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Environmental sustainability performance assessment tools in cosmetics industry: state of the art In corso di stampa Roberto RoccaDaniele PerossaLuca Fumagalli
Digital Twin and Education in Manufacturing 1-gen-2023 Negri, ElisaFumagalli, Luca +
Digital Twin and Extended Reality: Strategic Approach and Practical Implementation 1-gen-2023 Rocca R.Sassanelli C.Rosa P.Fumagalli L.Negri E. +
Asset Administration Shell as an interoperable enabler of Industry 4.0 software architectures: a case study 1-gen-2023 Quadrini, WalterCimino, ChiaraAhmed, TasnimFumagalli, Luca +
Enhancing the cosmetics industry sustainability through a renewed sustainable supplier selection model 1-gen-2023 Acerbi F.Rocca R.Fumagalli L.Taisch M.
Modelling Manufacturing Systems for Digital Twin Through Communicating Finite State Machines 1-gen-2023 Ragazzini L.Negri E.Fumagalli L.
Towards Viable Modelling for Robust Flow Shop Scheduling in Production Environments Under Uncertainty 1-gen-2023 Fumagalli L.Negri E.Ragazzini L.Macchi M. +
Sustainability paradigm in the cosmetics industry: State of the art 1-gen-2022 Rocca, RobertoAcerbi, FedericaFumagalli, LucaTaisch, Marco
A Methodology for the Design and Creation of Asset Administration Shell for Manufacturing Systems 1-gen-2022 Ahmed T. M. M.Negri E.Fumagalli L. +
A review of features and applications of distributed ledger technologies for smart manufacturing 1-gen-2022 Santacruz, Román Felipe BastidasRocca, RobertoNegri, ElisaFumagalli, Luca
Impact of Learning Factories over sustainable production 1-gen-2022 Quadrini W.Fumagalli L.
A heuristic algorithm based on routing decisions for the No-Wait Flexible Job-Shop scheduling problem 1-gen-2021 Nucera D.Negri E.Fumagalli L.
A decision-making framework for dynamic scheduling of cyber-physical production systems based on digital twins 1-gen-2021 Negri E.Biscardo G.Fumagalli L.Macchi M. +
A virtual commissioning based methodology to integrate digital twins into manufacturing systems 1-gen-2021 Capriotti, AndreaRagazzini, LorenzoNegri, ElisaFumagalli, Luca +
Data-driven state detection for an asset working at heterogenous regimens 1-gen-2021 Domenico NuceraQuadrini W.Fumagalli L. +
Architecture for Data Acquisition in Research and Teaching Laboratories 1-gen-2021 Quadrini, WalterGalparoli, SimoneNucera, DomenicoFumagalli, LucaNegri, Elisa
Open interfaces for connecting automated guided vehicles to a fleet management system 1-gen-2020 Quadrini W.Negri E.Fumagalli L.
Digital twin-based Optimization on the basis of Grey Wolf Method. A Case Study on Motion Control Systems 1-gen-2020 Strzelczak S.Fumagalli L. +
Industry 4.0 solutions supporting Circular Economy 1-gen-2020 Rocca R.Rosa P.Sassanelli C.Fumagalli L.Terzi S.
Tolerance Scheduling for CPS 1-gen-2020 Ragazzini L.Negri E.Fumagalli L.MacChi M. +
MES-integrated digital twin frameworks 1-gen-2020 Negri E.Berardi S.Fumagalli L.Macchi M.
XRepo - Towards an information system for prognostics and health management analysis 1-gen-2020 Caielli A.Cattaneo L.Fumagalli L. +
A Review of the Roles of Digital Twin in CPS-Based Production Systems 1-gen-2020 Negri, ElisaFumagalli, LucaMacchi, Marco
Integrating Virtual Reality and Digital Twin in Circular Economy Practices: A Laboratory Application Case 1-gen-2020 Roberto RoccaPaolo RosaClaudio SassanelliLuca FumagalliSergio Terzi
Local Decision Making based on Distributed Digital Twin Framework 1-gen-2020 Negri, E.Fumagalli, L.Macchi, M. +
On the focal concepts of Maintenance in the Digital era 1-gen-2020 Macchi, M.Roda, I.Fumagalli, L.
Framework for simulation software selection 1-gen-2019 Luca FumagalliAdalberto PolenghiElisa NegriIrene Roda
Towards a Plug and Play Architecture for a Materialflow Handling System 1-gen-2019 Fumagalli L.Matteucci M. +
Data-driven CBM tool for risk-informed decision-making in an electric arc furnace 1-gen-2019 Fumagalli L.Cattaneo L.Roda I.Macchi M. +
Review of digital twin applications in manufacturing 1-gen-2019 Cimino C.Negri E.Fumagalli L.
FMU-supported simulation for CPS Digital Twin 1-gen-2019 Negri, ElisaFumagalli, LucaCIMINO, CHIARAMacchi, Marco
A machine state-based Digital Twin development methodology 1-gen-2019 Negri E.Assiro G.CAIOLI, LORENZOFumagalli L.
A novel scheduling framework: Integrating genetic algorithms and discrete event simulation 1-gen-2018 Fumagalli, LucaNegri, ElisaSottoriva, EdoardoPolenghi, AdalbertoMacchi, Marco
Role of simulation in industrial engineering: focus on manufacturing systems 1-gen-2018 Polenghi, A.Fumagalli, L.Roda, I.
Exploring the role of Digital Twin for Asset Lifecycle Management 1-gen-2018 Macchi, MarcoRoda, IreneNegri, ElisaFumagalli, Luca
Cost-driven and reliability-driven analyses of the Y25 bogie to identify needs and opportunities for predictive maintenance 1-gen-2018 A. PolenghiLuca FumagalliS. Bruni +
Customized knowledge discovery in databases methodology for the control of assembly systems 1-gen-2018 Cattaneo L.Polenghi A.Fumagalli L. +
Clarifying Data Analytics Concepts for Industrial Engineering 1-gen-2018 Cattaneo, LauraFumagalli, LucaMacchi, MarcoNegri, Elisa
Distributed control via modularized CPS architecture Lessons learnt from an industrial case study 1-gen-2018 Fumagalli, LucaNegri, Elisa +
The future of maintenance within industry 4.0: An empirical research in manufacturing 1-gen-2018 Roda, IreneMacchi, MarcoFumagalli, Luca
Generic platform for manufacturing execution system functions in knowledge-driven manufacturing systems 1-gen-2017 Negri, ElisaFumagalli, Luca +
On the Advancement of Maintenance Management Towards Smart Maintenance in Manufacturing 1-gen-2017 M. MacchiI. RodaL. Fumagalli
A Review of the Roles of Digital Twin in CPS-based Production Systems 1-gen-2017 Negri, ElisaFumagalli, LucaMacchi, Marco
Modelling internal logistics systems through ontologies 1-gen-2017 NEGRI, ELISAPEROTTI, SARAFUMAGALLI, LUCAMARCHET, GINOGARETTI, MARCO
Cross-Correlation Method for Orchestration of Preventive Maintenance Interventions 1-gen-2017 L. FumagalliM. MacchiI. RodaA. Giacomin
Orchestration of preventive maintenance interventions 1-gen-2017 Fumagalli, LucaMacchi, MarcoGIACOMIN, ALICE
Framework for PHM in the smart manufacturing context: integration of different approaches 1-gen-2017 FUMAGALLI, LUCAMACCHI, MARCO
Simulation-supported framework for job shop scheduling with genetic algorithm 1-gen-2017 Fumagalli, L.Macchi, M.Negri, E.POLENGHI, ADALBERTOSOTTORIVA, EDOARDO
Maturity Assessment for Systematic Performance Improvement in Manufacturing Networks 1-gen-2017 Fumagalli L. +
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 50 di 132
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