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Correlated variability in the breathing pattern and end-expiratory lung volumes in conscious humans. 1-gen-2015 DELLACA', RAFFAELEALIVERTI, ANDREALO MAURO, MARIA ANTONELLAPEDOTTI, ANTONIO +
Moving Along: In biomechanics, rehabilitation engineering, and movement analysis, Italian researchers are making great strides 1-gen-2015 MIGLIAVACCA, FRANCESCOPEDOTTI, ANTONIO +
Optoelectronic plethysmography: Principles of measurements and recent use in respiratory medicine 1-gen-2014 A. AlivertiA. Pedotti
Mechanics of breathing: New insights from new technologies: Second edition 1-gen-2014 Aliverti A.Pedotti A.
Positional effects on lung mechanics of ventilated preterm infants with acute and chronic lung disease. 1-gen-2014 VENERONI, CHIARAZANNIN, EMANUELAPEDOTTI, ANTONIODELLACA', RAFFAELE +
Influence of an eccentric load added at the back of the head on head-neck posture, 1-gen-2013 PAVAN, ESTEBAN ENRIQUEFRIGO, CARLO ALBINOPEDOTTI, ANTONIO
Assessment of dynamic mechanical properties of the respiratory system during high-frequency oscillatory ventilation 1-gen-2013 DELLACA', RAFFAELEZANNIN, EMANUELAPEDOTTI, ANTONIO +
Relationship between respiratory impedance and positive end-expiratory pressure in mechanically ventilated neonates. 1-gen-2013 DELLACA', RAFFAELEVENERONI, CHIARAZANNIN, EMANUELAPEDOTTI, ANTONIO +
Estimation of chest-wall mechanics by laser self mixing interferometer. 1-gen-2012 MILESI, ILARIAZANNIN, EMANUELANORGIA, MICHELEVENERONI, CHIARAPEDOTTI, ANTONIODELLACA', RAFFAELE +
Chest wall mechanics during induction of anestesia. 1-gen-2012 MILESI, ILARIAZANNIN, EMANUELAVENERONI, CHIARAPEDOTTI, ANTONIODELLACA', RAFFAELE +
Actual performance of mechanical ventilators in ICU: a multicentric quality control study. 1-gen-2012 GOVONI, LEONARDODELLACA', RAFFAELEPEDOTTI, ANTONIO +
Monitoring the temporal changes of respiratory resistance: a novel test for the management of asthma. 1-gen-2012 GOBBI, ALESSANDROPEDOTTI, ANTONIODELLACA', RAFFAELE +
Rib cage deformities alter respiratory muscle action and chest wall function in patients with severe osteogenesis imperfecta. 1-gen-2012 LO MAURO, MARIA ANTONELLAPEDOTTI, ANTONIOALIVERTI, ANDREA +
Low abdominal contribution to breathing as daytime predictor of nocturnal desaturation in adolescents and young adults with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. 1-gen-2012 M. RomeiA. Lo MauroDE MARCHI, ELEONORAA. PedottiA. Aliverti +
Optimizing positive end-expiratory pressure by oscillatory mechanics minimizes tidal recruitment and distension: an experimental study in a lavage model of lung injury 1-gen-2012 ZANNIN, EMANUELADELLACA', RAFFAELEPOMPILIO, PASQUALE PIOPEDOTTI, ANTONIO +
Abdominal Circulatory Pump Device 1-gen-2011 ALIVERTI, ANDREAPEDOTTI, ANTONIO +
Preliminary study of a novel external-internal correlation model for motion mitigation in particle therapy 1-gen-2011 PELLA, ANDREARIBOLDI, MARCOSEREGNI, MATTEOPEDOTTI, ANTONIOBARONI, GUIDO +
Intra-fraction setup variability: IR optical localization vs. X-ray imaging in a hypofractionated patient population 1-gen-2011 RIBOLDI, MARCOPEDOTTI, ANTONIOBARONI, GUIDO +
Telemetric CPAP titration at home in patients with sleep apnea-hypopnea syndrome. 1-gen-2011 DELLACA', RAFFAELEGOVONI, LEONARDOPEDOTTI, ANTONIO +
Respiratory pattern in an adult population of dystrophic patients. 1-gen-2011 LO MAURO, MARIA ANTONELLAPEDOTTI, ANTONIOALIVERTI, ANDREA +
Effects of propofol anaesthesia on thoraco-abdominal volume variations during spontaneous breathing and mechanical ventilation. 1-gen-2011 A. AlivertiA. Lo MauroM. QuarantaA. Pedotti +
Positive end-expiratory pressure optimization with forced oscillation technique reduces ventilator induced lung injury: a controlled experimental study in pigs with saline lavage lung injury. 1-gen-2011 ZANNIN, EMANUELAPOMPILIO, PASQUALE PIOPEDOTTI, ANTONIODELLACA', RAFFAELE +
Optimisation of positive end-expiratory pressure by forced oscillation technique in a lavage model of acute lung injury. 1-gen-2011 DELLACA', RAFFAELEZANNIN, EMANUELAPOMPILIO, PASQUALE PIOPEDOTTI, ANTONIO +
A MEMS accelerometers based system for the measurement of lung sound delays. 1-gen-2010 POMPILIO, PASQUALE PIOPEDOTTI, ANTONIODELLACA', RAFFAELE +
Optimization of an Optical Magnetic Twisting Cytometry system for the study of cell mechanics. 1-gen-2010 PASTENA, MIRIAMPEDOTTI, ANTONIODELLACA', RAFFAELE +
An improved telemedicine system for remote titration and optimization of Home Mechanical Ventilation. 1-gen-2010 GOVONI, LEONARDOPEDOTTI, ANTONIODELLACA', RAFFAELE +
Sistema e metodo per la misura dell'impedenza meccanica del sistema respiratorio. 1-gen-2010 POMPILIO, PASQUALE PIOGOBBI, ALESSANDRODELLACA', RAFFAELEPEDOTTI, ANTONIO
A new FOT set-up for the assessment of respiratory systemmechanics in mechanically ventilated infants. 1-gen-2010 ZANNIN, EMANUELAVENERONI, CHIARAPEDOTTI, ANTONIODELLACA', RAFFAELE +
Sistema per la valutazione automatica di patologie respiratorie e per la predizione di acute future instabilita' delle vie aeree. 1-gen-2010 GOBBI, ALESSANDROPOMPILIO, PASQUALE PIODELLACA', RAFFAELEPEDOTTI, ANTONIO
Chest wall motion estimation by self-mixing interferometer 1-gen-2010 MILESI, ILARIANORGIA, MICHELESVELTO, CESAREPEDOTTI, ANTONIODELLACA', RAFFAELE
Design of a 4D breathing phantom for motion tracking studies in extra-cranial particle therapy 1-gen-2010 PELLA, ANDREARIBOLDI, MARCOPEDOTTI, ANTONIOBARONI, GUIDO
Measurement of chest wall volume changes by optoelectronic plethysmography (OEP) in newborns during CPAP. 1-gen-2010 ZANNIN, EMANUELADELLACA', RAFFAELEVENERONI, CHIARAPEDOTTI, ANTONIO +
Breathing pattern and chest wall volumes during exercise in patients with cystic fibrosis, pulmonary fibrosis and COPD before and after lung transplantation. 1-gen-2010 A. Lo MauroA. PedottiA. Aliverti +
On-line monitoring of lung mechanics during spontaneous breathing: a physiological study. 1-gen-2010 ALIVERTI, ANDREAPEDOTTI, ANTONIO +
Concomitant ventilatory and circulatory functions of the diaphragm and abdominal muscles. 1-gen-2010 A. AlivertiB. UvaM. LaviolaD. BovioA. Lo MauroA. Pedotti +
Abdominal volume contribution to tidal volume as an early indicator of respiratory impairment in Duchenne muscular dystrophy. 1-gen-2010 Lo Mauro A.Romei MPedotti A.Aliverti A. +
Effects of gender and posture on thoraco-abdominal kinematics during quiet breathing in healthy adults. 1-gen-2010 M. RomeiA. Lo MauroA. PedottiA. Aliverti +
Measurement of total and compartmental lung volume changes in newborns by optoelectronic plethysmography. 1-gen-2010 DELLACA', RAFFAELEZANNIN, EMANUELAPEDOTTI, ANTONIO +
Home monitoring of within-breath respiratory mechanics by a simple and automatic forced oscillation technique device. 1-gen-2010 DELLACA', RAFFAELEGOBBI, ALESSANDROPASTENA, MIRIAMPEDOTTI, ANTONIO +
Lung recruitment assessed by total respiratory system input reactance. 1-gen-2009 DELLACA', RAFFAELEZANNIN, EMANUELAPOMPILIO, PASQUALE PIOPEDOTTI, ANTONIO +
Use of artificial neural networks to predict acute rectal toxicity after external beam radiotherapy for prostate carcinoma 1-gen-2009 PELLA, ANDREABARONI, GUIDORIBOLDI, MARCOPEDOTTI, ANTONIO +
Characterization of foot morphology through 3D optical measures. 1-gen-2009 PREATONI, EZIORODANO, RENATOMAZZOLA, MARCOANDREONI, GIUSEPPEPEDOTTI, ANTONIO +
Feasibility study of the use of artificial neural networks in predicting acute rectal and urinary bladder toxicity following prostate cancer radiotherapy. 1-gen-2009 PELLA, ANDREABARONI, GUIDORIBOLDI, MARCOPATETE, PAOLOPERONI, MARTAPEDOTTI, ANTONIO +
System and method for the automatic detection of the expiratory flow limitation. 1-gen-2009 DELLACA', RAFFAELEALIVERTI, ANDREAPEDOTTI, ANTONIO
A slight load placed at the back of the head influences head–neck repositioning in seated subjects. 1-gen-2009 PAVAN, ESTEBAN ENRIQUEFRIGO, CARLO ALBINOPEDOTTI, ANTONIO
Opto-electronic plethysmography: development of a new technique and new findings in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. 1-gen-2009 ALIVERTI, ANDREAPEDOTTI, ANTONIO
Reti neurali artificiali per lo studio della tossicità acuta dopo radioterapia per il trattamento del carcinoma prostatico 1-gen-2009 PELLA, ANDREABARONI, GUIDORIBOLDI, MARCOPATETE, PAOLOPEDOTTI, ANTONIO +
A new telemedicine system for the home monitoring of lung function in patients with obstructive respiratory diseases. 1-gen-2009 GOBBI, ALESSANDROMILESI, ILARIAGOVONI, LEONARDOPEDOTTI, ANTONIODELLACA', RAFFAELE
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