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A framework for fatigue damage estimate in single-axis solar trackers 1-gen-2023 Giorgio FrontiniTommaso ArgentiniSara MuggiascaMarco Belloli
Structural Health Monitoring of a steel truss railway bridge studying its low frequency response 1-gen-2023 Radicioni, LucaBernardini, LorenzoBono, Francesco MorganAnghileri, MattiaCapacci, LucaCazzulani, GabrieleSomaschini, ClaudioPande, Aniket KetanBiondini, FabioCinquemani, SimoneBelloli, Marco
Structural modeling and dynamic testing of high-speed railway bridges 1-gen-2023 Anghileri, M.Capacci, L.Biondini, F.Bernardini, L.Somaschini, C.Belloli, M.
An Automated Algorithm for Experimental OMA: Application on a Warren Truss Railway Bridge with a Permanent Monitoring System 1-gen-2023 Argentino, AntonioBernardini, LorenzoBenedetti, LorenzoCazzulani, GabrieleSomaschini, ClaudioBelloli, Marco
A Techno-Economic Analysis of a Cargo Ship Using Flettner Rotors 1-gen-2023 Angelini, GMuggiasca, SBelloli, M
Improving the effectiveness of anomaly detection in bridges through a deep learning method based on coherence of signals 1-gen-2023 Bono, Francesco MorganRadicioni, LucaBenedetti, LorenzoCazzulani, GabrieleCinquemani, SimoneBelloli, Marco +
Overcoming strain gauges limitation in the estimation of train load passing on a bridge through deep learning 1-gen-2023 Radicioni, LucaBono, Francesco MorganBenedetti, lorenzoArgentino, AntonioSomaschini, ClaudioCinquemani, SimoneBelloli, Marco
Integrated Design and Experimental Validation of a Fixed-Pitch Rotor for Wind Tunnel Testing 1-gen-2023 Fontanella, AlessandroDa Pra, GiuliaBelloli, Marco
Wind tunnel hardware-in-the-loop experiments about the global response of a 15 MW floating wind turbine 1-gen-2023 Fontanella, A.Facchinetti, A.Belloli, M.
On the characteristics of the wake of a wind turbine undergoing large motions caused by a floating structure: an insight based on experiments and multi-fidelity simulations from the OC6 project Phase III 1-gen-2023 Fontanella, AlessandroSchito, PaoloZasso, AlbertoBelloli, MarcoSanvito, AndreaPersico, Giacomo +
Development and Field Validation of Wireless Sensors for Railway Bridge Modal Identification 1-gen-2023 Zanelli, FedericoDebattisti, NicolaMauri, MarcoArgentino, AntonioBelloli, Marco
A Deep Learning Approach to Detect Failures in Bridges Based on the Coherence of Signals 1-gen-2023 Francesco Morgan BonoLuca RadicioniSimone CinquemaniLorenzo BenedettiGabriele CazzulaniClaudio SomaschiniMarco Belloli
Controller design for model-scale rotors and validation using prescribed motion 1-gen-2023 Fontanella, AlessandroDaka, ElioNovais, FelipeBelloli, Marco
OC6 project Phase III: validation of the aerodynamic loading on a wind turbine rotor undergoing large motion caused by a floating support structure 1-gen-2023 Fontanella, AlessandroBelloli, MarcoSchito, PaoloZasso, AlbertoPersico, GiacomoSanvito, AndreaYilmazlar, KutayCroce, Alessandro +
SHM Campaign on 138 Spans of Railway Viaducts by Means of OMA and Wireless Sensors Network 1-gen-2023 Bernardini L.Benedetti L.Somaschini C.Cazzulani G.Belloli M.
A large-scale wind turbine model installed on a floating structure:experimental validation of the numerical design 1-gen-2023 Taruffi, FDi Carlo, SMuggiasca, SBelloli, M
Modeling the coupled aero-hydro-servo-dynamic response of 15 MW floating wind turbines with wind tunnel hardware in the loop 1-gen-2023 Fontanella, AlessandroFacchinetti, AlanDaka, ElioBelloli, Marco
A Smart System Based on Wireless Sensors for Vibration Monitoring of Railway Bridges 1-gen-2023 Zanelli F.Debattisti N.Mauri M.Castelli Dezza F.Belloli M.
Solar trackers analysis: a case study to evaluate aeroelastic effects inside a photovoltaic park array 1-gen-2022 Frontini, G.Calamelli, F.Muggiasca, S.Argentini, T.Belloli, M.
StradeNet: A regional road information system 1-gen-2022 S. BianchiG. ZaniA. ScalbiK. Flores FerreiraM. AnghileriL. CapacciF. BiondiniM. di PriscoF. BallioP. BorlenghiG. ZonnoC. GentileL. BenedettiM. Belloli +
The structural monitoring guidelines for the management of bridges in the Lombardia region in Italy 1-gen-2022 M. P. LimongelliC. GentileF. BiondiniM. di PriscoF. BallioM. BelloliF. Resta +
The MoRe Guidelines for Monitoring of Transport Infrastructures 1-gen-2022 Limongelli M. P.Gentile C.Biondini F.di Prisco M.Ballio F.Belloli M.Resta F. +
Wind tunnel investigation of the aerodynamic response of two 15 MW floating wind turbines 1-gen-2022 Fontanella, AlessandroFacchinetti, AlanDi Carlo, SimoneBelloli, Marco
Experimental validation of the aero-servo design of a large-scale floating offshore wind turbine model 1-gen-2022 Taruffi F.Di Carlo S.Muggiasca S.Belloli M.
Wind tunnel investigation of the wake-flow response for a floating turbine subjected to surge motion 1-gen-2022 Fontanella, A.Zasso, A.Belloli, M.
Hydraulic Safety Evaluation and Dynamic Investigations of Baghetto Bridge in Italy 1-gen-2022 Manuel D'AngeloAlessandro MenghiniPaolo BorlenghiLorenzo BernardiniLorenzo BenedettiFrancesco BallioMarco BelloliCarmelo Gentile
Identification of bridge bending frequencies through drive-by monitoring compensating vehicle pitch detrimental effect 1-gen-2022 Benedetti, LBernardini, LArgentino, ACazzulani, GSomaschini, CBelloli, M
Bridge structural monitoring: the Lombardia regional guidelines 1-gen-2022 Limongelli, MPGentile, CBiondini, Fdi Prisco, MBallio, FBorlenghi, PBianchi, SCapacci, LAnghileri, MZani, GScalbi, AFlores Ferreira, KD'Angelo, MCazzulani, GBenedetti, LSomaschini, CBernardini, LBelloli, MResta, F +
A Methodology for the Clusterisation of Communication Towers on the Basis of Their Structural Properties and Loads 1-gen-2021 Benedetti L.Cinquemani S.Belloli M.Buonanno M.
Multidisciplinary Investigations of a Steel–Concrete Composite Bridge 1-gen-2021 Benedetti L.Borlenghi P.D'Angelo M.Menghini A.Zonno G.Ballio F.Belloli M.Gentile C.
UNAFLOW: a holistic wind tunnel experiment about the aerodynamic response of floating wind turbines under imposed surge motion 1-gen-2021 Fontanella, AlessandroBayati, IlmasBelloli, MarcoZasso, Alberto +
Load estimation and vibration monitoring of scale model wind turbine blades through optical fiber sensors 1-gen-2021 Cazzulani G.Cinquemani S.Benedetti L.Belloli M.
3D Wind Tunnel Experiments 1-gen-2021 Zasso, AlbertoFontanella, AlessandroBelloli, Marco
On the arrangement of two experimental activities on a novel multi- purpose floating structure concept 1-gen-2021 Taruffi F.Muggiasca S.Belloli M. +
Model-based design of a wave-feedforward control strategy in floating wind turbines 1-gen-2021 Fontanella A.Belloli M. +
Model-Inversion Feedforward Control for Wave Load Reduction in Floating Wind Turbines 1-gen-2021 Fontanella, AlessandroBelloli, Marco
Design of an aeroelastic physical model of the DTU 10MW wind turbine for a floating offshore multipurpose platform prototype 1-gen-2021 Muggiasca S.Taruffi F.Fontanella A.Di Carlo S.Facchinetti A.Belloli M. +
Development and validation of a coupled numerical model for offshore floating multi-purpose platforms 1-gen-2021 Taruffi F.Muggiasca S.Belloli M. +
Aerodynamic and structural strategies for the rotor design of a wind turbine scaled model 1-gen-2021 Muggiasca S.Taruffi F.Fontanella A.Di Carlo S.Belloli M.
Experimental validation of a wave elevation observer on a floating wind turbine model 1-gen-2021 Di Carlo S.Fontanella A.Facchinetti A.Muggiasca S.Taruffi F.Belloli M.
Scaling strategies for multi-purpose floating structures physical modeling: state of art and new perspectives 1-gen-2021 Muggiasca S.Taruffi F.Belloli M.Collu M. +
Feedforward control for wave disturbance rejection on floating offshore wind turbines 1-gen-2020 Fontanella A.Belloli M. +
Numerical design of a wind observer and feedforward control of wind turbines 1-gen-2020 Taruffi F.Fontanella A.Muggiasca S.Di Carlo S.Belloli M.
A numerical study about the flight of the dragonfly: 2d gliding and 3d hovering regimes 1-gen-2020 lorenzo benedettiGiovanni BianchiSimone CinquemaniMarco Belloli
Inclusion of rotor moments in scaled wave tank test of a floating wind turbine using SiL hybrid method 1-gen-2020 Fontanella A.Belloli M. +
A control-oriented wave-excited linear model for offshore floating wind turbines 1-gen-2020 Fontanella A.Belloli M. +
Analysis of FOWT dynamics in 2-DOF hybrid HIL wind tunnel experiments 1-gen-2020 Facchinetti A.Fontanella A.Taruffi F.Belloli M. +
The effects of the aerodynamic interaction on the performance of two Flettner rotors 1-gen-2020 Muggiasca S.Giappino S.Belloli M. +
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 50 di 226
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