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A dynamic evaluation of an underground transportation system using image processing and centrality index computation 1-gen-2023 L. MussoneV. J. Aranda SalgadoR. Notari
An algebraic geometry perspective for the estimation of the directions of arrival 1-gen-2023 M. CompagnoniR. NotariM. MarconU. Spagnolini
Smooth determinantal varieties and critical loci in multiview geometry 1-gen-2022 R. Notari +
Novel centrality measures and applications to underground networks 1-gen-2021 Mussone, L.Viseh, H.Notari, R.
A topological analysis of underground network performance under disruptive events 1-gen-2020 l. mussoneR. notarih Viseh
Critical loci in computer vision and matrices dropping rank in codimension one 1-gen-2020 Notari R. +
The Bordiga surface as critical locus for 3-view reconstructions 1-gen-2019 Roberto Notari +
A comparative analysis of underground and bus transit networks through graph theory 1-gen-2019 Mussone, LorenzoNotari, Roberto
On the statistical model of source localization based on Range Difference measurements 1-gen-2017 M. CompagnoniR. NotariF. AntonacciA. Sarti
Structure Indicators for Transportation Graph Analysis I: Planar Connected Simple Graphs 1-gen-2017 MUSSONE, LORENZONOTARI, ROBERTO
Examples of rank two ACM bundles on smooth quartic surfaces in $\mathbb{P}^3$ 1-gen-2017 NOTARI, ROBERTO +
Analisi matematica e geometrica nei profili degli ordini architettonici: esempi dalla "Regola delli cinque ordini d'architettura di M. Iacomo Barozzio da Vignola" 1-gen-2016 NOTARI, ROBERTO +
On the rationality of Poincaré series of Gorenstein algebras via Macaulay's correspondence 1-gen-2016 NOTARI, ROBERTO +
A structure theorem for 2-stretched Gorenstein algebras 1-gen-2016 NOTARI, ROBERTO +
Irreducibility of the Gorenstein loci of Hilbert schemes via ray families 1-gen-2015 NOTARI, ROBERTO +
On the Gorenstein locus of the punctual Hilbert scheme of degree 11 1-gen-2014 NOTARI, ROBERTO +
TDOA–based Localization in Two Dimensions: the Bifurcation Curve 1-gen-2014 COMPAGNONI, MARCONOTARI, ROBERTO
A comprehensive analysis of the geometry of TDOA maps in localization problems 1-gen-2014 COMPAGNONI, MARCONOTARI, ROBERTOANTONACCI, FABIOSARTI, AUGUSTO
Poincaré series and deformations of Gorenstein local algebras 1-gen-2013 NOTARI, ROBERTO +
On the irreducibility and the singularities of the Gorenstein locus of the punctual Hilbert scheme of degree 10 1-gen-2011 NOTARI, ROBERTO +
Canonical curves with low apolarity 1-gen-2011 NOTARI, ROBERTO +
Replicated measurements and algebraic statistics 1-gen-2010 NOTARI, ROBERTO +
Workshop on Hodge Theory and Algebraic Geometry - Preface 1-gen-2010 NOTARI, ROBERTO +
Doubling rational normal curves 1-gen-2010 NOTARI, ROBERTO +
The Poicaré series of a local Gorenstein ring of multiplicity up to 10 is rational 1-gen-2009 NOTARI, ROBERTO +
On the Gorenstein locus of some punctual Hilbert schemes 1-gen-2009 NOTARI, ROBERTO +
Vector Bundles and Low Codimensional Subvarieties: State of Art and Recent Developments 1-gen-2007 NOTARI, ROBERTO +
Two polynomial representations of experimental designs 1-gen-2007 NOTARI, ROBERTO +
On some Gorenstein loci in Hilb_6(P^4_k) 1-gen-2007 NOTARI, ROBERTO +
On the description and identifiability analysis of experiments with mixtures 1-gen-2007 NOTARI, ROBERTO +
Properties of some Artinian Gorenstein rings 1-gen-2006 NOTARI, ROBERTO +
The Hilbert Scheme of degree two curves and certain ropes 1-gen-2006 NOTARI, ROBERTO +
Even G-liaison classes of some unions of curves 1-gen-2006 NOTARI, ROBERTO +
Ropes on linear subspaces of a projective space 1-gen-2006 NOTARI, ROBERTO +
An iterative construction of Gorenstein ideals 1-gen-2005 NOTARI, ROBERTO +
Remarks on degree 4 projective curves 1-gen-2005 NOTARI, ROBERTO +
Non degenerate projective curves with very degenerate hyperplane section 1-gen-2005 NOTARI, ROBERTO +
Ropes supported on a line embedded in a Grassmannian variety 1-gen-2004 NOTARI, ROBERTO +
Postulation of adjoint ideals and geometry of projective curves 1-gen-2004 NOTARI, ROBERTO +
On the Hilbert function of curvilinear zero-dimensional subschemes of projective spaces 1-gen-2003 NOTARI, ROBERTO +
A Monte Carlo method to compute the height of an ideal 1-gen-2003 NOTARI, ROBERTO
Curves of degree two and certain ropes: their ideals and Gorenstein liaison classes 1-gen-2003 NOTARI, ROBERTO +
On the cohomology of a space curve containing a plane curve 1-gen-2001 NOTARI, ROBERTOSABADINI, IRENE MARIA
On curves of P^n with extremal Hartshorne-Rao module in positive degrees 1-gen-2001 NOTARI, ROBERTO +
On the even Gorenstein liaison classes of ropes on a line 1-gen-2000 NOTARI, ROBERTO +
A stratification of Hilbert schemes by initial ideals and applications 1-gen-2000 NOTARI, ROBERTO +
On the computation of Weierstrass Gap Sequences 1-gen-1999 NOTARI, ROBERTO
On the computation of the heigth of an ideal in a polynomial ring 1-gen-1994 NOTARI, ROBERTO
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