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SOL40: Forty Years of Simulations under Climate and Land Use Change 1-gen-2022 Ceppi, AlessandroGambini, EnricoLombardi, GabrieleRavazzani, GiovanniMancini, Marco
Integration of forest growth component in the fest-wb distributed hydrological model: The bonis catchment case study 1-gen-2021 Feki M.Ravazzani G.Ceppi A. +
The Role of Storm Movement in Controlling Flash Flood Response: An Analysis of the 28 September 2012 Extreme Event in Murcia, Southeastern Spain 1-gen-2021 Ravazzani G. +
Wind speed interpolation for evapotranspiration assessment in complex topography area 1-gen-2020 Giovanni RavazzaniAlessandro Ceppi +
A comparative assessment of the estimates of the saturated hydraulic conductivity of two anthropogenic soils and their impact on hydrological model simulations 1-gen-2020 Feki M.Ravazzani G.Ceppi A.Mancini M. +
A study of an algorithm for the surface temperature forecast: From road ice risk to farmland application 1-gen-2020 Ceppi A.Corbari C.Ravazzani G.Mancini M. +
Future scenarios of soil erosion in the Alps under climate change and land cover transformations simulated with automatic machine learning 1-gen-2020 Gianinetto, M.Aiello, M.Vezzoli, R.Polinelli, F.Rulli, M.Chiarelli, D.Bocchiola, D.Ravazzani, G.Soncini, A.
MODELLING SOIL EROSION IN THE ALPS WITH DYNAMIC RUSLE-LIKE MODEL AND SATELLITE OBSERVATIONS 1-gen-2019 M. AielloM. GianinettoR. VezzoliF. Rota NodariF. PolinelliF. FrassyM. C. RulliG. RavazzaniC. CorbariA. SonciniD. D. ChiarelliC. PasseraD. Bocchiola
Integrating Landsat and Sentinel-2 time series for enhancing the estimation of soil erosion in the Alps 1-gen-2019 Marco GianinettoMartina AielloRenata VezzoliFrancesco Rota NodariFrancesco PolinelliFederico FrassyMaria Cristina RulliGiovanni RavazzaniAndrea SonciniDavide Danilo ChiarelliDaniele BocchiolaChiara Corbari
Review of Time-of-Concentration Equations and a New Proposal in Italy 1-gen-2019 Ravazzani G.Boscarello L.Mancini M. +
D-RUSLE: a dynamic model to estimate potential soil erosion with satellite time series in the Italian Alps 1-gen-2019 M. GianinettoM. AielloF. PolinelliF. frassyM. C. RulliG. RavazzaniD. BocchiolaD. D. ChiarelliA. SonciniR. Vezzoli
Analisi di sensitività nella stima dell’erosione di suolo nelle Alpi con misure in situ e serie temporali Landsat 1-gen-2018 Aiello M.Vezzoli R.Polinelli F.Frassy F.Rota Nodari F.Rulli M. C.Ravazzani G.Corbari C.Soncini A.Chiarelli D. D.Passera C.Bocchiola D.Gianinetto M.
Impact of infiltration process modeling on soil water content simulations for irrigation management 1-gen-2018 Feki, MounaRavazzani, GiovanniCeppi, AlessandroMilleo, GiuseppeMancini, Marco
Real time monitoring of hydrological variables for operative landfill stability and percolation flux control 1-gen-2018 Mancini M.Ceppi A.Ravazzani G.Feki M. +
Influence of soil hydraulic variability on soil moisture simulations and irrigation scheduling in a maize field 1-gen-2018 FEKI, MOUNARavazzani, GiovanniCeppi, AlessandroMancini, Marco
Simulating the Influence of Buildings on Flood Inundation in Urban Areas 1-gen-2018 Ravazzani, GiovanniMancini, Marco +
From deterministic to probabilistic forecasts: The ‘shift-target’ approach in the milan urban area (Northern Italy) 1-gen-2018 LOMBARDI, GABRIELECeppi, AlessandroRavazzani, GiovanniMancini, Marco +
Measurements and Observations in the XXI century (MOXXI): innovation and multi-disciplinarity to sense the hydrological cycle 1-gen-2018 Corbari, ChiaraRavazzani, Giovanni +
Satellite-based cover management factor assessment for soil water erosion in the Alps 1-gen-2018 M. GianinettoM. AielloR. VezzoliF. Rota NodariPOLINELLI, FRANCESCO NICCOLO'F. FrassyM. C. RulliG. RavazzaniD. BocchiolaA. SonciniD. D. ChiarelliPASSERA, CORRADOC. Corbari
HERASE: monitorare l’erosione del suolo nelle Alpi con tecniche Geomatiche 1-gen-2017 M. GianinettoF. Rota NodariM. AielloF. FrassyR. VezzoliF. PolinelliD: BocchiolaG. RavazzaniM. C. RulliC. CorbariA. SonciniD. D. ChiarelliC. Passera
Open hardware portable dual-probe heat-pulse sensor for measuring soil thermal properties and water content 1-gen-2017 Ravazzani, Giovanni
Assessing crop coefficients for natural vegetated areas using satellite data and eddy covariance stations 1-gen-2017 Corbari, ChiaraRavazzani, GiovanniMancini, Marco +
From (cyber)space to ground: New technologies for smart farming 1-gen-2017 RAVAZZANI, GIOVANNICORBARI, CHIARACEPPI, ALESSANDROFEKI, MOUNAMANCINI, MARCO +
A comparison of ensemble strategies for flash flood forecasting: The 12 October 2007 case study in Valencia, Spain 1-gen-2017 Ravazzani, G. +
Regionalization of flow-duration curves through catchment classification with streamflow signatures and physiographic-climate indices 1-gen-2016 BOSCARELLO, LAURA ANNARAVAZZANI, GIOVANNIMANCINI, MARCO +
Assessing Groundwater Contribution to Streamflow of a Large Alpine River with Heat Tracer Methods and Hydrological Modelling 1-gen-2016 RAVAZZANI, GIOVANNIGATTINONI, PAOLAROSSO, RENZO +
Assessing Climate Impacts on Hydropower Production: The Case of the Toce River Basin 1-gen-2016 RAVAZZANI, GIOVANNIMANCINI, MARCO +
Potentialities of ensemble strategies for flood forecasting over the Milano urban area 1-gen-2016 RAVAZZANI, GIOVANNICEPPI, ALESSANDROMANCINI, MARCO +
Assessing climate impacts on hydropower production of toce alpine basin 1-gen-2015 RAVAZZANI, GIOVANNIMANCINI, MARCO +
An integrated Hydrological Model for Assessing Climate Change Impacts on Water Resources of the Upper Po River Basin 1-gen-2015 RAVAZZANI, GIOVANNISENATORE, ALFONSOMANCINI, MARCO +
Validation of a distributed hydrological energy water balance model using remote sensing land surface temperature and ground discharge measurements 1-gen-2014 CORBARI, CHIARARAVAZZANI, GIOVANNIMANCINI, MARCO
Misure ad alta frequenza a supporto della modellazione fisica delle opere di scarico della diga di laminazione di pratolungo 1-gen-2014 MANCINI, MARCORAVAZZANI, GIOVANNICEPPI, ALESSANDROCORBARI, CHIARAZASSO, ALBERTO +
Modellistica idro-meteorologica per la previsione in tempo reale della gestione irrigua 1-gen-2014 CEPPI, ALESSANDRORAVAZZANI, GIOVANNICORBARI, CHIARAMANCINI, MARCO +
La classificazione dei bacini per la regionalizzazione delle curve di durata della portata 1-gen-2014 BOSCARELLO, LAURA ANNARAVAZZANI, GIOVANNIMANCINI, MARCO
Real-time hydro-meteorological forecasts in the upper po river basin 1-gen-2014 CEPPI, ALESSANDRORAVAZZANI, GIOVANNIMANCINI, MARCO +
Integrating glaciers raster-based modelling in large catchments hydrological balance: The Rhone case study 1-gen-2014 BOSCARELLO, LAURA ANNARAVAZZANI, GIOVANNIMANCINI, MARCO +
Indirect estimation of design flood in urbanized river basins using a distributed hydrological model 1-gen-2014 RAVAZZANI, GIOVANNIGIANOLI, PARIDEMANCINI, MARCO +
Climate change impacts on hydropower in the Swiss and Italian Alps 1-gen-2014 RAVAZZANI, GIOVANNI +
Shifting mountain snow patterns in a changing climate from remote sensing retrieval 1-gen-2014 RAVAZZANI, GIOVANNI +
Investigation of Climate Change Impact on Water Resources for an Alpine Basin in Northern Italy: Implications for Evapotranspiration Modeling Complexity 1-gen-2014 RAVAZZANI, GIOVANNICORBARI, CHIARAMANCINI, MARCO +
Real-time drought forecasting system for irrigation management 1-gen-2014 CEPPI, ALESSANDRORAVAZZANI, GIOVANNICORBARI, CHIARAMANCINI, MARCO +
Assessing downstream impacts of detention basins in urbanized river basins using a distributed hydrological model 1-gen-2014 RAVAZZANI, GIOVANNIMANCINI, MARCO +
Catchment Multisite Discharge Measurements for Hydrological Model Calibration 1-gen-2013 BOSCARELLO, LAURA ANNARAVAZZANI, GIOVANNIMANCINI, MARCO
Multi-pixel calibration of a distributed energy water balance model using satellite data of land surface temperature and eddy covariance data 1-gen-2013 CORBARI, CHIARARAVAZZANI, GIOVANNIA. CeppiMANCINI, MARCO
MOSAICO, a library for raster based hydrological applications 1-gen-2013 RAVAZZANI, GIOVANNI
Effects of temperature on flood forecasting: analysis of an operative case study in Alpine basins 1-gen-2013 CEPPI, ALESSANDRORAVAZZANI, GIOVANNIMANCINI, MARCO +
Real time drought forecasting system for irrigation management 1-gen-2013 A. CeppiRAVAZZANI, GIOVANNICORBARI, CHIARAMANCINI, MARCO +
Assessing uncertainty of real-time hydro-meteorological forecasts based on ensemble prediction system 1-gen-2012 CEPPI, ALESSANDRORAVAZZANI, GIOVANNIRABUFFETTI, DAVIDEMANCINI, MARCO +
Effects of hydro-meteorological sources of uncertainties on discharge forecasts 1-gen-2012 CEPPI, ALESSANDRORAVAZZANI, GIOVANNIRABUFFETTI, DAVIDEMANCINI, MARCO +
Assessing design flood in urban area using a distributed hydrological model 1-gen-2012 RAVAZZANI, GIOVANNIMANCINI, MARCOGIANOLI, PARIDE +
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 50 di 98
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