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Charging processes of Na4Mn9O18 electrode in aqueous electrolyte 1-gen-2022 Mehdi SoleimanzadeMaksim BahdanchykMazdak HashempourMassimiliano BestettiAntonello Vicenzo +
Experimental Study of the Factors Affecting the Efficiency of Capacitive Deionization 1-gen-2021 Maksim BahdanchykMassimiliano BestettiAntonello Vicenzo +
Plasma electrolytic oxidation of Ti - W surface alloys synthetized by PVD-LEHCEB 1-gen-2021 Morini F.Franz S.Vicenzo A.Bestetti M.
Efficiency and Energy Demand in Polishing Treatment of Wastewater Treatment Plants Effluents: Photoelectrocatalysis vs. Photocatalysis and Photolysis 1-gen-2021 Arab H.Bestetti M.Franz S. +
Improving the corrosion resistance of wrought zm21 magnesium alloys by plasma electrolytic oxidation and powder coating 1-gen-2021 Ballam L. R.Arab H.Bestetti M.Franz S.Martini C. +
Synthesis and characterization of ti–nb alloy films obtained by magnetron sputtering and low-energy high-current electron beam treatment 1-gen-2021 Morini F.Bestetti M.Franz S.Vicenzo A. +
Photoelectrocatalysis on TiO2 meshes: different applications in the integrated urban water management 1-gen-2021 Abba A.Bertanza G.Damiani S.Arab H.Bestetti M.Franz S. +
Surface properties modification of magnesium alloys by low energy high current pulsed electron beam 1-gen-2021 Morini F.Bestetti M.Franz S.Vicenzo A. +
Ni-Doped Titanium Dioxide Films Obtained by Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation in Refrigerated Electrolytes 1-gen-2020 Arab, HamedBomboi, GiacomoCalloni, AlbertoBussetti, GianlorenzoAlbani, GuglielmoBestetti, MassimilianoFranz, Silvia +
Decolorization and biodegradability of a real pharmaceutical wastewater treated by H2O2-assisted photoelectrocatalysis on TiO2 meshes 1-gen-2020 Arab H.Bestetti M.Franz S. +
Exploiting direct current plasma electrolytic oxidation to boost photoelectrocatalysis 1-gen-2020 Franz S.Arab H.Lucotti A.Castiglioni C.Vicenzo A.Morini F.Bestetti M.
Degradation of carbamazepine by photo(Electro)catalysis on nanostructured TiO2 meshes: Transformation products and reaction pathways 1-gen-2020 Franz S.Arab H.Bestetti M. +
Single‐Step Preparation of Large Area TiO2 Photoelectrodes for Water Splitting 1-gen-2020 Franz, SilviaArab, HamedBestetti, Massimiliano +
Insights on Structural Evolution and Charge Storage Mechanism of Na4Mn9O18 as Active Material for Aqueous Rechargeable Sodium-Ion Storage Systems 1-gen-2019 M. SoleimanzadeM. HashempourM. BestettiA. Vicenzo +
Transitioning from batch to flow hypersaline microbial fuel cells 1-gen-2019 Bestetti M. +
A comparative study of the mechanical and tribological properties of PECVD single layer and compositionally graded TiSiCN coatings 1-gen-2019 A. VicenzoM. Bestetti +
Synthesis of a Cr-Cu surface alloy using a low-energy high-current electron beam 1-gen-2019 Bestetti M. +
Degradation of emerging organic pollutants in wastewater effluents by electrochemical photocatalysis on nanostructured TiO2 meshes 1-gen-2019 Franz S.Arab H.Bestetti M. +
Chromium films deposition by hot target high power pulsed magnetron sputtering: Deposition conditions and film properties 1-gen-2019 M. BestettiA. VicenzoS. Franz +
Reduced Graphene Oxide–Chitosan Hybrid for Supercapacitors 1-gen-2018 M. HashempourA. VicenzoM. Bestetti
Evaluation of Working Potential Limit of Aqueous Supercapacitors 1-gen-2018 BAHDANCHYK, MAKSIMM. HashempourA. VicenzoM. Bestetti
Surface prroperties enhancement of magnesium alloys by low energy high current pulsed electron beam 1-gen-2018 M. BestettiS. FranzA. Vicenzo +
CNT–CeO2 Modified Anode in a Microbial Fuel Cell System 1-gen-2018 M. BahdanchykM. BestettiA. Vicenzo +
Charge Storage Mechanism of Na0.44MnO2 Supercapacitor Electrode in Aqueous Na2SO4 Electrolyte 1-gen-2018 SOLEIMANZADE, MEHDIROMANENGHI, RICCARDOM. HashempourA. VicenzoM. Bestetti
Synthesis and characterization of sol-gel derived non-stoichiometric aluminum phosphate coating 1-gen-2018 Hashempour, M.Vicenzo, A.Bestetti, M. +
The Effects of Phase Transformation on the Structure and Mechanical Properties of TiSiCN Nanocomposite Coatings Deposited by PECVD Method 1-gen-2018 M. BestettiA. VicenzoA. Serafini +
Parameters influencing the capacitive behavior of carbon composite electrodes: composition, morphology, electrical conductivity, and surface chemistry 1-gen-2018 M. HashempourA. VicenzoM. BahdanchykM. Bestetti
Hot target magnetron sputtering for ferromagnetic films deposition 1-gen-2018 Bestetti M. +
Calculation of Uniform Corrosion Current Density of Iron in Hydrochloric Acid Solutions based on the Principle of Maximum Entropy Production Rate Applied to Literature Data 1-gen-2018 Bestetti, MassimilianoFranz, SilviaHashempour, MazdakVicenzo, Antonello
Optimization of heterogeneous photoelectrocatalysis on nanotubular TiO2 electrodes: Reactor configuration and kinetic modelling 1-gen-2018 Turolla, AndreaBestetti, MassimilianoAntonelli, Manuela
Deposition of Cr films by hot target magnetron sputtering on biased substrates 1-gen-2018 Bestetti, MassimilianoFranz, SilviaVicenzo, Antonello +
Liquid-Phase Surface Alloying of Copper with Stainless Steel Using Low-Energy, High-Current Electron Beam 1-gen-2017 Bestetti M. +
A comparative study on the properties of chromium coatings deposited by magnetron sputtering with hot and cooled target 1-gen-2017 BESTETTI, MASSIMILIANOVICENZO, ANTONELLOFRANZ, SILVIABRUNELLA, MARIA FRANCESCA +
Sustainable Hypersaline Microbial Fuel Cells: Inexpensive Recyclable Polymer Supports for Carbon Nanotube Conductive Paint Anodes 1-gen-2017 BESTETTI, MASSIMILIANO +
Study on the Effect of Annealing Process on Microstructure and Electrochemical Behavior of the Binary Mn-Ni Nano-Oxide Pseudocapacitor Synthesized by Anodic Deposition 1-gen-2016 VICENZO, ANTONELLOBESTETTI, MASSIMILIANO +
Vernici conduttive all'acqua a base di nanotubi di carbonio 1-gen-2016 GALIMBERTI, MAURIZIO STEFANOSIRONI, ANNALISA NATALINAVILLANI, SIMONEBESTETTI, MASSIMILIANO +
Nanosized Mn-Ni oxide thin films via anodic electrodeposition: A study of the correlations between morphology, structure and capacitive behaviour 1-gen-2016 VICENZO, ANTONELLOHASHEMPOUR IGDERI, MAZDAKBESTETTI, MASSIMILIANO +
Tailoring the pseudocapacitive behavior of electrochemically deposited manganese-nickel oxide films 1-gen-2016 VICENZO, ANTONELLOHASHEMPOUR IGDERI, MAZDAKBESTETTI, MASSIMILIANO +
Facilitated Electron Hopping in Nanolayer Oxygen-Insensitive Glucose Biosensor for Application in a Complex Matrix 1-gen-2016 BESTETTI, MASSIMILIANO +
High-temperature stable anatase-type TiO2nanotube arrays: A studyof the structure–activity relationship 1-gen-2016 VICENZO, ANTONELLOFRANZ, SILVIABESTETTI, MASSIMILIANO +
Photoactive TiO2 coatings obtained by Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation in refrigerated electrolytes 1-gen-2016 FRANZ, SILVIAPEREGO, DANIELELUCOTTI, ANDREABESTETTI, MASSIMILIANO +
Contribution to the study of uniform corrosion by means of the maximum entropy production rate principle 1-gen-2016 BESTETTI, MASSIMILIANO
Microstructural and Electrochemical Characterization of Nanosized Mn-Ni Oxide Thin Films for Supercapacitors 1-gen-2015 VICENZO, ANTONELLOBESTETTI, MASSIMILIANO +
Effect of Anodic Deposition Parameters on Electrochemical Behavior and Microstructure of Mn-Ni Oxide As a Pseudocapacitive Electrode 1-gen-2015 VICENZO, ANTONELLOBESTETTI, MASSIMILIANO +
Evaluation of Coatings for Mg Alloys for Biomedical Applications 1-gen-2015 BESTETTI, MASSIMILIANO +
Enzymatic Oxygen Microsensor Based on Bilirubin Oxidase Applied to Microbial Fuel Cells Analysis 1-gen-2015 BESTETTI, MASSIMILIANO +
Photoelectrochemical advanced oxidation processes on nanostructured TiO2 catalysts: Decolorization of a textile azo-dye 1-gen-2015 FRANZ, SILVIAPEREGO, DANIELEBESTETTI, MASSIMILIANO +
Electrochemical synthesis of Nb3Sn coatings on Cu substrates 1-gen-2015 FRANZ, SILVIABESTETTI, MASSIMILIANO +
Synthesis of superconducting Nb3Sn coatings on Nb substrates 1-gen-2015 BESTETTI, MASSIMILIANOFRANZ, SILVIA +
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