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Tafel-Piontelli model for the prediction of the corrosion rate of active metals in weakly acidic environments. Application to sweet corrosion in the Oil and Gas industry 1-gen-2023 E. MessineseA. BrennaM. Ormellese
Effect of a Nitrate-Based Corrosion Inhibitor on Carbonation-Induced Corrosion 1-gen-2023 Ormellese M.Bolzoni F.Brenna A.
Benzoate-Based Inhibitor Film to Prevent Chloride-Induced Corrosion: Simulation Study of Efficiency of Dry or Hydrated Film 1-gen-2023 Giuseppina RaffainiFabio BolzoniMarco Ormellese
Corrosion of rebars in concrete: Comparison of preventative measures 1-gen-2023 Bolzoni F.Brenna A.Beretta S.Ormellese M.Diamanti M. V.Pedeferri MariaPia
A green vanadium-based formulation for the conversion of steel 1-gen-2023 Razzaboni L.Casanova L.Pedeferri M.Ormellese M.
Hydrogen charging in steel, methods, and innovations 1-gen-2023 L. PaterliniL. CasanovaG. ReM. OrmelleseF. Bolzoni
Big milestones in the study of steel corrosion in concrete 1-gen-2023 Bolzoni F.Ormellese M.Pedeferri M. +
In-situ characterisation of the corrosion products formed on C-steel immersed in a soil-simulating solution 1-gen-2023 Casanova L.Menegazzo M.Brenna A.Pedeferri M.Ormellese M.Bussetti G. +
TiO2 Microparticles Incorporation in Coatings Produced by Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation (PEO) on Titanium 1-gen-2023 Ceriani F.Casanova L.Brenna A.Ormellese M. +
Recent Advances in the Use of Green Corrosion Inhibitors to Prevent Chloride-Induced Corrosion in Reinforced Concrete 1-gen-2023 Casanova L.Ceriani F.Messinese E.Paterlini L.Beretta S.Bolzoni F. M.Brenna A.Diamanti M. V.Ormellese M.Pedeferri M.
Hydrogen charging of carbon and low alloy steel by electrochemical methods 1-gen-2023 Bolzoni F.Paterlini L.Casanova L.Ormellese M.
Investigating the activation of passive metals by a combined in-situ AFM and Raman spectroscopy system: a focus on titanium 1-gen-2023 Casanova, LMenegazzo, MGoto, FPedeferri, MOrmellese, MBussetti, G +
Recent advances on the influence of microstructural characteristics on corrosion resistance in H2SO4 of anodized titanium 1-gen-2022 L. CasanovaG. A. BottonM. PedeferriM. Ormellese
FEM Simulation Analysis of the Pipe-Casing Under Cathodic Protection 1-gen-2022 A. BrennaM. AttarchiL. PaterliniM. Ormellese
Atmospheric Corrosion Behavior of Zinc and Zinc Alloys 1-gen-2022 M. OrmelleseF. BolzoniS. Beretta +
Long term performance of corrosion inhibitors in concrete 1-gen-2022 Bolzoni F.Brenna A.Beretta S.Diamanti M. V.Ormellese M.Pedeferri M.
Evaluation of Preventative Methods against Rebar Corrosion in Concrete 1-gen-2022 Fabio BolzoniAndrea BrennaSilvia BerettaMarco OrmelleseMaria Vittoria DiamantiMariaPia Pedeferri
Addition of Organic Acids during PEO of Titanium in Alkaline Solution 1-gen-2022 Casanova L.Ceriani F.Pedeferri M.Ormellese M.
Influence of stoichiometry on the corrosion response of titanium oxide coatings produced by plasma electrolytic oxidation 1-gen-2022 Casanova L.Arosio M.Pedeferri M.Botton G. A.Ormellese M. +
A Comprehensive Investigation on the Effects of Surface Finishing on the Resistance of Stainless Steel to Localized Corrosion 1-gen-2022 Messinese E.Casanova L.Paterlini L.Bolzoni F.Ormellese M.Brenna A. +
The Improvement of Durability of Reinforced Concretes for Sustainable Structures: A Review on Different Approaches 1-gen-2022 Coppola L.Beretta S.Bolzoni F.Brenna A.Cabrini M.Carsana M.De Gisi S.Diamanti M. V.Gastaldi M. M.Lollini F.Ormellese M.Pedeferri M.Redaelli E. +
Tafel-Piontelli model for the prediction of uniform corrosion rate of active metals in strongly acidic environments 1-gen-2022 Messinese E.Ormellese M.Brenna A.
FEM simulation of a grounded carbon steel pipe under impressed current cathodic protection 1-gen-2022 Attarchi M.Brenna A.Ormellese M.
Hydration of Triethylenetetramine Based Inhibitor Film Accelerate the Chloride-Induced Corrosion in Concrete: A Molecular Dynamics Study 1-gen-2022 Giuseppina RaffainiFabio GanazzoliFabio BolzoniMarco Ormellese +
Recent advances in the use of inhibitors to prevent chloride-induced corrosion in reinforced concrete 1-gen-2022 Bolzoni F.Brenna A.Ormellese M.
pH measurement during cathodic protection and DC interference 1-gen-2021 A. BrennaM. AttarchiM. Ormellese
Atmospheric corrosion behavior of zinc and zinc alloys: comparison between natural and accelerated exposure 1-gen-2021 M. OrmelleseS. BerettaF. Bolzoni +
Use of potential probes to monitor cathodic protection: accuracy of the of the IR free potential 1-gen-2021 A. BrennaS. BerettaM. Ormellese
Metodo di monitoraggio della corrosione 1-gen-2021 Ormellese M.Beretta S. +
Corrosione e protezione delle strutture offshore Offshore structures: corrosion and protection 1-gen-2021 fabio bolzoniandrea brennamarco ormellese
Comportamento degli acciai inossidabili in esposizione atmosferica Behavior of stainless steels in atmospheric exposure 1-gen-2021 andrea brennasilvia berettamarco ormellesefabio bolzoni
Metodi di prevenzione e protezione aggiuntiva per la durabilità delle strutture in calcestruzzo armato 1-gen-2021 M. GastaldiM. Ormellese
Corrosion propagation: comparison of electrochemical and mass loss measurements 1-gen-2021 Fabio BolzoniSilvia BerettaMaria Vittoria DiamantiAndrea BrennaMarco OrmelleseMariapia Pedeferri
Grandi tappe nello studio della corrosione delle armature 1-gen-2021 F. BolzoniM. OrmelleseMariaPia Pedeferri +
A nanoscale investigation on the influence of anodization parameters during plasma electrolytic oxidation of titanium by high-resolution electron energy loss spectroscopy 1-gen-2021 Casanova L.Pedeferri M.Botton G. A.Ormellese M. +
FEM simulation of corrosion under macro-cell mechanis 1-gen-2021 M. AttarchiA. BrennaM. Ormellese
Studio sulla delaminazione di ossidi PEO immersi in acido solforico mediante spettroscopia elettrochimica ad impedenza 1-gen-2021 L. CasanovaM. GruarinM. PedeferriM. Ormellese
A comparison between corrosion performances of titanium grade 2 and 7 in strong reducing acids 1-gen-2021 Casanova L.Gruarin M.Pedeferri M.Ormellese M.
Sealing of porous titanium oxides produced by plasma electrolytic oxidation 1-gen-2021 Casanova L.Pedeferri M.Ormellese M. +
Organic Inhibitors to Prevent Chloride-Induced Corrosion in Concrete: Atomistic Simulations of Triethylenetetramine-Based Inhibitor Film 1-gen-2021 Giuseppina RaffainiFabio GanazzoliFabio BolzoniMarco Ormellese +
Big milestones in the study of steel corrosion in concrete 1-gen-2021 Fabio BolzoniMarco OrmelleseMariapia Pedeferri +
Effetto della frequenza di anodizzazione e della polarizzazione catodica sulla resistenza a corrosione del titanio CP 1-gen-2021 L. CasanovaM. V. DiamantiM. PedeferriM. Ormellese +
An insight into the evolution of corrosion resistant coatings on titanium during bipolar plasma electrolytic oxidation in sulphuric acid 1-gen-2021 L. CasanovaM. V. DiamantiM. PedeferriM. Ormellese +
Effects of non-stationary stray current on carbon steel buried pipelines under cathodic protection 1-gen-2021 Ormellese M.Beretta S.Brenna A. +
Cathodic protection design optimization of a buried vessel by FEM simulation 1-gen-2020 Attarchi M.Brenna A.Ormellese M.
Titanium Anodization Efficiency through Real-Time Gravimetric Measurement of Oxygen Evolution 1-gen-2020 Prando D.Pedeferri M.Ormellese M. +
Carbonation induced corrosion in concrete: Evaluation of a nitrate based corrosion inhibitor 1-gen-2020 Bolzoni F.Diamanti M. V.Ormellese M.Pedeferri M. P. +
Efficiency of organic compounds as VCIs for the packaging of carbon steel engine elements in automotive 1-gen-2020 A. BrennaS. BerettaM. Ormellese
On the role of γ-fe2 o3 nanoparticles and reduced graphene oxide nanosheets in enhancing self-cleaning properties of composite tio2 for cultural heritage protection 1-gen-2020 Mokhtarifar M.Ormellese M.Diamanti M. V.Pedeferri M. +
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 50 di 302
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