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Blade emitters for atmospheric ionic thrusters 1-gen-2024 Belan, MMontenero, D +
Scaling relations for the geometry of wire-to-airfoil atmospheric ionic thrusters 1-gen-2023 Belan, Marco +
Discharge Stability Enhancement in Surface Corona Actuators 1-gen-2022 Belan M. +
Effects of the emitters density on the performance of an atmospheric ionic thruster 1-gen-2022 Belan, Marco +
A parametric study of electrodes geometries for atmospheric electrohydrodynamic propulsion 1-gen-2021 Belan M.Maggi F. +
An original Pitot-static probe design for subsonic boundary layer investigation 1-gen-2021 Tescaroli, EBelan, M
Separation Control by Plasma Actuators: Effects of Direct Momentum Injection and Vortex Generation 1-gen-2020 F. MessanelliM. Belan +
Stall control by plasma actuators: Characterization along the airfoil span 1-gen-2020 Belan M.Zanotti A.Campanardi G. +
Flow separation control by pulsed corona actuators 1-gen-2019 Messanelli, FedericoTESCAROLI, ELIABelan, Marco +
PIV characterization of a separated flow controlled by a DBD actuator 1-gen-2019 Campanardi, G.Zanotti, A.Belan, M. +
A Comparison Between Corona and DBD Plasma Actuators for Separation Control on an Airfoil 1-gen-2017 MESSANELLI, FEDERICOBELAN, MARCO
Wind tunnel testing of multi-tip corona actuators on a symmetric airfoil 1-gen-2017 BELAN, MARCOMESSANELLI, FEDERICO
Ionic Wind Measurements on Multi-Tip Plasma Actuators 1-gen-2016 MESSANELLI, FEDERICOBELAN, MARCO
A Comparison Between DBD and Corona Actuators with Non-Straight Electrodes 1-gen-2016 MESSANELLI, FEDERICOBELAN, MARCO
Compared ionic wind measurements on multi-tip corona and DBD plasma actuators 1-gen-2015 BELAN, MARCOMESSANELLI, FEDERICO
Hypersonic Jets in Astrophysical Conditions: Focus on Spreading and Asymmetric Stability Properties 1-gen-2014 BELAN, MARCO +
Plasma-Gas Flow Interaction of a Discharge Normal to a Bluff Body Wake 1-gen-2014 BELAN, MARCO
A Gas Discharge Normal to a Wake: Experimental Investigation of the Plasma-Flow Interaction 1-gen-2014 BELAN, MARCO
A Perturbative Model for Predicting the High-Reynolds-Number Behaviour of the Streamwise Travelling Waves Technique in Turbulent Drag Reduction 1-gen-2013 BELAN, MARCOQUADRIO, MAURIZIO
An Application of Image Analysis to Hypersonic Flows 1-gen-2013 MIRZAEI, MOHSENBELAN, MARCO
The Hydrodynamics of Astrophysical Jets: Scaled Experiments and Numerical Simulations 1-gen-2013 BELAN, MARCOMIRZAEI, MOHSENDE PONTE, SERGIO +
An Investigation of the Hydrodynamics of Hypersonic Jets in Astrophysical Conditions 1-gen-2012 BELAN, MARCOMIRZAEI, MOHSEN +
An Experimental Setup for Visualizations and Measurements on Free Hypersonic Jets 1-gen-2012 BELAN, MARCOMIRZAEI, MOHSEN +
Astrophysical Jets: Insights into Long-Term Hydrodynamics 1-gen-2011 BELAN, MARCODE PONTE, SERGIO +
Hydrodynamics of Hypersonic Jets: Experiments and Numerical Simulations 1-gen-2011 BELAN, MARCODE PONTE, SERGIO +
Flow Around Two In-Tandem Flat Plates: Measurements and Computations Comparison 1-gen-2010 GIBERTINI, GIUSEPPEABBA', ANTONELLAAUTERI, FRANCOBELAN, MARCO
Experimental Assessment of Drag Reduction by Traveling Waves in a Turbulent Pipe Flow 1-gen-2010 AUTERI, FRANCOBARON, ARTUROBELAN, MARCOCAMPANARDI, GABRIELE GIUSEPPEQUADRIO, MAURIZIO
Highly Underexpanded Jets in the Presence of a Density Jump Between an Ambient Gas and a Jet 1-gen-2010 BELAN, MARCODE PONTE, SERGIO +
Streamwise-Traveling Waves of Spanwise Wall Velocity in a Pipe Flow: Experimentally Assessing the Turbulent Drag Reduction 1-gen-2009 AUTERI, FRANCOBARON, ARTUROBELAN, MARCOGIBERTINI, GIUSEPPEQUADRIO, MAURIZIO +
Experimental Assessment of Turbulent Drag Reduction by Wall Traveling Waves 1-gen-2009 QUADRIO, MAURIZIOAUTERI, FRANCOBARON, ARTUROBELAN, MARCO +
Interacting Wakes of Two Normal Flat Plates. An Investigation Based on Phase Averaging of LDA Signals 1-gen-2009 AUTERI, FRANCOBELAN, MARCOCASSINELLI, CARLOGIBERTINI, GIUSEPPE
Hydrodynamics Linear Stability Theory. a Comparison Between Orr-Sommerfeld Modal and Initial Value Problem Analyses 1-gen-2008 BELAN, MARCO +
Normal Flat Plates in Tandem: an Experimental Investigation 1-gen-2008 AUTERI, FRANCOBELAN, MARCOGIBERTINI, GIUSEPPEGRASSI, DONATO
Determination of Density and Concentration from Fluorescent Images of a Gas Flow 1-gen-2008 BELAN, MARCODE PONTE, SERGIO +
Turbulent flow in a helically coiled pipe: an endoscopic PIV study 1-gen-2006 AUTERI, FRANCOBARON, ARTUROBELAN, MARCOGIBERTINI, GIUSEPPEQUADRIO, MAURIZIO +
Simultaneous Density and Concentration Measurements on Hypersonic Jets 1-gen-2006 BELAN, MARCODE PONTE, SERGIO +
A Synthetic Perturbative Hypothesis for Multiscale Analysis of Bluff-Body Wake Instability 1-gen-2006 BELAN, MARCO +
A Synthetic Perturbative Hypothesis for Multiscale Analysis of Convective Wake Instability 1-gen-2006 BELAN, MARCO +
Convective Instability in Wake Intermediate Asymptotics 1-gen-2006 BELAN, MARCO +
Analysis of the Convective Instability of the Two-Dimensional Wake 1-gen-2005 BELAN, MARCO +
On the Domain of Validity of the Near-Parallel Combined Stability Analysis for the 2D Intermediate and far Bluff Body Wake 1-gen-2005 BELAN, MARCO +
Normal Flat Plates in Tandem: an Experimental Investigation 1-gen-2004 AUTERI, FRANCOBELAN, MARCOGIBERTINI, GIUSEPPEGRASSI, DONATO
Experiments and Numerical Simulations on the Mid-Term Evolution of Hypersonic Jets 1-gen-2004 BELAN, MARCODE PONTE, SERGIO +
Corrente vorticosa prodotta da due lamine piane in tandem 1-gen-2003 AUTERI, FRANCOBELAN, MARCOGIBERTINI, GIUSEPPEGRASSI, DONATO
A New Matched Asymptotic Expansion for the Intermediate and far Flow Behind a Finite Body 1-gen-2003 BELAN, MARCO +
Hypersonic Jets in the Laboratory 1-gen-2002 BELAN, MARCODE PONTE, SERGIO +
Asymptotic Expansions for Two Dimensional Symmetrical Laminar Wakes 1-gen-2002 BELAN, MARCO +
Design of an Experiment on the Spatial Evolution of Hypersonic Jets 1-gen-2001 BELAN, MARCODE PONTE, SERGIO +
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