pigmy Dipole Resonance study in 68 Ni nuclei 1-gen-2017 A. CastoldiC. GuazzoniT. ParsaniCardella +
Study of charge collection effects in the DSSC sensor 1-gen-2017 A. CastoldiC. GuazzoniS. Maffessanti +
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 50 di 207
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