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Graphene Growth on Electroformed Copper Substrates by Atmospheric Pressure CVD 1-gen-2022 Pedrazzetti L.Gibertini E.Bizzoni F.Russo V.Lucotti A.Nobili L.Magagnin L.
From single-layer graphene to HOPG: Universal functionalization strategy with perfluoropolyether for the graphene family materials 1-gen-2022 Gibertini, EugenioLucotti, AndreaBussetti, GianlorenzoNobili, LucaMagagnin, LucaNavarrini, WalterSansotera, Maurizio +
Electrocatalytic layers for hydrogen evolution reaction based on nickel phosphides: cost-effective fabrication and XPS characterization 1-gen-2022 Bernasconi, RKhalil, MIBektas, YNobili, LMagagnin, L +
Thermo-electric characterization of GST materials for smart environment 1-gen-2022 Guido, Gentili GianMisagh, KhosronejadUmberto, SpagnoliniLorenzo, CodecasaCristina, D'AstaLorenzo, SquillantiniLuca, NobiliLorenza, DraghiLaura, Resteghini +
CZTS thin film solar cells on flexible Molybdenum foil by electrodeposition-annealing route 1-gen-2021 Khalil M. I.Bernasconi R.Lucotti A.Nobili L.Magagnin L. +
On the simulation of the hysteresis loop of polycrystalline PZT thin films 1-gen-2020 Fedeli, PatrickCuneo, FedericoMagagnin, LucaNobili, LucaFrangi, Attilio +
Application-Oriented Growth of a Molybdenum Disulfide (MoS2) Single Layer by Means of Parametrically Optimized Chemical Vapor Deposition 1-gen-2020 P. TummalaA. LampertiL. G. Nobili +
Nickel Phosphides Fabricated through a Codeposition-Annealing Technique as Low-Cost Electrocatalytic Layers for Efficient Hydrogen Evolution Reaction 1-gen-2020 Bernasconi R.Khalil M. I.Nobili L.Magagnin L. +
Electrodeposition of ZnNi Alloys from Choline Chloride/Ethylene Glycol Deep Eutectic Solvent and Pure Ethylene Glycol for Corrosion Protection 1-gen-2020 Bernasconi R.Panzeri G.Firtin G.Kahyaoglu B.Nobili L.Magagnin L.
Changing the Electronic Polarizability of Monolayer MoS2 by Perylene-Based Seeding Promoters 1-gen-2020 Tummala P. P.Ricci S.Patel K. A.Bertini F.Sordan R.Nobili L. G.Bollani M.Lamperti A. +
Zinc electrodeposition from a chloride-free non-aqueous solution based on ethylene glycol and acetate salts 1-gen-2019 Panzeri, G.Accogli, A.Gibertini, E.Mauri, E.Rossi, F.Nobili, L.Magagnin, L. +
Electrodeposition of cobalt thin films and nanowires from ethylene glycol-based solution 1-gen-2019 Gabriele PanzeriAlessandra AccogliEugenio GibertiniSara VarottoChristian RinaldiLuca NobiliLuca Magagnin
High-Density Sb2Te3 Nanopillars Arrays by Templated Bottom-Up MOCVD Growth 1-gen-2019 Raja S. R. GajjelaLuca G. Nobili +
Electrodeposition of high-purity nanostructured iron films from Fe(II) and Fe(III) non-aqueous solutions based on ethylene glycol 1-gen-2018 Panzeri, G.Accogli, A.GIBERTINI, EUGENIORinaldi, C.Nobili, L.Magagnin, L.
Electrodeposition of nanostructured cobalt films from choline chloride-ethylene glycol Deep Eutectic Solvent 1-gen-2018 Panzeri, G.Pedrazzetti, L.Rinaldi, C.Nobili, L.Magagnin, L.
Ruthenium Electrodeposition from Deep Eutectic Solvents 1-gen-2018 R. BernasconiA. LucottiL. NobiliL. Magagnin
Metal Matrix Composites as Environment-Friendly Protective Coatings 1-gen-2017 R. BernasconiL. MagagninL. Nobili +
Electrodeposition from Deep Eutectic Solvents 1-gen-2017 Bernasconi, R.Panzeri, G.Accogli, A.Liberale, F.Nobili, L.Magagnin, L.
Galvanic displaced nickel-silicon and copper-silicon interfaces: A DFT investigation 1-gen-2017 Pedrazzetti, L.Nobili, L.Tommasini, M.Magagnin, L. +
Structural properties of electrodeposited Cu-Ag alloys 1-gen-2017 Bernasconi, RobertoMagagnin, LucaNobili, Luca +
Growth and characterization of ultrathin carbon films on electrodeposited Cu and Ni 1-gen-2017 PEDRAZZETTI, LORENZONOBILI, LUCA GIAMPAOLOMAGAGNIN, LUCABERNASCONI, ROBERTOLUCOTTI, ANDREA +
Investigation of graphene layers on electrodeposited polycrystalline metals 1-gen-2016 NOBILI, LUCA GIAMPAOLOMAGAGNIN, LUCABERNASCONI, ROBERTOPEDRAZZETTI, LORENZOLUCOTTI, ANDREA +
Electrodeposition of ZnNi alloys from ethylene glycol/choline chloride based ionic liquid 1-gen-2016 PANZERI, GABRIELENOBILI, LUCA GIAMPAOLOMAGAGNIN, LUCA +
Electrodeposition and pulse plating of high performance Zinc-Nickel coatings 1-gen-2014 MAGAGNIN, LUCANOBILI, LUCA GIAMPAOLO
Graphene synthesis on electrodeposited substrates and its integration in MEMS for sensor applications 1-gen-2014 IEFFA, SIMONABERNASCONI, ROBERTOMAGAGNIN, LUCANOBILI, LUCA GIAMPAOLO +
Electrodeposition of supersaturated CuAg alloys in pyrophosphate-iodide electrolytes 1-gen-2014 BERNASCONI, ROBERTONOBILI, LUCA GIAMPAOLOMAGAGNIN, LUCA
Graphene growth on electrodeposited polycrystalline copper and ruthenium 1-gen-2014 MAGAGNIN, LUCANOBILI, LUCA GIAMPAOLO +
Metastable zinc-nickel alloys deposited from an alkaline electrolyte 1-gen-2014 MAGAGNIN, LUCANOBILI, LUCA GIAMPAOLOCAVALLOTTI, PIETRO LUIGI
DLC coatings for light alloys 1-gen-2013 MAGAGNIN, LUCANOBILI, LUCA GIAMPAOLO +
Elettrodeposizione di leghe rame-argento da elettroliti pirofosfato-ioduro 1-gen-2013 BERNASCONI, ROBERTONOBILI, LUCA GIAMPAOLOMAGAGNIN, LUCA
Thermal stability and mechanical properties of fluorinated diamond-like carbon coatings 1-gen-2013 NOBILI, LUCA GIAMPAOLO +
Rivestimenti e trattamenti elettrochimici 1-gen-2011 NOBILI, LUCA GIAMPAOLOMAGAGNIN, LUCA
Fundamental aspects and applications of electrodeposited nanostructured metals 1-gen-2011 CAVALLOTTI, PIETRO LUIGINOBILI, LUCA GIAMPAOLOFRANZ, SILVIAVICENZO, ANTONELLO
On-line annealing of a lean duplex stainless steel 1-gen-2010 NOBILI, LUCA GIAMPAOLO +
Gas-carburizing kinetics of a low-alloy steel 1-gen-2010 NOBILI, LUCA GIAMPAOLOCAVALLOTTI, PIETRO LUIGI +
DLC coatings for hydraulic applications 1-gen-2009 NOBILI, LUCA GIAMPAOLOMAGAGNIN, LUCA
Titanium Carbides Coatings for Wear Resistant Biomedical Devices: Manufacturing and Modeling 1-gen-2008 CONTRO, ROBERTOVENA, PASQUALEGASTALDI, DARIOCAVALLOTTI, PIETRO LUIGINOBILI, LUCA GIAMPAOLOBESTETTI, MASSIMILIANO +
Comportamento autolubrificante di rivestimenti di DLC in acqua 1-gen-2008 NOBILI, LUCA GIAMPAOLOMAGAGNIN, LUCA
Rivestimenti DLC per applicazioni idrauliche 1-gen-2008 NOBILI, LUCA GIAMPAOLOMAGAGNIN, LUCA
Materiali DLC per applicazioni anti-usura 1-gen-2008 COJOCARU, PAULAMAGAGNIN, LUCANOBILI, LUCA GIAMPAOLO
Cinetica di crescita dell'austenite in un acciaio duplex sottoposto a ricottura veloce 1-gen-2008 NOBILI, LUCA GIAMPAOLO +
Synthesis and characterisation of Ti-C coatings with variable carbon content 1-gen-2008 NOBILI, LUCA GIAMPAOLOPAGANO, FABIO FELICECAVALLOTTI, PIETRO LUIGI
Alternatives to zinc for corrosion protection 1-gen-2007 CAVALLOTTI, PIETRO LUIGIMAGAGNIN, LUCANOBILI, LUCA GIAMPAOLO
Titanium carbides coatings for wear resistant biomedical devices. Manufacturing and modelling 1-gen-2006 BESTETTI, MASSIMILIANOCAVALLOTTI, PIETRO LUIGICONTRO, ROBERTOGASTALDI, DARIONOBILI, LUCA GIAMPAOLOVENA, PASQUALE +
Rivestimenti compositi di oro con materiali carboniosi nanostrutturati 1-gen-2006 CAVALLOTTI, PIETRO LUIGINOBILI, LUCA GIAMPAOLOVICENZO, ANTONELLO +
Struttura dei rivestimenti protettivi Zn-Ni per elettrodeposizione 1-gen-2005 CAVALLOTTI, PIETRO LUIGINOBILI, LUCA GIAMPAOLOVICENZO, ANTONELLO
Phase structure of electrodeposited alloys 1-gen-2005 CAVALLOTTI, PIETRO LUIGINOBILI, LUCA GIAMPAOLOVICENZO, ANTONELLO
Metal wire coated with a layer of metal material intended to reinforce elastomeric materials and methods for producing the same 1-gen-2004 CAVALLOTTI, PIETRO LUIGINOBILI, LUCA GIAMPAOLO +
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