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Hep3Gel: A Shape-Shifting Extracellular Matrix-Based, Three-Dimensional Liver Model Adaptable to Different Culture Systems 1-gen-2023 Guagliano, GiuseppeSardelli, LorenzoBriatico-Vangosa, FrancescoPetrini, Paola +
Heterogeneity Governs 3D-Cultures of Clinically Relevant Microbial Communities 1-gen-2023 Peneda Pacheco D.Guagliano G.Ziccarelli A.Briatico Vangosa F.Ruzzi V.Buzzaccaro S.Piazza R.Petrini P. +
Hydrophobic eutectogels: a new outfit for non-ionic eutectic solvents 1-gen-2023 G. de Araujo Lima e SouzaM. E. Di PietroV. VanoliF. Briatico VangosaF. CastiglioneA. Mele +
b-Cyclodextrin functionalized agarose-based hydrogels for multiple controlled drug delivery of ibuprofen 1-gen-2023 Pinelli F.Delleani S.Pizzetti F.Vanoli V.Briatico Vangosa F.Castiglione F.Rossetti A.Rossi F. +
Agar Foam: Properties and Cleaning Effectiveness on Gypsum Surfaces 1-gen-2023 Paulina Guzmán García LascurainSara GoidanichFrancesco Briatico VangosaAntonio SansonettiLucia Toniolo +
Design and validation of a 3D-bioprinted, dynamically cultured in vitro model of the liver 1-gen-2022 G. GuaglianoS. TagliabueF. DonnalojaF. Briatico VangosaP. Petrini +
Development of empirical hepatic biomechanical models through experimental characterization of porcine and bovine livers 1-gen-2022 G. GuaglianoS. TagliabueP. PetriniF. Briatico Vangosa
Bioinspired in vitro intestinal mucus model for 3D-dynamic culture of bacteria 1-gen-2022 Sardelli, LorenzoVangosa, Francesco BriaticoMerli, MartaZiccarelli, AnnaPetrini, Paola +
Toward 3D-Bioprinted Models of the Liver to Boost Drug Development 1-gen-2022 Guagliano, GiuseppeBriatico-Vangosa, FrancescoPetrini, Paola +
Gel for the regeneration of mucosa 1-gen-2022 P. PetriniF. Briatico VangosaL. Sardelli +
Pectin-based bioinks for 3D models of neural tissue produced by a pH-controlled kinetics 1-gen-2022 Merli, MartaSardelli, LorenzoJacchetti, EmanuelaRaimondi, Manuela TeresaBriatico-Vangosa, FrancescoPetrini, PaolaTunesi, Marta +
Influence of curing thermal history on cross-linking degree of a polydimethylsiloxane: Swelling and mechanical analyses 1-gen-2022 Bardelli T.Marano C.Briatico Vangosa F.
Modelling the interphase of 3D printed photo-cured polymers 1-gen-2022 De Noni, LorenzoBriatico-Vangosa, FrancescoRink, MartaAndena, Luca +
Constitutive Models for Rubber XII: Proceedings of the 12th European Conference on Constitutive Models for Rubber (ECCMR 2022), September 7–9, 2022, Milano, Italy 1-gen-2022 Andena, LucaVangosa, Francesco BriaticoFrassine, RobertoMarano, Claudia
Expandable Drug Delivery Systems Based on Shape Memory Polymers: Impact of Film Coating on Mechanical Properties and Release and Recovery Performance 1-gen-2022 Briatico Vangosa F. +
Thermal expansion of free volume in "classic" and regulated dimethacrylates: photocured directly and via a mask to study pillar formation 1-gen-2022 Consolati, GiovanniQuasso, FiorenzaBriatico Vangosa, Francesco +
Formulazioni adesive termofusibili con migliorata processabilità in estrusione 1-gen-2021 F. Briatico VangosaA. Bugana
Gel per la rigenerazione di mucose 1-gen-2021 P. PetriniF. Briatico VangosaL. Sardelli +
Recreating lung microbiota in vitro to determine antimicrobial susceptibility 1-gen-2021 D. Peneda PachecoA. ZiccarelliG. GuaglianoF. Briatico VangosaS. N. Dentinho van UdenP. Petrini +
Bioprinting of Matrigel Scaffolds for Cancer Research 1-gen-2021 P. De StefanoF. Briatico VangosaE. BianchiA. PellegataG. Dubini +
Engineered modular microphysiological models of the human airway clearance phenomena 1-gen-2021 Pedersoli L.Briatico-Vangosa F.Petrini P.Peneda Pacheco D. +
Polydimethylsiloxane crosslinking kinetics: A systematic study on Sylgard184 comparing rheological and thermal approaches 1-gen-2021 Bardelli T.Marano C.Briatico Vangosa F.
3D-reactive printing of engineered alginate inks 1-gen-2021 Sardelli, LorenzoTunesi, MartaBriatico-Vangosa, FrancescoPetrini, Paola
Rapid tooling for injection molding inserts 1-gen-2021 Farioli D.Strano M.Briatico Vangosa F. +
The chronotopic™ system for pulsatile and colonic delivery of active molecules in the era of precision medicine: Feasibility by 3D printing via fused deposition modeling (fdm) 1-gen-2021 Briatico Vangosa F. +
Quality considerations on the pharmaceutical applications of fused deposition modeling 3D printing 1-gen-2021 Briatico-Vangosa, Francesco +
Experimental and computational analysis of a pharmaceutical-grade shape memory polymer applied to the development of gastroretentive drug delivery systems 1-gen-2021 Briatico Vangosa F. +
Hydrogel-based platforms to mimic in vivo drug diffusion: A multicenter research 1-gen-2020 Briatico Vangosa, FrancescoPacheco, DanielaPetrini, Paola +
Properties and role of interfaces in multimaterial 3D printed composites 1-gen-2020 Andena L.Briatico-Vangosa F.De Noni L. +
Liquid bridge length scale based nondimensional groups for mapping transitions between regimes in capillary break-up experiments 1-gen-2020 Formenti S.Briatico Vangosa F. +
Towards bioinspired in vitro models of intestinal mucus 1-gen-2019 Sardelli, LorenzoPacheco, Daniela PenedaZICCARELLI, ANNATunesi, MartaBriatico Vangosa, FrancescoGiordano, CarmenPetrini, Paola +
Expandable drug delivery system for gastric retention based on shape memory polymers: Development via 4D printing and extrusion 1-gen-2019 Briatico-Vangosa F. +
Indirect 3D and 4D Printing of Soft Robotic Microstructures 1-gen-2019 Briatico F.Marano C. +
Extrusion of metal powder-polymer mixtures: Melt rheology and process stability 1-gen-2019 Strano M.Rane K.Briatico Vangosa F.Di Landro L.
Beyond The Spherical Approximation: Elongated Free Volume Holes In Rubbers: A Positron Annihilation Study 1-gen-2019 Consolati, GiovanniBriatico Vangosa, FrancescoQuasso, Fiorenza +
Effect of polyethylene glycol content and molar mass on injection molding of hydroxypropyl methylcellulose acetate succinate-based gastroresistant capsular devices for oral drug delivery 1-gen-2019 Briatico-Vangosa F. +
Anisotropic polypropylene cellular polymers filled with nanoclays: Microstructure and properties 1-gen-2019 Benanti, M.Briatico-Vangosa, F. +
Retentive device for intravesical drug delivery based on water-induced shape memory response of poly(vinyl alcohol): design concept and 4D printing feasibility 1-gen-2019 Briatico-Vangosa, F. +
Modular genetic design of multi-domain functional amyloids: insights into self-assembly and functional properties 1-gen-2019 Briatico-Vangosa F. +
Disassembling the complexity of mucus barriers to develop a fast screening tool for early drug discovery 1-gen-2019 Pacheco D. P.Briatico Vangosa F.Petrini P. +
Fracture toughness and strain induced structure modification in silica filled rubbers 1-gen-2018 Marano, C.Briatico Vangosa, F.Rink, M.
Modelling the cushioning properties of athletic tracks 1-gen-2018 Andena, LucaAleo, SerenaCaimmi, FrancescoBriatico-Vangosa, FrancescoMariani, StefanoTagliabue, StefanoPavan, Andrea
How reproducible are methods to measure the dynamic viscoelastic properties of poroelastic media? 1-gen-2018 Vangosa, Francesco Briatico +
Fracture toughness of acrylic resins: Viscoelastic effects and deformation mechanisms 1-gen-2018 Pini, TommasoBriatico-Vangosa, FrancescoFrassine, RobertoRink, Marta
Industrial Development of a 3D-Printed Nutraceutical Delivery Platform in the Form of a Multicompartment HPC Capsule 1-gen-2018 Briatico-Vangosa, Francesco +
On the relationship between force reduction, loading rate and energy absorption in athletics tracks 1-gen-2018 ANDENA, LUCABRIATICO VANGOSA, FRANCESCOMARIANI, STEFANO +
Assessment of hot-processability and performance of ethylcellulose-based materials for injection-molded prolonged-release systems: An investigational approach 1-gen-2018 Briatico-Vangosa, F. +
Damage mechanisms in a toughened acrylic resin: Effect of temperature and thermal history 1-gen-2018 Pini, TommasoBriatico-Vangosa, FrancescoFrassine, RobertoRink, Marta +
Matrix toughness transfer and fibre bridging laws in acrylic resin based CF composites 1-gen-2018 Pini, T.Briatico-Vangosa, F.Frassine, R.Rink, M.
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 50 di 116
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