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MBSE to PLM Integration: Initiatives and Future Outlook In corso di stampa Brendan P. SullivanMonica Rossi +
A Life Cycle Perspective to Sustainable Maritime Systems Through Functional and Technical Requirements In corso di stampa Brendan P. SullivanGiuditta AnsaloniArianna BiondaMonica Rossi
A Systematic Literature Review of Changeability in Engineering Systems Along the Life Cycle 1-gen-2022 Sullivan, B. P.Rossi, M.Terzi, S. +
The e.DO Cube Hackathon - Transitioning to Graduate School 1-gen-2022 Sullivan B. P.Rossi M.Ramundo L.Rosa P.Terzi S.
EcoDesign strategies for zero-emission hydrogen fuel vessels scenarios 1-gen-2022 Ansaloni, Giuditta Margherita MariaBionda, AriannaRossi, Monica
A life cycle perspective to sustainable hydrogen powered maritime systems - functional and technical requirements 1-gen-2022 Sullivan B. P.Ansaloni G. M. M.Bionda A.Rossi M.
Managing New Product Development in the Fashion Industry with PLM: Based on Market Classifications 1-gen-2022 Sullivan B. P.Rossi M.Athavale S.Terzi S. +
Towards a New Society: Solving the Dilemma Between Society 5.0 and Industry 5.0 1-gen-2022 Dautaj M.Rossi M.
Identifying and Assessing the Required I4.0 Skills for Manufacturing Companies’ Workforce 1-gen-2022 Acerbi, FedericaRossi, MonicaTerzi, Sergio
Exploiting a combined process mining approach to enhance the discovery and analysis of support processes in manufacturing 1-gen-2022 Lugaresi G.Ciappina A. D.Rossi M.Matta A.
LINCOLN - LEAN INNOVATIVE CONNECTED VESSELS 1-gen-2021 Brendan P. SullivanMonica RossiLucia RamundoSergio Terzi
LINCOLN-lean innovative connected vessels 1-gen-2021 Sullivan B. P.Rossi M.Terzi S.
Leonardo da Vinci: Lean Educator or Lean Sensei? 1-gen-2021 Perlongo G.Rossi M.
Using wastes as driver to integrate digital and engineering practices maturity in the product development process: an application case 1-gen-2021 Spaltini M.Sassanelli C.Rossi M.Terzi S.Taisch M.
Learning Spaces for Engineering Education: An Exploratory Research About the Role of Lean Thinking 1-gen-2021 Rossi M. +
Defining Maritime 4.0: Reconciling principles, elements and characteristics to support maritime vessel digitalisation 1-gen-2021 Sullivan B. P.Rossi M.Ramundo L.Terzi S. +
Extending Value in Legacy Production Systems: Insights from the Liquid Food Processing 1-gen-2021 Sullivan B. P.Rossi M. +
Designing supplier networks in global product development 1-gen-2021 Pero M.Rossi M.Xu J.Cigolini R.
Frictionless Innovative Slick® Process to Keep Track of Companies’ Knowledge 1-gen-2020 Rossi M. +
Evaluating the smart maturity of manufacturing companies along the product development process to set a PLM project roadmap 1-gen-2020 Sassanelli C.Rossi M.Terzi S.
Agile Management Versus Budget Control: Learn How to Win Both with Slick-Farm 1-gen-2020 Rossi M. +
Investigating Maturity of Lean Culture in Product Development Teams 1-gen-2020 Rossi M. +
Standardized Work Framework Applied to ETO Context 1-gen-2020 Rossi M. +
Transforming brand core values into perceived quality: A Volvo case study 1-gen-2020 M. Rossi +
PREFACE 6th European Lean Educator Conference, ELEC 2019; Milan; Italy; 11 November 2019 through 13 November 2019 1-gen-2020 Monica RossiRossini MatteoTerzi Sergio
Maritime Design Process Improvement Through a Lean Transformation 1-gen-2020 Sullivan B. P.Rossi M.Ramundo L.Terzi S.
Maritime 4.0 – Opportunities in Digitalization and Advanced Manufacturing for Vessel Development 1-gen-2020 Brendan P. SullivanMonica RossiLucia RamundoSergio Terzi +
The PSS design GuRu methodology: Guidelines and rules generation to enhance PSS detailed design 1-gen-2019 Sassanelli C.Rossi M.Terzi S. +
Designing risk management: Applying value stream mapping to risk management 1-gen-2019 Rossi M. +
An Approach for Maritime Propulsion System Changeability 1-gen-2019 Deluigi G. M.Sullivan B.Rossi M.Terzi S. +
Perceived quality estimation by the design of discrete-choice experiment and best–worst scaling data: An automotive industry case 1-gen-2019 Rossi M. +
Circular lean product-service systems design: A literature review, framework proposal and case studies 1-gen-2019 Rossi M.Luglietti R. +
Sustainable Product Lifecycle: The Role of ICT 1-gen-2019 Galati F.Petroni A.Pinna C.Rossi M.Terzi S. +
Supply Network in New Product Development: Beyond the buyer-supplier relationship 1-gen-2019 J. XuM. PeroM. Rossi
Mapping wastes in complex projects for Lean Product Development 1-gen-2019 Rossi M. +
Evaluating the Smart Readiness and Maturity of Manufacturing Companies Along the Product Development Process 1-gen-2019 Sassanelli C.Rossi M.Terzi S.
Characteristics for the implementation of changeability in complex systems 1-gen-2019 Sullivan B.Rossi M.Ramundo L.Terzi S.
A Prospective Data-Oriented Framework for New Vessel Design 1-gen-2019 Sullivan B. P.Rossi M.Ramundo L.Terzi S. +
Defining Lean Product Service Systems features and research trends through a systematic literature review 1-gen-2019 Claudio SassanelliMonica RossiSergio Terzi +
Toward triadic supply network relationships in collaborative new product development: An investigation on supplier-supplier relationship 1-gen-2019 J. XuM. PeroM. Rossi
A Review of Changeability in Complex Engineering Systems 1-gen-2018 SULLIVAN, BRENDAN PATRICKM. RossiS. Terzi
Leveraging European SMEs and Start-Ups competitiveness through design 1-gen-2018 Pinna C.Cattaneo L.Sassanelli C.Rossi M.Vignati A.Dell'Era C.Terzi S. +
Effect of product lifecycle management on new product development performances: Evidence from the food industry 1-gen-2018 Pinna, ClaudiaRossi, MonicaTerzi, Sergio +
Lean Innovative Connected Vessels (LINCOLN) 1-gen-2018 Lucia RamundoBrendan SullivanRossella LugliettiMonica RossiSergio Terzi
Mapping of the competitive advanced models and services in Cultural and Creative Industries 1-gen-2018 Xue PeiArianna VignatiRenato OconeClaudia PinnaMonica Rossi
Evolution of Global Product Development Networks: An Exploratory Study 1-gen-2018 Pero, MargheritaRossi, MonicaTerzi, Sergio
Teaching Design in Europe: Challenges and Trends 1-gen-2018 Pinna, ClaudiaCattaneo, LauraRossi, MonicaDell Era, ClaudioTerzi, SergioVignati, Arianna +
A Customizable Lean Design Methodology for Maritime 1-gen-2018 B. SullivanM. RossiS. Terzi
How food companies manage their innovation process: A multinational food company point of view 1-gen-2018 Pinna C.Rossi M.Terzi S.
Using design rules to guide the PSS design in an engineering platform based on the product service lifecycle management paradigm 1-gen-2018 Sassanelli, ClaudioRossi, MonicaTerzi, Sergio +
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 50 di 114
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