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Dense shearing flows of soft, frictional cylinders 1-gen-2022 Berzi D. +
Experimental Comparison of Inclined Flows with and without Intense Sediment Transport: Flow Resistance and Surface Elevation 1-gen-2022 Rebai, DanielBerzi, DiegoBallio, Francesco +
Particle saltation over rigid bumpy beds in viscous shearing flows 1-gen-2022 Berzi, D +
Flow regimes and phase transitions in granular matter: multiscale modeling from micromechanics to continuum-editorial 1-gen-2022 Berzi D.Vescovi D. +
Analytical solutions for dense, inclined, granular flow over a rigid, bumpy base 1-gen-2021 Berzi, Diego +
Cooling after shearing: three possible fates for dense granular materials 1-gen-2021 Berzi D.Vescovi D.
Singular behavior of the stresses in the limit of random close packing in collisional, simple shearing flows of frictionless spheres 1-gen-2020 Berzi, D +
A heavy intruder in a locally-shaken granular solid 1-gen-2020 Berzi D.Buzzaccaro S.
Extended kinetic theory for granular flow over and within an inclined erodible bed 1-gen-2020 Berzi, Diego +
Dense, inhomogeneous, granular shearing 1-gen-2020 D. Berzi +
Erodible, granular beds are fragile 1-gen-2019 Berzi D. +
Fluidity, anisotropy, and velocity correlations in frictionless, collisional grain flows 1-gen-2018 Berzi, Diego +
Fluid–solid transition in unsteady, homogeneous, granular shear flows 1-gen-2018 Vescovi, DalilaBerzi, Diegodi Prisco, Claudio
Fluid-solid transition in unsteady shearing flows 1-gen-2017 VESCOVI, DALILABERZI, DIEGODI PRISCO, CLAUDIO GIULIO
Dense, collisional, shearing flows of compliant spheres 1-gen-2017 BERZI, DIEGO +
Dense, inhomogeneous shearing flows of spheres 1-gen-2017 BERZI, DIEGO +
Shearing flows of frictionless spheres over bumpy planes: slip velocity 1-gen-2017 BERZI, DIEGOVESCOVI, DALILA
Extended kinetic theory applied to inclined granular flows: role of boundaries 1-gen-2017 BERZI, DIEGO +
Collisional dissipation rate in shearing flows of granular liquid crystals 1-gen-2017 Berzi, Diego +
The threshold for continuing saltation on Earth and other solar system bodies 1-gen-2017 BERZI, DIEGO +
Erosion and deposition in depth-averaged models of dense, dry, inclined, granular flows 1-gen-2016 BERZI, DIEGO +
Stresses and orientational order in shearing flows of granular liquid crystals 1-gen-2016 BERZI, DIEGO +
Intense sediment transport: Collisional to turbulent suspension 1-gen-2016 BERZI, DIEGO +
Periodic saltation over hydrodynamically rough beds: Aeolian to aquatic 1-gen-2016 BERZI, DIEGO +
Correction: Steady shearing flows of deformable, inelastic spheres 1-gen-2015 BERZI, DIEGO +
Different singularities in the functions of extended kinetic theory at the origin of the yield stress in granular flows 1-gen-2015 BERZI, DIEGOVESCOVI, DALILA
Steady shearing flows of deformable, inelastic spheres 1-gen-2015 BERZI, DIEGO +
Inertial shear bands in granular materials 1-gen-2015 BERZI, DIEGO +
Turbulence Locality and Granularlike Fluid Shear Viscosity in Collisional Suspensions 1-gen-2015 BERZI, DIEGO +
Plane shear flows of frictionless spheres: kinetic theory and 3D soft-sphere discrete element method simulations 1-gen-2014 VESCOVI, DALILABERZI, DIEGO +
Extended kinetic theory applied to dense, granular, simple shear flows. 1-gen-2014 BERZI, DIEGO
Transport formula for collisional sheet flows with turbulent suspension 1-gen-2013 BERZI, DIEGO
From solid to granular gases: the steady state for granular materials 1-gen-2013 VESCOVI, DALILADI PRISCO, CLAUDIO GIULIOBERZI, DIEGO
Simple Shear Flow of Collisional Granular-Fluid Mixtures 1-gen-2013 BERZI, DIEGO
Inclined, collisional sediment transport 1-gen-2013 BERZI, DIEGO +
Inclined granular flows on collisional shear layers 1-gen-2013 BERZI, DIEGO +
Flow Resistance of Inertial Debris Flows 1-gen-2013 BERZI, DIEGOLARCAN, ENRICO
Collapse of granular-liquid mixtures over rigid, inclined beds 1-gen-2012 BERZI, DIEGOBOSSI, FILIPPO CARLOLARCAN, ENRICO
Kinetic Theory applied to Inclined Flows 1-gen-2012 BERZI, DIEGO +
Surface Flows of Inelastic Spheres 1-gen-2011 BERZI, DIEGO +
Analytical solution of collisional sheet flows 1-gen-2011 BERZI, DIEGOLARCAN, ENRICO
Steady debris flows over erodible beds 1-gen-2011 BERZI, DIEGOLARCAN, ENRICO +
Constitutive relations for steady, dense granular flows 1-gen-2011 BERZI, DIEGODI PRISCO, CLAUDIO GIULIOVESCOVI, DALILA
Analytical Solution of Collisional Sheet Flows 1-gen-2011 BERZI, DIEGO
New formulas for the motion resistance of debris flows 1-gen-2010 BERZI, DIEGOLARCAN, ENRICO +
Uniform motion of debris flows over erodible beds 1-gen-2010 BERZI, DIEGOLARCAN, ENRICO +
Dense Inclined Flows of Inelastic Spheres: Tests of an Extension of Kinetic Theory 1-gen-2010 BERZI, DIEGO +
Debris Flows: Recent Advances in Experiments and Modeling 1-gen-2010 BERZI, DIEGO +
Steady, Inclined Flow of a Mixture of Grains and Fluid over a Rigid Base 1-gen-2010 BERZI, DIEGO +
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