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Thermal Lens Measurements of Thermal Expansivity in Thermosensitive Polymer Solutions 1-gen-2023 Ruzzi, VincenzoBuzzaccaro, StefanoPiazza, Roberto
Heterogeneity Governs 3D-Cultures of Clinically Relevant Microbial Communities 1-gen-2023 Peneda Pacheco D.Guagliano G.Ziccarelli A.Briatico Vangosa F.Ruzzi V.Buzzaccaro S.Piazza R.Petrini P. +
Microrheology of a thermosensitive gelling polymer for cell culture 1-gen-2022 Buzzaccaro, StefanoRuzzi, VincenzoFaleo, TommasoPiazza, Roberto
Unraveling gelation kinetics, arrested dynamics and relaxation phenomena in filamentous colloids by photon correlation imaging 1-gen-2022 Ruzzi, VincenzoBuzzaccaro, StefanoPiazza, Roberto +
Spatially uniform dynamics in equilibrium colloidal gels 1-gen-2021 Piazza R.Sciortino F. +
Phase Behavior and Microscopic Dynamics of a Thermosensitive Gel-Forming Polymer 1-gen-2021 Piazza R.Campello M.Buzzaccaro S.Sciortino F.
Dispersions of Zirconia Nanoparticles Close to the Phase Boundary of Surfactant-Free Ternary Mixtures 1-gen-2021 Andrea FioratiFederico FloritAndrea MazzeiStefano BuzzaccaroRoberto PiazzaRenato RotaLuigi De Nardo +
Relaxation in aging thermoreversible gels: The role of thermal history 1-gen-2021 Buzzaccaro S.Piazza R. +
Transport Phenomena in Particle Suspensions: Sedimentation and Thermophoresis 1-gen-2020 Roberto Piazza
Thermophoresis in self-associating systems: probing poloxamer micellization by opto-thermal excitation 1-gen-2019 Lattuada, EnricoBuzzaccaro, StefanoPiazza, Roberto
The strange case of Dr. Petit and Mr. Dulong 1-gen-2019 Roberto Piazza
Multiscale relaxation in aging colloidal gels: From localized plastic events to system-spanning quakes 1-gen-2019 Piazza R.Buzzaccaro S. +
Compressive yield stress of depletion gels from stationary centrifugation profiles 1-gen-2018 Lattuada, EnricoBuzzaccaro, StefanoPiazza, Roberto
Statistical Physics A Prelude and Fugue for Engineers 1-gen-2017 PIAZZA, ROBERTO
Mentor di Scienze 1-gen-2016 PIAZZA, ROBERTO +
Colloidal Swarms Can Settle Faster than Isolated Particles: Enhanced Sedimentation near Phase Separation 1-gen-2016 LATTUADA, ENRICOBUZZACCARO, STEFANOPIAZZA, ROBERTO
Intermittent turbulence in flowing bacterial suspensions 1-gen-2016 BUZZACCARO, STEFANOPIAZZA, ROBERTO +
Spatially: Resolved heterogeneous dynamics in a strong colloidal gel 1-gen-2015 BUZZACCARO, STEFANOALAIMO, MATTEO DAVIDSECCHI, ELEONORAPIAZZA, ROBERTO
On house renovation and coauthoring: Tricks of the trade to boost your h-index 1-gen-2015 PIAZZA, ROBERTO
Time-evolution scenarios for short-range depletion gels subjected to the gravitational stress 1-gen-2014 SECCHI, ELEONORABUZZACCARO, STEFANOPIAZZA, ROBERTO
Optical Correlation Techniques for the Investigation of Colloidal Systems 1-gen-2014 PIAZZA, ROBERTO
Optical extinction, refractive index, and multiple scattering for suspensions of interacting colloidal particles 1-gen-2014 PIAZZA, ROBERTO +
Settled and unsettled issues in particle settling 1-gen-2014 PIAZZA, ROBERTO
External and internal gelation of pectin solutions: microscopic dynamics versus macroscopic rheology 1-gen-2014 SECCHI, ELEONORAALAIMO, MATTEO DAVIDBUZZACCARO, STEFANOPETRINI, PAOLAPIAZZA, ROBERTO +
Sedimentation equilibrium and the generalized Archimedes' principle 1-gen-2013 BUZZACCARO, STEFANOSECCHI, ELEONORAPIAZZA, ROBERTO +
On the general concept of buoyancy in sedimentation and ultracentrifugation 1-gen-2013 PIAZZA, ROBERTOBUZZACCARO, STEFANOSECCHI, ELEONORA +
Ghost Particle Velocimetry: Accurate 3D Flow Visualization Using Standard Lab Equipment 1-gen-2013 BUZZACCARO, STEFANOSECCHI, ELEONORAPIAZZA, ROBERTO
Statistical optics concepts in light scattering and microscopy of colloidal systems 1-gen-2013 PIAZZA, ROBERTO
Biopolymer gels with "physical" cross-links: gelation kinetics, aging, heterogeneous dynamics, and macroscopic mechanical properties 1-gen-2013 SECCHI, ELEONORABUZZACCARO, STEFANOPIAZZA, ROBERTO +
The unbearable heaviness of colloids: facts, surprises, and puzzles in sedimentation 1-gen-2012 PIAZZA, ROBERTOBUZZACCARO, STEFANOSECCHI, ELEONORA
Equilibrium concentration profiles and sedimentation kinetics of colloidal gels under gravitational stress 1-gen-2012 BUZZACCARO, STEFANOSECCHI, ELEONORAPIAZZA, ROBERTO +
Giant thermophoresis of poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) microgel particles 1-gen-2012 PIAZZA, ROBERTO +
What buoyancy really is. A generalized Archimedes' principle for sedimentation and ultracentrifugation 1-gen-2012 PIAZZA, ROBERTOBUZZACCARO, STEFANOSECCHI, ELEONORA +
Highly Nonlinear Dynamics in a Slowly Sedimenting Colloidal Gel 1-gen-2011 BUZZACCARO, STEFANOPIAZZA, ROBERTO +
When depletion goes critical 1-gen-2011 PIAZZA, ROBERTOBUZZACCARO, STEFANO +
Sédimentation de gels colloïdaux 1-gen-2011 BUZZACCARO, STEFANOSECCHI, ELEONORAPIAZZA, ROBERTO +
Soft Matter. The stuff the dreams are made of. 1-gen-2011 PIAZZA, ROBERTO
Note di fisica statistica (con qualche accordo) 1-gen-2011 PIAZZA, ROBERTO
La materia dei sogni 1-gen-2010 PIAZZA, ROBERTO
Enhancement of depletion forces by electrostatic depletant repulsion 1-gen-2010 BUZZACCARO, STEFANOPIAZZA, ROBERTO +
Thermophoresis: microfluidics characterization and separation 1-gen-2010 VIGOLO, DANIELEPIAZZA, ROBERTO +
Thermophoresis and Thermoelectricity in Surfactant Solutions 1-gen-2010 VIGOLO, DANIELEBUZZACCARO, STEFANOPIAZZA, ROBERTO
The Classical Nature of Thermal Conduction in Nanofluids 1-gen-2010 PIAZZA, ROBERTO +
A portable device for temperature control along microchannels 1-gen-2010 VIGOLO, DANIELEPIAZZA, ROBERTO +
Critical Depletion 1-gen-2010 BUZZACCARO, STEFANOPIAZZA, ROBERTO +
I capricci del caso 1-gen-2009 PIAZZA, ROBERTO
Kinetics of sedimentation in colloidal suspensions 1-gen-2008 BUZZACCARO, STEFANORUSCONI, ROBERTOVIGOLO, DANIELEPIAZZA, ROBERTO +
Thermophoresis: moving particles with thermal gradients 1-gen-2008 PIAZZA, ROBERTO
Does thermophoretic mobility depend on particle size? 1-gen-2008 VIGOLO, DANIELEPIAZZA, ROBERTO +
Thermophoresis in colloidal suspensions 1-gen-2008 PIAZZA, ROBERTO +
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