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Exploring how different innovation ecosystems create shared value: insights from a multiple case study analysis 1-gen-2023 Piantoni G.Arena M.Azzone G.
Assessing shared value in innovation ecosystems: a new perspective of scorecard 1-gen-2023 G. PiantoniL. Dell'AgostinoM. ArenaG. Azzone
How to prioritize bridge maintenance using a functional priority index 1-gen-2023 M. ArenaG. AzzoneV. M. UrbanoP. SecchiA. TortiS. Vantini
The role of interactive style of use in improving risk management effectiveness 1-gen-2023 Arena M. +
The role of carbon neutrality claims in advancing corporate sustainable practices: the case of executive compensation policies in large Italian companies 1-gen-2022 S. RattiM. ArenaG. AzzoneL. Dell'Agostino
Carbon neutrality claims and executive’s remuneration plans: is there a link? An empirical investigation of Italian listed companies 1-gen-2022 S. RattiM. ArenaG. AzzoneL. Dell'Agostino
Value chain insights and opportunities to foster re-manufacturing: adopting a Sustainable Product-Service System approach within tertiary architectures 1-gen-2022 Arena MarikaRatti S.Vezzoli C. +
Value creation in Innovation ecosystems: the role of proximity for sustainability 1-gen-2022 M. ArenaG. AzzoneG. Piantoni
Le dimensioni della resilienza: coesione sociale, sostenibilità ambientale e solidità economica 1-gen-2022 Marika ArenaGiovanni AzzoneLaura Dell’AgostinoGiulia PiantoniSara RattiFrancesco ScottiValeria Maria Urbano
How to measure the innovation ecosystems’ shared value? A balanced approach. 1-gen-2022 Marika ArenaGiovanni AzzoneLaura Dell’AgostinoGiulia Piantoni
Reuse and re-manufacturing as key strategies towards circularity 1-gen-2022 C. M. L. TalamoM. ArenaA. CampioliC. Vezzoli
Assessing shared value in innovation ecosystems: a new perspective of scorecard 1-gen-2022 M. ArenaG. AzzoneL. Dell'AgostinoG. Piantoni
Co-location for Shared Value Creation: Proximity in Innovation Ecosystems 1-gen-2022 G. PiantoniM. ArenaG. Azzone
Inter-Organizational Data Sharing during COVID-19 Health Emergency: Lesson Learnt from Veneto and Lombardy Regions 1-gen-2022 Valeria M. UrbanoGiovanni AzzoneMarika Arena
Una tassonomia dei territori italiani di fronte alla ripresa 1-gen-2022 Arena, MarikaAzzone, GiovanniDell'Agostino, LauraPiantoni, GiuliaRatti, SaraScotti, FrancescoUrbano, VALERIA MARIA
Development of a functional priority index for assessing the impact of a bridge closure 1-gen-2022 M. ArenaG. AzzoneV. M. UrbanoP. SecchiA. TortiS. Vantini
Heterogeneity of technological structures between EU countries: An application of complex systems methods to Input–Output Tables 1-gen-2022 Mascaretti AndreaDell'Agostino LauraArena MarikaFlori AndreaMenafoglio AlessandraVantini Simone
Bridge closure in the road network of Lombardy: a spatio-temporal analysis of the socio-economic impacts 1-gen-2022 Torti A.Arena M.Azzone G.Secchi P.Vantini S.
Precision policies and local content targets in resource-rich developing countries: The case of the oil and gas sector in Mozambique 1-gen-2022 Arena, MarikaAzzone, GiovanniDell’Agostino, LauraScotti, Francesco
Sustainable development goals and corporate reporting: An empirical investigation of the oil and gas industry 1-gen-2022 M. ArenaG. AzzoneS. RattiVM Urbano +
The process of value creation in innovation ecosystems: the role of proximity 1-gen-2021 G. PiantoniM. ArenaG. Azzone
An Institutional Analysis of the Rise of Benefit Corporations Outside of the US: The Case of Italy 1-gen-2021 Arena, MarikaBengo, IreneGerli, Francesco
Future-Oriented Technology Analysis: A Classification Framework 1-gen-2021 Valeria Maria UrbanoMarika ArenaGiovanni Azzone
How can the waste management sector contribute to overcoming barriers to the circular economy? 1-gen-2021 Arena M.Azzone G.Grecchi M.Piantoni G.
One or more Innovation Ecosystem(s) for shared value creation? Uncovering heterogeneity and configuring archetypes 1-gen-2021 M. ArenaG. AzzoneG. Piantoni
Actors’ Aggregation for Shared Value creation: the Role of Place in Innovation Ecosystems 1-gen-2021 G. PiantoniM. ArenaG. Azzone
Uncovering value creation in innovation ecosystems: paths towards shared value 1-gen-2021 Arena M.Azzone G.Piantoni G.
L'individuazione di nuovi sbocchi per il legno post consumo attraverso la rete infrastrutturale di Rilegno (riutilizzare) 1-gen-2020 Arena, MarikaGrecchi, ManuelaPiantoni, Giulia
Individuare le priorità manutentive dei ponti stradali lombardi 1-gen-2020 M. ArenaS. BianchiF. BiondiniA. TortiS. Vantini
Re-Manufacturing Best Practices and Transferable Criteria for the Construction Sector 1-gen-2020 Atta N.Dalla Valle A.Ratti S.Viscuso S.Arena M.Campioli A.Monticelli C.Lavagna M.Vezzoli C.Zanelli A.Talamo C. +
Monitoring rare categories in sentiment and opinion analysis: a Milan mega event on Twitter platform 1-gen-2020 Calissano A.Vantini S.Arena M.
Manifold Conceptions of the Internal Auditing of Risk Culture in the Financial Sector 1-gen-2020 Vikash Kumar SinhaMarika Arena
Reviewing Value Creation in Innovation Ecosystems: paths towards shared value 1-gen-2019 Arena MarikaAzzone GiovanniPIANTONI, GIULIA
The relationship between small and medium-sized social enterprises and banks 1-gen-2019 Bengo, IreneArena, Marika
Corporate Social Responsibility strategies in the utilities sector: A comparative study 1-gen-2019 Arena, MarikaAzzone, GiovanniMapelli, Francesca
Extracting hidden value in site decommissioning through a shared value approach 1-gen-2018 Arena MarikaAzzone GiovanniPiantoni Giulia
Possible Impacts of C-ITS on Supply-Chain Logistics System 1-gen-2018 MAROTTA, ALBERTOStuder, LucaMarchionni, GiovannaPonti, MarcoGandini, PaoloAgriesti, SerioArena, Marika
Unlocking finance for social tech start-ups: Is there a new opportunity space? 1-gen-2018 ARENA, MARIKABENGO, IRENECALDERINI, MARIOCHIODO, VERONICA
Life for industrial sites End of Life 1-gen-2018 Arena M.Colzani P.Piantoni G.
What drives the evolution of Corporate Social Responsibility strategies? An institutional logics perspective 1-gen-2018 Arena, MarikaAzzone, GiovanniMAPELLI, FRANCESCA
Research of the passenger's preferences and requirements for the travel companion application 1-gen-2018 COLZANI, PAOLAArena, Marika +
The importance of minorities viewpoints: rare event sampling technique on sentiment analysis supervised algorithm. 1-gen-2017 M. ArenaA. CalissanoS. Vantini
CSR Opportunities at the End of Life of Industrial Plants: a Systemic Framework. 1-gen-2017 M. ArenaG. AzzoneG. Piantoni
Performance measurement for integrating sustainability in corporate decision making processes 1-gen-2017 ARENA, MARIKABENGO, IRENE
Crowd and Minorities: Is it possible to listen to both? Monitoring Rare Sentiment and Opinion Categories about Expo Milano 2015 1-gen-2017 M. ArenaCALISSANO, ANNAS. Vantini
Social Impact Measurement and Management: Between Theory and Practice 1-gen-2017 AMATI, TOMASO DAVIDEARENA, MARIKABENGO, IRENECALONI, DEBORA
Traditional and Innovative Vehicle-Sharing Models 1-gen-2017 Arena M.Azzone G.Bengo I.
Public engagement through social media: the spending review experience 1-gen-2017 AGOSTINO, DEBORAHARENA, MARIKACATALANO, GIUSEPPE PASQUALE ROBERTOERBACCI, ANGELO
The dynamics of (dis)integrated risk management: A comparative field study 1-gen-2017 Arena, MarikaArnaboldi, Michela +
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