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Equilibrium Configurations of a Symmetric Body Immersed in a Stationary Navier–Stokes Flow in a Planar Channel 1-gen-2024 Berchio, ElviseBonheure, DenisGaldi, Giovanni P.Gazzola, FilippoPerotto, Simona
A scalable well-balanced numerical scheme for the modeling of two-phase shallow granular landslide consolidation 1-gen-2024 Gatti, Federicode Falco, CarloPerotto, SimonaFormaggia, Luca +
A scalable well-balanced numerical scheme for the simulation of fast landslides with efficient time stepping 1-gen-2024 Gatti, Federicode Falco, CarloPerotto, SimonaFormaggia, Luca
Scalable recovery-based adaptation on Cartesian quadtree meshes for advection-diffusion-reaction problems 1-gen-2023 Africa, Pasquale Claudiode Falco, CarloPerotto, Simona
Isogeometric Hierarchical Model reduction for advection-diffusion process simulation in microchannels 1-gen-2023 S. Perotto +
Enhancing level set-based topology optimization with anisotropic graded meshes 1-gen-2023 Ferro, NPerotto, SMicheletti, S +
Hierarchical Model Reduction Driven by Machine Learning for Parametric Advection-Diffusion-Reaction Problems in the Presence of Noisy Data 1-gen-2023 Perotto S. +
Grid generation and algebraic solvers 1-gen-2023 S. Perotto +
Design of innovative self-expandable femoral stents using inverse homogenization topology optimization 1-gen-2023 Ferro, NPerotto, S +
Advanced Modeling of Rectangular Waveguide Devices With Smooth Profiles by Hierarchical Model Reduction 1-gen-2023 Oldoni, MGentili, GGMicheletti, SPerotto, S +
Parallel simulations for fast‐moving landslides: space‐time mesh adaptation and sharp tracking of the wetting front 1-gen-2023 Gatti, FedericoFois, Marcode Falco, CarloPerotto, SimonaFormaggia, Luca
Mesh Generation and Adaptation: Cutting-Edge Techniques 1-gen-2022 S. Perotto +
Metodo implementato mediante computer per la semplificazione di una mesh di un oggetto grafico tridimensionale 1-gen-2022 S. Perotto +
Efficient modeling of multimode guided acoustic wave propagation in deformed pipelines by hierarchical model reduction 1-gen-2022 Gentili, G. G.Khosronejad, M.Bernasconi, G.Perotto, S.Micheletti, S.
Multi-Physics Inverse Homogenization for the Design of Innovative Cellular Materials: Application to Thermo-Elastic Problems 1-gen-2022 Matteo GavazzoniNicola FerroSimona PerottoStefano Foletti
Hierarchical model reduction driven by a Proper Orthogonal Decomposition for parametrized advection-diffusion-reaction problems 1-gen-2022 S. Perotto +
Design of cellular materials for multiscale topology optimization: application to patient-specific orthopedic devices 1-gen-2022 Ferro NicolaPerotto Simona +
A new fluid-based strategy for the connection of non-matching lattice materials 1-gen-2022 N. FerroS. PerottoM. Gavazzoni
Fast and Accurate Predictions of Total Energy for Solid Solution Alloys with Graph Convolutional Neural Networks 1-gen-2022 S. Perotto +
A PDE-regularized smoothing method for space-time data over manifolds with application to medical data 1-gen-2022 S. PerottoL. M. Sangalli +
A denoising tool for the reconstruction of cortical geometries from MRI 1-gen-2022 S. Perotto +
Anisotropic mesh adaptation for region-based segmentation accounting for image spatial information 1-gen-2022 S. Perotto +
Physics-based compact modelling of the analog dynamics of HfOx resistive memories 1-gen-2022 F. VaccaroS. Perotto +
An anisotropic recovery-based error estimator for adaptive discontinuous Galerkin methods 1-gen-2022 Nicola FerroSimona Perotto +
Wavelet–Fourier CORSING techniques for multidimensional advection–diffusion–reaction equations 1-gen-2021 Micheletti, SPerotto, S +
A separated representation involving multiple time scales within the Proper Generalized Decomposition framework 1-gen-2021 Simona Perotto +
Metodo implementato mediante computer per la rimappatura di una texture di un oggetto grafico tridimensionale 1-gen-2021 Locatelli L.Perotto S. +
Adaptive topology optimization for innovative 3D printed metamaterials 1-gen-2021 Daniele di CristofaroNicola FerroSimona Perotto +
Scalable balanced training of conditional generative adversarial neural networks on image data 1-gen-2021 Perotto S. +
A dimension-reduction model for brittle fractures on thin shells with mesh adaptivity 1-gen-2021 Micheletti, StefanoPerotto, Simona +
Hierarchical model reduction techniques for flow modeling in a parametrized setting 1-gen-2021 Perotto S. +
Model reduction by separation of variables: A comparison between hierarchical model reduction and proper generalized decomposition 1-gen-2020 Perotto S. +
Compliance–stress constrained mass minimization for topology optimization on anisotropic meshes 1-gen-2020 Ferro, NicolaMicheletti, StefanoPerotto, Simona
An optimization algorithm for automatic structural design 1-gen-2020 Ferro, NicolaMicheletti, StefanoPerotto, Simona
Bayesian mesh adaptation for estimating distributed parameters 1-gen-2020 S. Perotto +
Hierarchically reduced models for the Stokes problem in patient-specific artery segments 1-gen-2020 Y. A. Brandes Costa BarbosaS. Perotto
Anisotropic Adapted Meshes for Image Segmentation: Application to Three-Dimensional Medical Data 1-gen-2020 Clerici, FrancescoFerro, NicolaMicheletti, StefanoPerotto, Simona +
Density-Based Inverse Homogenization with Anisotropically Adapted Elements 1-gen-2020 Ferro N.Micheletti S.Perotto S.
Efficient estimation of cardiac conductivities: a Proper Generalized Decomposition approach 1-gen-2020 S. Perotto +
Preface: Special Issue on Model Reduction 1-gen-2019 Perotto S.Rozza G.Di Pietro D. A.Formaggia L. +
Mesh adaptation-aided image segmentation 1-gen-2019 Micheletti, StefanoPELI, RICCARDOPerotto, Simona +
Topology optimization driven by anisotropic mesh adaptation: Towards a free-form design 1-gen-2019 Micheletti, StefanoPerotto, Simona +
POD-assisted strategies for structural topology optimization 1-gen-2019 Ferro N.Micheletti S.Perotto S.
19th International Conference on Finite Elements in Flow Problems 1-gen-2019 Corsini A.Perotto S.Rozza G. +
A POD-selective inverse distance weighting method for fast parametrized shape morphing 1-gen-2019 Ballarin F.D'Amario A.Perotto S.Rozza G.
Adaptive POD model reduction for solute transport in heterogeneous porous media 1-gen-2018 RIZZO, CALOGERO BENEDETTOPerotto, SimonaGuadagnini, Alberto +
HiMod Reduction of Advection–Diffusion–Reaction Problems with General Boundary Conditions 1-gen-2018 Perotto, Simona +
Anisotropic mesh adaptation for the generalized Ambrosio-Tortorelli functional with application to brittle fracture 1-gen-2018 Micheletti, StefanoPerotto, SimonaSignorini, Marianna
Reconstruction of a piecewise constant conductivity on a polygonal partition via shape optimization in EIT 1-gen-2018 Beretta, ElenaMicheletti, StefanoPerotto, SimonaSantacesaria, Matteo
Anisotropic mesh adaptation for crack propagation induced by a thermal shock in 2D 1-gen-2018 FERRO, NICOLAMicheletti, StefanoPerotto, Simona
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