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Types and Characteristics of Business-NPO Collaboration: An Empirical Study of Italian Firms 1-gen-2022 Paola GarroneAndrea Rizzuni
Factors Affecting The Adoption of Water Reuse Technologies: Evidence from An Italian Case 1-gen-2022 Enrico CagnoPaola GarroneAlessandra NeriAndrea Matteo Rizzuni
What drives business collaboration with non-profit organizations? An empirical analysis of heterogenous collaboration choices 1-gen-2022 Paola GarroneAndrea Rizzuni
Adoption of water reuse technologies: An assessment under different regulatory and operational scenarios 1-gen-2022 E. CagnoP. GarroneM. NegriA. Rizzuni
Mitigating barriers to surplus food donation in Italian retail and food service 1-gen-2022 G. BartezzaghiC. ColicchiaP. GarroneM. MelaciniA. PeregoA. Rizzuni
MNEs as catalysts of productive entrepreneurship: the case of Egypt 1-gen-2022 Garrone P.Piscitello L. +
Food Waste Causes in Fruit and Vegetables Supply Chains 1-gen-2022 Giulia BartezzaghiAlessia CattaniPaola GarroneMarco MelaciniAlessandro Perego
Sustainable Food Packaging: An Integrative Framework 1-gen-2022 Romina SantiPaola GarroneMattia IannantuoniBarbara Del Curto
MNEs meet the Circular Economy paradigm: disentangling the effects of reduce, reuse, and recycle principles on GVCs’ activities, configuration, and governance 1-gen-2022 Di Stefano C.Elia S.Garrone P.Piscitello L.
MNEs meet the Circular Economy paradigm 1-gen-2022 Di Stefano C.Elia S.Garrone P.Piscitello L.
Prevenzione e gestione delle eccedenze alimentari nella supply chain 1-gen-2021 G. BartezzaghiP. Garrone
Sewage sludge management options and civil society stakeholders’ influence: first evidence from Italian cases 1-gen-2021 Cagno, EGarrone, PNeri, A
Understanding heterogeneity in business-NPO collaboration 1-gen-2021 Garrone, P.Rizzuni, A.
Water Reuse and Water Utilities: An Economic Framework 1-gen-2021 Cagno E.Garrone P.Negri MartaRizzuni A.
MNEs’ Adoption of Corporate Political Activity and Corporate Social Responsibility in Sub-Saharan Africa 1-gen-2021 Garrone P.Piscitello L. +
Incentives to water conservation under scarcity: Comparing price and reward effects through stated preferences 1-gen-2020 Garrone P.Grilli L. +
The role of non-market strategies in institutionally weak contexts. Corporate Political Activities vs. Corporate Social Responsibility in the electricity sector in sub-Saharan Africa 1-gen-2020 Garrone P.Piscitello L.Albino F. +
Response of residential water demand to dynamic pricing: Evidence from an online experiment 1-gen-2020 Marzano R.Garrone P.Pulido-Velazquez M. +
PMI italiane: collaborazioni e crescita dell’impresa 1-gen-2019 P. garrone
Sussidiarietà, sviluppo sostenibile e PMI 1-gen-2019 P. Garrone +
Price elasticity of water demand considering scarcity and attitudes 1-gen-2019 Garrone P.Grilli L. +
Multinational enterprises and the provision of collective goods in developing countries under informal institutional voids. The case of electricity in Sub-Saharan Africa 1-gen-2019 Garrone P.Piscitello L.D'Amelio M.
Agri-food startups: a study on sustainable business models along the supply chain 1-gen-2019 G. BartezzaghiR. CaglianoF. CicculloP. Garrone
Barriers and Drivers in the Adoption of Advanced Wastewater Treatment Technologies: a Comparative Analysis of Italian Utilities 1-gen-2018 GARRONE, PAOLA MARIAGRILLI, LUCAGROPPI, ANGELAMARIAMARZANO, RICCARDO
The role of institutional pressures in the introduction of energy‐efficiency innovations 1-gen-2018 P. GarroneL. GrilliB. Mrkajic
Assessment of smart-meter-enabled dynamic pricing at utility and river basin scale 1-gen-2018 Manuel Pulido-VelazquezPaola GarroneRiccardo MarzanoAndrea Castelletti +
Determinants of the price response to residential water tariffs: meta-analysis and beyond 1-gen-2018 R. MarzanoP. GarroneL. Grilli +
Corporate food donations: altruism, strategy or cost saving? 1-gen-2018 S. SertP. GarroneM. MelaciniA. Perego
Social innovation for urban liveability. Empirical evidence from the Italian third sector 1-gen-2018 P. GarroneA. GroppiP. Nardi
Infrastructure projects as a value co-creation process 1-gen-2018 P. Garrone +
Analysing the Relationship between Wastewater Utility and Civil Society Stakeholders: First Evidence from Two Cases 1-gen-2018 E. CagnoP. M. GarroneAlessandra Neri +
Human capital of entrepreneurial teams in nascent high-tech sectors: a comparison between Cleantech and Internet 1-gen-2018 GARRONE, PAOLA MARIAGRILLI, LUCAMRKAJIC, BORIS
Multinational enterprises and the provision of collective goods under formal and informal institutional voids. The case of electricity in sub-Saharan Africa 1-gen-2017 M. D'AmelioP. GarroneL. Piscitello
The energy-efficient transformation of EU business enterprises: Adapting policies to contextual factors 1-gen-2017 GARRONE, PAOLA MARIAGRILLI, LUCAMRKAJIC, BORIS
Measuring and reducing food waste along the supply chain: evidence from Italy 1-gen-2017 Paola GarroneMarco MelaciniAlessandro PeregoSedef Sert
Donations of Surplus Food: Corporate Philanthropy Meets Operations 1-gen-2017 GARRONE, PAOLA MARIAMELACINI, MARCOPEREGO, ALESSANDRO +
Introduction—Food Security and Food Waste Reduction: A Social Innovation Approach to Current Social, Environmental, and Political Concerns 1-gen-2017 GARRONE, PAOLA MARIA +
Introduzione 1-gen-2016 GARRONE, PAOLA MARIA +
Personalità dell'imprenditore e risultati d'impresa: alcuni interrogativi per la teoria dell'impresa e per le politiche pubbliche 1-gen-2016 GARRONE, PAOLA MARIA +
Caratteristiche dell'imprenditore e risultati d'impresa: obiettivi dell'indagine 1-gen-2016 GARRONE, PAOLA MARIA +
Smart meter enabled dynamic pricing of water. 1-gen-2016 GARRONE, PAOLA MARIAMARZANO, RICCARDOGIULIANI, MATTEOCOMINOLA, ANDREA +
Surplus food redistribution for social purposes: The case of Coop Lombardia 1-gen-2016 SERT, SEDEFGARRONE, PAOLA MARIAMELACINI, MARCOPEREGO, ALESSANDRO
Reducing food waste in food manufacturing companies 1-gen-2016 GARRONE, PAOLA MARIAMELACINI, MARCOPEREGO, ALESSANDROSERT, SEDEF
Price elasticity of residential water demand and water scarcity 1-gen-2016 MARZANO, RICCARDOGARRONE, PAOLA MARIAGRILLI, LUCA
Is cost saving a driver of corporate giving? 1-gen-2016 SERT, SEDEFGARRONE, PAOLA MARIAMELACINI, MARCOPEREGO, ALESSANDRO
The role of MNEs in fostering indigenous entrepreneurship through vertical business linkages: Evidence from Egypt 1-gen-2016 GARRONE, PAOLA MARIAPISCITELLO, LUCIAROTONDI, VALENTINA +
The impact of market and non-market strategies on firm performances: evidence from the electricity sector in Sub-Saharan Africa 1-gen-2016 GARRONE, PAOLA MARIAPISCITELLO, LUCIA +
Energy-Efficient Innovation and Firm Size: How Different Firms Respond to Different Institutional Pressures 1-gen-2016 GRILLI, LUCAGARRONE, PAOLA MARIAMRKAJIC, BORIS
Incentives to water conservation: comparing price and reward effects through stated preferences 1-gen-2016 GARRONE, PAOLA MARIAGRILLI, LUCAMARZANO, RICCARDO
The role of MNEs in fostering indigenous entrepreneurship through the creation of vertical linkages: Insights from Egypt 1-gen-2016 GARRONE, PAOLA MARIAPISCITELLO, LUCIAROTONDI, VALENTINASCALERA, VITTORIA GIADA
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