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Modelling of the DYNASTY experimental facility for natural circulation under distributed heating In corso di stampa Gabriele BenzoniCarolina IntroiniAntonio CammiStefano LorenziFrancesca Giacobbo
A Monte Carlo Fuel Assembly Model Validation Adopting Post Irradiation Experiment Dataset 1-gen-2024 Loi, LorenzoLorenzi, StefanoCammi, AntonioIntroini, Carolina
A finite element implementation of the incompressible Schrödinger flow method 1-gen-2024 Riva, StefanoIntroini, CarolinaCammi, Antonio
On the need for multi-dimensional models for the safety analysis of (fast-spectrum) Molten Salt Reactors 1-gen-2024 Habtemariam N.Fiorina C.Lorenzi S.Cammi A.
An Innovative Reactivity Control Strategy for Small Modular Reactors 1-gen-2023 Carolina IntroiniAntonio CammiCarlo Lombardi +
OpenMC Model Validation of the TRIGA Mark II Reactor 1-gen-2023 Lorenzo LoiAntonio CammiCarolina Introini
OpenMC Analysis of TRIGA Mark II Reactor Void and Temperature Reactivity Coefficients 1-gen-2023 Lorenzo LoiStefano RivaRiccardo BoccelliCarolina IntroiniStefano LorenziEnrico PadovaniAntonio Cammi
Multi-Physics Model Correction With Data-Driven Reduced Order Modelling 1-gen-2023 Stefano RivaCarolina IntroiniAntonio Cammi
FEniCSx-OpenMC Coupling for Neutronic Calculation with Temperature Feedback 1-gen-2023 Stefano RivaLorenzo LoiCarolina IntroiniAntonio Cammi
Indirect Field Reconstruction and Sensor Positioning in Circulating Fuel Reactors using Data-Driven Model Order Reduction 1-gen-2023 A. CammiS. RivaC. IntroiniL. LoiE. Padovani
Data-driven modeling of the flow field between two PWR surrogate bundles under seismic conditions using Bagging-Optimized Dynamic Mode Decomposition (BOP-DMD) 1-gen-2023 Haidy IbrahimCarolina IntroiniAntonio CammiRoberto Capanna +
1D Modelica Modeling of the DYNASTY-eDYNASTY Coupled Natural Circulation Loops 1-gen-2023 G. BenzoniC. IntroiniA. CammiS. Lorenzi
SIMMER-III/ANSYS coupling (Preliminary development and validation activities of an integral tool for the design and analysis of WCLL components) 1-gen-2023 BADODI, NicolòCAMMI, Antonio +
Design of a Natural Circulation Experiment to Investigate Flow Stability 1-gen-2023 Arrua, J. S.Cammi, A.Lorenzi, S. +
The JUNO experiment Top Tracker 1-gen-2023 Cammi, Antonio +
Design and performance assessment of the ALFRED burner variation 1-gen-2023 D. Jaramillo SierraA. MagniA. Cammi +
A set of transient correlations for fast and unprotected loss of flow accident in VVER-1000 reactor using single-heated channel approach and Gene Expression Programming 1-gen-2023 Sadeghi K.Cammi A. +
ALFRED reactor and hybrid systems: A test case 1-gen-2023 Chebac, RiccardoCammi, AntonioRicotti, Marco E.Lorenzi, StefanoSadeghi, KhashayarSokolova, Ekaterina +
Modeling and simulation of nuclear hybrid energy systems architectures 1-gen-2023 Masotti G. C.Cammi A.Lorenzi S.Ricotti M. E.
Numerical Modeling and Simulation of Melting Phenomena for Freeze Valve Analysis in Molten Salt Reactors 1-gen-2023 Cammi A.Introini C.Lorenzi S. +
The Design of Water Loop Facility for Supporting the WCLL Breeding Blanket Technology and Safety 1-gen-2023 Badodi, NicolòCammi, Antonio +
Neutronic and fuel cycle performance analysis of fluoride and chloride fuels in Molten Salt Fast Reactor (MSFR) 1-gen-2023 Cammi, A. +
Development of an Equivalent Porous Medium Model for a Tubular Receiver Equipped With Raschig Rings 1-gen-2023 Cammi A. +
JUNO sensitivity to the annihilation of MeV dark matter in the galactic halo 1-gen-2023 Cammi, Antonio +
JUNO sensitivity on proton decay p → νK+ searches* 1-gen-2023 Cammi, Antonio +
Investigation on a Double-Pass Tubular Absorber for Application in Solar Towers 1-gen-2023 Cammi, Antonio +
Pore-Scale Simulation of a Tubular Solar Absorber Partially Filled With Raschig Ring Porous Medium for Efficiency Enhancement Purposes 1-gen-2023 Cammi, Antonio +
Development of a practical control-oriented mathematical model for gas pressurizer 1-gen-2023 Hosseini, Seyed AliCammi, Antonio +
Validation and integration tests of the JUNO 20-inch PMT readout electronics 1-gen-2023 Cammi, Antonio +
Implementation and performances of the IPbus protocol for the JUNO Large-PMT readout electronics 1-gen-2023 Cammi, Antonio +
Stabilization of Generalized Empirical Interpolation Method (GEIM) in presence of noise: A novel approach based on Tikhonov regularization 1-gen-2023 Carolina IntroiniStefano LorenziStefano RivaAntonio Cammi +
PbLi/Water Reaction: Experimental Campaign and Modeling Advancements in WPBB EUROfusion Project 1-gen-2023 Badodi, NicolòCammi, Antonio +
Conceptual Design of the Steam Generators for the EU DEMO WCLL Reactor 1-gen-2023 Tripodo, ClaudioCammi, Antonio +
Experimental Results of PbLi-Water Reaction Performed in LIFUS5/Mod3 Separate Effect Test Facility 1-gen-2023 Badodi, NicolòCammi, Antonio +
Experimental investigation on an air tubular absorber enhanced with Raschig Rings porous medium in a solar furnace 1-gen-2023 Cammi, Antonio +
1D modelling and preliminary analysis of the coupled DYNASTY–eDYNASTY natural circulation loop 1-gen-2023 Benzoni G.Introini C.Lorenzi S.Loi L.Cammi A.
STEAM Experimental Facility: A Step Forward for the Development of the EU DEMO BoP Water Coolant Technology 1-gen-2023 Badodi, NicolòTripodo, ClaudioCammi, Antonio +
Preliminary validation of the 1D modeling of the DYNASTY natural circulation loop against results from water experimental campaign 1-gen-2023 Benzoni G.Introini C.Lorenzi S.Cammi A.
A reduced order model for fission gas diffusion in columnar grains 1-gen-2023 Pizzocri, DDi Gennaro, MBarani, TZullo, GLorenzi, SCammi, A +
Status, Features, and Future Development of the LIFUS5/Mod4 Experimental Facility Design 1-gen-2023 Badodi N.Cammi A. +
Hybrid Data Assimilation methods, Part II: Application to the DYNASTY experimental facility 1-gen-2023 Riva, StefanoIntroini, CarolinaLorenzi, StefanoCammi, Antonio
Analysis of the Operational and Safety Features of the In-Core Bubbling System of the Molten Salt Fast Reactor 1-gen-2023 Scioscioli F.Cammi A.Lorenzi S.
Non-intrusive system state reconstruction from indirect measurements: A novel approach based on Hybrid Data Assimilation methods 1-gen-2023 Carolina IntroiniStefano RivaStefano LorenziAntonio Cammi +
Hybrid data assimilation methods, Part I: Numerical comparison between GEIM and PBDW 1-gen-2023 Riva S.Introini C.Lorenzi S.Cammi A.
Hybrid Data Assimilation methods: application to the DYNASTY experimental facility 1-gen-2022 S. RivaA. CammiC. IntroiniS. Lorenzi
Numerical Investigation of the Performance of a Solar Air Heater Equipped with a Packed Bed 1-gen-2022 Antonio Cammi +
Development of an OpenFOAM multiphysics solver for solid fission products transport in the Molten Salt Fast Reactor 1-gen-2022 A. Di RoncoS. LorenziF. GiacobboC. IntroiniA. Cammi
Multiphysics analysis of an in-core fission product removal system for the Molten Salt Fast Reactor 1-gen-2022 Federico ScioscioliAntonio CammiCarolina IntroiniStefano Lorenzi
Analysis of the void coefficient in Pavia TRIGA Mark-II reactor: Monte Carlo numerical evaluation and comparison with experimental data 1-gen-2022 R. BoccelliA. CammiS. LorenziC. Introini
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