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Long-Term Structural Health Monitoring by Remote Sensing and Advanced Machine Learning 1-gen-2024 Entezami, AlirezaBehkamal, BaharehDe Michele, Carlo
Exploring the joint probability of precipitation and soil moisture over Europe using copulas 1-gen-2024 Cammalleri, CarmeloDe Michele, Carlo +
A Comparative Study on Structural Displacement Prediction by Kernelized Regressors under Limited Training Data 1-gen-2023 Entezami, AlirezaBehkamal, BaharehDe Michele, CarloMariani, Stefano
A Replicable Open-Source Multi-Camera System for Low-Cost 4D Glacier 1-gen-2023 Ioli, F.Galbiati, M.Mannocchi, A.Manzoni, P.De Michele, C.Pinto, L. +
On continuous health monitoring of bridges under serious environmental variability by an innovative multi-task unsupervised learning method 1-gen-2023 Entezami, ADe Michele, C +
A Parsimonious Yet Robust Regression Model for Predicting Limited Structural Responses of Remote Sensing 1-gen-2023 Entezami, AlirezaBehkamal, BaharehDe Michele, CarloMariani, Stefano
Probabilistic data self-clustering based on semi-parametric extreme value theory for structural health monitoring 1-gen-2023 Entezami, AlirezaDe Michele, Carlo +
Investigation of Temperature Effects into Long-Span Bridges via Hybrid Sensing and Supervised Regression Models 1-gen-2023 Behkamal, BEntezami, ADe Michele, C +
Regression Tree Ensemble to Forecast Thermally Induced Responses of Long-Span Bridges 1-gen-2023 Entezami, AlirezaBehkamal, BaharehDe Michele, CarloMariani, Stefano
Elimination of Thermal Effects from Limited Structural Displacements Based on Remote Sensing by Machine Learning Techniques 1-gen-2023 Behkamal, BEntezami, ADe Michele, C +
Detection of extreme rainfall events by a network of microwave links in the area of Milan 1-gen-2022 Cazzaniga, GretaDeidda, CristinaD'Amico, MicheleDe Michele, Carlo +
Non-parametric empirical machine learning for short-term and long-term structural health monitoring 1-gen-2022 Entezami A.De Michele C. +
Past, Present and Future Perspectives of Seasonal Prediction of Indian Summer Monsoon Rainfall: A Review 1-gen-2022 De Michele C. +
Multivariate analysis of rainfall and its deficiency signatures using vine copulas 1-gen-2022 de Michele C. +
Bivariate Simulation of Potential Evapotranspiration Using Copula-GARCH Model 1-gen-2022 De Michele C. +
Probabilistic damage localization by empirical data analysis and symmetric information measure 1-gen-2022 Entezami A.De Michele C. +
Comparison of CML Rainfall Data against Rain Gauges and Disdrometers in a Mountainous Environment 1-gen-2022 Nebuloni, RobertoCazzaniga, GretaD’Amico, MicheleDeidda, CristinaDe Michele, Carlo
Mid-term monitoring of glacier’s variations with UAVs: The example of the belvedere glacier 1-gen-2022 Ioli F.Bianchi A.Cina A.De Michele C.Passoni D.Pinto L. +
Trivariate joint frequency analysis of water resources deficiency signatures using vine copulas 1-gen-2022 De Michele C. +
Online hybrid learning methods for real-time structural health monitoring using remote sensing and small displacement data 1-gen-2022 Entezami A.De Michele C.Behkamal B. +
Detection of Partially Structural Collapse Using Long‐Term Small Displacement Data from Satellite Images 1-gen-2022 Entezami A.De Michele C.Behkamal B. +
Vibration-based structural health monitoring of bridges based on a new unsupervised machine learning technique under varying environmental conditions 1-gen-2022 M. SalarA. EntezamiB. BehkamalC. De MicheleL. Martinelli +
Partially online damage detection using long-term modal data under severe environmental effects by unsupervised feature selection and local metric learning 1-gen-2022 Entezami A.Behkamal B.De Michele C. +
Real-time health monitoring of civil structures by online hybrid learning techniques using remote sensing and small displacement data 1-gen-2022 A. EntezamiC. De Michele +
Hydrological response of a peri-urban catchment exploiting conventional and unconventional rainfall observations: the case study of Lambro Catchment 1-gen-2022 Cazzaniga, GretaDe Michele, CarloD'Amico, MicheleDeidda, CristinaGhezzi, AntonioNebuloni, Roberto
On the data-driven damage detection of offshore structures using statistical and clustering techniques under various uncertainty sources: An experimental study 1-gen-2022 M. SalarA. EntezamiC. De MicheleL. Martinelli +
Bridge collapse prediction by small displacement data from satellite images under long-term monitoring 1-gen-2022 A. EntezamiC. De Michele +
Commercial microwave links as rainfall input data in urban hydrological modelling 1-gen-2021 Cazzaniga, GretaDe Michele, CarloDeidda, CristinaD'Amico, MicheleGhezzi, AntonioNebuloni, Roberto
Snow depth time series retrieval by time-lapse photography: Finnish and Italian case studies 1-gen-2021 De Michele C. +
A novel data-driven method for structural health monitoring under ambient vibration and high-dimensional features by robust multidimensional scaling 1-gen-2021 Entezami, AlirezaSalar, MasoudDe Michele, Carlo +
Origin and variability of statistical dependencies between peak, volume, and duration of rainfall-driven flood events 1-gen-2021 Rahimi L.Deidda C.De Michele C.
Bridge health monitoring in environmental variability by new clustering and threshold estimation methods 1-gen-2021 Entezami A.Salar M.De Michele C. +
Towards a compound-event-oriented climate model evaluation: A decomposition of the underlying biases in multivariate fire and heat stress hazards 1-gen-2021 De Michele C. +
Nonparametric extrapolation of extreme quantiles: a comparison study 1-gen-2021 De Michele C. +
Accuracy of copernicus altimeter water level data in Italian rivers accounting for narrow river sections 1-gen-2021 De Michele C. +
Causes of dependence between extreme floods 1-gen-2021 de Michele C. +
Guidelines for Studying Diverse Types of Compound Weather and Climate Events 1-gen-2021 De Michele C. +
Flood routing via a copula-based approach 1-gen-2021 de Michele C. +
Assessing the energy potential of modernizing the European hydropower fleet 1-gen-2021 De Michele C. +
Calculating the hydrological response of a mountain catchment using conventional and unconventional (CML) rainfall observations: the case study of Mallero catchment 1-gen-2020 G. CazzanigaC. De MicheleC. DeiddaM. D'AmicoA. GhezziA. Sileo +
On the Use of Minimum and Maximum Attenuation for Retrieving Rainfall Intensity Through Commercial Microwave Links 1-gen-2020 Michele D’AmicoG. CazzanigaCarlo De Michele +
On the statistical analysis of rainstorm events between historical (1777–1907) and modern (1961–2010) periods in Seoul, Korea 1-gen-2020 De Michele C. +
Comparing MODIS snow products Collection 5 with Collection 6 over Italian Central Apennines 1-gen-2020 De Michele C. +
Analyzing the conditional behavior of rainfall deficiency and groundwater level deficiency signatures by using copula functions 1-gen-2020 De Michele C. +
Dependence Types in a Binarized Precipitation Network 1-gen-2020 De Michele C.Meroni V.Rahimi L.Deidda C. +
One, no one, and one hundred thousand: The paradigm of the Z–R relationship 1-gen-2020 de Michele C. +
A New Method for Joint Frequency Analysis of Modified Precipitation Anomaly Percentage and Streamflow Drought Index Based on the Conditional Density of Copula Functions 1-gen-2020 De Michele C. +
Rainfall estimate using Commercial Microwave Links (CML): first outcomes of the MOPRAM project 1-gen-2020 M. D'AmicoG. CazzanigaC. De MicheleC. Deidda +
Water-energy nexus for an Italian storage hydropower plant under multiple drivers 1-gen-2019 De Michele C. +
Advances in deriving the exact distribution of maximum annual daily precipitation 1-gen-2019 De Michele C.
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