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Towards H2 High-Performance IC Engines: Strategies for Control and Abatement of Pollutant Emissions 1-gen-2023 Bulgarini, MargheritaDella Torre, AugustoBarillari, LorisMontenegro, GianlucaOnorati, Angelo +
CFD Assessment of an After-Treatment System Equipped with Electrical Heating for the Reduction of the Catalyst Light-Off Time 1-gen-2023 Barillari, LorisDella Torre, AugustoMontenegro, GianlucaOnorati, Angelo +
A CFD ignition model to predict average-cycle combustion in SI engines with extreme EGR levels 1-gen-2023 Ramognino F.Sforza L.Lucchini T.Onorati A. +
Development and Validation of a CFD Combustion Model for Natural Gas Engines Operating with Different Piston Bowls 1-gen-2023 Gianetti G. G.Lucchini T.D'Errico G.Onorati A. +
A Fast and Reliable CFD Approach to Design Hydrogen SI Engines for Industrial Applications 1-gen-2023 Ramognino F.Sforza L.Cerri T.Lucchini T.Onorati A. +
CFD Modelling of Hydrogen-Fueled SI Engines for Light-Duty Applications 1-gen-2023 Ramognino F.Sforza L.D'errico G.Onorati A. +
Analysis and Optimization of Metallic Based Substrates for After-Treatment System by Means of Full-Scale CFD Simulations and Experiments 1-gen-2023 Sartirana, AndreaMontenegro, GianlucaDella Torre, AugustoOnorati, Angelo +
CFD Investigation of an Innovative Additive Manufactured POCS Substrate as Electrical Heated Solution for After-Treatment Systems 1-gen-2023 Barillari, LorisDella Torre, AugustoMontenegro, GianlucaOnorati, Angelo
CFD analysis on the optimization of POCS performances under randomical transformations: a bridge with open-cell foams 1-gen-2023 Vespertini, A.Della Torre, A.Montenegro, G.Onorati, A.Nova, I.Tronconi, E.
Modeling of two-phase flows at low Capillary number with VoF method 1-gen-2023 Ierardi, CDella Torre, AMontenegro, GOnorati, A +
Numerical and Experimental Investigation on Passive Prechamber Configurations Able to Operate at Low Engine Speed and Load 1-gen-2023 Gianetti G. G.Lucchini T.Sforza L.Onorati A. +
Real Driving Cycle Simulation of a Hybrid Bus by Means of a Co-Simulation Tool for the Prediction of Performance and Emissions 1-gen-2023 Marinoni A. M.Onorati A.Manca Di Villahermosa G. +
A Constant Equivalence Ratio Multi-Zone Approach for a Detailed and Fast Prediction of Performances and Emission in CI Engines 1-gen-2022 Tamborski M.D'Errico G.Lucchini T.Cerri T.Onorati A.
The role of hydrogen for future internal combustion engines 1-gen-2022 A Onorati +
A preliminary computational analysis towards the use of Electrically Heated Mixing Catalyst for innovative SCR after-treatment systems 1-gen-2022 Nappi A.Vespertini A.Della Torre A.Montenegro G.Onorati A.
Ultra-Lean Premixed Turbulent Combustion: Challenges of RANS Modelling 1-gen-2022 Sforza L.Abdelwahid S.Lucchini T.Onorati A.
CFD investigation of the radiative heat transfer effects on the adoption of an electrical heated catalyst to increase the abatement efficiency 1-gen-2022 Barillari L.Della Torre A.Montenegro G.Onorati A.
RDE cycle simulation by 0D/1D models to investigate IC engine performance and cylinder-out emissions 1-gen-2022 Marinoni A. M.Onorati A.Montenegro G.Sforza L.Cerri T. +
Detailed prediction of HRR and NOx emissions in CI engines via a novel thermodynamic model with constant equivalence ratio zones 1-gen-2022 Tamborski M.D'Errico G.Lucchini T.Onorati A.
A methodology to initialize tumble flow fields for fast 3D-CFD simulations of pent-roof SI engines 1-gen-2022 Ramognino F.Sforza L.Lucchini T.D'Errico G.Onorati A.
Unsteady modeling of turbochargers for automotive applications by means of a Quasi3D approach 1-gen-2021 Montenegro G.Tamborski M.A. Della TorreOnorati A.Marelli S.
Modeling the Kinetic and Thermal Interaction of UWS Droplets Impinging on a Flat Plate at Different Exhaust Gas Conditions 1-gen-2021 Nappi A.Montenegro G.Onorati A.Della Torre A.Dimopoulos Eggenschwiler P.
0d/1d thermo‐fluid dynamic modeling tools for the simulation of driving cycles and the optimization of ic engine performances and emissions 1-gen-2021 Marinoni A.Tamborski M.Cerri T.Montenegro G.D'errico G.Onorati A.Piatti E.Pisoni E. E.
Calibration of the oxygen storage reactions for the modeling of an automotive three-way catalyst 1-gen-2021 Onorati A.Della Torre A.Montenegro G. +
Instationary heat and mass transfer phenomena in additive manufactured open cell polyhedral structures for automotive catalysis 1-gen-2021 Papetti V.Dimopoulos Eggenschwiler P.Della Torre A.Montenegro G.Onorati A. +
Numerical Assessment of an After-Treatment System Equipped with a Burner to Speed-Up the Light-Off during Engine Cold Start 1-gen-2021 Della Torre A.Barillari L.Montenegro G.Onorati A. +
1D and Multi-D Modeling Techniques for IC Engine Simulation 1-gen-2020 Onorati A.Montenegro G.
An appraisal of the application of open-cell foams in automotive SCR systems 1-gen-2020 Vespertini A.Della Torre A.Montenegro G.Onorati A.Tronconi E.Nova I.
Unsteady modeling of turbochargers for automotive applications by means of a quasi-3D approach 1-gen-2020 Montenegro G.Tamborski M.Della Torre A.Onorati A.Marelli Silvia
Numerical Optimization of a SCR System Based on the Injection of Pure Gaseous Ammonia for the NOx Reduction in Light-Duty Diesel Engines 1-gen-2020 Della Torre A.Montenegro G.Onorati A.Cerri T.Tronconi E.Nova I.
IJER editorial: The future of the internal combustion engine 1-gen-2020 Onorati A. +
Prediction of Driving Cycles by Means of a Co-Simulation Framework for the Evaluation of IC Engine Tailpipe Emissions 1-gen-2020 Montenegro, GianlucaOnorati, AngeloD'Errico, GianlucaCerri, TarcisioMarinoni, Andrea +
CFD Modeling of Gas Exchange, Fuel-Air Mixing and Combustion in Gasoline Direct-Injection Engines 1-gen-2019 Lucchini, TommasoD'Errico, GianlucaParedi, DavideSforza, LorenzoOnorati, Angelo
A Novel 1D Co-Simulation Framework for the Prediction of Tailpipe Emissions under Different IC Engine Operating Conditions 1-gen-2019 Cerri T.D'Errico G.Montenegro G.Onorati A. +
Heat Transfer Analysis of Catalytic Converters during Cold Starts 1-gen-2019 Della Torre A.Montenegro G.Onorati A. +
A detailed one-dimensional model to predict the unsteady behavior of turbocharger turbines for internal combustion engine applications 1-gen-2019 Federico PiscagliaAngelo Onorati +
A quasi 3D approach for the modelling of an automotive turbocharger's compressor 1-gen-2019 Montenegro G.Tamborski M.Marinoni A.Della Torre A.Onorati A.Marelli S.
A CHT framework for the CFD analysis of the spray-wall thermal interaction in the dosing unit of SCR systems for diesel engines 1-gen-2019 Nappi A.Montenegro G.Onorati A.Della Torre A.
Direct evaluation of turbine isentropic efficiency in turbochargers: Cfd assisted design of an innovative measuring technique 1-gen-2019 Marelli S.Capobianco M.Montenegro G.Della Torre A.Onorati A. +
CFD Modeling of Compact Heat Exchangers for I.C. Engine Oil Cooling 1-gen-2019 Della Torre A.Montenegro G.Onorati A. +
Modeling advanced combustion modes in compression ignition engines with tabulated kinetics 1-gen-2019 Lucchini T.Della Torre A.D'Errico G.Onorati A.
Development and Application of a Quasi-3D Model for the Simulation of Radial Compressors of Turbochargers for Internal Combustion Engines 1-gen-2019 Montenegro G.Tamborski M.Della Torre A.Onorati A.Marinoni A.Marelli S.
Validation of a comprehensive computational fluid dynamics methodology to predict the direct injection process of gasoline sprays using Spray G experimental data 1-gen-2019 Paredi D.Lucchini T.D'Errico G.Onorati A. +
Multi-Scale CFD Modeling of Plate Heat Exchangers Including Offset-Strip Fins and Dimple-Type Turbulators for Automotive Applications 1-gen-2019 Della Torre, AugustoMontenegro, GianlucaOnorati, Angelo +
CFD Investigation of the Impact of Electrical Heating on the Light-off of a Diesel Oxidation Catalyst 1-gen-2018 Della Torre, AugustoMontenegro, GianlucaOnorati, AngeloCerri, Tarcisio
A Study of the Organized in-Cylinder Motion by a Dynamic Adaptive Scale-Resolving Turbulence Model 1-gen-2018 A. MontorfanoF. PiscagliaA. Onorati +
Combined Experimental and Numerical Investigation of the ECN Spray G under Different Engine-Like Conditions 1-gen-2018 Paredi, DavideLucchini, TommasoD'Errico, GianlucaOnorati, Angelo +
Gas Exchange and Injection Modeling of an Advanced Natural Gas Engine for Heavy Duty Applications 1-gen-2017 PAREDI, DAVIDELucchini, TommasoD'Errico, GianlucaOnorati, Angelo +
Modeling Ignition and Premixed Combustion Including Flame Stretch Effects 1-gen-2017 Sforza, LorenzoLucchini, TommasoOnorati, Angelo +
1D-3D Coupled Simulation of the Fuel Spray Propagation Inside the Air-Box of a Moto3 Motorbike: Analysis of Spray Targeting and Injection Timing 1-gen-2017 MONTENEGRO, GIANLUCADELLA TORRE, AUGUSTOCERRI, TARCISIOONORATI, ANGELONOCIVELLI, LORENZOFIOCCO, MARCO
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 50 di 229
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