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Inversion artifacts on Time-Lapse Electrical Resistivity Tomography data 1-gen-2023 A. HojatL. Zanzi +
Iterative inversion of 2D electrical resistivity tomography data to remove 3D effects 1-gen-2023 L. ZanziA. Hojat
Lab and modelling DC Resistivity Tests to Analyse the Response of a High Resistivity Liner 1-gen-2023 Panzeri, L.Fumagalli, A.Zanzi, L.Longoni, L.Papini, M. +
Laboratory Tests and Field Surveys to Explore the Optimum Frequency for GPR Surveys in Detecting Qanats 1-gen-2023 Hojat A.Zanzi L. +
Preliminary results of resistivity surveys to map the base of a wet tailings pond at Golgohar iron ore mine 1-gen-2023 A. HojatL. Zanzi +
An opportunity to directly observe qanat galleries at depth and test electrical resistivity tomography surveys 1-gen-2023 A. HojatL. Zanzi +
Analytical Models and Laboratory Measurements to Explore the Potential of GPR for Quality Control of Marble Block Repair through Resin Injections 1-gen-2022 A. HojatL. Zanzi +
Designing the expanded microseismic monitoring network for an unstable rock face in Northern Italy 1-gen-2022 A. HojatL. Zanzi +
Optimal Design for Expanding a Microseismic Monitoring Network on an Unstable Rock Face in Northern Italy 1-gen-2021 A. HojatZanzi +
Laboratory studies using electrical resistivity tomography and fiber optic techniques to detect seepage zones in river embankments 1-gen-2021 A. HojatM. FerrarioM. BruneroV. I. IvanovL. LongoniA. MadaschiM. PapiniL. Zanzi +
Developing and Testing a Software for Search and Rescue in Rubble Piles Based on Microseismic Signals 1-gen-2021 V. VillacciA. HojatL. Zanzi
Seismic noise monitoring of a small rock block collapse test 1-gen-2021 Taruselli M.Longoni L.Papini M.Zanzi L. +
G.Re.T.A. Solution to Monitor the Integrity of Tailings Dams 1-gen-2021 A. HojatL. Zanzi +
Reclassification of Microseismic Events through Hypocenter Location: Case Study on an Unstable Rock Face in Northern Italy 1-gen-2021 Z. ZhangA. HojatL. Zanzi +
Seismic noise azimuthal spectral ratios to monitor landslide kinematics 1-gen-2021 Zanzi L. +
Inversion of synthetic and measured 3D geoelectrical data to study the geomembrane below a landfill 1-gen-2021 Fumagalli AlessioScotti AnnaLuigi Zanzi +
Correcting the Effect of the Soil Covering Buried Electrodes for Permanent Electrical Resistivity Tomography Monitoring Systems 1-gen-2021 A. HojatL. Zanzi +
Refining microseismic event classification through hypocentre location 1-gen-2020 Zhang Z.Hojat A.Zanzi L. +
Two Dimensional ERT Simulations to Check the Integrity of Geomembranes at the Base of Landfill Bodies 1-gen-2020 A. HojatL. Zanzi +
Groundwater level monitoring tests with seismic interferometry 1-gen-2020 Taruselli M.Zanzi L. +
Introducing G.RE.T.A. – an innovative geo-resistivimeter for long-term monitoring of earthen dams and unstable slopes 1-gen-2020 A. HojatL. Zanzi +
FIBER OPTIC SENSOR FOR RIVER LEVEE MONITORING 1-gen-2020 A. MadaschiM. FerrarioM. BruneroG. TresoldiV. I. IvanovA. HojatP. BoffiL. LongoniL. Zanzi
Optimization of ambient seismic noise interferometry to monitor groundwater level variations 1-gen-2020 Taruselli M.Longoni L.Papini M.Zanzi L. +
Il sistema G.Re.T.A., una soluzione innovativa per il monitoraggio delle discariche e dei siti contaminati 1-gen-2020 A. HojatL. Zanzi +
Non-destructive root mapping: Exploring the potential of gpr 1-gen-2020 Hojat A.Munda S.Zanzi L. +
Permanent Geoelectrical Monitoring of Tailings Dams using the Autonomous G.RE.T.A. System 1-gen-2020 A. HojatL. Zanzi +
Monitoring ca lita landslide by means of the ambient seismic noise 1-gen-2020 Taruselli M.Zanzi L. +
Teaching geomatics for geohazard mitigation and management in the Covid-19 time 1-gen-2020 Scaioni M.Longoni L.Zanzi L.Ivanov V.Papini M.
Tomographic experiments for defining the 3D velocity model of an unstable rock slope to support microseismic event interpretation 1-gen-2020 Zhang Z.Hojat A.Zanzi L. +
The latest installation of G.RE.T.A. along the tailings dam of a copper mine in Chile 1-gen-2020 A. HojatL. Zanzi +
Quantifying seasonal 3D effects for a permanent electrical resistivity tomography monitoring system along the embankment of an irrigation canal 1-gen-2020 Hojat A.Ivanov V. I.Longoni L.Papini M.Zanzi L. +
Integration of low-cost technological solutions for flow rate and bedload transport monitoring in the Caldone river, Italy 1-gen-2020 Vladislav IvanovBarbara ZanchiMonica PapiniAlessio RadiceLuigi BarazzettiLuigi ZanziLaura Longoni
Investigation on the role ofwater for the stability of shallow landslides-insights from experimental tests 1-gen-2020 Ivanov V.Hojat A.Zanzi L.Papini M.Longoni L. +
Two-dimensional ERT simulations to compare different electrode configurations in detecting qanats 1-gen-2020 A. HojatL. Zanzi +
Geoelectrical characterization and monitoring of slopes on a rainfall-triggered landslide simulator 1-gen-2019 Hojat A.Ivanov V. I.Longoni L.Papini M.Scaioni M.Tresoldi G.Zanzi L. +
Seismic noise spectral analysis techniques to monitor unstable rock blocks 1-gen-2019 Taruselli M.Longoni L.Papini M.Zanzi L. +
GPR as a diagnostic tool on historical buildings: successful stories and challenging issues 1-gen-2019 Zanzi L.
Long-term monitoring strategy to assess the inner conditions of river levees: the Colorno station 1-gen-2019 Tresoldi G.Hojat A.Zanzi L.
Laboratory and field GPR measurements to detect qanats 1-gen-2019 Hojat A.Zanzi L. +
Long-term hydrogeophysical monitoring of the internal conditions of river levees 1-gen-2019 Tresoldi G.Hojat A.Longoni L.Papini M.Zanzi L. +
Testing ERT and fiber optic techniques at the laboratory scale to monitor river levees 1-gen-2019 Hojat A.Di LuchIvanov V. I.Longoni L.Madaschi A.Papini M.Tresoldi G.Zanzi L. +
Seismic noise polarization analysis for unstable rock monitoring 1-gen-2019 Taruselli M.Longoni L.Papini M.Zanzi +
Raspberry Shake sensor field tests for unstable rock monitoring 1-gen-2019 Taruselli M.Longoni L.Papini M.Zanzi L. +
Geological and geophysical investigations to analyse a lateral spreading phenomenon: the case study of Torrioni di Rialba, northern Italy 1-gen-2019 Longoni L.Papini M.Zanzi L. +
Installation and validation of a customized resistivity system for permanent monitoring of a river embankment 1-gen-2019 Hojat A.Longoni L.Papini M.Tresoldi G.Zanzi L. +
Construction of a 3D velocity model for microseismic event location on a monitored rock slope 1-gen-2019 Zanzi, L.Zhang, Z.Hojat, A.Taruselli, M. +
GPR method as an efficient NDT tool to characterize carbonate rocks during different production stages 1-gen-2019 Hojat, A.Zanzi, L. +
GPR method as an efficient NDT tool to characterize carbonate rocks during different production stages 1-gen-2019 Hojat A.Zanzi L. +
Assessment of 3D geometry effects on 2D ERT data of a permanent monitoring system along a river embankment 1-gen-2019 Hojat A.Longoni L.Papini M.Tresoldi G.Zanzi L. +
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