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Processability of pure Cu by LPBF using a ns-pulsed green fiber laser 1-gen-2022 Singh A.Caprio L.Previtali B.Demir A. G.
Enabling multi-material gradient structure in laser powder bed fusion 1-gen-2022 Demir A. G.Caltanissetta F.Previtali B.Colosimo B. M. +
Cracking mechanism in a laser powder bed fused cold-work tool steel: The role of residual stresses, microstructure and local elemental concentrations 1-gen-2022 Demir, Ali GökhanPrevitali, Barbara +
Influence of shielding gas flow on the μLMWD of biodegradable Mg alloy and permanent stainless steel for additive manufacturing of biomedical implants 1-gen-2022 Kaljevic A.Demir A. G.
Development of Single Point Exposure Strategy to Suppress Vapour Formation During the Laser Powder Bed Fusion of Zinc and Its Alloys 1-gen-2022 Caprio L.Guaglione F.Demir A. G.
Interplay between powder catchment efficiency and layer height in self-stabilized laser metal deposition 1-gen-2022 Simone DonadelloValentina FurlanAli Gökhan DemirBarbara Previtali
Additive manufacturing and applications of FESI2.9 soft magnetic meterial 1-gen-2022 Gruosso GGalbusera FDemir AGPrevitali B +
Potential Causes for Cracking of a Laser Powder Bed Fused Carbon-free FeCoMo Alloy 1-gen-2022 Galbusera, FrancescoDemir, Ali GökhanPrevitali, Barbara +
Role of metal 3D printing to increase quality and resource-efficiency in the construction sector 1-gen-2022 Kanyilmaz A.Demir A. G.Chierici M.Paoletti I. +
A novel paradigm for feedback control in LPBF: layer-wise correction for overhang structures 1-gen-2022 Vasileska E.Demir A. G.Colosimo B. M.Previtali B.
Processability and cracking behaviour of novel high-alloyed tool steels processed by Laser Powder Bed Fusion 1-gen-2022 Galbusera F.Demir A. G.Previtali B. +
Additively manufactured Fe-35Mn-1Ag lattice structures for biomedical applications 1-gen-2022 Demir, A. G. +
DEMO radioactive wastes: Decarburization, recycling and reuse by additive manufacturing 1-gen-2021 Demir A. G. +
Defects in a Laser Powder Bed Fused Tool Steel 1-gen-2021 Gökhan Demir, AliPrevitali, Barbara +
Surface finishing by laser re-melting applied to robotized laser metal deposition 1-gen-2021 Bruzzo, FrancescoCatalano, GuendalinaDemir, Ali GökhanPrevitali, Barbara
Nonintrusive estimation of subsurface geometrical attributes of the melt pool through the sensing of surface oscillations in laser powder bed fusion 1-gen-2021 Caprio, LeonardoDemir, Ali GökhanPrevitali, Barbara
Selective laser melting of NiTi stents with open-cell and variable diameter 1-gen-2021 Maffia, SimoneFinazzi, ValentinaBerti, FrancescaMigliavacca, FrancescoPetrini, LorenzaPrevitali, BarbaraDemir, Ali Gökhan
Recent advances and directions in the development of bioresorbable metallic cardiovascular stents: Insights from recent human and in vivo studies 1-gen-2021 Demir A. G. +
Energy input adaptation according to part geometry in selective laser melting through empirical modelling of thermal emission 1-gen-2021 Vasileska E.Demir A. G.Colosimo B. M.Previtali B. +
Ni-Ti stents produced by SLM: design, manufacturing and functional properties 1-gen-2021 Valentina FinazziFrancesca BertiAli Gökhan DemirLorenza PetriniBarbara Previtali
Single point exposure LPBF for the production of biodegradable Zn-alloy lattice structures 1-gen-2021 Guaglione F.Caprio L.Previtali B.Demir A. G.
Potential causes for cracking of a laser powder bed fused carbon-free FeCoMo alloy 1-gen-2021 Francesco GalbuseraAli Gökhan DemirBarbara Previtali +
Laser powder bed fusion of a topology optimized and surface textured rudder bulb with lightweight and drag-reducing design 1-gen-2021 Finazzi, ValentinaSchito, PaoloBionda, AriannaRatti, AndreaDemir, Ali Gokhan +
High speed videography of gap bridging with beam oscillation and wire feeding during the laser welding of stainless steel and aluminum alloys 1-gen-2021 Davide Maria BoldrinMatteo ColopiSimone D'ArcangeloLeonardo CaprioAli Gökhan DemirBarbara Previtali
Understanding the deformation mechanisms of horizontal internal channels during the LPBF of 18Ni300 maraging steel 1-gen-2021 Belloli, FabioDemir, Ali GökhanPrevitali, Barbara
Martensitic transformation, microstructure and functional behavior of thin-walled Nitinol produced by micro laser metal wire deposition 1-gen-2021 Biffi C. A.Demir A. G. +
Design of an Innovative Oxide Dispersion Strengthened Al Alloy for Selective Laser Melting to Produce Lighter Components for the Railway Sector 1-gen-2021 Demir A. G. +
Defect-free laser powder bed fusion of Ti–48Al–2Cr–2Nb with a high temperature inductive preheating system 1-gen-2020 Caprio L.Demir A. G.Chiari G.Previtali B.
Development of processing strategies for multigraded selective laser melting of Ti6Al4V and IN718 1-gen-2020 Demir A. G.Caprio L.Previtali B. +
Additively manufactured iron-manganese for biodegradable porous load-bearing bone scaffold applications 1-gen-2020 Demir A. G.Previtali B. +
Fiber laser welding of AA 5754 in the double lap-joint configuration: process development, mechanical characterization, and monitoring 1-gen-2020 Demir, Ali GökhanZarini, StefanoPrevitali, Barbara +
Dynamic behaviour of miniature laser textured skis 1-gen-2020 Ripamonti, FrancescoFurlan, ValentinaDemir, Ali GökhanCheli, FedericoOssi, PaoloPrevitali, Barbara +
Pulsed mode selective laser melting of porous structures: Structural and thermophysical characterization 1-gen-2020 Demir, Ali GökhanPrevitali, Barbara +
Laser surface texturing of SS316L for enhanced adhesion of HUVECs 1-gen-2020 Purnama, AgungFurlan, ValentinaDESSI, DESIREDemir, Ali GökhanPrevitali, BarbaraMantovani, Diego +
Selective laser melting Fe and Fe-35Mn for biodegradable implants 1-gen-2020 Demir, Ali GökhanCaprio, LeonardoPrevitali, Barbara +
Improvements in the welding together of work-pieces 1-gen-2020 B. PrevitaliS. D'ArcangeloT. KurtayA. Demir
Observing molten pool surface oscillations during keyhole processing in laser powder bed fusion as a novel method to estimate the penetration depth 1-gen-2020 Caprio L.Demir A. G.Previtali B.
Real-Time Observation of Melt Pool in Selective Laser Melting: Spatial, Temporal, and Wavelength Resolution Criteria 1-gen-2020 Mazzoleni L.Demir A. G.Caprio L.Pacher M.Previtali B.
Design and functional testing of a novel balloon-expandable cardiovascular stent in CoCr alloy produced by selective laser melting 1-gen-2020 Finazzi, ValentinaDemir, Ali GökhanBiffi, Carlo AlbertoMigliavacca, FrancescoPetrini, LorenzaPrevitali, Barbara
Time-resolved quantification of plasma accumulation induced by multi-pulse laser ablation using self-mixing interferometry 1-gen-2020 Donadello S.Finazzi V.Demir A. G.Previtali B.
Layer-wise control of selective laser melting by means of inline melt pool area measurements 1-gen-2020 Vasileska, EmaDemir, Ali GökhanColosimo, Bianca MariaPrevitali, Barbara
Challenges and Opportunities in the Selective Laser Melting of Biodegradable Metals for Load-Bearing Bone Scaffold Applications 1-gen-2020 Demir A. G. +
Influence of temporal laser emission profile on the selective laser melting (SLM) of thin structures 1-gen-2020 Bruna Rosso C.Caprio L.Mazzoleni L.Pacher M.Demir A. G.Previtali B.
Determining the feasible conditions for processing lunar regolith simulant via laser powder bed fusion 1-gen-2020 Caprio L.Demir A. G.Previtali B.Colosimo B. M.
Deformation and failure mechanisms of Ti–6Al–4V as built by selective laser melting 1-gen-2019 Moridi A.Demir A. G.Caprio L.Previtali B.Colosimo B. M. +
Fracture and fatigue behaviour of AlSi7Mg0.6 produced by Selective Laser Melting: effects of thermal-treatments 1-gen-2019 A. M. GrandeS. CacaceA. G. DemirG. Sala
The influence of laser processing parameters on the densification and surface morphology of pure Fe and Fe-35Mn scaffolds produced by selective laser melting 1-gen-2019 Demir, A. G.Caprio, L.Previtali, B. +
Applicazione della produzione additiva nel campo del design: una nuova generazione di rubinetti 1-gen-2019 Giorgia GalimbertiAli Gökhan Demir
Design and Pathway Programming of Freeform Thin-walled Geometries Produced by Laser Metal Deposition 1-gen-2019 Ali Gökhan DemirMarco AnilliDaniele Tamborini +
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