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Exploring e-maturity in Italian local governments: empirical results from a three-step latent class analysis 1-gen-2023 Tangi, LucaSoncin, MaraAgasisti, TommasoNoci, Giuliano
Advancing User Research in Naturalistic Gambling Environments Through Behaviour Tracking. A Pilot Study 1-gen-2023 Mandolfo, MarcoBettiga, DeboraNoci, Giuliano
Editorial: Emotions as key drivers of consumer behaviors: A multidisciplinary perspective 1-gen-2023 Bettiga D.Noci G. +
Influence of Sales Promotion on Impulse Buying: A Dual Process Approach 1-gen-2022 Mandolfo, MarcoBettiga, DeboraLamberti, LucioNoci, Giuliano
Influence of gamification on consumers’ cognitive, affective, and behavioral responses 1-gen-2022 Bettiga, DeboraMandolfo, MarcoNoci, Giuliano
Modelli di consumo innovativi 1-gen-2022 Tamini L.Lamberti L.Morello E.Noci G.
Fix it or buy it? Exploring the emotional drivers of consumer decisions to repair a durable good 1-gen-2022 D. BettigaM. MandolfoF. Di PaoloG. Noci
Assessing the effect of organisational factors and ICT expenditures on e-maturity: empirical results in Italian municipalities 1-gen-2022 Luca TangiMarco GaetaMichele BenedettiLuca GastaldiGiuliano Noci
Mandatory provisioning of digital public services as a feasible service delivery strategy: Evidence from Italian local governments 1-gen-2021 Tangi L.Benedetti M.Gastaldi L.Noci G.Russo C.
Exploring ICT expenditures and their relationship with e-maturity. The case of Italian Local Governments 1-gen-2021 luca tangimarco gaetamichele benedettigiuliano noci
Digital government transformation: A structural equation modelling analysis of driving and impeding factors 1-gen-2021 Tangi L.Benedetti M.Noci G. +
Commissioning neuromarketing: what do practitioners need to consider? 1-gen-2021 Marco MandolfoDebora BettigaLucio LambertiGiuliano Noci
Co-creation in new product development: Which drivers of consumer participation? 1-gen-2020 Mandolfo, MarcoChen, ShanNoci, Giuliano
Barriers and Drivers of Digital Transformation in Public Organizations: Results from a Survey in the Netherlands 1-gen-2020 Tangi, LucaBenedetti, MicheleNoci, Giuliano +
Consumers Emotional Responses to Functional and Hedonic Products: A Neuroscience Research 1-gen-2020 Bettiga, DeboraBianchi, Anna M.Lamberti, LucioNoci, Giuliano
The evolving nature of the marketing–supply chain management interface in contemporary markets 1-gen-2019 Noci, Giuliano
Investigating social motivations, opportunity and ability to participate in communities of virtual co-creation 1-gen-2018 Bettiga, DeboraLamberti, LucioNoci, Giuliano
Do mind and body agree? Unconscious versus conscious arousal in product attitude formation 1-gen-2017 BETTIGA, DEBORALAMBERTI, LUCIONOCI, GIULIANO
Something Old and Something New: The Influence of Brand’s Sales Promotion and Social Media Activity on Its Sales 1-gen-2017 S. ChenG. Noci +
Beacon-Based Mobile Marketing: Implications from Consumers’ Perspective 1-gen-2017 S. ChenG. Noci +
Assessing consumer emotions toward new products: application of physiological and self-reported methods 1-gen-2017 D, BettigaG. TacchinoL. LambertiA. M. BianchiG. Noci
Do mind and body agree? Unconscious versus conscious emotions in product attitude formation. 1-gen-2016 BETTIGA, DEBORALAMBERTI, LUCIONOCI, GIULIANO
Exploring Consumer’s Social Motivations, Opportunity and Ability to Engage in Virtual Co-Creation 1-gen-2016 BETTIGA, DEBORANOCI, GIULIANO
Innovative corporate services digitally enabled for internationalization 1-gen-2015 GIORGINO, MARCONOCI, GIULIANOGRASSI, LAURAPALUMMERI, VALENTINA
Ingegneria per le decisioni di impresa 1-gen-2014 Azzone, G.Arnaboldi, M.CHIARONI, DAVIDEMaccarrone, P.Noci, G. +
Segmenting Chinese Tourists by the Expected Experience at Theme Parks 1-gen-2014 CHEN, SHANNOCI, GIULIANO
The relationship between CSR and corporate strategy in medium-sized companies: evidence from Italy 1-gen-2012 LAMBERTI, LUCIONOCI, GIULIANO
The impact of co-creation adoption strategies in NPD on the strategic orientation-firm performance relationship 1-gen-2012 SPILLER, NICOLALAMBERTI, LUCIONOCI, GIULIANO
Mega-events as drivers of community participation in developing countries: The case of Shanghai World Expo 1-gen-2011 LAMBERTI, LUCIONOCI, GIULIANO +
Dalla Moda del Verde alla Moda Verde 1-gen-2011 LAMBERTI, LUCIONOCI, GIULIANO
Exploring the Strategic Orientations of a Service-Centred View of the Firm 1-gen-2010 LAMBERTI, LUCIONOCI, GIULIANO +
Marketing strategy and marketing performancemeasurement system: Exploring the relationship 1-gen-2010 LAMBERTI, LUCIONOCI, GIULIANO
Online experience as a level of customer involvement in NPD: an exploratory analysis and a research agenda 1-gen-2009 LAMBERTI, LUCIONOCI, GIULIANO
Exploring management control in radical innovation projects 1-gen-2009 CHIESA, VITTORIOFRATTINI, FEDERICOLAMBERTI, LUCIONOCI, GIULIANO
Macroscopic Analysis of Russian & Czechoslovakian Convention Economy. 1-gen-2009 LAMBERTI, LUCIONOCI, GIULIANO +
Outline to Russian & Czechoslovakian Convention and Exhibition Industry 1-gen-2009 LAMBERTI, LUCIONOCI, GIULIANO +
Management control in radical innovation projects: evidence from a multiple case study. 1-gen-2009 CHIESA, VITTORIOFRATTINI, FEDERICOLAMBERTI, LUCIONOCI, GIULIANO
Open marketing - Strategie e strumenti di marketing multicanale 1-gen-2009 NOCI, GIULIANO +
Enlightenment of the Development of Eastern European Convention and Exhibition Industry 1-gen-2009 LAMBERTI, LUCIONOCI, GIULIANO +
Outline to Eastern European Convention Economy. 1-gen-2009 LAMBERTI, LUCIONOCI, GIULIANO +
Case Study on Eastern European Convention and Exhibtion Industry 1-gen-2009 LAMBERTI, LUCIONOCI, GIULIANO +
Marketing power and CMO power: could market orientation break the link? An exploratory case study 1-gen-2009 LAMBERTI, LUCIONOCI, GIULIANO
Sustainability Report in Small Enterprises:Case Studies in Italian Furniture Companies 1-gen-2009 NOCI, GIULIANO +
Exploring Performance Measurement and Management Control in Radical Innovation Projects 1-gen-2009 CHIESA, VITTORIOFRATTINI, FEDERICOLAMBERTI, LUCIONOCI, GIULIANO
Assessing and monitoring the performances of a sustainable event. 1-gen-2009 LAMBERTI, LUCIONOCI, GIULIANO +
Assessing and monitoring the performances of a sustainable event 1-gen-2009 Lamberti, L.Noci, G. +
A Sino-European Comparison of the Exhibition and Convention Industry 1-gen-2007 LAMBERTI, LUCIONOCI, GIULIANO +
How to sustain the customer experience: an overview of experience components that co-create value with the customer 1-gen-2007 GENTILE, CHIARASPILLER, NICOLANOCI, GIULIANO
The role of online customer experience in NPD: an exploratory study in the toy sector 1-gen-2007 LAMBERTI, LUCIONOCI, GIULIANO
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